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A Guide To Leveraging Web 2.0 Properties For Internet Marketing Success


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Hey Guys and Gals. I know it has been a little bit on the quiet side here for the last month or so. Bottom line is that most of the discussions are now going on in the forum and that is just the way it is at the moment. People have the option of where they post comments and discuss things and many have chosen that a private place makes them feel more comfortable.

But I do miss the massive interaction we had here on the blog so I am hoping that normal business will be resumed with this nice little piece of content.

But, and many of you already know this, I am hell-bent on getting a large number of Kindle books published, a great way to make a living online in my opinion. So far I have three and they have been performing nicely to bring in about $250-$300 a month in income, totally passive. In the new year I am going to spend the first 3 months focusing almost exclusively on writing more books and this piece of writing is going  to be one of them.

But I don’t want you guys having to pay for stuff that is inspired by conversations had here and in the forum so as always you get an option to get it for free.

Basically this will be available for free for a few weeks from today and then half of it will be password protected, not to be unlocked again. You will have to buy the book. So you have a few weeks to read for free. I think that is fair don’t you?

Kindle books are going to be a very lucrative career, I can just feel it, so from now on when I get inspired to sit down for a day and write over 10,000 words then I will be turning it into a book that can make a recurring income for years to come.

So, feel free to copy and paste, download, or save this while it is here and available, but don’t forget to buy the book too, just to say thanks Dave 😉

Yeah right.

Hope you enjoy it. And if you don’t then don’t tell me, I am a sensitive soul you know!

Let’s have a nice old chin-wag at the end shall we. Missed you Dudes a lot.

A Caveat Before We Begin

While this is a relatively long article and should give you all the information that you need to know in order to earn more money as an online marketer by leveraging Web 2.0 properties I want to also make one thing abundantly clear.

This guide is not designed to allow you to ever stop building content and marketing properties that you own exclusively.  By that I mean domain names under your control where they are hosted on your own account and you are the exclusive owner and marketer adding content to the domain.

Web 2.0 properties are notoriously fickle in nature when it comes to results and ranking in the search engines. One day a particular platform can be in favor and it seems like the main search engines rank content highly nearly the minute it is written with next to no extra work being needed by the marketer. And the next day the platform as a whole can be out of favor and nowhere to be seen in organic listing results.

As organic rankings are the approach I take to earn the majority of my living and is the approach focused on in this article when it comes to Web 2.0 I want everyone to be absolutely clear that what follows is but a tiny fraction of what I recommend you do as a marketer if your approach also relies on the whims and vagaries of any given algorithm from a particular search engine, Google being by far the most popular one currently.

Do Not Skip This Information

Many people, particularly those new to building  websites for Internet marketing, get drawn in deeply to one particular platform, and create hundreds if not thousands of pieces of content on their chosen platform believing that this is how the Internet works as whole when it comes to rankings. It doesn’t. And sooner or later the bubble will burst on you. You MUST realize this if you are to get, and stay, ahead and earn a living via traffic generated by search engines or even internal traffic from the platforms themselves.

Properties come in and out of favor with search engines and with users themselves.

We only have to look at Myspace over the last few years for the perfect example of a platform significantly dropping out of favor very quickly.

Bear in mind there will always be a new kid on the block and there will always be a new platform that does better than the one currently in favor.

I have personally lost count of the number of people I have seen moaning on forums about the fact that their chosen platform is now out of favor and no longer receiving the Google love they had come to expect as their God given right. It isn’t.

The reality is that if you use any kind of platform at all online, your own domain, a parasitic host, or anything you care to think of, if you rely on search traffic then there is no guarantee of traffic from one day to the next. Recent algo changes have proven this to be true time and time again.

You takes your chances.

Although this will be a relatively comprehensive guide I am not going to hide the fact that I do NOT use these type of properties as the mainstay of my business. And I do not spend a considerable amount of time on them in comparison to working on sites under my control.

And I suggest that you do take the same approach.

Many people get it into their heads that once they have spent a relatively large amount of time on a site and have made some decent money that even if the platform falls out of favor they simply have to stick it out and their properties will soon return to their previous glory.

This is not the case at all and I want you to think long and hard before you invest too much time on any given platform.

A Newbie Exception

Those new to Internet marketing as a means to get search engine traffic to earn money are encouraged to spend a little bit of time investing in creating these type of properties for a number of reasons.

This is not to say that at the same time you should not focus on sites under your control. You should. But when everything is new you need a way to find out just how the system works in general and free platforms are one of the best ways to do this. They are also the perfect way to keep investment to a minimum while you begin your online career. But always bear in mind the previous warning, never rely on them for long term sustainability.

For the “noob” it is certainly worth investing a  period of time where you put a relatively large focus on such platforms just to get to grips with the whole concept of writing content, backlinking,  keyword research and the possibilities it gives. Which are untold and limitless.

But as soon as you have an idea of how to write content and get it to rank in the search engines you should move away from your chosen platform of Web 2,0 and spend the majority of your time focusing on your own sites.

The Single Most Important Factor

Although this has been relatively negative so far there is some good news. You can leverage these properties to make some very significant income in a very short period of time. And many of the platforms are stable and will be here for many years to come.

But they are not owned by you and can be taken from you at any point, and there is nothing you can do about it.

