How To Buy Aged Domain Names

Get ready to KICK ASS.

Welcome to the world of cheating. If you have gone through the pain of building and trying to rank new sites only to find that your first year is like digging a frozen hole to bury yourself in then Lando has the answer.


Automatic Authority


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Ever since Lando was gracious enough to walk me through the whole process of buying aged domains that are about to expire I can’t tell you how amazed I am at the almost instant results. Keywords I had been trying to get on page 1 for for almost 2 years were there in a matter of weeks, and I am not kidding. This is about as close to instant results as you are ever likely to get. At least it is the best way to rank I have ever come across.

Lando’s guide is all about how to buy aged domains, domains with high Page Rank, and with a lot of authority that allows you to re-purpose them and get some frankly amazing results.

He has produced a complete guide that walks you through the whole process, and it is simplicity itself. If you can’t afford to buy the course then you can’t afford to put in to practice what it teaches, but if you spend money on anything at all this year then this should be it. It is less than the price of a months subscription to Build My Rank. And we know how worth the money BMR is.

Once you buy you will get all you need to show you how to find and buy domains that are about to expire. You then use these sites to make money, simple. After now having bought a fair number of sites I am honestly overjoyed. I can’t believe how easy to rank many of them are. It means so much less work it is unbelievable. Let’s take a look at what we are buying here.

What is Automatic Authority

Firstly this is not a guide for people who already know how to find and buy aged or high PR domain names. More for peeps that wonder “What the hell is an aged domain, and how do I use them to my advantage?” It is for people who want a simple guide as to exactly how to go about it. You learn the best places to find domains ready to expire. You sort them by age, PR, backlinks, DMOZ directory listing, etc etc.

You are shown how to bid on these sites to get them for the lowest possible price. You are shown how to go about the whole process really.

Lando has put together an amazing package and if you want to get in on this amazing way to boost your earnings instantly then this isΒ  what you need to buy.

What’s In the Box

This is not one of those bullshit e-books that I warn you all about. I can’t really think of any single e-book I recommend. This is different. There IS an e-book but it is just a quick run through of what is in the guide really. The guide is really a series of video where Lando talks you through (in his weird accent) the whole process. You download them as part of the ordering process which may take a while, or not, depending on your connection speed.

You get videos that in total are a few hours long and then you are good to put it all into practice. You learn the following:

  • Where to find the sites
  • How to sort them in a number of ways, PR, age, backlinks etc
  • How to bid to get the best price
  • How to buy sites for a few dollars that can rank like a dream
  • How to ensure that the sites are legit
  • How to make sure the PR is not fake
  • How to check the backlinks profile easily
  • How to ensure the site has always been live
  • How to check for fake link profiles
  • How to keep the link juice that points to the sites
  • And so much more

The whole process is very simple really. And once you have spent a few hours going through the video course then you are ready to begin.

What you are buying are domain names about to expire. You are NOT buying or bidding on active sites with content. That is going to cost you way more money then buying domain names about to expire. You are buying domain names that the owner is no longer going to renew. These sites have PR, backlinks and authority. You are shown the best sort of sites to buy in order to keep all the backlinks and authority that these domain names have, even once you put your own content on them.

This works, and it works so bloody well that you will probably never buy a new domain name again. Why bother? Starting from a few dollars you can buy domain names of at least a few years old and with some PR, and the more you spend the better it gets.

How I Have Used It

I have bought sites from $3 up to about $250 and the honest truth is that if you are not going to spend some money then you may as well not buy this guide. But from a business point of view it makes total sense. You are cutting the work you have to do to rank by years, and think how much money that saves.

You need to invest a little amount on one of the tools recommended in the course for maximum effect, but it is not absolutely needed. But you need to spend on the domains so if you don’t have the inclination to spend then don’t buy.

But man is it worth it.

I have 4 or 5 sites all over page 1 and 2 of Google that are between a month and a week old. 1 of them has only 1 post on it and that is it. And for a term that you would bite your arm off to rank for. This is the beauty of it all, a site with 1 post on that is over 11 years old carries a lot of weight I can tell you, I just never knew quite how much.

I have 1 site I set up with 5 posts that I put up a few weeks ago. It went straight to number 8 on page 1 of Google for a term I am at number 3 for and that has taken me 2 years to get there. This works and the money you will be spending on domains will be paid back to you in a very short period of time.

Special Offer

OK, enough of that nonsense. Here is the deal. The price is $57.

For the first 3 days you can buy it at $47.

We have Automatic Authority as an exclusive on this site only for 2 weeks (until June 18) and then you can bet that everyone and his Granny will be trying to flog you this course. The affiliate commission is amazing thanks to Lando’s generosity. But he is a very good online buddy too and we are great friends and that is why he has given us a 2 week exclusive.

Once that 2 weeks is over you are going to see a load more people getting in on this way of ranking quickly. You can use these sites to rank for terms in a short period of time or you can funnel the high PR and authority that many of them have by linking to your other sites and getting a serps boost that will mess with your head! And the market is going to get crowded for these sites.

You want to buy them at auction for the lowest possible price so you really want to buy as soon as you can and get your domain buying over with asap before you end up paying more because more people are bidding on these domains.

So, bottom line?

This is not brain surgery, you could find out the information if you spent a bit of your time online hunting around, although you will miss out on some of the neat tips and tricks, but this 2 hour or so course gets rid of all the leg work and simply shows you how to get Automatic Authority and how to buy aged domain names that are legitimate.

I love it and I won’t buy many new domains ever again, why bother?


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Hey, not bad for my first ever sales page right? I should do this for a living πŸ˜‰

Any questions then leave a comment. Me and Lando are usually here earning our big bucks putting in to practice what we know works.

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  1. Lando says:

    I really have to be the first commenter on this post πŸ™‚ Weird accent? “Ah dae ken what he’s gaun on about.”

    Like Dave says, you can learn the contents of Automatic Authority on your own. Although if you’re not sure where to get started, it tells you everything you need to start bidding on great value domains within hours.

    Ironically, I bought a super duper high PR domain and jumped some of Dave’s sites onto page one for a term we’re having a friendly competition over. Now that he knows how to do it too, he came back at me with three or four new powerhouses of his own…

    Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut!

    • Dave says:


      Yeah, in your FACE Lando! I am going to be all over you buddy! But it shows how effective these sites can be, no doubt about that. Age of registered domain carries so much weight it amazes me.

      • Lando says:

        I was looking at that last one you got, and was wondering “what is that doing there?”

        Looks like it’s PR has disappeared and its only got one page but it’s ranking like a treat. Forgot to take a look at its age.

        There’s a lesson in there somewhere…

        • Dave says:

          It didn’t really have any PR to begin with, I wanted to test out the age, didn’t really think it would do that well though, I was gonna just use it as a backlink source, now I am annoyed I put such a crap WP theme on it!

          • Lando says:

            Just change the theme then…and let it plummet πŸ˜‰

          • Fede says:

            So, does this mean that when you change the WP theme the rankings drop? Sorry to ask, I had never heard about that.


            • Dave says:


              It is not always the case but I have now had it happen to me a number of times. I have changed the theme and the site tanked. It can be down to a different site structure with a different theme. Bear in mind that themes use different internal site structures. Some use H1 as post titles, others use H2. Some have previous and next post links some don’t. Plus for whatever reason Google simply seems to penalize some sites for changing a theme.

              If you have a good money earner then think very carefully before you change a theme. I would rather tweak an existing imperfect one than change one on a money site.

  2. Bizzy says:

    Do you submit these domains to BMR? Because those guys there reject drop domains. They want you to use the original contents which is crazy to me.

    • Dave says:


      I have had some accepted and some rejected. If you buy a domain and then use it for the same niche then they usually accept. But if you re-purpose a domain for a different niche (which I usually do) then chances are that John at BMR will reject it. For me it is no biggie, I just use Postrunner instead or Backlinks Philippines etc.

      • JanisG says:

        Or you can use buffer sites. Rewrite/spin the money site article couple of times, make a Blogger blog and/or Squidoo lens, link them to your money site. Then build links using BMR to Blogger and Squidoo.

        Sure you can use other WEb2.0 sites as well, but I mentioned these two because you can monetize them.

  3. Donald says:

    Can I have a free review copy??


    Just bought and extracted the course. I’ll give you a review of it in a few hours, but I’m thinking it’s going to be killer!

    • Dave says:


      Nice one. It will be good to get feedback, just be kind to Lando, he is a gentle soul. You wait until you have bought a few and see where they rank, it feels weird getting such a jump so quick.

      • Lando says:

        Hi Donald,

        You’re the first person in the world to buy Automatic Authority! Hope you are able to put it to use.

        Really looking forward to hearing what you think and hearing about any domains you pick up πŸ™‚

  4. Seth says:

    You talk about ranking right away with 1 post or 5 posts or whatever. The real question though is how long you will stay there for? Ranking for a week is something I am not interested in but ranking for longer with a real shot to keep it there on the first page is worthwhile.

    • Dave says:


      The first ones I bought, and older ones that Lando bought have been staying put in terms of rankings. But I can’t talk in terms of 6 months a year etc as none of mine are that old.

      But what I do know is that a site Lando had for a good few months ranks for a keyword he gave me a backlink for in a jumbled rambling post that has nothing to do with the term at all. He has had that site for a good few months and the rankings are still there. Plus the post has a ton of other backlinks in it. If the site was optimized for the keyword it would have made some money, not just provide a link.

      But yeah, this is all early days, you takes your chances and all that.

      It’s the game we play.

    • Lando says:


      For sure, in the age of “quick fixes” aged, high PR domains aren’t the answer to everything. We still have to provide searchers what they are looking for and back link the sites like crazy.

      I just checked that keyword phrase Dave was talking about. The post is on page 4 and I have not backlinked it at all, never mind for the actual phrase. You’d have to ask Dave how competitive the term is though.

      What I’m finding is that aged sites can soak up an aggressive backlinking strategy better than less mature sites.

  5. Donald says:

    Hey Guys, quick update. Run into a problem right away. My Windows Media Player wouldn’t show the video although it was playing the sound right away.

    Said I needed a ‘DX50 Codec’. I found a player here

    It was a free download.

    The first video of DropDay, the sound and video doesn’t match up on my newly downloaded Divx player, but if I paid attention I understood what he was talking about. So far the second video everything is in sync.

    Just thought I’d let you know. So far love the info that’s in the Video’s.

    • Dave says:


      Hopefully Lando will have some suggestions but I use the free vlc player for viewing things, it pretty much plays anything that is dodgy on media player. I also have the combined community codec pack installed, perfect for um, avi files you may have “borrowed” from your American Cousin “Don Load” from the site where men have parrots on their shoulders.

    • Jamie says:

      How dare you be using WMP!!! πŸ˜‰

      VLC Player all the way! Download it now.

  6. Donald says:

    Thanks Dave,

    The DivX player kept getting out of sync. Lando was talkin’ about one thing and I was seeing another on the screen…lol

    Downloaded the VLC player and everything is working much better!

    Thanks for the suggestions…and I’m aware of that site where men have parrots on their shoulders…it’s called Google isn’t it? If not, it should be…lol

    • Lando says:

      Thanks Donald,

      Listen up folks! Looks like we’ve learned one thing already. Seems like VLC ( is a pre-requisite for the videos to play properly.

      I’ll hold my hands up, it didn’t even occur to me to try any other players.

      I’ve just tried DivX Plus Player ( and this seems to be okay.

      My Windows Media Player works okay too. Although I did install various codecs recently coz they were required (or I thought they were required) to help me make the videos.

    • Terry says:

      Just to jump in here and let you know that the vids played fine on my free winamp player. Yah boo Microsoft!

      I watched the first two so far and then found the taste of the cold beer I was sampling too tempting not to go have another… and another… well its a hot day here. So that was that.

      I will say that Lando has put everything in the ebook that a complete novice will need to start buying up domains. There were even a couple of things in there I didn’t know, and I’ve been buying aged domains for a few years now.

      From what I’ve seen of the videos, nothing is left to chance. They are step by step and easy to follow, then repeated in case you missed it first time. I loved it how the first few domains he checked turned out to be the exact ones you want to steer clear of, like previously dropped or too young. Wasted some time on that, but worth it to see what you can come up against in the real world. the domain he chose turned out to be a real gem! That’s all I’m saying on that, if you want to know more, buy the package. You’ll be glad you did.

      Droopday is still being a pain in some areas, like not displaying domain age and while I can see godaddy auctions now, I still can’t get closeouts to display. An the free trial sucks.

      I don’t know if this comes up in a later video, but here’s a tip:

      If you are not ready to pay for dropday’s subscription membership and the free trial leaves you wanting to throw your laptop out the window, you can still get some sense out of the free first couple of pages. The site switches you to the signup panel after you make two or three specific searches, but if you want more, just switch your router off and on and force a switch in IP (if you don’t have a static IP address that is) then you can do a couple more searches.

