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Okay, that was slightly annoying. 1000 words of pure Dave gold down the swanny all because WordPress is REALLY ANNOYING at times and ate my golden words.

Let’s have another go shall we? These things are sent to test our mettle, and mine is AS HARD AS WOOD.

Um, yeah, to begin.


We know what they are, we know that we need them (don’t argue, yes you in the back row), and although I have been talking a lot more of late about the importance of on-site SEO as part of how to build a successful website there is still no doubt that for good serps positions you need backlinks. One of the worst kept secrets of how to make a living online. If you want the best link building strategies then read on. This is guaranteed to boost you in the serps.

But not all backlinks are created equally.

And I know that a lot of you just have junk for backlinks and not a lot else. Gangsta’s like my good self and Terry have been banging on for an age about getting yourself some good quality links. Ones that will stand the test of time. I talked about it aplenty in niche domination II, when we entered the realms of setting up good quality satellite sites.

Hopefully you have begun to do exactly that.

Lando with his great guide to how to buy aged domains took it further and introduced us to buying aged domains to get high PR links totally under our control. I know that not all of you have disposable money for such purchasing and I know many of you will not have been able to afford to set up a whole series of sites with domain age to get a great set of satellite sites to boost your main site like you wouldn’t believe , but there are still other tried and tested ways of getting some serious clout and improved serps positions even if you have minimal or no money.

So, for today’s lesson here is a little plan of attack for you all to get busy with. It should take a lot less than a day if you have the tools, a little longer without.

Free Blogs And Websites

I want you to go to each of the following and set up a single page or post. Use a keyword rich user-name if that will be the name of your site or page. In absolutely no particular order:

1. PR9

2. PR7

3. PR6

4. PR5

5. PR5

6. PR3

7. PR6

8. PR4

9. PR5


You will, if nothing else, be mixing up the platforms that you get links from and not just having a million links all with the same url structure, ala BMR.



Now look here Dude, this is just the beginning. A link is not just a link, they vary dramatically in the import they play in terms of improving your rankings. You know it and I know it, it is just easy to bang away all day getting links without trying to improve what you already have and without going for a little diversity. So, once you have set up 9 articles all linking back to your main site for a keyword or two (vary the anchors a bit but to the same url) you want to give these babies some serious weight.

Today I shall be mostly using the very effective Backlink Solutions for my “backlinking my backlinks” day of work. I shall send 100 links to each of the new pages I have created. It will take but an hour or two using BS, your friendly neighbourhood spinner sees to that, Magic Article Rewriter, don’t you know.

If you are Mr Poor, then use a free spinner, they are out there if you search for them. And if not then you will be doing it manually. The goal is to get your backlinks backlinked in any way you can.

You can use bookmarking programs along with mass article distribution programs or things like Backlink Solutions. But you want to be sending a good number of links to each of the 9 sites you created earlier. Automation will make it easy, manually it will take some time and you will have to compromise on the number of links you send. Try to find a tool to get this done asap or simply make backlinks via Postrunner or some other way, maybe even Backlinks Philippines on the Tools page. But Backlinks Solutions is my preference.

But if you get busy and really send some mass links to these established sites you are getting some good links, you will definitely see a massive jump in the serps for your keywords in a month or so, and you will have added a little variety and spice into your backlinking campaign. Sending 900 links direct to my page would have wiped it out for sure, but filtering them through 9 direct links lessens the impact while still giving you great serps results.

Just getting links is now often not enough for competitive terms, it never really has been, you need links of quality. Your own satellite sites, backlinks that have been backlinked, age, good on-site SEO and a whole lot more.

This should be just a little of what you do to get your site up there in the limelight for all to see, and anyone who tells you that you do not need links for organic rankings is not facing the truth. If you are not getting them from the goodness of other Webmaster’s hearts then you need to make ’em, to break ’em, and to take ’em, ’em being those that are doing all of this and more and are ranking above you for your coveted terms.

Something to do for the day, isn’t it.

Let me know how you get on. This is about as old skool as it gets, but entirely effective and yet so often overlooked. This is simply boosting your backlinks for extra juice, nothing complicated about it but the results will speak for themselves.

To Continue

So, the above was written just over 12 days ago now. Let’s see what has happened so far:

Guaranteed Improved SERPS Positions?

The term I targeted has 1,200,000 competing results in google. I am currently already number 1 for it (naturalmente) with a dedicated domain. I am also number 6 for the term too.