I am not going  to make any bones about this, I want readers to be in the right head-space to avoid any future disappointments. But the great news is that there are plenty of ways to ensure that you never come crashing from your work and earnings by following a few simple rules.

These will follow in due course.

Get ready for a world that is often seen as somewhat magical.

Where content ranks in hours, where you can earn incredibly well and where you can boost your own sites to beat your competition with minimal work and minimal content.

The crazy world of what many now term:

Web 2.0


Web 2.0


Let’s begin:


What Is Web 2.0

I am not going to go into the history of Web 2.0 and talk about who coined the phrase, when it originated and so forth. You can read Wikipedia for that. What I am going to look at is what it means for us as Internet Marketers.

The generally accepted consensus amongst those that use it to get ahead in their business is that it refers to sites and platforms that can be leveraged to either earn money or to improve results of other pages online or the page created on the Web 2.0 itself.

The definition amongst purists is that the term Web 2.0 refers to any online platform that basically is based on user generated content and the ability to connect and interact within the platform itself. Facebook being the perfect example.

When talking about online strategies to earn money and get ahead in business though, it is mostly used in  a slightly different context.

That of taking a sidestep to ranking that is parasitic in nature.

Leveraging the authority of a large existing platform to meet your goals quicker.

Cutting the waiting game associated with building content and getting it to rank well in search engines. Or leveraging the members of a Web 2.0 community for traffic, earnings and status. Many properties have very large communities that either collaborate or interact solely within the given platform.

Your content within this platform can be leveraged in many different ways because of the loyalty that many have for the medium itself. But for many marketers it is the promise of traffic from search engines that is the main draw (it is certainly mine!). And this is what we will be concentrating on, along with the boost to existing content online that can be given by the use of rather heavy backlinking to the said parasitic host.

Let’s take a closer look at this.

Uses For Web 2.0

These type of properties can be used in a number of different ways but all have one ultimate goal. Increased revenue for the marketer. Authority sites that allow user generated content and interaction are the perfect place for us to learn, dominate and ultimately; earn.

Niche Research

When thinking about a new niche to enter the problem many face is the fact that keyword research tools are simply not reliable. At best they under-estimate the traffic to be gained from ranking position 1 for a keyword and at worst they grossly over-estimate the traffic to be obtained. Either way can leave the marketer with a sick feeling in their stomach after they have spent many months or years working to develop a site only to find the niche as a whole and the keywords targeted either result in minimal traffic or that they have entered a niche that simply never converts visitors to the chosen end action. A sign up, a purchase, or a click on an advertising revenue sharing scheme.

Either way, it can result in heartache and the desire to kill the Internet once and for all.

The beauty of only a cursory glance at a keyword research tool, and time, instead invested in building out a small property on an authority platform, is we have the unique ability to side-step a few years of hard work for a short term result to test the waters.

Web 2.0 properties, at least the best ones, rank quickly in the search engines because of the authority given at any chosen moment. Choose the right one and you can rank for terms that would take a long time to master using any other approach.

We can test the waters with our platform to see just how well our terms actually perform. And because of their authority we also mine keyword data and stats on the platform to see just what other terms searchers are looking for. This can give a wealth of new ideas, and potential content to increase the web 2.0 property or to add to our own sites.

You will find many terms that you simply had never thought of by using this technique and it is one of the best and most accurate ways to actually test a niche and a series of keywords apart from paying for traffic via the Google Adwords tool or other schemes where you are actively paying for traffic.


Earning a decent return for your time invested is one of the main reasons why people turn to Web 2.0.

And the reality is that it can be very lucrative,, even if not under your control. The deemed authority of the platform regardless of page rank, which is often overrated, is a superb leverage when it comes to earning quickly in the short term. For the newbie it is a great sign of encouragement and allows them to realize that yes you really can earn money online.

For the more seasoned marketer this is also the case. We all like money, and we all want to earn as easily as we can.

Although I personally concentrate most of my time on my own sites I do dabble in using these platforms from time to time to test niches and also to earn. I also use them to rank for terms that I have no suitable sites for and know that there is no way that I would have the interest or inclination to build a fully fledged website around.

This is part of the attraction.

We can build a series of single pages on a given platform in niches we have no interest in long term. Or we can build mini sites on the platform to make it a mini website in its own right. The approach depends on your end goals, your inclination and the way the platform works as a whole. Some are set up as blogs, some as subdomains based on user names or keywords chosen, and the approach taken will depend on the platform used.

But be in no doubt, you can leverage a number of these properties to earn a large amount of money in a short period of time and with minimal time also invested. They often act differently to domains that you own yourself as the authority and size of these platforms allows us a lot more freedom when it comes to the approach we take to rank the properties we create on them. More on that later.

We can also use Web 2.0 properties in another way entirely:


I am not going to debate this point but the bottom line is that if you want high positions in the search engine results pages (SERPS) then a lot of the factors involved rely on backlinks. And many people use many different kinds of networks and approaches to get backlinks to their sites to get them to rank.

Web 2.0 properties should be a part of everyone’s arsenal when it comes to backlinking and a certain number should be set up to link to any other page you have created to rank it highly.

We can use these properties to give ourselves a very relevant link in the eyes of the search engines and we can leverage the authority to boost other content of the Web 2.0 platform or on other platforms of a similar nature. The techniques used will be addressed later in this article.

But there is no doubt that a link or two from a selection of these platforms pointing to another piece of content can give you a boost in the search engines and often in a matter of days rather than weeks or months.