      I tried using to the same thing but the links don’t work.

      Ok, late, tired, getting a headache… need sleep…

      • Lando says:

        Thanks for the feedback Terry. Considering Automatic Authority was up against summertime beers, it held its own pretty well πŸ™‚

        While Dropday isn’t perfect, I’d be lost without it! One thing I’ve noticed is that even if a particular value shows “-“, that doesn’t mean it is “0”. I found a domain last night that has Yahoo Directory links even though Dropday suggests it doesn’t have them.

      • Terry says:

        I’m sure dropday will recover from whatever was ailing it. Although masking out the domain names in the free trial still annoys the hell out of me. They might as well display a big notice over a white page that says:

        “This free trial is useless because we want to to PAY!”

        I’ve bought quite a few domains from the closeouts in the past that dropday showed with no backlinks only to have my SEOBook toolbar show it did have some.

        I’ll watch the rest of the videos today and come back with some more feedback for you Lando.

        • Lando says:

          So if someone signs up for the “Free Trial” now, they get ***** across where the domain name should be?

          I just tried on a different computer and when you first access Dropday, without ever signing in, you get 2 FREE SEARCHES ONLY. Then it asks you to sign up for the Free Trial. Although this is not going to be very useful at all if you can’t see the domain names πŸ™

          • Celeste says:


            Yes, that’s the same thing that happened to me. (Although I think I got 4 searches before they asked me to sign up.) The free trial is kind of pointless since you can’t see the domains. They do have a 1-month subscription option, so I guess I’ll go for that.

            The guide is fantastic. I was looking to address this very knowledge gap (bidding on domains), and I found the videos to be clear and well organized, and at just the right pace. The only thing that caught me off guard was the free trial thing, because you prepared us for us so well for all the costs involved. Being confronted with this extra one was a bit of a shock, but it’s nothing that I can’t get over. Thanks Lando! (And thanks Dave for all you do.)

            • Dave says:

              Celeste and all,

              Sorry about the extra expense. I did mention in the article that it would be best to pay out a little extra for one of the things mentioned in the course, but it seems to have now changed and people will have to pay twenty dollars for the best access to dropday. But it is more than worth it as you know, but I do apologize for it now being more a necessity than an option. But a months subscription should suffice.

          • Rachel says:

            Yes, the Dropday free trial is extremely annoying. Do you know of any alternatives to Dropday at all Lando? Thanks:-)

          • Lando says:

            Hi Rachel,

            The alternatives that I know of are more expensive than Dropday, e.g.

   (no free access) – $37/month

   (limited free access) – I have heard that this costs $100/month

            If you send me an email there’s something else we can try.

          • Terry says:

            Yep, its really annoying. I think I said somewhere else that instead of signing up for the free trial, you can use your two free searches, then change IP addresses by switching your router off and on, then you get two more free searches. You can keep doing that until you run out of IP addresses from your ISP or you run out of patience!

            I’m just waiting for the godaddy info to catch up so you can look at the current day’s ending auctions + just checked and the closeouts are still not displaying at all. Damn, there goes one wasted search LOL!

  7. teatree says:

    Are you absolutely sure that the quick rankings are due to aged domains and not to do with Panda? It’s just that I bought some brand new domains last week, and the posts are ranking really well just on a couple of tweets.

    What I think has happened is that Panda has taken out so many sites, that new material + QDF is enough to rank you quickly because there’s hardly any competition. (And the new posts might get taken out when Panda re-runs, who knows)

    Or my rankings might have been a complete fluke based on twitter. Or I might have something on-site that G really likes. Shrugs.

    What we really need is someone to do a side-by-side test with an aged domain against a brand new one to see what happens. But both need to start post-Panda, because the big cuddly animal seems to have changed the rules.

    • Dave says:


      I don’t think it is to do with Panda, results are too consistent for that. Personally I have tested a number of domains I have bought for the same terms. The older the domain registration the better they rank, the more existing backlinks the better they rank. 1 yr old PR4 ranks nowhere near as well as a PRO 11 year old site, so there is certainly authority in age. But hey, you could be right, it’s the beauty of making money from good serps positions, it keeps you on your toes and guessing, no doubt about that.

    • Lando says:

      Hi teatree,

      From what I’ve seen, it’s not just a case of buying an expired domain and getting instant rankings. I’ve bought sites ranging from PR1 to PR5. By the way, it’s most definitely not just about PR either. As Dave mentioned above, age is golden. But when you buy an “authority” site with age, PR and good link profile, you give yourself a chance of getting good rankings more quickly.

      Weirdly, I have some higher PR sites that are not ranking as well as lower PR sites; others that have “good” link profiles not ranking as highly as ones that I see as not quite so good. Seems like more art than science.

      In general though, age, link profile and PR (which is really just a function of link profile) count.

      • teatree says:

        Well the two of you prompted me to check my domain on the waybackmachine – and it had been crawled by them before, in 2006. Just a one page site back then, and then nothing after.

        There were no backlinks in site explorer (though who knows what there is in Google). The subject matter is the same though. Surely that’s not enough to give the domain “age”?

  8. agraiders says:

    I’m probably going to pick this up later today because I could use some wins to build confidence. But, I do have a question. Are you building out new sites on these or are you using them to send links to your existing sites to help them? Or, can you use them for both even if they are not niche related. In other words, could you build a site on an aged domain about widgets and get it to rank, but then send a link to your socks site as well to help it rank higher.

    • Lando says:

      Hi agraiders,

      I’d say the most economical thing to do is picking up an aged domain and using it as a money site. With research and patience, you can get a PR2 or PR3 site, but more importantly one with a decent link profile and age (I like sites started before 2005) for as little as $50-60. You can get sites with this sort of PR for less, but there is more to it than just PR.

      It’s hard to quantify the return you get if you buy a few sites to use for backlinking. I’m convinced they are going to help over the long term but if you want rankings SOONER that are actually going to make you money, forget registering new domains, build a site on an aged domain, backlink it as per usual and you are far more likely to see the fruits of your labor sooner rather than later.

  9. Donald says:

    Okay, just finished up the Video’s. First off, I hafta say that I knew quite a bit of this since I’ve bought domains for about a year know. But I just wanted to know what Lando knew that I didn’t, and I’m glad to say that there were more than a few things.

    First off, if you’re even remotely considering buying aged domains like Lando and Dave have been talking about, you need this course. It will save you a lot of money you would otherwise lose making a lot of the same mistakes I made.

    I wish I had this a year or so ago!

    Next, Lando does an excellent job walking you through the steps to finding your own aged domain with good PR. The tips he gives for sniffing out fake PR are priceless. I also learned a few trick that I hadn’t been using. This will save me more time and money moving forward.

    Once I watched these videos, I understood why some of my first domains that I bought lost all their PR after I bought them. Many had fake PR and/or were dropped domains. Like I said above, I lost a lot of money when I was starting out buying my own aged domains.

    This course is an excellent short cut on how to buy aged domains with good PR and not lose your ass doing it. Honestly, you can do what I did a year or so ago and learn nearly all this stuff on the Internet, but there will be a lot of trial and error getting and a steep learning curve before you can safely buy aged domains with PR. Not to mention the huge amount of time it will take you to do all the research and testing.

    Or you can buy this course and within a few hours know how to do find, analyze, buy and setup aged domains on your own hosting account. Plus Lando gives some really good tips on how to set up your site and how to keep the PR and not lose it. That alone is worth the price of admission!

    Lando has hit the nail on the head with this set of videos. Well worth the $47 asking price.

    Thanks Lando for turning out a quality product and thanks Dave for helping us out!

    • Dave says:


      Thanks for spending the time to write that. I know it means a lot to Lando, personal projects are always the closest to peeps hearts. I think he did a great job too and I am glad you are pleased with your purchase. I do try to steer you guys in the right direction and would never promote anything I did not believe in. Hence this being the first guide I recommend, ever.

    • Mian says:

      You have stolen the words in my mind.

      I haven’t been doing this domain snatching thingy for too long, but I have to say through a lot of trials and errors I learned most of the stuff in the course. Any newbie that is newer than me and wish to save money should buy the course.

      They way I do my initial analysis is different. I do a search in godaddy auction (age, price, ending time, whatever), download the .csv of their results and then do my page rank analysis. Then whatever etc etc analysis (try not to say too much that is also in Lando’s course). That way I don’t need any subscription to any websites like dropday etc.

      It may seem ‘manual’ and laborious but I only buy domains when I feel like to, cant be asked to subscribe/unsubscribe to all sort of services.

  10. Lando says:

    Hi Donald,

    I’ve read your post twice and I’m blown away. Really glad you got something from the program. I’m lost for words…thanks for your thanks πŸ˜€

  11. JamestheJust says:

    Nice, Lando –

    I’m happy that you’ve been given the thumbs up from Dave, that says a lot in itself. I hope to be buying the book soon – but have to replace a neighbor’s sliding glass door…uh…sorta shot it out with a BB gun (my son did anyway). πŸ™‚

    Hope your sales take off, sounds like a great resource. I just Amplify’d, Facebook liked and Tweeted Dave’s post, hoping to hear more success stories, too.

    • Lando says:

      Hi James,

      How old is the little marksman?

      Dave’s thumbs going up means a lot. I just checked my sales stats and it appears that Dave has a larger readership than he lets on.

      Hopefully everyone who buys Automatic Authority is going to get the same sort of value (if not more) than Donald:

    • Dave says:


      Thanks for that Dude, sorry about the door though, bit of a downer to have to fork out for that.

  12. Adam says:

    Thanks for this great guide – just purchased it and will get around to going through it all tomorrow. Thanks for making this – I’ve always wanted to get into buying dropped domains but have been too lazy to do the research.

    • Lando says:

      I hope the Automatic Authority guide helps you out.

      I’ve read a few posts you’ve written on TKA and because of your SEO knowledge, thought that you were already into it.

      Let us know what you think.

  13. Sam says:

    Hi Dave, If I build a website and over many months I build backlinks to all the posts, but later on I decide to change the wordpress theme, will my backlinks go to waste? When changing a theme in wordpress do you have any suggestions as to what I should watch out for in terms of keeping all the backlinks I’ve already built?


    • Dave says:


      changing the theme won’t make you lose any links at all. As long as your permalink structure stays the same then you are only changing the visual aspect, nothing more. But you may find that your rankings change short term when you change themes if it changes the way your site is set up internal like wise.

  14. Craig says:

    Just bought it. It’s 4am and I need sleep after a long night’s work, so viewing/reading will wait until tomorrow, but thirty quid seems a very reasonable price, so cheers for that!

    • Lando says:

      Hey Craig,

      Love the Gravatar! I’m arriving in London next week and am really looking forward to getting stuck into a pie and beans!

      Hope you enjoy the course. Let us know what you think. Cheers.

      • Craig says:

        Nah, mate, you want pie and mash! Goddard’s is the classic. They sold their shop, unfortunately, but have a stall on weekends:

        • Dave says:


          Nah, you need the PieMinister

          Had it in Bristol and was tempted to move there just to have a weekly pie.

          • Craig says:

            I’ve seen those Pieminsters around but never checked them out. 2003 isn’t quite as ‘classic’ as 1890 but if the food is good that’s all that counts! I’ll tell them you sent me; maybe they’ll send you an affiliate commission!

          • Mian says:

            Lived in the UK for nearly 10 years, never enjoyed pies/beans/fish&chips/peas/pizzas/burgers…you name it. Love my own cooking more: hxxp:// (just built a link here for my future website, lol).

            EDIT: Only edited because the site does not exist, don’t want links going nowhere, not good for this site at all, things are bad enough as it is πŸ˜‰ Drop it in when it is live if you like Mian, for all the good it will do ya buddy.

      • Craig says:


        Nice course. I don’t usually like video courses because I’m a fast reader and resent the time they take, but the videos were succinct enough to not annoy me!

        I only had one quick run through before work today, but it seems like you’ve laid the process out very clearly. I’ve thought about buying aged domains before but only had a vague idea of how to go about it, and the things I needed to look out for. After your course I’m confident and looking forward to buying my first few domains!

        • Lando says:

          Hi Craig,

          Like most things, once you know what to do, it is pretty straight forward. Hopefully it should save you some money buying the *wrong* kind of domain.

          Just watch out for becoming *too* competitive at auction though. I don’t like losing and have paid quite a bit more than I wanted for some domains.

          • Craig says:

            I imagine it’s quite easy to get too ‘into’ it once you’ve done the research and decided that a domain is perfect for your needs. I’ll definitely set myself some absolute limits. I’m going to start small – perhaps low PR but decent age – and work up anyway.

            Before I pay for Dropday, is the Godaddy information displaying fine for paid members? I don’t want to shell out then find it unusable.