But the single page that I am targeting for the term, on another site, has come from the bottom of page 4 to position 14 in the serps. The free properties I used have also fared very well indeed. In fact I have 4 spots on page 2, 3 of which are the single posts I set up on the free domains I listed earlier.

Not bad eh?

I know that this technique relies on tools to a large degree and you will be hard pushed to replicate it without at least a few of them.

But think of it this way, if you can get such results from just a few hours of work then your terms should be more than worth the investment. I held off buying any tools whatsoever for a long time and I regret it. Earnings could have been a lot higher if I had used them earlier. It is simply the way it is

Try it out by any means that you can and let us know the results. You will be amazed how well a single post on free wordpress blog can fare so it is a great funnel as well as a great backlink.

Also come check back to this page in a few months time. I have been seeing a lot of pages with high PR simply by linking out to high PR sites themselves so it will be interesting to see what happens to this little article in the future.

If you have been looking for places to get backlinks from and if you have been looking for a way to really improve your traffic then you need to get busy to increase your position in the serps.

We can talk all we want about not backlinking, getting social, etc, etc, but the bottom line is that for the foreseeable future if you want to rank for any competitive terms then a backlinking plan such as the one given here is going to be what you need to think about doing.

It works, and that is the bottom line.

This is OLD SKOOL, and nothing new, but most peeps simply do not implement such strategies, which is a shame, as I bet that your competition is.

DISCLAIMER: Dave is in no way responsible if anything goes wrong and you lose rankings or sites. But all serps improvements are strictly down to the advice given here and he deserves to be worshipped for giving away such goodies for free.

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  1. JamestheJust says:

    Sweet case study. The first time I hit #1 was for a similar term by way of # of competing pages, indirect links and mashing them out. But in my case it was 1 article rewritten, spun 2-3 times and blasted out.

    I’ve done less work than all that lately though and ranked just fine. Mwahahahahaaaaa!

    • Dave says:


      On site stuff can take you a long way now, no doubt. But this technique is certainly an oldie but a goodie, and weirdly one that a lot of peeps who are actively backlinking never implement.

      Mwahahaha right back at ya buddy 😉

  2. Carrie says:

    I thought BLS hits the skids awhile back. Have you used it exclusively on some sites so you know it works?

    • Dave says:


      It is all I used for this experiment, 100 links from it to each of the 9 pages I wrote. I have also used it on other properties to get number 1 rankings from a single blast of 100 spun articles. It still works just fine at the moment.

  3. JanisG says:

    Just in case somebody needs more properties to put articles on, here is a list of 80+ blog sites:
    The cool thing is some of properties allow posting by email. You dont even have to log in to post!

    This weekend I decided that building this type of support blogs is something I need to focus more.

    My additional thoughts:
    – If the keyword is tough, build additional Layer 2 of blog backlinks to each of these 9 Layer 1 blog posts.
    – You can use mass spam link blasts (Scrapebox, Xrumer, Sick, AMR etc) on Layer 2 (or even Layer 1) blogs.
    – If you dont have spam tools, you can buy blasts on Fiverr. 5 bucks will buy you ~10 000 verified links.
    – Some of properties (Squidoo, Hubpages, Blogger, and several others) can be monetized by Amazon and/or Adsense. Handle them with care (dont blast them directly but build Layer 2 instead, use better content instead of spun crap), and you will get additional stream of income.

  4. Terry says:

    Why thankee kind sir for the link!

    Yep, the old skool stuff still works and I’m pretty old (and skool) in the way I work. I’ve been down the automation road and blasting articles all over the virtual ether, but found they really only had a short term effect. Its amazing how soon article directories and blogs in networks like BS and similar seem to vanish of the map, taking all those hard earned links with them. Ok, maybe not so hard, but it pains me when a link I placed anywhere rides off into the sunset.

    Lately, I’ve reverted to even older skool – the manual approach. Its a step back but a leap forward at the same time. Its hard work, but that hard work pays off in links that stay put on sites I control.

    The beauty is that if I get banned from any of the free blogs/mini site platforms (it happens too often to ignore) the links I’d placed to the now defunct pages, I simply go in and change them to their replacement pages. It keeps the juice flowing!

    I know not many of your readers can afford to build a large network of sites purely for use as link fodder, but its a hell of a way to keep up with and beat out the competition. You have to remember that most of the competition out here don’t do this, relying on automated links, often direct ones that keep them afloat in the short term but they have to keep building more or they sink.