Time Spent

How much time you spend on such activities is really down to you. But never forget the golden rule:

You don’t own them.

Use your time with this firmly at the fore of your mind. If the platform died a horrible death tomorrow or your content was taken down would you lose your income? If the answer to this is yes in any way approaching a significant percentage then you need to ensure that from now on you diversify.

This is the heart of making a sustainable income online.

Diversification is key.

There is nothing wrong with going through a few days or weeks building up a  network of these type of properties but make sure that you do not use them in such a way that you have little time for your own sites. When used as a backlinking plan this is more of an exception. You are still in effect working on your own site as you will be spreading your content over a series of platforms as a necessity. More than a few links from the same platform will have very little effect on search engine positions so we will have no choice but to diversify greatly the number of platforms we use.

And this brings me to one of the most important aspects of using Web 2.0 properties for earning, backlinks, or niche research:

Move Away From The Crowd

If you have been online trying to build  websites and make money for even a short period of time then chance are you will be familiar with a few names. Those that have been in the game for years will know them too well.

I am talking about Hubpages and Squidoo.

We also have other well known platforms like blogger and a number of others. Heck, you can even rank a facebook note, I know I have just done it.

The one thing all these platforms have in common though, and to some degree it is a serious setback, is the fact that everyone HAS heard of them. And the bottom line is that every man and his dog is putting up a Squidoo lens, making a blogspot blog or writing a Hubpage hub.

And this is not the best use of your time or your content in many instances.

Although there are certain factors and benefits to using large properties there are also drawbacks. Let’s take a look at the ins and outs of why you should and should not use the most popular platforms that are the current craze at the moment.

Why Use The Most Popular Web 2.0 Sites

The larger sites often have the most authority. Although this can be taken from them at any given time.

But what they do have in our favor is a series of other pieces of content that are going to be related to our niches. It  means that we put up content in a niche and there is already content that is related and often is internally linked to our new content. This creates a mini, or large, silo, in many cases, because of the site architecture used.

But many sites go further than this. They have all manner of widgets and internal linking schemes so that your content is linked to from a number of other in-house pieces of content. This boosts your own content and can help it to rank easier.

In some cases.

But there are serious drawbacks to this way of thinking as we shall see.

Why Not To Use The Most Popular Web 2.0 Platforms

The main drawback is that you are often making life harder for yourself. By using a platform that is the rage at the time you are ensuring that your  pages have more to compete with.

Search engines only list a very limited number of pages from a single platform in their results. Normally no more than 3. If you build a piece of content on a platform that is already grossly overrun with others attacking the same keywords and terms then you have them to compete with to rank your content from that platform.

If you type in your terms and they are taken for your Lens title then you can bet that your job is going to be more difficult.

In most cases.

It is not always the case, as we will be the ones working the hardest to rank our own content. Most marketers simply will not put in a fraction of the work that I do and what you should do. Although these platforms have authority we should still not expect magical rankings without some extra work.

But, unless you are sure that the work will pay off, and give you the best return for your money, you should seriously consider stepping away from the few usual suspects and working for a period of time on a platform that is not over-subscribed. One where basically any niche you wish to enter is already there in abundance.

Think outside of the box a little and you will make your job a hell of a lot easier.

Best Web 2.0 Sites

So, what are the best Web 2.0 properties to use?

I will provide you with a number of resources at the end of this article but the bottom line is that you actually have to do a little work yourself to find the best properties. This is a somewhat fluid approach to marketing and anyone who has heard of the recent Hubpages downshift will certainly know that there is no right answer to this.

What can be leveraged in a number of ways today certainly will not hold true the next day in many instances. It is why the following is the best approach to take.

An Eclectic Approach To Web 2.0 Marketing

Enter password to unlock.
The content from now on is password protected.



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  1. Ion says:

    Folks, you can’t beat that.

    Take action.

  2. Gerald says:

    I just can’t believe that one of my web 2.0 backlink with a single post is ranking higher than my own main website.

    • Dave says:


      That is the way it goes sometimes. Total authority. You can now either monetize it and rank it higher with some backlinks or just ensure it has a great call to action to your money site.

  3. Shawn says:


    What a seriously long post there! I can’t believe I just read it all! I rate this article excellent, so I shall push the Google button.

    Thanks Dave

    (Shawn looks away from the cpu screen for an hour)

    • Dave says:


      Hope it didn’t interfere with your work day too much 😉

      I thank you for your kind rating Sir.

      • Shawn says:

        I needed to take a break anyways. I just finished setting up my first affiliate site, and I decided that I should take a break after I made the last post, so I came here and stumbled upon this post.

  4. Bruno says:


    thanks a lot mate for this article. I’ve been using quite a few web 2.0 lately and it is certainly good to have something like that to fall back on 😉

    And what’s your take on how many links to your site per property or page?

    Even if I have like 10 posts in one single property, I would probably limit links to my money site to 1 or 2.

    For web 2.0 with only one post, what you do you think is best? Two links might have a better SEO effect since you can send two in-content links to two different pages.

    But it certainly raise more flags and it might be more prone for spam flagging.

    What do you reckon?


    • Dave says:


      I am with you on the links, 1 or 2 per individual property on each platform. A web 2.0 with a single post I mostly limit it to a single link but throw in a few with 2 links too. But for the most part I like to use just 1 link, keeps it a lot more natural and as it is only a small part of any overall linking plan it is not going to matter in the long run.