            Also, I’m amazed that nobody’s commented on the most notable aspect of your course yet: a Scottish man writing about women’s fashion! ;o)

            • Dave says:


              Just don’t ever video conference with him. You will be in for quite a shock! He takes his Ladies clothes VERY SERIOUSLY πŸ˜‰

          • Lando says:

            Hi Craig,

            I just checked my Dropday and it is showing domains up for auction on Godaddy okay.

            The Godaddy closeout domain names come up but the data, e.g. PR, domain age, etc is missing.

            “low PR but decent age” – great idea! PR seems to attract more bidders, age is under rated.

            Hit me up on email if you want to talk more about it.

    • Dave says:


      Man, it’s Saturday night, you should be falling asleep drunk by 12 at the latest πŸ˜‰ Let us know what you think after a nice fry up and a few coffees.

      • Craig says:

        Wish I had the opportunity to! I’m a Sarf East Lahndan barman, mate! (I’m actually new to SE London and sound nothing like that.)

        Saturday’s I work until 2am, and last night the landlord was telling me about his chequered past, including time as a ‘debt collector’ (he told me one particularly unpleasant story involving a screwdriver and the hand of a reluctant payee…), so bedtime was much later.

        • Terry says:


          I did a stint as a barman in my local in Dag’nam and you’d probably believe (though most wouldn’t) some of the things I used to hear. Have to say I prefer the other side of the bar. I’ve been drunk in most of the pubs in east London with the best of them, and a good few in other parts of the city.

          I’m not surprised to hear your mention of debt collection and a screwdriver in the same sentence. One of my favourite pastimes used to be hanging on for “afters” in one or other of my several local boozers and getting all the “real” gossip. A couple of the guys in one of them were bouncers in a bar in Bermondsey and the stories they came out with would make your hair curl.

          But all that was a million miles ago. These days I’m just your plain old meek and mild Internet guy… πŸ˜‰

          • Craig says:

            I’ve never been to Dagenham, although my ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend comes from there.

            I’m sure the stories are similar though, and you’re right that most people wouldn’t believe them. The landlady’s father used to work for the Krays, and I used to drink with a guy who spent ten years in Vietnam training the border army. While he was there he discovered two new species of insect, then got blown up and came back to London to have the shrapnel removed.

            Crazy stories everywhere! You’re right though: the other side of the bar is much better.

  15. Mark says:

    Dave, I need a little discount. I stole some money from my kids coin basket and raided my wife’s Antique tea cup collection and sold all her tea cups at the thrift store and managed to come up with 43.11. Can you comp me the rest?

    • Dave says:


      Have you checked down the sides of the sofa? Sorry but Lando says no discounts, even for robbers like you πŸ˜‰

  16. Dave says:

    Um, if anyone notices anything funny going on with this site can you let me know. A draft test post got published twice today even though I never published it (thank you for your sneaky comments on it you cheeky buggers!), and a page just published itself as a post. God knows how that is even possible.

    Anyway, back to business.

    • agraiders says:

      Must be all those secret autoblog scripts you are running that you don’t want to tell us about. I should have known you were making all your money blackhat and with automation πŸ™‚ Forget this manual writing stuff then. Off to the bots since Dave’s cat is out of the bag

      • mark says:

        This is an autoblog? I knew that it was too good to be true! I want my money back for all the free information that I have stolen from you on this site and the other site.

  17. Matt says:

    The free trial of Dropday blanks out the domain names. So you really have to be prepared to pay another $20 for a one month subscription to dropday.

    • Lando says:

      I’m sorry about the extra expense involved. It is a shame because they would probably build a more loyal customer base if they show how good their service is first.

      For anyone who is only after one or two domains send me an email using the address at the top of page 29 and I’ll make a few suggestions.

  18. Lando says:

    HEADS UP! For those of you who have purchased Automatic Authority (and to encourage anyone who’s on the fence), I’ll be publishing 2 posts on a .EDU domain (not comments – a proper post) soon.

    I’ll send out an email nearer the time. Might be a good way to give any domains you pick up a slight boost.

  19. Lorecee says:

    Count me among Lando’s fans – very nice product. I’ve bought a dozen or so pre-owned domains since I got into IM, and I wish I had this guide when I started two years ago – it would have saved me from buying a lot of garbage. I have no patience with video courses either, but this one clips right along and tells me what I need to know in the shortest time possible. And I think Lando’s accent is charming πŸ™‚

    Lando, I know it will be torrented sooner or later, but you might look into what you’d need to do to put it on BHW’s do not share list. I’ve gotten some awesome shares over there but I’d hate to see this product become one of them.

    • Dave says:


      Don’t encourage him, he sounds weird and you know it πŸ˜‰ Just joking Lando, I think you are charming too, in a manly way of course. Good advice on the torrent front, although hopefully peeps will pay for Lando’s work, although I know that sooner or later someone will put it up. I think when I decided to charge for my Amazon guide for a while it was a torrent in days. Man, IM’ers who couldn’t afford $10 bucks, makes you wonder.

      • Craig says:

        The IMers who can’t afford $10 are the IMers who download a dozen different courses every day but never spend more than twenty minutes actually trying any of them…

    • Lando says:

      Hi Lorecee,

      Thanks for the vote of confidence πŸ™‚

      Re: torrenting. I don’t really know what to say.

      While I was making the Automatic Authority course, I went through both fear of failure as well as fear of success and when I came out the other side, I felt pretty good about the product I created. It was really good fun learning how to use the screen capture software (CamStudio, for anyone who’s interested).

      When I read that you guys are getting value from the course, it makes me proud. I hope the investment helps you improve your earnings over the coming months.

  20. Dieter says:

    I bought automatic authority today and I am glad that I did. Both, the theoretical concept as well as all the practical aspects are explained in an easy to understand fashion, which helps IM illiterates enormously. It’s an excellent product and definitely worth the money.

    • Dave says:


      You sound a little like me, when it gets too technical I switch off. But this course is simple to understand and implement which is what I think most of us want really.

      • Lando says:

        Hi Dieter,

        Glad to hear you think it was a good value purchase πŸ™‚

        That domain we were talking about before has had a few more bids. Did you decide to go for it?

        • Dieter says:

          Lando, well it’s up to $65 at this point and I will have to think hard about that.

  21. Dieter says:

    Oh boy…I meant to say: …” which helps IM illiterates LIKE ME!! enormously…”

  22. Shaun L says:

    Hi Lando, read the ebook and will watch the vids in full tomorrow. I was wondering though, what’s your view on Dropday alternatives? Particularly DomainFace as it is a similar price? If you have used it or pick up anything note worthy (Good or bad) from their sales page it would be interesting to hear your view. As while your methods sound good, i’m not sure i want to go with dropday from what i’ve seen…

    • Lando says:

      Hi Shaun,

      To be honest with you, I started with Dropday (when they still did a 10 day FREE trial) and they won me over. To me, it’s stupid NOT offering a bit of free access. That’s why I didn’t even look at the other options when I was starting out.

      I’m afraid I have no direct experience with other similar sites. BUT even though I use Dropday in the videos, the same principals could be applied to any other expired domain listing. Presumably with the other services, you get a similar looking list and can set up your own search criteria.

      I only buy 1 month worth of access to Dropday at a time so can easily try out some other sites. I was thinking of giving Freshdrop a go next time I want to buy a batch of domains. I’ll check out the DomainFace site too. Thanks for the tip πŸ™‚

  23. Lando says:

    Big thanks to everyone who took a risk on Automatic Authority. From the feedback that is coming in, it is succeeding in its aims.

    Contact me directly via email if there is anything you want to discuss that you’d rather not post here in the comments.

    Just a reminder for anyone still on the fence. The “first 3 days” reduced price of $47 will be coming to an end at about 12.00 GMT today.

  24. rahul says:

    Well thanks for info. I like to learn more cheating. Age definitely improves ranking. I found peoples who have 3.5 k domains inventory of 1 pages. I also ranked 12 of my new sites on page 1 in less than a week. It is all about keyword research. I am very happy. But some keywords don’t rank. May be because they already have lot of competition. I am finding more lesser keywords. So, that i can rank and learn this art.

    • Dave says:


      Just make sure that the keywords are profitable, you can rank low search terms easy, but you need to be where the money is so try not to spread yourself too thin buy buying too many sites.

      • rahul says:

        I will not be too thin.
        I am doing kw research for long tails too. Which can have 300 exact per month. These small long tail actually makes some money.

  25. JanisG says:

    What is your experience with dropped domains?

    Here is my experience. I registered a dropped domain 2 weeks ago which used to be around since 2005 or so. THis one had 6 links including 3xPR3 edu links. I posted 2 articles that were banned form Hubpages. Now first article is ranking for 5 keywords on first page with a handful of profile links, second one is on page one without any additional links at all. When these articles were on HP, they were nowhere near page one πŸ™‚

    Yesterday I noticed 2 interesting domains on GoDaddy closeouts. First one (4 year old PR0) had 55 links from and 1 PR4 WIkipedia link (10xPR4, 9xPR3 and some more links). Another one (3 year old PR0) had 1xPR7, 1xPR6, 3xPR5 links, some edu links and stuff. I decided that I want older domains, so I did not bid on them, but now I am tempted to check if they are still available in case nobody bought them yesterday.

    One more question. When the domain can be considered as ‘dropped’?

    • Lando says:

      Hi JanisG,

      I’ve only purchased one domain that was dropped. I wanted it for the actual domain name. It went from PR0 up to PR1 at the last update.

      You really have to look into WHEN the domain was dropped. That said, those two domains you mentioned might be worth the risk if you can pick them up for $10 or so.

      My understanding is that domains are “dropped” six weeks after their registration period ends.

    • Dave says:


      I would have been all over those 2 sites considering they would only be a tenner or so max. Worth it just to get a couple of decent backlinks to a main site if nothing else. I am in no doubt that a nice collection of satellite sites to launder links through is WAY better than just sending everything to the main site direct. A good handful of cheap sites like that is certainly a good addition to the arsenal.

      • JanisG says:

        I think I am cheap… I waited till the auction price drops down to $5 before picking them up πŸ™‚

        Dave, are you still using Squidoo (or maybe HP or Blogger, or any other new secret web2.0) to test your products and keywords, or have you 100% switched over to aged domains for testing?

        • Dave says:



          To be honest I am now just doing my own thing, maybe an odd squid. But really just my own sites. If you want to use some Web 2.0 properties here is what I know still rank well. Devhub and Orbs. Both take a week or two to index and don’t respond straight away to links, but in a couple of months they hang around like bad pennies high in the serps and don’t need further work to keep them there. Just keep it quiet. Shhhhhh

          Orbs is better.

          • JanisG says:

            Thank you! Good stuff. I will make couple of ‘Tier 2’ support blogs on these properties.

    • JanisG says:

      Just noticed that one of sites I picked up for $5 on Godaddy Closeouts jumped from PR0 to PR4. All I did was rebuild pages that has incoming backlinks and link them back to homepage. I used web archive to find old pages. If I could not find it in archive, I built the page anyway and wrote something like “Page under construction” or “This page is not available due to blabla” and linked it to homepage.

  26. Blackthorne says:

    I’m buying this when I get home from work.

    Was the price really $47? It hasn’t been 3 days yet and it’s already at full price.

    • Dave says:


      Sorry Dude but it has been 3 full days, it went up for sale Saturday lunch time GMT.

    • Lando says:

      Hi Blackthorne,

      I’m afraid AA is not one of these IM products that has a permanent discount. Just so you know, you really need about $200 spending money for it to be instantly useful.

      AA ($57)
      1 month Dropday membership ($20) – free searches are okay but they are now very limited – watch the videos first, don’t waste your 2 free searches.
      Godaddy Auction Membership ($5)
      Some spending money for domains ($118)

      • Blackthorne says:

        That’s alright.

        So what’s the product like? A membership site or an ebook + videos that are downloadable and yours to keep forever?

        • D says:

          Read the sales page and comments and you would know.

          • Blackthorne says:

            No time Negative Nancy. Got important stuff to do. Asking the question is more time/cost efficient.

            And as you can see Lando was more than willing to answer it.

            I win.

        • Lando says:

          Hi Blackthorne,

          AA is “an ebook + videos that are downloadable and yours to keep forever”

  27. Terry says:

    Just to finish off my feedback for AA, I finally watched the rest of the videos and they really do cover everything you need to know about buying an aged domain.

    I liked the domain setup video as it takes you through what you need to do once you’ve bought your domain. Things that are necessary to make sure you keep the Page Rank and if you skip these things, you risk losing it… something that used to happen to me a lot when I first started buying aged domains.

    Lando takes you through the bidding process at Godaddy auctions and how things work which will also save you time and effort going in there without this knowledge. He explains proxy bids too, which are useful if you can’t watch the auction right up to the end. You’ll also see what can happen when others are bidding against you – good preparation for when you start doing this for yourself.