    Maybe that’s ok for now, but any site that has thousands of crap links pointing at it will eventually get noticed by the G radar as it gets better at weeding such trickery out. Whereas sites with hundreds of legit links will stand the test of time.

    That is assuming of course that the Mayans got it wrong and next year sees the End of the World (as we know it)!

    –side note on that last remark. I have a neat little astronomy program on my laptop that plots the celestial heavens and shows me where the planets are for any given date. Yeah, an interest of mine since I was a kid.

    Next year, the 5 planets (then known to the Mayans) do NOT align from Earth’s perspective on any date! I just posted about it on my personal site, if anyone is interested in such things!

    • Dave says:


      Yeah I do a lot of manual stuff too. Building up satellite sites under direct control is still the best way. It is just that a lot of peeps don’t have the cash to jump start such a campaign by buying aged domains. But it can be done slowly by buying a handful of new sites and working them properly.

      Personally I like a real mix to my sites. I do what I did in the post a few times, build up satellites and anything else I can think of too. It all adds up to a heady mix of great rankings and not a total reliance in one service or way of working.

      And as my sites age and begin to perform better and better I totally ease off on the backlinks and treat them with total kid gloves. The stuff I have done in the past makes me shudder, I am now very conservative once sites are real earners. Until then I kind of go for it a bit more and even if they bounce around for a while they settle down eventually.

      Um, Mayans, stars aligning, end of the world, you on crack or what?

      Oh yeah, totally agree about automated links going direct to main sites, risky and better to do it the hard way, manually, or let sites age naturally and pick up juice if you have the luxury of waiting, which I am glad I now do.

    • Dave says:


      I guess I should have also stated that this should just be but a small part of what folks do for their sites. This is just to 1 page out of 60 plus on the site in question. A lot of internal linking has also been done to great effect and should be at the core of how peeps work nowadays.

      As soon as folks publish a post on a site they should go back in to a handful of older pieces of content and link to the new stuff. I kind of forget that some still overlook things like this.

      Probably a good thing too or it would be a bugger to rank for anything.

      • Terry says:

        Oh yeah, internal linking is the “crack” in external linking’s “cocaine”…!

        …honest I’m not on anything except totally natural sleep deprivation!

      • Ethan says:

        When you say “1 page out of 60” does that mean you are repeating this process for each page/keyword?

        That’s a lot of web 2.0 to create and manage.

        • Dave says:


          Doing it to each page would be ideal, if you can find enough web 2.0’s. But in the real world…………..

          I will do it for a number of the most important pages, 2 have been done so far for the site in question using different web 2.0’s. The rest will just get links from the usual places, bmr, postrunner, etc etc. But any post or page that you can perform this kind of linking to, i.e backlinking the backlinks, will perform a lot better.

  5. JohnM says:

    How long should a post on wordpress etc. be? The old 300-400 word post, or would a 150 word quickie be as effective?

    • Dave says:


      Whatever you feel like Dude. I did anything from 150 to -500 on the nine sites, I think the wordpress may have been the usual 300 or so. Key is the keyword in the subdomain and the post title, although for a few sites I also just used a generic name that was not optimized to mix it up in a more natural styley, but the choice is down to how optimized you want everything to be really. A few nofollow and less than perfect links is now always my preference.

  6. JohnM says:

    sounds good to me. Besides sending a link to my money site from wordpress, should I send links to other authority sites like Wikipedia, CNN?

    • Dave says:


      I wouldn’t worry about it too much, these are only single page sites and you are just taking advantage of their high authority so I would keep the juice. But experiment, things can always surprise you.

  7. Andy says:

    I like this type of thought process. Its always nice to get more class c’s linking to you from within blog posts. However, what i am doing is something a little bit different. I think the main weakness of doing this is you are wasting time getting links to sites that wont really rank for much. Instead i do the following:

    – Get seo hosting.
    – Get an exact match domain for a KW.
    – Fire the same links at the domain, get some traffic ranking for the kw.
    – Link back to your money site as well.
    – Monetize the mini site.

    This is basically the same thing but instead of purely building properties to launder link juice. You are building extra assets that make you money in the long run as well.

    TBH, if you have enough time you could implement all of the above as well as your strategy and just dominate anything you choose.