      Variety is the spice of life 😉

  5. Bruno says:

    BTW, moonfruit is great! Check out the “estore” template to set up a nice looking store in a jiff

  6. Suzanne says:

    Great post Dave, it has taken me three attempts throughout the day to read it, been that busy.

    Will try some of those on your list that I haven’t heard of before. I have relied on Squidoo for a while, but as you say you are also competing with other lens masters. I had a lens on page one for a great Christmas keyword that simply got swapped with another lens, mine went back a few pages.

    Signed up with Devhub last week, looks promising.

    • Dave says:


      That’s the way, work comes first!

      Try grabbing all of the competing lenses tags and seeing if that helps. You should be able to get it back with a little work.

  7. Kelly says:

    Pure gold, no filler – as usual. 😀 (Gangsta given!!)

  8. Darrell says:

    Holly batman Dave…..I only got through a portion of it. Like, this is a really long and informative article. Now, can you answer the 2 private messages I sent to you in the forum.

  9. Taken me 3 days to read and am putting a plan together to publish in the right place on the pond and use the backlinking methods covered on the pond.Only problem is getting in the way but really want to do 3 no 2.0 sites probably 5 on each niche and am half way thjrough keyword research but have 2 niches half done with one to start.Definitely by end of november but aiming to complete by w/c 21-11-11

  10. AshleyB says:

    I started at the top of your Web 2.0 list, I am stuck on Angelfire. Is it just me, or is their interface not very intuitive? I am wasting a lot of time trying to get font sizes right. I might just move on to the next on the list and leave Angelfire behind.

    Thanks so much Dave for the awesome information!

    • Dave says:


      No problem. Don’t get hung up on the platforms though. If you can’t make them look good then just use them for links not to be actual earning properties. The main thing is to just get the content on them.

      • AshleyB says:

        Thanks Dave! That’s exactly what I ended up doing, just got the words up, the link, and kept on moving!

  11. mian says:

    have you blocked achieve.org and googlebot? esp the former, peeps can see your whole post even if you pwd protected it.

  12. Dieter says:

    Dave, as you know, I started my first Web 2.0 project a few weeks back ago. I can only attest that it is absolutely amazing how well this works. My main post was nicely pushed along as those Web 2.0s started to gain traction and climbing up in the ranks. My post and 5 out of the 8 Web 2.0s are now on the first page in Google for my keyword.

    At this point, I don’t monetize my Web 2.0s. So here are two questions for you:

    1. As for the monetization method, I think Ad-Sense would work best. Would you recommend do create a new Ad sense account for the Web 2.0 properties? I’m a little bit afraid that they may not withstand a manual review by the G Adsense Team, just because they are basically 500 words (well written!) pieces of content.

    2. For all my Web 2.0s I did absolutely nothing in terms of beautification and appeal. I used whatever generic standard was available and I have paragraph breaks – that’s it. Is it advisable to go back – now that they rank well and will get potentially monetized – and spend some time enhancing, or do you think that’s just a waste of time?

    Thank you

    • Dave says:


      Adsense is up to you, I don’t want to advise as I don’t want the responsibility. I have done it in the past though, I just don’t anymore. A new account would be different though, less to lose if you can get one safely.

      If it is just for adsense I wouldn’t worry about making them nicer but if you want to increase through traffic to your money site then I would make them look great and put more emphasis on the backlink for more clicks on it. Maybe highlight with a picture close to it etc.

      And congrats Dude, told you it worked didn’t I.

  13. Shawn says:

    You’ve just earned yourself a subscriber.

  14. Kevin says:

    Hi Dave,

    Great information you are sharing here, as I am challenged to understand all these web 2.0’s.

    Question, how do you track all of this in a manner that is easy to follow and see where you are with each site/niche?

    That alone will keep me from making this happen.


    • Dave says:

      Kevin, I just bookmark them in a folder for each niche then take a loot at them now and then to see where they are.

      The main thing is to just do it, even if you keep no track, all it does is good.

      Once you create them then just go through them in order and backlink them etc.

  15. AP says:

    Hey Dave,

    Random question since I don’t know where else to ask this. Do you happen to know what causes a site:url search to not show the homepage as the first result such as a penalty? I’ve notice sites that have this issue don’t rank well for anything but don’t know how to make the homepage, which is indexed, to show up first when doing a site:url search.

    • Dave says:


      At the moment the serps are in meltdown so that may be the reason. Apart from that I really don’t know what could cause it, sorry Dude, maybe someone will jump in with some help here.

  16. Carlo says:

    Hey Dave,

    Amazing ultra-comprehensive guide 🙂

    I have a love-hate relationship with Web 2.0s. Made a lot of hubs and they crashed. I backlinked like crazy a hub and ranked it for a competitive term, then they made me take affiliate links out as they didn’t like the niche…..well…

    Anyway, I started to use them for backlinking more, creating multi-post properties.

    Along this line, if you had sites in the “socks”, “shoes”,”skirts” (i.e. related, in the same big market, but still different niches) – would you promote all of them in the same Web 2.0s blogs, or create separate blogs for each site?


    • Dave says:


      I think it is past time to move away from Hubpages, there are much better properties out there with a lot more flexibility too. And I would definitely create new properties for each of those niches, you can get a much more focused backlink then as your content can be more specific. Plus it is easier to manage.