    There are some really good tips about buying domains from the closeouts that’ll save you a lot of wasted time going after domains that may have already been sold but still display in dropday.

    He gives a real example of Page Rank faking so you can see for yourself what it looks like when you check your own. He explains about domains that have previously been dropped. Then a good recap reminds you of all the important points in buying a domain.

    If you are seriously considering buying aged domains at auction to expand and improve your own network of satellite sites – and you should if you want to stay one step ahead of most of the competition in IM – then AA tells you exactly how to do it, what to do and what to avoid doing so that you don’t waste time and money making mistakes like I certainly did when I stared buying these domains a few years ago. I learned the hard and expensive way via the “University of Hard Knocks”

    You don’t have to if you get Automatic Authority!

    • Dave says:


      You will be bringing a tear to Lando’s eyes, I can tell you that. Thanks for such a great write up, he really will appreciate it. Personally I totally agree with you. It is not a long course, he gets straight to the point and simply shows you what you need to know. Time is always precious so he doesn’t waste it. Rather than simply making a load of filler, like most (nearly all) IM products do he simply explains what you have paid money to find out.

      I am glad it has done so well for him the last few days, and I must be honest and say I haven’t minded either πŸ˜‰ Money in the bank and all that. But more importantly Lando has come a long way in just over a year in terms of how much he earns a month and his knowledge. It used to be I taught him stuff and now it is the other way around, which is great, and a sign of someone who actually applies themselves in this tough business.

      Everyone hold hands and sing.

    • Lando says:


      Thanks for taking the time to go through the course and write such a detailed breakdown of what it contains. That’s really nice copy πŸ™‚ You make me want to buy it! I love how you’ve explained what the course covers without giving anything away. Really whets the appetite.

      • Terry says:

        My pleasure, its a really good course and deserved every word!

        I didn’t really mean it to sound like sales copy. I guess I write so many articles like that to sell stuff it’s become second nature LOL!

  28. JamestheJust says:

    I thought AA was a 12 step program?

    Man, I tell you what – it’s one thing when Dave and Lando are pimping the book, (sorry, I have hip hop in my headphones at present) there’s a material connection…not that I don’t trust the guys, I do…

    But after reading TERRY on the matter…wow, that’s golden, Terry. Especially after learning a lot from your former comments on the other blog.

    • Terry says:

      Hehe… I give credit where credit’s due! But if it had been a stinker, I would have said so too.

      …unless of course you need to lose some weight, in which case I know a really great All American diet program that makes it an absolute cinch to get those extra pounds just falling off, while you just…

      Ok only kidding.

      I can get you a good price… πŸ˜€

  29. Shaul L says:

    Lando, I’ll give you 2k to take this information off the market…

    Looking at the site you ended up with and how it’s ranking, I can tell this method works. Think I better get my domains now before everyone jumps on it and it’s hard to get things this good again! Great course man, thanks for the info.

    • Dave says:


      It definitely does work, no doubt. And yeah, the sooner that you buy the better, already I know a few peeps from here are competing on domains, and it will prob only get worse. But with the state of the serps and the difficulty of getting new sites off the ground the cost of buying aged domains is still the best way to get ahead in my opinion.

      • Shaun L says:

        Yep, the plan is to get some domains in early before the competition increases even more. It’s a good feeling to know this IM thing works, now when come across a opportunity like this I know I can simply reinvest earnings and not worry about not having the funds to take advantage. As they say, it takes money to make money πŸ˜€

    • Lando says:

      Hi Shaul (or was that a typo?),

      When I was making the videos, I wanted to pick up a decent site. I didn’t think too much about the domain name, but I’m really starting to like it. The domain name really does scream “Monetize me!”.

      I’ve only been bidding on domains since the start of the year. Since then I’ve noticed prices continue to rise. They’re still good value though. Potentially spending around $200 for an aged PR4 domain is a lot to drop on one purchase. Patience is a virtue in this regard. Then when you find the domain that is right for you – buy it!

      • Shaun L says:

        Yep, a typo.

        I like the name (Art Of The Steal), along with the way you set it up it seems prestige. Not really a niche I would go into, but I know you only bought it so you don’t have to do another couple hours of recording on a new domain lol.

        I ended up going with Dropday as kind of warmed to it after seeing it in your videos… The date and everything else is working fine now, so as long as it stays bug free I’ll probably continue to use it.

  30. discount says:

    Just passing this along. If you’re going to buy the Godaddy auction membership, use: AUCTION12 to get 50% off. You’re only saving $2.50 but hey, better than nothing.

  31. Darrell says:

    Hey Lando…ok Dave too…I better make sure I acknowledge Dave or else he will send the zen duck after me…..I can just hear Dave very afraid of my zen duck… πŸ™‚

    I ordered it and will review it this week and provide an honest review.


    • Lando says:

      Hi Darrell,

      Yeah, we’ve got to watch out for the Zen Duck (billed platypus). Might look cute but we can’t mess with him!

      Hope you get good value from AA. Looking forward to your review, the good, the bad and the ugly.

  32. Lando says:


    One thing I discuss in the Automatic Authority report is the importance of adding content to domains you win at auction asap once you take ownership of the domain.

    The research and bidding is the *fun* part. It’s worth deciding how you want to use your domain(s) while you’re researching what’s on offer and actually writing some content so that you’re good to go once you take ownership.

    I try and have at least 3 posts ready. At the moment I’m in the process of building an entire site that I don’t even have a domain for yet. This is a test…

    • Dave says:


      Good point. I just finished up a site I bought at closeout for ten bucks or so. I spent Friday and Monday putting up 34 sales posts on it so now it is good to begin work on it. Get the content on so it can age and find its place and then begin to backlink and add in more content. Internally link all the content on the site that you possibly can before you even begin getting external backlinks. That way you can seriously cut down on the work you do off site.

      Pick a good theme to start with if you use WP and then don’t change it, this seems to be rather important with the current state of the serps, i.e all over the bloody place.

      • Lando says:


        Aged domains definitely help. I try and add a few posts to get sites kick started. But Dave shows us how it’s really done. 34 posts in 2 days…THAT’S how we make money!

      • Isobel says:

        Dave, I meant to ask you – on the other site you mentioned a big-earning site of yours that disappeared from the SERPs for some big keywords. Did it ever come back? Any idea why it dropped in the first place?

        • Dave says:


          I lost 2 and the are still in no mans land. 1 was a test site for niches so it had a ton of posts about different topics, a mini Hubpages if you like (very mini πŸ˜‰ ) and the other was strictly 1 niche and lots of sales posts.

          It may be they just got picked out for being of no real use or it was just one of those things. I have plenty of other sites set up in a similar way that were no touched. This year the algo is all over the place so I will just ride it out, hopefully, and see what happens in a good few months.

          But it was a sign of what needs to be done now. Less affiliate links on sites and more useful content that means something with an odd sales page.

          • Lando says:


            He’s being far too modest. His “mini-Hubpages” was a monster site.

          • Bruno says:

            Yeah, SERPS are quite erratic these days … My earnings and traffic have been fluctuating a lot lately… Let’s see what happens ..

            Yeah, when he means that “his mini hub pages” got shot down, he actually means Hubpages which you may be led to believe that you could add content and that a lot of different people posted content there, but the truth is that it was all dave’s writing. This is his ‘mini-hub’ that got shot down πŸ˜‰

      • Jamie says:

        Internal linking question?

        Do you make internal links all over the place or do you send them in a certain direction?

        For instance if I have a long article reviewing 5 toasters and another 5 shorter articles reviewing each toaster seperately do you interlink the hell out of them all or just link from the main article to the smaller reviews or the smaller reviews back to the main article?

        • Dave says:


          If you want a double listing then link in both directions using the same keywords. If you want to simply boost a single internal page above others then send as many internal links as you can one way only. And use internal post link juice that is acquired to boost the rankings of other pages.

          In your example I would link all 5 posts to the main review one and the main review one to all five. Don’t forget that it is not just about SEO. If you write a review about 5 toasters and you recommend the hell out of what you think is the best one, which may also be a more expensive model πŸ˜‰ then you want to funnel peeps that are looking for a $5 toaster to your guide about the other better options.

          If you write good copy that is, me, I can’t sell anything πŸ˜‰

      • Darrell says:

        Absolutely, once you pick your wp theme, stick with it and leave it alone. Anytime, I have changed themes, I immediately get slapped by Google. That’s because you are changing code.

    • Strathy says:

      What about snagging the previous content from Wayback and loading it up? Too much work? Not ethical? Seems to me that it would be a good way of holding the domain PR until you get around to doing your own thing. What am I missing?

      • Dave says:

        Strathy, you can certainly do that. Or at least just re-create the urls and add in your own content. You will keep more authority that way. Especially as often inner pages will have PR as well.

      • Lynn says:

        Definitely not ethical, but whether or not you do it is entirely up to your risk tolerance. It’s also not legal in the US because the person who wrote the content (or bought it if it was written for hire) is the copyright holder. Theoretically, you could end up losing the site if someone files under DMCA against you. But to be realistic about it, if the person let the site go, is it likely they care about that content, or would even bother with the DMCA? I doubt it! I think it’s probably best to just write some content of your own, OR heavily edit the content from Wayback so that it’s not obvious. πŸ™‚ That’s probably what I’d do. I know technically a derivative work is still a copyright violation, but it’s much less clear cut ethically speaking. LOL.

      • Cat says:

        Very unethical IMO. Besides, the content could still be in use in some cases. I’ve let several domains expire, but moved the content to a different site. Others might have repurposed their content in a book or some other medium.

  33. agraiders says:

    Promo Code “auction12” will save you 50% off joining GoDaddy auctions. Not much, but every little bit helps

  34. Shaun L says:

    Not sure I missed it, but why is it bad if a domain has been dropped in the past? Does it affect rankings in the future?

    • Lando says:

      Hi Shaun,

      My understanding is that in effect, the age of the domain is reset when it is dropped.

      Does this mean that links to the site that were created before the drop are somehow invalidated? I have no idea. But a ‘drop’ is an obvious flag that Google can see. So there is a real risk of a reduction in PR at the next update if the drop happened since the most recent PR update.

      A domain created in 1997 and dropped in say 2002 is still an old domain. This is the only sort of dropped domain that I might buy.

      I only bought one domain that was dropped (in 2010). That was before I even knew what a ‘drop’ was. I have backlinked it pretty hard and is now in the top 5 for its main keyword, when it’s in. This domain does tend to come in and disappear semi-frequently. Whether its previous drop is in any way causing this is unknown.

      The way I look at it is that a dropped domain is like a bottle of wine which doesn’t have any label on it. Perhaps its a vintage or maybe a bottle of plonk. If you can buy it at a great price, it might be worth taking the risk.

  35. Donald says:

    Dave, Lando or anyone else that can answer this. What if you have aged domains that you’ve never put a site on? does anyone have experience with this? Will they rank just as quickly? How about domains with just a page or two of content?

    I have about 250 domains. I’m a junkie. If I’m reading an article or watching TV and hear something that sounds like it would make a good site, I register it. The HARD part is getting around to actually putting sites on those domains. I have some that are 5 and 6 years old.

    • Lando says:

      Hi Donald,

      The common wisdom is that it’s no better than starting a brand new site. But it’s not something I have tested directly myself.

      I sent you an email (might have been your wife’s account)

    • Dave says:


      I have bought a few domains and been lax about putting much content on them asap. But I can tell you that a site that you just put 1-5 posts on and then leave for a year will respond a lot better than a new site when you take it up again and add more content and backlink it. But no content at all, not experienced any benefits from just owning the site.

      Just take half an hour and put some basic content on a site and then forget it, worth doing.

      Even though personally I have a good handful of sites I registered well over a year ago and have done nothing with yet πŸ˜‰

    • Terry says:

      I think its vitally important to get a site up and content onto an aged domain you bought as soon as you take ownership of it. Its not just to show Google that its alive and a working site still, but if there are existing backlinks pointing to deep pages that existed on the domain’s previous owner’s site, then you should recreate these pages with the exact url as are in those links.

      Put some content on those pages (if you can get the original archived content, even better) then backlink the backlinks to get the bots crawling to verify to Google that the site is still not just active but with its deep pages intact.

      If one or more of those existing backlinks come from pages with some page rank, they will help you keep whatever page rank that came with your domain. Any small thing that you can do like that to ensure your new (aged) domain keeps its page rank and authority, the better for you.

      • Ryan t says:

        What if the deep pages are not relevant to your niche?

        • Terry says:

          I still put them up. I don’t always link to those deep pages from the homepage, cause I always have an html sitemap page so the bots will find them (I only build static sites now – no more wordpress for Tel!).

          But one thing about aged domains that also helps keep their authority is to use them in the niche they were originally in. If you change the niche, its your call. But if you want those links to count, you need the deep pages there. You can add more content to them that steers the theme towards a new niche that you have in mind for the site. Then add new content pages for your new niche.