    • Dave says:


      That is exactly what I do do. Read the niche domination ii article. Satellite sites are the best way to do it, preferably with aged domains though, I don’t worry about an EMD anymore. But having properties directly under your control is always best, just throwing a quick partial days work at yo guys to mix it up old skool styley 😉

  8. teatree says:

    It’s a good list – but I would stay away from They take down blogs for the most arbitrary reasons. For one blog of mine which I queried (because I’d built it to a nice PR), the reason I got back (in a rather rude email) was “linking to commercial websites” – I think they meant linking to sites that had adsense and amazon on it.

    I was so cross that I felt like surfing through and reporting all the blogs in their network as they all link to sites that have adsense (because the whole web including the NYtimes has adsense on it). Then I calmed down and decided not to waste my time.

    But they make Blogger look like the epitome of reason by comparison.

    • Terry says:


      Oh yes, I can identify with your anger with wordpress. They have taken down a lot of my blogs in the past with lame excuses like they were spam, when I always built legit blogs on there because I believed it was worth the effort.

      No more. WordPress is run by a bunch of two faced, arrogant assholes with double standards and policed by morons. Then I looked around and found dozens of blogs displaying blatant ads and full of spun crap. Yeah, I wanted to do exactly what you were thinking of doing, but also wised up and decided it wasn’t worth the effort or my valuable time.

      I just kept the content from my WP blogs and once it had been deindexed by G, I put it on my own websites, since it was all original and not spun!

    • Dave says:


      I hear you. That is why I never recommend peeps use free sites to build up proper assets, your own sites should always be a priority. After losing 2 blogger blogs I would never recommend spending much time on any of these platforms.

      • teatree says:

        It was a support site. The thing is your stomach always sinks when support sites with PR get taken out – you wonder what will happen to the main site. I wish I could afford twenty sets of hosting so all my support was owned by myself.

        One day…

        • Dave says:


          It will come, just keep at it. We now have waaaaaay to many hosting accounts but it makes me sleep a little easier. Worth the investment as soon as you can get a few hosting accounts just so you know they are in your hands and no one else’s.

  9. Darrell says:

    Hi Dave

    Ok, here is a dilemma that I could use some feedback on.

    I have had a 2nd site this week disappear for all their keyword terms (today in fact). The other site’s keyword terms disappeared 3 weeks ago, yet Google is still caching the pages every week. So, I know I have not been de-indexed. The site from 3 weeks ago, is 3 years old, has a wide variety of back links, including safe ones like press releases and other guest posting from same niche sites. So, really not sure why that is the case?

    I have used a variety of back links, although the one here today, was mainly bmr. I have mixed it very well in bmr with categories and different article lengths. Some are 150 to 200 words, while many were above 225. Lately, they have been in the range of 300 – 400 words with various text links as well. This site today is also 3 plus years old in fact. This site has less than 170 live article from bmr spread over 23 pages of unique content and each article is on a different topic. A number of the pages, have zero back links as well, yet were ranking in the top 3 pages.

    The other thing that I have done, some of my pages are very well optimized at 2 to 3% keyword density. While other pages, were just written with no optimization, other than using the term a few times in the article.

    All unique content by the way. NO spun crap on either site. It is quality stuff too, even some of my content was written by an expert in their field. Some pages have zero links back to their pages, some have zero product links as well.

    All pages were informational based. So I am at a loss as to why G would do that or is it just a case of the Google dance. I have seen keyword terms disappear for a couple of weeks, but rebound nicely in fact recently, like page 2. Its like Google cant make up its mind on what to do with the site.

    Some say, continue working your site as if nothing happened to see what occurs in the next few weeks or would you just leave it and move on, hoping that it comes back from the grave in a few months??


    • Darrell says:

      I should also mentioned for these 2 sites now, I have lost my rankings in all search engines which is the strangest part. I even checked my sites url’s in that sucuri software to see if anything bad is in the site and it all comes back clean.

    • Dave says:


      I am afraid I am going to be of zero help here really. I have had it happen now and then, although not with a site that is that old.

      No, hang on, I have 1 site like that. It began as one thing then I morphed it in to a site that went outside of the niche it was first in. It slowly died a death and lost traffic. So, it may be the site is not focused enough and you lost your rankings because of that.

      I have also killed off sites for 6 months plus by trying to rank for tech terms that are competitive. I took off the offending content, or what I thought it was, began backlinking after 6 months and it is back in G’s good books.