  17. Dave – I thought you’d turned comments off – they don’t show on the front page – couldn’t even seen a button to push to find them – just saying!

    Because if it was easier to find the comment form I’m sure people would be thanking you for this post!

    • Dave says:

      Ah, um, thanks Lissie,

      I forgot I had turned off the show post info option for some reason. It is back on now. Let the flood of congratulations begin 😉 Yeah right!

      I thought you were an X.

      Got your Newsletter, that was a brave thing to offer up, all those figures. I am not going to declare my $14.97 a month adsense earnings.


  18. Gayan says:

    Hey Dave,

    Oh come on dude! where’s Blogger!! errrrrrrrrrrr … 😉

    Btw, although this may be totally unrelated to this but I know of a site that has a Page-Rank of 5 and the author uses nothing but pure copied content (thanks to his Placement targeted Adsense channels, site gets like few million page impressions monthly).

    That dude just literally copy->paste content (it’s a site about software reviews) from the original authors yet he rank in G like hell!, sometimes even better than the original content.

    Although I don’t know for sure why, but I guess that’s because at the time of starting his blog there weren’t that many in the competition thus he has received a decent amount of authoritative links (I didn’t even realized that he just copy stuff until one of my friends showed it to me).

    No moral judgments hold at him here ’cause I feel like his English is perhaps as crappy as mine :/ which could be the reason for that massive Copy->Paste “survival”. After all in its own way, the site actually is somewhat useful to be honest.

    Anyhow, I’m also thinking about doing the same thing with that that deleted blog I found if you remember. And that’s all I have to say about that :P.

    Btw, I always wanted to ask you, what is this theme that you’re using called?.

    Loved the post, as always & I hope you’re doing extremely well with Amazon! lol.

    • Dave says:


      There are a lot of those sites still around, to my amazement. This is the clear lines theme and it is uber versatile. Check it out, you can customize just about everything and the best part of all is that it is free.

      Nice to hear from you Dude, did I really miss blogger off? Whoops.

      • Gayan says:


        I just went to the theme site and it’s awesome!. After playing with some of the themes in WP recently I was starting to miss blogger, a lot. But this is unbelievable!. Thank you.

        • Dave says:


          No problem, glad you like it, I think it is one of the best free themes there is. Not that I have ever paid for one 😉

  19. Guest says:


    Which is better to use for testing out niches, an aged generic domain without any content theme and no page rank (6 years old) or Web 2.0 sites such as Hubpages and Blogger?
    Which is going to rank the quickest in the search engines.

    • Dave says:


      None of them! Use some different web 2.0’s instead. Hubs don’t do so well at the moment and blogger will take a while. Try some of the others in the list. Orbs do well as do quite a few of them. Best thing is to test a few niches across a number of platforms and the one than ranks easiest can be worked on a little.

      Hope that helps.

  20. Rob says:

    Started doing this a few days ago and have a few questions (sorry if they have already been asked).

    1. What is the minimum you set for the amount of traffic a keyword tool shows per month? (I have targeted many terms with very low search volume)

    2. How much do you vary the anchor text? I think I may need to mix it up more as my 2.0 seem to rank high then drop.

    Hope you can help


    • Dave says:


      I don’t usually bother. If it is a popular product on Amazon then I know people are buying whatever a tool says.

      As for backlinks, Web 2.0 can usually handle a lot of links with pretty much perfect anchors. I would say go for 70%-80%. If you start to drop then just mix in more un-optimized ones and some full url links too. Should do the job.

  21. Rob says:

    Ok Thanks Dave

    Its just really frustrating becuase I am writing 22 300+ articles each day. 2 squidoo lenses (main articles) then 10 backlink articles to each.

    The backlink artices seem to rank high (hubpages, yousaytooetc) where the main squidoo ones either dont rank in the top 100, or do, then drop out.

    I only started doing it 5 days ago so only have 10 squidoo lenses, with 10 links going into each. Is it just to early to make any jugments.

    I really do not want all this to be a waste of time because I’m not the fastest writer, takes me over 10+ hours a day to get the articles out.

    How long would you wait before deciding whether to move on or not?

    Thanks for all the help Dave.

    Rob Thomas

    • Dave says:


      Great work ethic Dude, impressive. But give it some time. Squidoo can be slow to get off the ground but once they do they pretty much stay ranking for years with no additional work so hang in there Dude. But bear in mind that there is no point linking to lenses from Hubs etc. Once a site gets backlinks from the same place more than a few times then they links won’t count. You need backlinks from places others have not already used so much.

      • Rob says:

        That’s what desperation does to us.

        OK. I think I may need to change the way I have been doing this then.

        I have been using hubpages, blogger, blog.com, post ur own, you say to and other 2.0 for backlinks into the squidoo lenses.

        Are you saying these links will have very little or no effect with moving up the serps?

        The problem is I have no money right now at all to invest into any programs, (already used the KA free trial).

        You got any other suggestions?

        Sorry for all the questions Dave but I really want to do this right.

        Rob Thomas

        • Dave says:

          No problem Rob. But yeah, that is what I am saying.

          Um with no funds it is tougher. To be honest paid networks are the way to go for stuff like this or you have a hard time. I would simply do anything to get enough money to join BMR or Postrunner. Or do a one off purchase for something like Article Marketing Robot.