          I only change a niche on an aged domain I buy if the domain url isn’t obviously to do with a niche. I mean, I wouldn’t put up a weight loss site on a domain with a url like (or maybe I would lol) but if it was then I guess anything goes!

          The bottom line is that if the G bot follows links to a deep page on your domain and gets a 404, then you lose the value of that link. Some people use 301 redirects, but I prefer the manual approach with a real page for those content hungry bots to find because somehow I just feel better about something that I can see.

          I have some deep pages that I recreated on sites get decent PR thanks to inbound links pointing right at them. That makes them pure gold for sending out a strong link to a money site.

          • Jamie says:

            @Terry Presumably if you’re inheriting a domain that was a static site then you can’t recreate the old archived pages on wordpress?

            I’ve just bought one and the cached internal pages are hxxp:// so I can’t recreate that url on wordpress?


          • Lando says:

            Hi Jamie,

            You can use WordPress and recreate those URLs easy enough.

            You’re familiar with the “Custom Structure” option in Settings > Permalinks, right?

            Instead of /%postname%/ try /%postname%.html

          • Terry says:

            Jamie, I’m only building static sites now, I’m done with wordpress and all its hassle, so its no problem to me.

            Lando’s right, you can do it that way. Or there’s another way you can recreate those pages and still keep your wordpress site with a different permalink structure if you prefer.

            Just build simple html pages (minimal knowledge needed) in a text editor like notepad (notepad++ or pspad are better and both free) giving the file names the original urls (you may need to put them in their own folder if the url is more complex, eg

            Don’t bother even prettying them up with CSS if you don’t know it. Upload the html files (and any folders they are in) via ftp. Manually add them into the xml sitemap generator as well. Viola, instant pages that don’t impact on your blog, but can still be read by Google bots. Put a link to those pages in a separate sidebar widget and be sure to include a link back to the home page in each html page.

            As an aside, you’d be surprised at how many high ranking sites there are out there that are just a plain while page with zero formatting and the most basic html!

          • Jamie says:

            Lando and Terry,

            Great stuff from both of you…thanks!

  36. Terry says:

    OH SHIIIIIIT…!!! Squidoo have crapped on affiliate earnings!

    I just posted on my own site about this here: (

    I don’t want to repeat it all again but check your lenses where you put an affiliate banner in the bio box to get it above the fold.

    Mine are all gone!!

  37. Jamie says:

    Final questions…

    How can I subscribe to email updates? What is this new fangled RSS crap!

    And can I get an email when you or anyone replies to one of my comments? I can’t hang about scrolling back through them all geezer!

    • Dave says:


      Just click the subscribe button at the bottom and choose the email option for posts and comments. Although you won’t be able to pick which comments so it may get a little busy in the inbox now and then.

  38. Matt says:

    I purchased the course last week and I’ve just bought my first PR3 domain for $45, plus $12 registration and $9 Whois privacy. Godaddy says it will be a week before I can actually take ownership of the domain.

    Once you have a few pages of content on the site, how soon thereafter should I start adding backlinks to my money sites? Is it preferable to have in-post links over sidebar links?

    • Lando says:

      Hi Matt,

      Congratulations on your purchase! I add links when I add posts. It depends upon how you are setting your site up. If you take a look at the domain I purchased in the AA course, you can see a few different post styles.

      You don’t have to add self serving links to all the posts that you publish. At the same time, you definitely want to get as much value re: link juice as possible.

      Definitely go for in context links (that will stay on the homepage) rather than blogrolls.

    • Dave says:


      In post always over sidebar. They are not worth as much as they used to be a few years back so always go for contextual, even over a site-wide blogroll.

      I would add links straight away if you want, they get to age and st there, put them on homepage posts if possible. They should kick in within a week or two and boost your money site. But don’t forget that you can also use these sites as money sites in their own right. Set them up to earn just like your main site, unless you buy a hundred and use adsense and then I would definitely say not to do that. But try products instead. Too many adsense sites is simply not a good idea and you give the game away about who owns the sites linking to your money site too.

  39. Matt says:

    Hey Lando,

    Thanks for the tips. Another quick question for you: how many outbound links can you put on the homepage, before your link juice gets diluted? Should you go for a particular content-to-link ratio?

    The reason I ask is, there’s fiverr gigs in which you can purchase a link on the homepage of a PR4 domain. However, it’s a blogroll link, and there’s fifty other links in the blogroll.

    • Lando says:

      >how many outbound links can you put on the homepage, before your link juice gets diluted?

      Don’t know for sure. The expert in this field, Terry Kyle, has done some pretty thorough research and concluded that number of outbound links (OBLs) is not something to really be worried about. That said, very few of my sites have over 50 OBLs on the homepage or any other page.

      >Should you go for a particular content-to-link ratio?

      I have some pages that are nothing but links and they have mad PR πŸ™‚ I try to make sure my pages don’t look spammy. Nothing wrong with a “links page” that is full of links πŸ™‚

      Pursuing blogroll and footer links is not something I’m interested in these days. From what I’ve seen, backlinks properly anchored within the content of pages with high PR have a much more noticeable effect than blogrolls.

      Where blogrolls have more value is if you get one from a “real” site that has visitors who might click through to your website.

      • Lorecee says:

        This question is for both Lando and Dave. I’ve been rereading the Niche Domination II thread and as Dave has described it, it looks like a great big ol’ linkwheel to me. I know those things generate juice like a nuke plant, but the footprint makes me really uneasy. I don’t think the algo is that smart yet, but my competitors are. Lando, does Terry Kyle advise something like Dave describes in NDII and how does he deal with the footprint issue?

        • Dave says:


          It is NOT a linkwheel. It is simply a person who has a main site and also wants to write some other sites about similar topics in more detail and would like to inform the readers about the main site too. All the big boy sites, i.e Amazon et all do the exact same thing in the footer, where we know links are less than ideal.

          OK, the above may be a bit of a fib but bottom line is as you say, some juicy sites under your control with links to the main site are where it is at baby, oh yeah. Terry Kyle simply uses aged domains more for a backlink network which I feel is more of a waste and more obvious. I recommend that they be just as good quality as your main site and you simply send 2 or 3 links from the whole site to one or two of your other sites and the main domain, in total. Not 50 like many do. So all the satellite sites are proper quality sites in their own right, they just happen to all interlink and pass around juice and also all link, or mostly link, to the main site.

          What are your worries about the footprint. Get private whois, spread the hosting around a few places and what would your competitors do anyway even if they somehow knew they were yours. My advice is also to throw out a few misleading links on a number of satellite sites, link with good anchors to sites that are in the niche but not yours, just make sure they are a good few pages back in the serps.

          Off for Vino (yay Friday), but will check in tomorrow to see what is going on.

          • Lando says:

            Hi Lorecee,

            Have you had a look at the “SERP Domination” post by Eli that Dave talks about? Link is at the bottom of his Niche Domination II post.

            It might be a tough read the first time you go through it but in my opinion, it is well worth taking the time to digest then re-read a few days later.

            If we build up QUALITY sites, in the same niche, it’s only natural that they should link to each other.

          • Lorecee says:

            Heh, I did. I think that’s what caused my confusion, although it’s very good. I think I’d better read it, oh, about a dozen more times. Thanks for answering my question, you guys.

  40. Matt says:

    You have brilliantly and succinctly answered my questions, thank you. I hope you sell one of those Cartier watches πŸ™‚

  41. Max says:


    I just tried to purchase Backlinks Hydra which was mentioned in the videos but it seems to be no longer available on Clickbank. Any ideas where it still can be picked up somewhere?


    • Lando says:

      Hi Max,

      I have sent the creator of Backlinks Hydra, Terry Kyle, a message re: availability, but have not yet had a response. I have a feeling he is coming out with a new product soon, so it might be related to that. Sorry for the broken link πŸ™

      • Craig says:

        That new product looks to be a guide to buying aged domains. ‘Domain Buying Blackbelt’ The website says “will be released during Q1, 2011” so it’s a bit late.

        • Max says:

          Thanks, Lando. It will be interesting to hear what is happening.

          I was interested in reading about all the other sources of backlinks he apparently go into with Backlinks Hydra. I’m looking for ways to diversify my link profiles.


  42. Dieter says:

    Anybody experienced in transferring a domain from namejet to godaddy?

    • Lando says:

      Hi Dieter,

      Read this to see what’s required:

      Namejet are not actually a domain registrar. They just do the auction. Then when you win a domain, they automatically create an account with the registrar that holds the domain, e.g. Network Solutions.

      You’ll have to follow the instructions on that Godaddy Help page. However the exact steps will vary a little depending upon the registrar.

      Hope that helps.

  43. Matt says:


    What do you think about using .info domains for SEO purposes? I thought they were crap, but I’ve seen a few on dropday with PR4. Everyone else seems to think they are crap as well, because the bidding is very low for those domains. Does that mean they could be a good value buy, or are they still useless despite their high PR?

    • mian says:

      I don’t think .info is necessarily crap, but you won’t get much “age” out of these domains – .infos only have a few years of history. if the links are good I’ll go for them

    • Lando says:

      I have no real Top-level domain (TLD) prejudice. Most of the sites that I have won at auction are .com though. I don’t go looking for any particular extensions, instead I focus on the backlink analysis. If a domain meets my “quality” requirements, I might bid on it.

      As mian suggests, it might be harder to find decent, aged .info domains (

    • Dave says:


      Nothing wrong with .info’s. They have a bad rap because spammers use them but if you set up a proper site and work it the same as any other site then they rank just as well. I know this from experience not from speculation.

  44. Matt says:

    Hey Lando,

    Another question – all Page Rank tools are based on the Google toolbar page rank, right? It’s thoguht that google’s toolbar PR only gets updated every three months or so. So is it possible that the currently displayed PR from dropday or other tools is not accurate?

    • Lando says:

      When we talk of Page Rank, we are referring to toolbar Page Rank. As you know, this only updates infrequently. That’s why it’s wise to base our domain purchasing decisions on a wider range of factors not just PR, e.g. age, backlink profile.

  45. Dieter says:

    Just wanted to let you guys know that I purchased my first aged domain. It is a little over 10 years old with a decent backlink profile. I’m very excited and can’t wait to get started. Thanks Dave and Lando!

    • Dave says:


      Nice one, hope it does well for you, that sounds like a good start. Just be careful with your spending. Wifey did our accounts the other day (bloody taxman) and was rather surprised at what I had spent, and so was I (gulp).

      • Dieter says:


        hehehehe….well I confessed to my wife today – after the fact, of course ;-). I spend $170 on that domain, so it’s not a steal (at least not at face value), but look, it’s ten years old with a diverse backlink profile. I should be able to recoup that money within a matter of 6 months. Otherwise I’m doing something wrong…

        I’m not going to buy any more domains at this point. I will use this one as a money site – I have already written content to get it off the ground. So we shall see…

        • Lando says:

          Maybe not a steal but certainly a decent buy. It cost less than the domain I bought in the AA course, and your site has a better backlink profile too πŸ™‚ They both have great domain names though!

          It will be interesting to hear how it goes for you. And I have to say I’m impressed with your self control. One domain at a time is a great policy.

          • Dieter says:

            Thanks, Lando.

            Well, my wife was not mad because I spent $170, but she feels I’m taking on too much at one time. And she’s got a point there. Also, my plans for this domain is to develop it into a bigger money site – so between adding the content and writing backlink articles I will be very busy. Therefore, at least at this point, I will refrain from buying more domains.

  46. agraiders says:

    I wanted to chime in with my comment on the product. Its a great product and it is very simple to follow. In fact after I was done I was thinking I maybe could have understood this eventually with some trial and error, but I believe this ended up saving me alot of money by helping me avoid mistakes. But, for me the real value has come with the after sale help. Lando has been very gracious answering questions, giving encouragement and even giving tips while in the midst of an auction to tell me if I was making a wise decision. I’m very grateful for his help and I would highly recommend the product.

    I bought my first domain this week and still trying to figure out how to use it, but I’ll figure out something.

    • Dave says:


      Good to hear. Maybe Lando should have promoted the after sales service more, I know he is a very conscientious fella. Hope you do well with your sites, and glad that Lando steered you in the right direction.

  47. Mian says:

    I’d like to recommend 2 sites for checking some of the metrics in Lando’s course, they will save you quite a bit of time:

    Both of them check the pageranks, “info:” command (ie. “fake” ranks), search engine indexes, history, age, Yahoo dir/DMOZ listing etc. is good that you don’t need to enter captchas, but the results are a bit iffy sometimes.

    Both of them use search command to search Yahoo dir/DMOZ for listing, ie. the results are NOT correct, please check them manually if you want to be certain. For example, “” is “listed” when actually “” is.