      If it is none of the above then it is just life I guess. Sometimes these things happen. I would clean the sites as best you think fit then move on for a few months and see what happens.

      • Darrell says:

        Hey Dave

        Well, unfortunately, the content is focused on each site properly. In fact 1 site, I got someone with 25 years experience in a particular field, so the content is not the issue. I think I might have figured out the problem. I use catalyst theme and switched from all in on seo plugin to their internal seo and during the process, something could have happened. Not sure yet, just saying it seems like a coincidence, that I switched it around the same time and now having these issues.

        If it were just affecting Google’s rankings, I would live with that. The problem, I was ranking in other search engines and they also got affected at the same time and the same day. So, Bing is not related to G, and AOL is not Google. So, when it happens across multiple search engines, you know something has happened internally to screw it up. I think it was the access of the robots.txt file. It seems to make the most sense.

        I have since gone and switched back to all in one seo to see what will happen. I am done with wordpress as well. I am going to due static sites from now on. I am tired of constant updating shit on the site.

        Cheers and thanks for your feedback.

  10. Tracey says:

    Great post again Dave,

    I’ve been a bit slack building up support sites lately but I plan on getting back on that soon once I get some ‘marketing’ time on my schedule. Really good to hear how well such a simple backlinking strategy can work though.

    How are your post-hacked sites going now? Here I was thinking how lucky I’ve been never to get any of my sites hacked and then BAM got done on one of my best sites. Damn spammers. Still not sure it’s clean yet but I’ll have to wait and keep a close eye on it over the next week or so.

    t 🙂

    • Dave says:


      Yep, simple often works best 😉

      The hacked sites are OK at the mo, fingers crossed. We moved some of the sites on the shared account to new hosting and that is what I recommend for peeps. Don’t have too many on one account in case the worst happens.

      We also used wp twin to make the move and make a perfect cloned backup of sites once they were clean. I can’t recommend it enough for the one off payment. I am gonna write a review in a week or two as it really is an amazing bit of kit, Wifey has been using it and says it is simple and it even copes with making a perfect clone of a large wp site with a complicated and tweaked theme. Impressive indeed.

      Hopefully your site is clean, it is just so hard to tell if you catch everything, especially for coding dummies like me!

  11. ChrisCD says:

    I’ve been using It is basically a social bookmarking sharing service. You share people’s bookmarks and they share yours. So far I have been a freebie user, but have seen some good results.

    I had written an article and posted it to some time ago. It wasn’t getting traffic so the article was “archived” meaning not searchable. They let you take it out of archived status for a period of 60-days. I “re-published” and sent some links via socialadr. Over the last few weeks the article has been climbing and its traffic building.

    Interestingly, one of the bookmarks outranked the article for a time. Now the article is number 3 for the phrase. I have also been able to rank lower competition phrases on individual blog posts.

    The links to provide a nice variety of links from everyday people. I actually am quite picky on which links I share, but others aren’t. The freebie account is quite limited, but as I said, I’ve seen some good results.

    • Dave says:


      If it works then it works, good stuff.

      Every bit helps and getting variety is always good for links. I have given up on bookmarking services personally a long time ago, but that don’t mean they don’t work, I just have no experience of the more recent developments.

      • ChrisCD says:

        And I would too, except some the sites do seem to carry some weight and using your strategies to boost your own profiles can only help. :O)

  12. Rachel says:

    Hi Dave

    You mentioned Orbs as ranking well a while back – how’s that working for you?

  13. JanisG says:

    OK guys now I am pi$$ed.

    My ’50$ a day site deindexed’ series. Season 1 episode 4.

    Received answer to my second reconsideration request from G.

    It took 2 weeks for them to send me exact copy/paste from first answer. Which means that actions I took before submitting the second request – deleting PLR articles and deleting ALL Amazon aff links – did not do a squat.

    We’ve reviewed your site and we believe that some or all of your pages still violate our quality guidelines.
    In order to preserve the quality of our search engine, pages from may not appear or may not rank as highly in Google’s search results, or may otherwise be considered to be less trustworthy than sites which follow the quality guidelines.
    If you wish to be reconsidered again, please correct or remove all pages that are outside our quality guidelines. When such changes have been made, please (..) resubmit your site for reconsideration.

    Thank you G, now I will take a look at my crystal (meth) ball to find these violating pages. Oops, who took my crystal ball?!