          Look at it like this. What can you do to get $50 or $60 extra a month. If it means working 1 day a month for someone then do it. It pays off in the long run. I took a very long time to invest in tools and the bottom line is that if this is to be your business you may as well start off as well as you can. Find the money from somewhere, anywhere, even if it means flipping burgers for a day a month.

          Small price to pay in the long run Dude, trust me, you will earn quicker and life will be a lot easier.

  22. Guest says:


    Thanks, I enjoyed the post on using Web 2.0 properties but I am reading on various sites that it’s not worth using them and that we should immediately go with our own domains. This is causing me to delay because I don’t know whether to start with my own site or go with the Web 2.0 properties. Thing is, I want to get my articles to rank as quickly as possible so that I can then decide on what niches to continue writing about.

    If I go for low searches and competition am I right in thinking that posting links on bookmarking sites will be enough to get the revenue share sites to rank on the first page?

    • Dave says:


      Ling term you definitely want your own sites. But Web 2.0 is great for additional income and for links, so go with both. If you go for low competition then just the content itself may be enough, but to be honest bookmarking is not what it was so you may need some better backlinks to rank the content.

      Main thing is get your content up asap on your sites and web 2.0, see how it ranks then backlink where needed.

      Don’t think about it too much, just write the content. The more the better Dude, thousands of the things!

  23. Rob says:

    Hey Guest

    If you do not have an aged domain with some authority then the fastest way to get your articles to rank is to use other websites authority (2.0 sites).

    What I have done is purchased a domain, added around 10 articles and a few authority guest post links to it. I will now leave it sit for around 3-6 months only adding the occasional articles and links.

    While I am waiting for it to age and gain some traction in the search engines I am building 2.0 sites to get the rankings and the benefits that come with them.

    Because many of the 2.0 will be getting many links into them (10+) and are related to my main site I can then send a link from them into my main site once its aged a little.

    In then end I will have over 100 main 2.0 articles with links into them, ready to link into my site that will then have age and little authority behind it.

    As far as bookmarking goes they will not give you that much benefit as far as I am aware, but I have not tested.

    Your best bet I would say is to write 300 word articles and send a few into your main 2.0 articles. Leave them a bit the if they start producing the results you want send more in.

    Hope that helps a little. Although I am just a beginner myself so it is all most likely rubbish.

    Over to Dave lol.

    • Dave says:


      Great advice, thanks for offering up your suggestions. This is what we are all about here, sharing our point of view and helping each other out where we can.

    • Guest says:

      Dave and Rob

      Thanks, that is very helpful advice and it is what I should do while I’m trying to get my own website to rank for keywords. With regard to owning an aged domain with authority, do you mean a domain that has some PR?
      The generic domain that I own is around 6 years old and articles on a variety of subjects which rank for some very long tail keywords with low searches.

      Do you think I should purchase another domain and concentrate on building an authority niche site and start writing articles on that or will the generic domain be ok even though it doesn’t have any particular theme?

      Any advice on what I should do with the generic domain?


      • Dave says:


        You could either start the generic one again but brand it under a certain niche or buy an aged site with PR and use the generic one for backlinks. Either would work really, but if you can buy an aged domain with good PR and existing links you would certainly give yourself a massive headstart.

  24. Shawn says:

    Dave, what does “Dalai Lama” mean?

  25. Guest says:


    Thanks, I’ll consider doing that. I’ll probably keep the generic domain as it is for now. With regard to purchasing an aged domain with PR I suppose I would have to be careful about where I purchase it from. At the moment I’m still trying to decide on whether to concentrate on a broad niche website or a smaller subject within a large niche.

  26. Amy says:

    Hi Dave!
    Question about Content on Web 2.0

    If my main money site is on let’s say “Brown Rice” and I have limited knowledge on it and can barely punch out 300 words, can I just post a bunch of rewrite of my main article on the web 2.0 sites? I don’t want to think about what I’m going to write for backlinks on the 2.0 sites.

    I also remember reading where you say the title of the post for the 2.0 site, best to use the keyword. So if I have 10 web 2.0 sites it’s okay to use all the same titles? even with my main site and backlinks? 0_0 Also should I build links to my main post while building up these web 2.0 as well? sorry for all the questions


    • Dave says:


      For content it depends on the end goal. If you want to monetize from them then make the content good, if not then just make is OK. But make sure there is no chance of it being so close to the content on your money site it could be seen as duplicate. Re-writes are fine.

      Always use different title if you can. A few may be OK but you want things to be natural. Also, if you are not wanting to actually rank the Web 2.0 to earn from it, just for a backlnk, then you don’t need to worry about having your terms in the title as much.

      As for links you can either keep on building links to your main post slowly or filter the links by linking mainly to the Web 2.0. Just bear in mind that if you backlink the Web 2.0’s with keywords then they can rank so be careful if you don’t want this to happen. Send them un-optimized links and just make the link from them to your money site the optimized one.

      Hope that helps.

      • Amy says:

        Thx Dave for the quick response, have another question, so like in the past how we use to earn money from hubpages, infobarrel or any web 2.0 that allows you to earn money from Adsense, building these web 2.0 to rank high on your keyword would be a waste if you don’t monetize it? Amazon would be easy to throw in if they allow it. The only thing I’m afraid of is G. If I’m ranking for ‘blue widgets’ on my main site in #1 and let’s say web 2.0 for #2 and #3 or the other way around where the 2.0 is at #1 and I’m using Adsense for all of them, should I be afraid of G? I would think it’s spammy to have ads on 3 different sites for the same keyword.