  48. Fede says:

    Hey there,
    I bought the course and I’m just going through it. Looks like an absolutely great program! πŸ™‚
    Just a quick question: do you have any experience about the effect of changing the language of the domain you buy?

    • Dave says:


      Sorry Dude but it is not something I have any experience of. But there are quite a lot of domains in a lot of different languages so it may be worth looking for them first.

    • Lando says:

      Hi Fede,

      Thanks for purchasing the AA course.

      I have a domain that was in Spanish but I changed the content to English. This is one that I purchased quite recently. So I don’t know what the long term effects will be like. My feeling is that as long as it retains its backlinks, it will be fine.

      Admittedly, my test has not run for very long. But just thinking about it, is there much/any difference between changing the language of a site’s content vs. changing the content of a site but keeping the language the same?

      I don’t have the “answer” but my feeling is that the language is not really an issue.

  49. Shaun L says:

    Quick question for Dave and / or Lando, i bought a domain last week that should come through by wed. Thing is, the ‘www’ and non www versions are both pr2.

    The www version of the site has a lot of pr1 an pr2 links pointing to it, but only one pr2 link to the home page (All the rest to internal pages which i’m not going to recreate). The non www version has three pr3 links pointing to the home page, but no other pr links to anywhere else.

    My question is, do you think i should keep the www (which has the most links, but only one pr one to the home page) or take away the www have less links but higher pr?

    Right now i’m thinking keep the www and hope that plugin Lando suggested works / keeps the pr2. At least that way i’d have more links and they’ll be more diverse. However i’d like to hear others take on this?

    I hope that was clear lol

    • Shaun L says:

      Looking at the links again, I probably will just recreate some of the pages, even if they’re not on the same subject as before. A lot of them pages have some nice PR links pointing back to them, so it would be a waste of good link juice which I could redirect elsewhere…

    • Dave says:


      I agree with Tel, keep the non www to keep the higher PR to the home page and do what he suggests, if you know how πŸ˜‰

  50. Terry says:

    Shaun, you can link those recreated pages back to the homepage and pass the link juice through the site with internal links to new articles you publish.

    As for www / non www, I would take the non www with those 3 PR3 links pointing at the homepage to keep the site’s overall PR (which may rise to PR3 if you keep building links).

    I have no experience of the plugin Lando uses, but I would create redirects for the www to the non-www using .htaccess to ensure the link juice comes in to those recreated pages. I think the plugin does a similar thing.

    • Shaun L says:

      Cool, thanks for the advice Terry. I actually looked again and it’s four pr3 links to the non www, so hopefully that’ll raise the pr a level.

  51. Mian says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how much people are spending on aged domains. The Godaddy Auction is pretty hectic recently, coincides with the release of Lando’s AA course.

    I lost the battle for a high PR domain with a few google links and all sort of others…the guy who won paid over 2k, I had to give up at the 1.5k mark (1000 pounds). I suppose it is still worth the money, but to earn back that 2k and more, you have to put in quite a lot of work. It feels like that you are working for the domain not the other way round.

    I have to limit my personal budget to $250 each domain, but I never stick to it…I know I am such an aged domain junkie..

    • Dave says:


      I hear you Dude. I had to cancel my Dropday subscription. Too tempting otherwise. Plus Wifey had a bit of a breakdown when she saw what I had spent recently when she did the accounts the other day (damn the Taxman, again!).

      • Jamie says:

        Whooo guys settle down! How amazing was that domain Mian? It better have been PR6 with a great link profile!

        I picked up a PR4 with 60 links, about ten of those PR3 and above for $80. OK I did well, but a collegue said to me don’t go crazy cos there are so many aged domains out there!

        Just my opinion.

      • Terry says:

        Two grand for a bare domain? I’d expect to buy a fully working, populated website with decent PR for that. Jeez, it’d better have been a hell of a good one – PR6 min, iron-clad backlinks and a good keyword in there too.

        There will be a surge of bidders for a while. Then it will die off a bit as people either get all the domains they need or get royally peed off with the high prices. Time for me to take a step back and wait for things to calm down.

        Jamie, your colleague is spot on, there are thousands of domains that are yet to expire and drop into our laps! No use scrabbling for everything right now and paying top dollar.

  52. Dieter says:

    I have a quick question for you guys which will also once more demonstrate my “cluelessness” about things….

    I am in the process of re-instating the backlinks to my aged domain. Some of those URLs, though, have an “html” extension.
    And I guess my question is, how to I “make” an ordinary WordPress post an .html – post?

    Thank you.

    • Dave says:


      Tel answered it somewhere in the comments for someone else. But basically the easiest way will be to go to the permalinks settings in WordPress and use a custom structure;

      This will make all post you make have the html extension, makes no difference to you but allows you to re-instate those posts and backlinks so that is the easiest, and non tech solution.

      • Dieter says:


        Sorry, I missed when you had explained that earlier. That’s great – exactly what I was looking for – thanks a lot!

        • Dave says:


          No probs, it is what we are all here for.

          • Dieter says:

            I will have to ask one more question. I changed the permalink structure and it works fine as long as the post is not a “deep” post, e.g.:


            But what if my backlink has the following URL:


            How can I re-create that structure?

            Thanks in advance.


            • Dave says:


              They probably had it set up as some form of this

              maybe day followed by category followed by post? You can see the custom structure options by clicking on the different permalink setting and see what you need to input. They may have input a topic in the optional topics option too to get that structure. I would just try a few options and see what works then set the publish date for your post to get the right number.

              Hope that makes sense.

          • Terry says:

            Dieter, that’s a bit more complicated but I think its still possible. You need to change the permalink structure to something like:


            Use this for “posts” and your article urls will match that structure h**p://olddomain/22/blablabla33/nonsense/oldpost.html. To get double category fields *as per your example), simply create and include two categories by checking the box next to each category in the category field when you create your post.

            To recreate h**p://olddomain/oldpost.html you just need to create each article as a “page” (not a “post”) and WP will differentiate between the two and not include the post id and category.

            If in doubt, check the wordpress docs at and experiment. That’s what I just did to bring you your answer!

    • JanisG says:

      But what if my backlink has the following URL:
      How can I re-create that structure?
      Thanks in advance.

      Actually you can recreate this structure without messing up the permalink settings.

      You just need to FTP couple of folders to you server.
      First, you should create this structure on your computer – make folder ‘nonsense’ within folder ‘blablabla33′ within folder ’22’. So now you have folder structure on your HDD like c:\My Documents\22\blablabla33\nonsense\ Now create a file called ‘oldpost.html’ within folder ‘nonsense’ And use FPT to copy folder ’22’ (which includes \blablabla33\nonsense\oldpost.html) to your server. Done.

      What I do in addition to that – I find the old pages in and copy their source codes to the ‘old pages’ I am recreating.

      Then I manually add these new pages to the sitemap.


      • Lando says:

        If you want to stick with WordPress, I like this solution that JanisG suggests. Keeps the new site looking clean and you can choose your desired permalink structure.

        • Dieter says:

          Dave, Tel, Janis, Lando….thank you all very much for the feedback. I greatly appreciate it.

          I will try to do the ftp thing. But of course and as usual, I have one more question..;-). when I’m connected to my remote site I see the following directory listings:

          I usually dabble in “public_html/wp-content”, but I assume this is not the right place for this exercise.

          I guess my question is, in which directory do I have to create folder “22”?

          Thanks again for all you patience – after that one I will leave you alone, promised!

          • Lando says:

            Hi Dieter,

            Looks like you are dabbling in roughly the right area. If you go to public_html, you can create the “22” directory there.

            I have not actually used JanisG’s method in conjunction with a WordPress site. It will be interesting to see how it turns out.

            What is your goal in recreating these pages? Do you just want them to exist? Do you want to use them as “money” pages? If you do it this way, it might take a bit of work to get the pages looking like the rest of the site.

            I’m no expert but you’ll have to think about applying the correct CSS file (should be easy enough). But then you’ll have to look at the various page elements used in your WordPress theme and work them into the html file (assuming you want the pages to look similar to the rest of the site).

            Might be an idea to just get the re-created pages up asap but not worry about their layout and styling until you have settled on the theme you’re going to use.

            With domains that I pick up at auction, my limited testing tells me that getting some content up asap is more important than playing with layout. My only aged domain that dropped in PR was one that I didn’t add any content to but did fiddle with the theme and styling of the pages.

          • Dieter says:

            Lando, I just want the link to be “valid”, that’s all. I do not intend to use those pages as money pages, as they are completely irrelevant to my site.

            Right now I have the linkjuice keeper plugin and it works like a charm. I just don’t know if it’s “safe” enough and according to what you taught us, I think it makes more sense to recreate those pages.

            So I will try to use the “FTP” approach and see if it works.

            As for the content: every day I’m adding a 500-700 Word post alongside some naughty linkbuilding in the background..;-)

          • Dieter says:

            Oh, regarding the theme. I used my Catalyst theme which is plain and clean.

          • Dieter says:

            Woohoo, it works. I actually had it almost right before, however, there was one little detail I overlooked. Taking my aforementioned example, I had created a folder called “nonsense”, but the actual backlink URL read “nonSense” (with a capital ‘S’) and that’s why it didn’t work before.

            Also, it was easy enough to “recreate” the actual html page by using Notepad++..;-)

  53. Steve Foyer says:

    Hi Lando/Dave

    Just bought the package. Very nicely structured. Thank you. I now feel equipped to move forward.

    But first a question:

    I have found an interesting domain but it is a brand name. I have tried to determine how active the company is and can’t see much recently. Their twitter feed for example runs out in 2010 and links to the expired domain – but before that there was quite a lot of activity.

    I don’t what to set myself up for a legal problem. Any experience/views on this?


    • Dave says:


      If they are letting it drop then you are probably OK, but I would only buy it if I were prepared for the worst. I have had 1 site taken off me via a legal letter for copyright infringement, but I would prob risk it if they were letting the domain drop. And if they have stopped their social activities then you are probably safe, but no guarantees so I would only buy if you really wanted it.

      • Lando says:

        Hi Steve,

        I had to delete the content from a domain I purchased due to a legal type notification. Putting time and effort into a “brand name” domain isn’t something I’ll be doing again. Bit risky.

        Fortunately the domain was one I picked up in the Godaddy Closeouts. Perhaps that’s why the previous owner let it go.

  54. Matt says:

    Hey Lando,

    When I am setting up my newly purchased domain, should I use a different web host than the one I use for my money site?

    If I use the same web host for both and Google sees they have the same IP, will the links be less valuable?



    • Terry says:


      I always spread my satellite websites around different hosts and class C IP addresses to give the impression they are owned by different people. The rules may not be the same as they were a year ago and people’s opinions differ on this point, but from my way of thinking, its better to have the spread to look more legit.

      If you want to use a single host but get several IPs, get a reseller from – it costs $24.95 a month and is well worth it for your satellite sites. Their servers are spread across the US, UK and Asia (although the Singapore servers are a little slow).

  55. Matt says:

    But is using reseller hosting strictly necessary? I have two hosting providers at the moment and I don’t want to incur extra expense.

    • Lando says:

      Hi Matt,

      It really depends upon how many sites you plan on setting up. I use some different hosting packages, reseller, SEO hosting, as well as shared hosting accounts.

      Knowing for sure what one *needs* really comes down to a personal decision. Looking at what I do, I’m not sure I really need the SEO hosting package. For building up a network such as BMR then this sort of hosting (separate IPs for each domain) would be very useful. But if you’re just picking up a few sites, with two different shared hosting accounts, you probably don’t have anything to worry about.

      Reseller hosting costs about $200 – $250 a year. The flexibility is quite nice but I wouldn’t recommend buying it until you are happy you have the cash to spare.

      • Shaun L says:

        There’s an interesting topic about SEO hosting here, this is what stopped me from buying it:

        You need “different RDNS for each C Class IP β€” most people have not heard of this, but it’s not as complicated as you think. Basically, when you ping and IP address the associated domain will also appear. That is the RDNS. So you can have a bunch of C class ips, but if they all share the same RDNS, you can simply ping the IP’s and the same domain pops up for every one. This basically means all your different IP’s will be treated as the same as if they were on the same server, in terms of backlink juice.”

        Not good if you ask me, if this is true then you will get no additional SEO benefit for most of the SEO hosting packages out there. Here’s the full article, it’s worth a read:

        • Terry says:

          Yeah, I know about that, which I why I said there are differing opinions on this point.

          Technically, following on with this logic, you could go one step further and state that every domain hosted on a hosting account can be treated by Google as being owned by the same person. On that logic, I could say that the several million domains hosted on Hostgator are all owned by me.

          Of course, we know that’s cray.

          I think its pretty safe to say that websites located on different C class IPs on the same host can be ASSUMED by Google to belong to different people. Here’s why:

          Its not natural that a single person would own large numbers of domains, even though a few people do. The vast majority of domain owners have only a single domain or maybe two and this has to be the way Google views hosted domains or it would not be able treat them all fairly.