    So they dont mention neither linking schemes (site has around 15-20 Web2.0 blogs linking to it) nor thin affiliate site, nothing. Just ‘some or all of your pages still violate our quality guidelines’ .

    Now all pages left on the site are hand-written either by me or outsourcer. About 35 or them. 10 are monthly Amazon sales top lists (without A links!), 15 are product reviews from 200 to 1200 words, 10 posts are product replacement part reviews.

    Now I am cosidrering these options:
    * Forget about this site. Delete all valuable reviews from the site and move to new (aged) domain. Then edit support blog links and point to new site.
    * or try chasing this ‘violating content’ like check all posts to see if there is some duplication going on. Oh, I already checked a few – I have duplicated snippets of posts thru RSS feeds and posts themselves on networkedblogs

    Or maybe I have to listen to my Mom and get a job.


    Sorry. Just had to vent. A bit.


    • Dave says:


      Sorry to hear about that, real downer. What is with all these sites getting de-indexed lately? Seems to be happening a lot. Maybe just fill out the shorter posts and make them a fair bit linger and see how that goes. But either way I would be making another site in the same niche if it was making you 50 bucks a day. Remember there are 10 spots on page 1 as Grizz used to say.

    • Carrie says:

      Hey Janis, I just posted about my own deindexed site and the “say it to the hand” response back on my reconsideration request. Basically, I got the same response as you.

      I actually consulted with my magic eight ball and asked if I would ever be able to figure out how to get back into the index and the magic eight ball said “all signs point to No”, so I am moving on.

      The eight ball don’t lie!

      • JanisG says:


        Checked out your situation. The same as mine. What a shame.

        I also did a quick check of few competitor sites. Some of them are pathetic. Basically Amazon specs/description text copied one sentence per line. Just a blob of text with AdSense on sidebar and Amazon links at the bottom. I am really happy that they dont violate G guidelines! 🙂

        • Lando says:

          Hi Janis and Carrie,

          Having suffered the same fate as you guys it really is ironic the stuff that ranks at the top of the SERPs for so many searches. Quality it is not!

          I actually got my site re-indexed but from the top of page 1 for a bunch of terms, it’s now stick on page 5 or worse for everything.

          If the site made money, you know what niche you want to be working. Start a new site, make it great and you WILL succeed.

          • Dave says:


            Good you got one back. I just checked the other one, still no luck it seems. Love the vids by the way 😉

          • Carrie says:

            Thanks Lando. A new site is in the works.

            Now I just hope I don’t lose another site or I’m toast.

            • Dave says:


              While the new site gets up and running I would try to take advantage of a web 2.0 and blast it to the top in the meantime. After my recent experiment I can tell you that and came out ranking amazingly well after the backlink solutions blast so you could try earning that way for a while. wordpress does good too and could be used as a funnel.

              Just an idea if you have the time, I know it is hard to fit everything in that needs to get done.

        • Carrie says:

          Yeah, same here. I check competitors and I see stuff that looks much worse by G’s standards than mine.

          It stinks all around.

      • JanisG says:

        So today I said to myself ‘F..k it, let’s try again!”

        I unpublished all blog posts of deindexed site except 5 most profitable review articles and couple of informational articles about this niche.

        Then I checked the articles for duplication issues using free tool

        And then submitted the reconsideration request for the third time.

        Now I have a product review site with 7 posts and without a single affiliate link and no sales pitch at all. Just pure information.

        Does it comply with G Quality guidelines? Let’s see in couple of weeks.

        • Dave says:


          Fingers crossed, let me know how you get on. Hopefully that should do the trick. If not then it may just be a matter of waiting it out or putting the content on a different domain.

  14. Gerald says:

    Do you just make a single post or page on those free blog sites then backlink it all the way? (this part is unclear to me)

    • Dave says:


      Yep, a single keyword rich post and then backlink them, that’s it, as simple as that but it is very effective. The importance of having backlinks that are backlinked cannot be over-emphasized.

      • Gerald says:

        If you are going to make another related post targeting another keyword, are you going to make another blog with a single post again? Or, write a second post on the previous blog that has been made?


        • Dave says:

          Gerald, I would pick some new sites from that image Janis posted and do the whole thing again. The more links you send out from the same blog you create the higher the risk the owner will take it down for being spammy so just do 1 or 2 links per blog or page you create then go on to a new source, it also means more links from different places which is always good.