        Sorry for all the questions.

        • Dave says:


          Don’t worry about asking questions. And you are right. Although in the past I did do exactly what you are describing for adsense I wouldn’t do it now. It is a bit over the top. But there is nothing to stop you doing it with products. But for adsense I think I would stick to just my main site or a web 2.0, not a massive number of them all. Or use another adsense account, that may be best.

          It is a personal judgement call really. Adsense accounts seem safe until they begin to earn a lot then they get inspected. But if the account is uber important then I would always play it as safe as possible.

  27. Guest says:

    Hi Dave!

    If I have 5 different money site in different niches, is it okay to write 5 different post linking to each of my niches using the same account for let’s say “yola” or any 2.0 web? Also is it okay to use mary123 for an account name for all of my web 2.0 account or should it all be different?


    • Dave says:


      Make the account names different or it is an obvious backlinking footprint. And if your sites are in different niches then I would build out properties for each one. Plus you don’t want people finding all your niches that easily either.

  28. Rob says:

    Hey Dave

    Recently purchased BMR. I only have enough money right now to pay for 2 months subscription.

    If I sent over 50 BMR links a day to web 2.0 over 2 months do you think I would have accumulated the amount of $60 to extend the subscription? (I know its hard to say)

    Also would you say that 2.0 is the best option for the fastest earnings without and aged and authoritative domain?

    My Plan is to write around 200 squidoos and send minimum of 10 BMR links to each within 2 months.

    What do you think?

    Rob Thomas

    P.S Sorry for the comment above hit publish by accident.

    • Dave says:


      Firstly, you are gonna love it.

      But let me give you some advice to maximize how much you can earn, and quickly. Forget Squidoo for now. All the really well known platforms are over used so you have a hard time finding your keywords available. Maybe do a few but concentrate on other platforms. I know people in my Forum are currently raving about wizzley. They take a big Amazon cut but they rank well. The thread starter made about $600 in a month or so I believe.

      But look, don’t just go for volume of content. Nearly all platforms you use are going to need more than 10 BMR for them to rank well. It may be a lot more. And try webs.com, I made about $300 so far this month with about 9 webs I put up about a month ago. I wrote them, a single page with the keyword in the url and sent them two fiverr.com mass article submission blasts from gigs there.

      That should more than cover any BMR expenses. For quick money Web 2.0 is still the best way, but make sure you do start building your own sites too. The serps are very fickle when it comes to these platforms, I mean, look at Hubpages. Used to be you could just write one and rank.

  29. Rob says:

    Hey Dave

    That is the exact kind of advice I was looking for.

    Ill check out Wizzley and Webs.com

    While I wait the 3-5 days for the payment to clear (used 2 checkout) I will write a few post for different 2.0 and see which ones rank the best.

    I know it’s hard to say but how much links per page would you send to start of with?

    I cant wait to get the funds to join your forum. I know its really cheap but right now I have no funds at all. Maybe next month 😉

    Sorry for all the questions Dave. Feel free to disregard this. You have already given me better information than you would find in any $30-$50 e-book, and for free!

    Rob Thomas

    • Dave says:


      No problem. We all started somewhere and I wish that I had had someone to help me out rather than filter through all the bad advice out there.

      As far as links go, start with 10or so BMR and see what happens. Then take it from there.

      Let me know how you get on, and hopefully see you in the forum soon. It is a great place full of a ton of tips and tricks to max your earnings. The comments sections here are a lot quieter now as everyone is in there helping each other out.

      But bottom line is just do the work and the money will come.

  30. Rob says:

    Having someone who can guide me the right way is definitely a massive help.

    Be back with hopefully with some decent results after 30-60 days.

    I bet there is a ton of valuable information in the forums. There’s no doubt you will see me in there soon.

    on page posts + backlinks + time = money

    Thanks for all the advice again Dave

    Rob Thomas

  31. Andrea says:

    Can someone help me with choosing a niche to write about? I’m having real difficulty with this. I thought about starting a type of animal pictures with information website because I enjoy seeing images of animals. I thought if I did this and wrote some text to go alongside the pictures, it would draw better google ads.

    The other real interest I have is animals in fiction and I would like to eventually write a fictional children’s book about animals. We have cows on our property and I am often trying to come up with story ideas about them. We also have some experience of keeping pet rabbits so that is also idea. I really need some direction so that I can start doing something. I hope these interests are not too odd.


    • Dave says:


      It is really down to what you want. If it is some quick cash then you could write about rabbit hutches on web 2.0 for affiliate sales. Os set up a website about rabbit care etc.

      Or just go with your passion from the start and write short stories and sell them on the Kindle. What kind of sites do you want to build? Ones for products, ones for adsense, or information guides? Let’s have a little more detail.

  32. Andrea says:


    Ok, I suppose I want to do both earn some quick cash and also go with something I am passionate about. So I’d like to:

    1. So to earn some quick cash, starting this year if possible on web 2.0 for adsense/affiliate sales. Would I be better off going with adsense on Infobarrel or going on Squidoo for affiliate sales? Perhaps try both places out in order to try adsense and affiliate sales? What would be the best type of animal products to write about – rabbit hutches and dog products, that sort of thing?