          Of course this is only speculation based on my observations on the way my own sites rank. They rank high with backlinks coming in from ONLY my network of sites. I have to assume that if Google were treating them as all being owned by the same person, then the link juice would not count so much and they would not rank so highly. As they do, Google therefore must be treating them as being owned by different webmasters.

          That speculation is based on the law of elimination of all that cannot be true to be left with that which must be true!

          • Shaun L says:

            Yer I hear what you’re saying about that. Even so I don’t think i’d be a good idea to have your whole network under one seo hosting account. I hav all my sites under a few account but just through one hosting company. Even with that I feel i should diversify incase anything ever happens to that company…

            Think i’d get reseller hosting if ever got more hosting, which one do you use if you don’t mind saying? And is it any good?

          • Terry says:

            I have a few different hosting accounts but I don’t actually use an SEO host. Here’s some (not all) of what I use:

            I have a standard reseller from Hostgator, a VPS from Hostgator for my big sites (running several different C class IPs set up as separate RDNS pairs with private nameservers), a standard reseller from Hostnine (around 20 C class IPs but spread over 5 different RDNS) and a few small shared accounts in different places.

            That, plus some other stuff I have going on spreads all my sites out nicely and there’s built-in redundancy if one company goes bust.

            I use Hostgator for my main sites because they are in my opinion one of the best and most stable hosts around. I’ve been hosting my sites with them for almost 5 years, with no problems. The managed VPS is one of the more expensive but I’d rather pay the extra to know I’m in good hands and I don’t want the sites I have on there going down!

            Damn, I should’ve put an affiliate link in for my favourite host LOL!

          • Shaun L says:

            Couldn’t reply to your below post so replying to this one. Thanks for the info Terry, will definitely be looking into it. If I decide to get on it when next looking for hosting I’ll hunt you down for an aff link πŸ™‚

    • Dave says:


      It is not necessary, it is just about spreading out your sites if it makes you feel more comfortable and if you have a lot of sites used for backlinks then you don’t want them all on the same account,. but links from a handful of sites on the same hosting account is not a problem and the links still counts just as well.

  56. Bruno says:

    Hey Dave,

    sorry to ask here, but I’m not really sure where I could ask it. Just the other day I’ve stumbled upon an old post of yours in your old blog where you had some images to use in our website.

    A couple of these images were things link “lowest price guarantee” and “best price guarantee”. I was wondering if you use these images in your site and if you ever had problem with them.

    I mean, even if you do research and find out that Amazon has the best price, tomorrow Bestbuy can start a new deal with the lowest price and someone who have bought it through Amazon might get upset and they might contact you.

    Has something like that ever happened to you?

    I believe I would avoid those images to avoid any headache in the future, but anyway, what are your thoughts on this?


    • Dave says:


      Never had a problem with it, never been contacted about it and I do use them now and then. The way I look at it is I try to emulate the stores I am competing against. Try to copy their layout a little as that is what people who are searching expect to see. If all the top ranking sites look a but ropy then I go for that, if they look uber smart then I try to go for that. If some have a best price guarantee type image and I know the aff program I use offers better deals then I can be pretty sure that I won’t get hassle using the image. Stores would not bother if they got problems with such claims.

  57. Bruno says:

    sorry forgot to add,

    you mentioned that you come back to old post and amend them to suit the keywords that are getting the moss traffic.

    When you do that, do you also change the post title? And if you do, do you change the url of that post?

    The problem of changing the url is that you would have to create a 301 from the old link or have a plugin to do that for you.

    And if you do not change, then you won’t get the keyword in the title, but maybe that won’t make a big difference.

    • Dave says:


      I often add keyword content to old posts and if I find that my post title is not as good as I thought then I change that too. But I never change the url, just the post title. And if it has already been ranking OK usually that is enough.

  58. Dieter says:

    With respect to linkbuilding, for an aged domain, are there any guidelines as to how many links a day we can build? Intuitively, I would say 2-5 per day should be okay – any thoughts?

    • Lando says:

      Starting slow is never a bad idea. But over time, you can ramp things up pretty quickly. I’m not 100% sure of TKA timelines but I start throwing links at aged domains pretty quickly. I’ve had pretty good results with 5-10 per day (sometimes more).

    • Dave says:


      That kind of number should keep you nice and safe. Sometimes I build a lot more for a short blast but slow and steady is going to be best long term.

  59. Matt says:

    Hey Dave,

    Sorry to get off topic but I was just reading an old post of yours in which you suggest that Google doesn’t like to see more than three affiliate links per post. Do you still abide by that guideline for individual posts or product reviews?

    (Obviously if there’s 10 posts stickied to the front page of a blog, there will be more than three outgoing links on the page.)

    • Dave says:


      I now try to keep affiliate links on a post to a minimum, fewer the better. For me it seems that the number in a post is not the issue but rather when the whole site has basically every post with affiliate links. So, I would say, put however many you need on, but only those that really need to be there but try to make sure the site as a whole has a lot of content without any affiliate links.

      This does make sense to me as if I use WordPress to write what is basically a blog then each post should not have affiliate links. If you can do without them at all in post and just have them in sidebars or hard coded in to the them then so much the better.

      • Craig says:

        Have you experimented with different cloaking methods to see what effect they have?

        • Dave says:


          No, I haven’t. To be honest I don’t really see the point in trying to cloak affiliate links, I keep all my stuff as simple as possible and as honest to what it is as I can. Maybe naive, I don’t know?

          • Craig says:

            Keeping things simple is always a sound idea! I just wondered if cloaking might help with ranking. If Googlebot doesn’t realise that it’s an affiliate link then it’s not going to factor that into your SERP position.

      • Bruno says:

        Do you still use that layout with some products above the fold hardcoded in the wordpress theme, like the “Our bestselling belts”? There has been much talk about website`s layout and how much content you have above the fold. Some people are arguing that if you have no content above the fold, only ads, then it is a no-no for Panda … Of course no one can prove, but it does make sense …

        And if we are optimizing our sites to look like a store, do you keep an impersonal tone when writing reviews? I believe it might seen odd if you are looking at some products in a store and the review keeps saying “I did ..” “I think …”

        Maybe that is a small issue, but I believe it is good to keep the same tone all across the website ..

        • Dave says:


          I don’t think having ads above the fold makes any difference to the bots and I do still do it. A lot of my sites are impersonal and just about the products. But on others they are rather chatty and the articles are treated more like a blog that is a part of the site. I think it actually works better in quite a few cases, especially if you are writing reviews. Actually, for reviews you will get a much better return if they are personal.

  60. Mark says:



    Since this is your first ebook, would you like some feed back? Kind of a loaded question. But here I go.

    First of all, thanks for putting this together. It has a lot of information. I have gone through the first 2 videos. You mention more than once that some things are not that important to do, but yet you are doing them. When you remake the videos, leave the critical assets in and leave out the junk.

    You mentioned that we could use DropDay for free. That is outdated. You get a lot of stats but they don’t list the domains. You have to sign up.

    I will be more critical as I go through your information. Ramble less and just give us the meat. This is sort of a private posting and not a forum. I don’t want to beat you up too bad. You have done so much leg work. Just want you to get the info out in a clear and concise manner.

    FYI Market Samurai has an aged domain add on for their software. You pay $19 and change a month. Includes auction. It may do the same things as Dropdomain and SEOSpyGlass.



    • Craig says:

      Market Samurai uses the Domain Face API. You can also use the free Domain Samurai (or, of course, just the website) to do the same things if you don’t own Market Samurai. And yes, it’s currently $19 a month. You get a 7 day free trial but I haven’t tested this to see if you get access to all the information or not.

      Maybe worth investigating for the next edition of your course, Lando?

  61. Lando says:

    Hi Mark,

    >would you like some feed back?

    Yes, please πŸ™‚

    >You mentioned that we could use DropDay for free. That is outdated.

    This is interesting/frustrating because I may not have started to use Dropday myself had the not offered the free trial period.

    >Ramble less and just give us the meat.

    You should see some of the earlier versions of the videos πŸ˜‰

    >Market Samurai has an aged domain add on for their software. You pay $19 and change a month.

    This sounds interesting.


    Thanks for taking the time to provide some feedback. Being told AA is great is nice. At the same time, hearing how I could improve the product is also valuable.

    Looking forward to hearing what you think about the rest of the course.

    • Mark says:


      I have spent several days going over your material and I have to hand it to you that you sure are thorough. I have looked at some other guys free videos on Youtube and the marketing videos at domain face. While your method may be tedious and painful, it probably beats buying a domain that looks good and turns out that all the link juice is gone!

      I am going to sign up for the Domain Face Free trial as it does a lot of the same things as DropDay. Drop day said that too many people were abusing their free trial. Of we would abuse it! It’s free. WTF? So now they lose customers because they don’t let some one take it out for a test drive.

      All I want is one domain now for my beautiful wife. She has that nasty carpal tunnel on her wrists. She cannot type. She wants to run a Postrunner site and I promised to to buy her an aged domain and get her a site up and running soon. If I am not successful, I may be moving to Spain and hide out in the hills behind Dave’s BBQ oven. Maybe I could shovel dirt for him if I can’t find an aged site for my wife.

  62. Steve Foyer says:

    Hey Lando – I’ve found your guidance really useful and am very pleased I purchased.

    Wondered if I could pick your brains on a question with regard to site age.

    I have found a site that according to the Registration tab in Whois was created in 1999. But on the Whois Record tab, the Whois History has been archived since 2007. Which is correct? There have been no drops.

    Should I be worried that it has only been archived by Whois since 2007?


    • Lando says:

      Hi Steve,

      Send me an email if you’d like me to take a look at this specific domain.

      It sounds to me like the domain is from 1999. How far back does it go in the Wayback Machine? Lots of the domains that I buy have a difference of a few years.

      In all honesty, I do not know what “Whois History” means when the ‘Registration’ tab gives an earlier date AND the Wayback Machine also has earlier snapshots of the domain. Admittedly, I do like to see as early a date as possible. However, if I liked everything else about the domain, I would probably bid on it (I do, and I have, bid on domains like this).

  63. Matt says:

    Hey Lando,

    Do you install Google webmaster tools on your newly purchased domains? I used to put them on all my domains, but I am worried it will help Google find my footprint.

    • Dave says:


      I am sure Lando will chime in, but absolutely DO NOT put it on all you sites, it is a very obvious footprint. Statcounter is more than good enough, especially for support sites.

    • Lando says:

      Hey Matt,

      No, I don’t add these type of sites to Webmaster Tools. I use Statcounter or don’t even bother with any kind of analytics.

  64. Dieter says:

    Guys, I just got my new (aged domain) website deindexed after a few days of adding content. Is that a normal occurence or should I be worried? I did not receive any emails from Google as to why they de-indexed it.

    • Dave says:


      As in it won’t show up if you input the site url in to big G? Or as in the old content is no longer cached and the new content has not yet been indexed?

      • Dieter says:

        Dave, when I put in in G ( – completely gone.

        • Dave says:


          It is a first for me, I have bought a ton and never had it happen. Hopefully Lando will be along soon, he may have had experience of it and have some suggestions. But chances are it will pop back up in a few days time.

          • Dieter says:

            Well, I hope so, too.

            The problem is, I have been ranking #1 for a term in G and traffic skyrocketed (well, that’t the whole point, right..;-)..)

            I saw that G. spent over 7 minutes yesterday on that site, so it wasn’t Mr. Roboto but a human being who browsed through the site.

            And now I’m de-indexed – I also posted a question on the webmaster forum asking for their help. I received one answer and they said that one of my posts had some weird language in it. But that couldn’t be the issue for the de-indexing thing….

            …oh well!

          • Lando says:

            I hope Dave is right.

            @Dieter – Just replied to your email.

  65. Steve says:

    A question re Fake PR. (I’m going to make this my last one as I already asked two previously)

    I am looking at a PR4 site that returns “Sorry, no information is available for the URL” when I use the info: operator.

    Does this automatically mean it is faked?

    Other info about the site:

    – When I run I get many results – including one internal page that is PR3
    – in spyglass it has 1 active PR5 link, 1 active PR4 link and a handful of PR3 links (all from niche related directory style link pages)

  66. Mark says:

    Godaddy will give you 50% off if you use a promo code for the auction membership. I know it will only save you about $2.50, but every buck counts! I used “AUCTION12” and got 50% off

  67. Mark says:

    I signed up for domain face and it does not give you the option of looking at domains expiring in the next few hours. Actually, I cannot find a way to set the timing at all. Since it’s the same price as drop day other than a free trial, it will not work as well with Lando’s method.