    2. With regard to something more long term, I like the idea of sticking with the animals theme which could possibly lead to me eventually writing fiction about animals for children. Or something like an animal pictures website with text alongside the pictures and putting those pictures on products. Something like a cute animals theme.

    I also have an interest in log cabins, animated movies and historical fiction.

    I really appreciate this and I look forward to your reply.


    • Dave says:


      Cool, now we are getting somewhere. I have said this before and it applies to you too. Don’t just follow the crowd when it comes to web 2.0. In the list on this post there are lots of platforms that rank very well and are not used by all and sundry. Squidoo and Infobarrel are fine, but mix it up. Peeps on the forum are raving about wizzley at the moment, I just set 2 up today and they seem pretty good. Plus the product titles I wanted were not taken. You will find on sites like Squidoo this is often not the case.

      I prefer affiliate sales to adsense, but that is just the way I am personally. Try out both and see what you feel most comfortable writing about. The main thing, whatever you do, is to get vast amounts of content online.

      Let’s say wizzley. Write about the popular rabbit hutches and any other animals products you can think of and see which ones do the best and then build your own site about them. Better yet, go to webs.com and set up rabbithutches.webs.com and write posts or page titles or add a blog, and write titles about the popular ones and write some great content about them. And add in your affiliate link 😉 I can pretty much guarantee that you will make some money. Hutches just being an example really though, it could be any product.

      And the animal pictures and text for adsense has been done to death I am afraid. I think you will have a very hard time with it. Log cabins on the other other hand, it may be competitive but there would be adsense and even affiliate sales in that.

      The main thing is that web 2.0 stuff can be throwaway and not the absolute most stellar content. Send backlinks to them and they rank. For your own site make it the best resource there is online, and you won’t fail to make it at some point.

  33. Rob says:

    Hey Dave

    I have published 3 articles on Wizzley and each one has been blocked.

    They were all over 400 words. Pictures, videos etc added and they were on “best” keywords so were not even going all out for the sale.

    I am very disappointed by this as I genuinely wrote what I thought were good articles. Guess the site just dont like my writing style.

    Are there any other sites you would recommend, or is it just a case of test for yourself.

    Sorry for all the comments Dave

    Rob Thomas

    • Dave says:


      You and me both Dude, so don’t feel bad. The 2 I wrote yesterday were taken down too. Seems they are Uber strict there. The comments I had about mine were a bit harsh (sob) but I guess I will just make them better. Either make them better or put them on somewhere like webs.com, no big deal, these things happen.

  34. Andrea says:


    Thanks, I think I’m starting to decide on what to do. So, do you think that putting content on webs.com will rank faster or as quickly as putting it on Infobarrel or Hubpages? I’m looking for the quickest way to rank in Google with a web 2.0 and then I can decide which subjects to go along with.

    With regard to writing fiction about animals for children, have you any ideas about how I could approach that with a website theme? I was hoping that perhaps I could publish them on the Kindle and promote them with a site. I realise this is something that is going to take time and is more of a long term goal because I haven’t even written anything yet. However, I’m hoping that you have got suggestions on
    whether I should promote them on a learning to write fiction site or have a site that is about animals in literature or perhaps both of them?

    I really hope you don’t mind the questions and I really appreciate you replying. The advice that you are providing is helpful.


    • Dave says:


      It will do better than Hubpages, not sure about Infobarrel. I haven’t used them in a while.

      For your writing I would make a website that is just about your content. Then go around promoting yourself, getting reviews on Kindle review sites etc. But first I would get some things written and published on the Kindle. It is a very easy process. Tracey is a good online friend so take a look at her sites. http://traceywritesbooks.com/

  35. Andrea says:


    Thanks again for your advice, really appreciate it and the link you provided to information about publishing on Kindle.

    For some reason I still can’t seem to choose any specific products to earn a quick income with this year on web 2.0. I keep changing my mind about what to go with. How do you pick a certain product to promote when there are so many? Should I go with children’s gifts or animal gifts? Would these be popular or is there something else?

    Hoping to start doing this really soon.

    Thanks, really appreciate the advice you are providing.


    • Dave says:


      Kids stuff for this time of year and maybe pets in the new year? But be quick, just write them and publish them asap.

    • Norm says:


      What Dave said!!!
      I vouch for kids stuff…Im making a killing at the moment.

      I actually took Dave advise from last year when he wrote about how well he was doing with Amazon from his other defunct blog.

      I actually missed the boat last year but I decided to build one site just to see if I could cash in for the new year of 2011. Completely new, new domain, no history.

      Well I can tell you, it is finally paying off, even after 10 months of NOTHING. Yep not a dollar, not even 1 cent. Disheartening….but I really kept at it and well THIS MONTH lets say it finally making money, wouldnt say rolling in it, but it is growing this money trees everyday.

      It actually boost my income by 3x times what I was making previously on Amazon.

      So keep the faith and I hope everyone will have success in your endeavours.

      Work at it, keep working at it until your fingers bleed it was the summer of 2011 😉


  36. Andrea says:


    I’ll let you know how I get on.


  37. Andrea says:


    Interesting to hear that you’re doing well and that you kept at getting motivated until you saw some results.

    My problem is finding a niche that I will stick with but I’d like to think that I could perhaps start something this year to prove to myself that it can work.