    • Lando says:

      Hi Mark,

      It would be cool to hear a bit more about Domain Face πŸ™‚

      • Mark says:

        Domain face will be adding the expiration feature in their next version. The date is unknown. Dropdat has it already, so I will be signing up with them. I just need a few domains to start my postrunner sites for my wife. If I start liking this virtual real estate, I may buy a few more to flip and add value to some one else who does not want to do the work.

  68. Mark says:


    Just want to give a little plug for BuildMyRank-I started using it 2 months ago. I have 3 websites in the same niche. 2 of them are on page 1 one for several of my keyword terms.

    I ride a train home every day from work. Between my the second to the last stop and my stop is 3 minutes. I wrote a 200 word BMR article before we stopped. I am amazed at how fast that I can pump those things out. I spell check everything and try to make them sound reasonably good. I have only had 1 article in 60 rejected.

    I have a website that I am using Postrunner exclusively for backlinks. It too is getting excellent results. I get 60-70 visitors a day compared to only 40-50 for the BMR backlinked site. The Keyword academy site is more broad, so of course it gets more visitors. However, the articles easily take 20 or more minutes and the quality is much better.

    Let’s contrast that to the end user. As end user, I want a brief article with no hype and no fluff. Just give me the stuff. BMR does that.

    At the end of the day, both are valuable tools that I cannot do without.

    • Dave says:


      Thanks for the insights, good stuff. I love BMR and it is hard to use other services to mix up the links when they are so quick to write. But good on ya buddy, using time wisely like that really does make all the difference.

  69. Mark says:

    I bought my first aged domain today. I bought the domain for a few reasons.

    #1 It was a PR going for $5 on Godaddy’s close out section. The site is for an art gallery in the popular town of Stevenston in Britsh Columbia, Canada.

    #2 The site had never been dropped. It has more than 5 years of history.

    #3 About 3/4 of said backlinks are intact.

    I am going to use this site on PostRunner…look out for it soon.

    I am not being over zealous about this buy. For all I know, maybe I bought a dud. In a gunfight, he who pulls the trigger first and hits the target lives. I choose to pull the trigger many times because my aim is not that good.

    • Dave says:


      Good stuff. You have to go for a punt like that, it would be a shame not to for a fiverr.

      And in unrelated news, I have my first PR 6 site. It was a PR 5 when I bought it but jumped after the new update yesterday. Sweet. For my ego if nothing else πŸ˜‰

      • mark says:

        Dave, It’s actually a PR 2 domain. I went for it just for the sake of jumping in. I like the domain name for generic blog/PR article directory.

        Great job on your PR 6 site!

        I found another PR 3 that used to sell watches and junk on Amazon. It does not expire until tomorrow. Could make a nice Amazon site. SEO Spyglass says that about 90% of the links are still active. It has a bunch of pr4 & pr5 links. Maybe it will jump like your did.

        • Dave says:


          Anything like that which is a good price is worth snapping up, if you can get a few and interlink then you should get a jump in PR for a good number of them. These kind of sites and the links they can dish out are golden, I am having to resist jumping back in and buying more!

  70. Mark says:

    @Lando, I have watched most of your videos several times each. I play them while rebounding on my trampoline. Nothing like a good work out video to start out the morning!

    I am starting to think that you are not long winded. I think my brain has shrunk and needs bite size pieces of info after so much IM B.S.

    In summary, I love your videos and retract the long winded comment. Maybe you could make them longer for my tired brain so I can learn more!


    • Lando says:

      How about I come round your house and we discuss IM while bouncing on the trampoline. Sounds like a great start to the day πŸ™‚

      I do have a tendency to ramble on and I had to record the videos loads of times because a) I don’t know anything about video editing and b) I often got half way through and then went off on a tangent. So when you said they were long winded, I knew that was a distinct possibility.

      Just looking at the length of the two main videos I do wonder how they ended up being so long…

      • Dave says:


        c) you did a bloody great job and everyone else thinks so to. Gotta big up yourself there Lando, most products are crap and we all know it. I can count on a few fingers the things I would recommend outside of linking tools to get a bit ahead in this game.

        Loves ya πŸ˜‰

  71. ChrisCD says:

    Well, I just plunked down the dough. Hopefully you guys left me some domains. Man, that is some whopper of a download. It is taking over an hour.

    I am almost a complete newbie to aged domains. I do have some SEO experience. Could use some backlink tips. I have noticed TKA thrown around (and read about it other places too), BMR, and Postrunner. In the past I have used Free Traffic Systems, but all of the blogs seemed low quality.

    I’ll provide a review in a few days.

    In the past I have used Adsense, but I suspect for aged domains that may not be a good idea. Google would figure out I own them all, right? So is Clickbank the folks here favorite for finding affiliate programs?

    Thanks in advance. Working on getting back in the game.
    cd :O)

    • Dave says:


      You are gonna love the guide, chock full of great tips. FTS has gotten worse and the links are worth less as basically anything at all gets though, fine just to add to the mix but postrunner is a lot better as is BMR. And the best will be buying some aged domains and then using hem to link to your main sites and use FTS or anything else as part of the backlink plan for them.

      CJ, shareasale and Amazon are my favorites, I don’t do clickbank really, I prefer physical products and Amazon is the best if you can use them, the potential is never ending as you get commissions on anything at all that a person buys.

  72. Mark says:


    TKA is awesome. They guy that runs it is brutally honest. Just this week, he admitted that writing crappy posts is not going to cut it and he is changing his system, PostRunner 180 degrees to reflect the new changes.

    TKA is free for the year. It’s a business system. A bunch of here are part of TKA.

    BMR rocks!

    Aged domains…I bought a 7 year old, PR 2 domain for $5. After adding privacy and registration, it came to about $20. It’s an old art gallery site and the name is kind of cool. Steveston Village Gallery. Nothing fancy, but I can build a blog around it. Kudos to Lando and Dave!

  73. ChrisCD says:

    The guide has good information. Still haven’t gotten my first domain, but I have been close on a couple. Some, I must have been on the right track because they got above $200 pretty quick. So I would say the info is solid.

    Once I get my first one, get up new content and have put it to work, I’ll come back.

    I at first avoided GoDaddy, I don’t like them for personal reasons, but NameJet seems pretty expensive and many of the domains are in backorder status, so I may not even get them. So I bit the bullet and set up a GoDaddy account. When they start helping me make $, I’ll give to the causes that I support. At least that is how I sleep at night. :O)

  74. ChrisCD says:

    Question, would you buy an 11-year old domain that isn’t indexed by Google? One of Lando’s tests is info:site-name.

    This site returns nada.
    cd :O)

    • Dave says:


      Depends on price and if the site was ever active. If it had content then it should be indexed, if it never had any then it would be good for a few dollars but I wouldn’t go crazy, there are plenty more out there.

  75. davngab says:

    Hey guys I just bought the guide and have to say that it’s jam packed full of info! Thumbs up!
    Just a question though, when i try to filter through all the domains in it hides the URLs, is this something we now have to pay for?

    • Dave says:


      They seemed to keep changing how it worked when I looked at it. It is worth just getting a months subscription if that is nto how it is and do all your buying.

  76. davngab says:

    Hey dave I just bought my first aged domain, woohoo! quick question though. It’s a PR2 and is 5 years old with 61 linking sites. when i went to the auction it had a but it now price of $10 so i snapped it up…. just wanting to know if there was a reason why some of these go for buy it now? could there be something wrong with the domain? I’ve checked the link profile etc. and all checked out really good…

    • Dave says:


      They are the closeouts. Basically it means no one bought it at auction the first time round. It happens, stuff just slips through, I got a ton of sites in that way and they all seem fine, so just pat yourself on the back. Good stuff.

  77. Bruno says:

    I’ve just finished the course and I must say it is indeed a good one. Thank you very much Lando for taking the time to put it all together πŸ™‚

    Additionally, there will be a Terry Kyle’s webminar (Lando mentions him on his course and it’s also the alter ego of your buddy here, Terry πŸ˜€ just joking) tonight about Aged Domains if anyone is interested:

    The next BacklinksForum Webinar will be held on Monday, August 8 2011 at 7 pm EDT (USA).

    In’s August 2011 Webinar, I will be detailing my current Aged Domain strategies including where to buy, what to watch out for, how to use them and best practice for maximum SEO results.

    Free signup is here.

    Hope that helps!

  78. Bruno says:

    It’s about to start, but it seems it’s not with Terry, it’s with Matthew Carter

  79. Angus says:

    I am wondering what plugin Lando uses to see the pagerank of every site he visits. It looks like he’s using Chrome, and the PR is displayed in the top right side. I can’t find a plugin that does that, only ones that display the PR, # of backlinks, blah, blah, blah. I prefer that simple one he uses, just can’t figure out what it is.

    • Lando says:

      Hi Angus,

      It has been a while since I installed the Chrome extension. If you do a search for “Hrishikesh Kale chrome pagerank extension”, it should be the first result in the SERPs.

  80. Bruno says:

    Guys, what are you using these days to check on the backlink profile of any given domain?

    Since Yahoo site explorer will be discontinued, is it still worth getting the SEO Spyglass? I’m not sure if they’ve made any changes to the software.

    Maybe majestic SEO or open site explorer, dunno


    • Lando says:

      Hey Bruno,

      The only one I have experience with is SEO Spyglass. It’s the one I started with and it works for me πŸ™‚

  81. Bruno says:

    Hey Lando,

    thanks for the answer.

    But do you believe it will continue to work just as good without Yahoo site explorer?

    I haven’t checked the software again, but I know that even tough that they did have many other places to get the links from, most of them would come from Yahoo site explorer.

    • Bruno says:

      For anyone interested, I received this email today from backlink solutions about this new tool for checking backlinks:

      it’s the second link. the first one talks about some other tools … they seem to be free at the moment

      another interesting tool that I got from Terry Kyle’s webminar:

      hope that helps

      Dave, do you still also use SEO Spyglass for checking the backlink profile of any given aged website? Any recommendation for softwares to check that to buy some good aged domain?


      • Dave says:


        Yeah, I got it as well. I will use SEO Spyglass if I need the information, but only really when I buy aged domains. Apart from then I just carry on with building and backlinking my sites and don’t worry about any of it too much. But the Spyglass did the job for me when I bought aged domains.

  82. Nate says:

    So, are these aged domains good for money sites or just as supporting sites? From the comments I’m gathering it seems they are more of a satellite site, then a main money site. Am I understanding this correctly?

    • Dave says:


      Either or really. I use mine as a combination of support sites as well as monetizing them as well. It works out fine. But you could certainly use them as main money sites in their own right too. Get a good one and it is like taking a shortcut to rankings of years. Seriously.

  83. ryan says:

    Does this course talk about doing 301 redirect to your money site from the old domain after rephrasing according to your money site?
    Has somebody tried it?

    • Lando says:

      Hi ryan,

      No, the course doesn’t specifically address setting up a 301 redirect. It’s focus is primarily about how to find and analyse domains to buy at auction. It is a case study of me finding a site, analysing it, buying it then setting it up. There are certainly a number of different uses for aged domains.

  84. Tyler says:

    Just finished Lando’s Automatic Authority and it kicks ass. I’m very new at this but buying aged domains seems like an awesome tactic for shortcutting years of waiting for sites to mature… and this will definitely be a major factor in me plotting my overall game plan. The course taught me in a few hours what would’ve taken weeks to figure out on my own. Nice work!

  85. lenallen says:

    Just bought the AA pkg. Excited to get started. Hey, am I the long-tail buyer, after everyone else?

  86. Annie says:

    is this like terry Kyle’s Backlink Blackbelt?

    • Lando says:

      Terry Kyle is the one who’s responsible for getting me into buying aged domains. Do you have either of his domain buying course?

      Terry goes discusses lots of different tactics in his courses and you can get loads of ideas from him.

      To answer your question: It’s not like DBBB. That said, they’re both video courses πŸ˜‰

      Automatic Authority is laser focussed on one area of domain buying. It’s all about searching for, qualifying and buying aged domains at auction. That’s it.

      If you’re experienced at buying aged domains at auction then you’ll be familiar with most of the content in the course.

      On the other hand, if you’ve never bought a domain at auction before, and want to give it a try, Automatic Authority will shorten the learning curve.

  87. Kindit77 says:

    Is it necessary to enable Whois privacy for every aged domain purchased.

    • Dave says:

      Kindit, if it is for a network then yes. You don’t want to show who owns them. If it is standalone then it is down to if you want people to see your info or not.

  88. Kindit77 says:

    Thank you Dave! Pls permit my 2nd question, do you add content you find on waybackmachine to this repurpose domain or do you just post your new content and backlinks. Thanks no more questions!

    • Dave says:

      Kindit, I don’t personally, it could lead to trouble down the line. But you can certainly re-create the urls and add in your own content to keep the inner page juice flowing.

  89. Lando says:

    The Automatic Authority course is no longer available. Overall, the feedback was very positive. Thank you for all the support!!!