          • Gerald says:

            Thanks and thanks now I know what to do. Anyway, do you monetize your backlink sites or you just leave it with your content and link? It would be a waste of traffic if one of them receives 30 to 50 unique traffic a day.

            • Dave says:


              I monetize only a few of them. Ones I really try to rank. The others I just blast em out and move on. Peeps will find your monetized site if page 1 is full of your other content with just a link to your main site so you get the gold in the end 😉

  15. Ethan says:

    How well would this method work if fewer higher quality links from a source like BMR were used instead?


    • Dave says:


      I would guess very well indeed. But you may find that John will not accept single page sites in to the system, he likes a good bit of content on sites usually, 4 or 5 pages at least.

      • Ethan says:

        Cheers for the reply,

        Yeah, I have been building 4-7 pages of content for all the buffer sites that link to the money page just as a precaution, just in case Big G decided to adjust their algo for thin single page buffer sites.

  16. jay says:

    wow, wp twin looks like the bomb. that would be awesome for the sites I freaking build all the time and install the same freaking plugins, over and over. not to mention moving a site and saving them, etc. Plus, I’m actually getting ready to migrate a few sites into one and redirect a bunch of stuff so that may be one option of moving all the content.

    • Dave says:


      It would be perfect for making a template. Tweak a them, install all plugins etc then clone it. Then you can install it multiple times and set up sites in record time. I am so glad someone mentioned it on the post about being hacked, it is a dream for the non technical like me and Wifey.

  17. Dieter says:

    Born raised roman-catholic in Germany, obedience is ingrained in me like holes in Swiss cheese. First commandment: You shall listen to Dave. Do not question his methods. Never! 😉

    I just completed all tasks as outlined in the first post of this thread. The keyword I’m targeting is German. I’m not on G’s radar screen at all at this point for that term.

    I shall report back in four weeks.

  18. zeak says:

    I would be curious to here any comments on frequency of and long-term timeline of backlinks.

    There’s certain time lines and goals I start off with when backlinking a new site, for say the first 30-90 days.

    But then, I may not get back to that site for another 6 months or so and start building links again.

    Say for even a site that’s 2-3 years old with a couple hundred Y! domain links showing, is it necessary to have a continual drip of links going to it for it to perform well? (I know that is subjective “perform well” – I can deal with huge fluctuations and the dance, just wanting to minimize the dance as much as possible)

    I know even with PR, BMR, and such I set them to go out over time and it’s just a way the system works also, (my writers login, post them, they get reviewed and accepted or returned after 7 days, etc.) so it’s just the way the system works that they’re not all sent at once.

    It seems though I always come back 3-6 months later and remembered, “oh, yeah, that site is doing OK, at #7 for a pretty competitive term, time to build some more links to it.” Then go and order up or do a few more, say 20-100 or so and then forget about it again for another 6 months.

    Does that look worse then just using something like Backlink Solutions and setting it to drip out for over a year, say 3 or 4 links a day?

    I heard someone once refer to it as having constant “background noise” so when you do go on a linking binge it’s not as noticeable.

    I can certainly deal with the fluctuations, maybe have it disappear for a few months then come back, no bigger to me. But then if it’s sitting at #1 or #2 I certainly wouldn’t go crazy. Probably just throw a few at it every now and then.

    Any thoughts, comments on this?

    • Dave says:


      There is no truth to the need to continually backlink sites, age plays a big role in your rankings and of course your backlinks.

      I pretty much work exactly as you do for nearly all my sites. My big earners I am a little more consistent with as in competitive niches you need to link a little more regularly to keep your position. But nothing like I did in the early days. Now I only ever send a few links now and then to main sites.

      And as to just linking now and then I think it is perfectly natural anyway. A topic becomes interesting again so even for genuine webmasters links they would all come in at once.

  19. Darren says:

    Sweet post Dave. The backlinking method you outline here should be a fundamental part of any ones backlinking arsenal!

    About a month ago a competitors website started doing the “swaps” with me for a number position in google. This is for a one word keyword that is the basis of my supersite and I have held that number one spot for about 6 months. After the initial 1st place 2nd place rotation, the site did take the #1 slot and held it. So I did exactly as your outlining here, about 3 weeks ago. I put together about 12 1 page blogs/web 2.0 sites together with exact anchor text linking to my site and then I back linked them with the mass article submission software that I use and a few days ago I got the number one slot back, and I am still holding fine!

    I think I will make about another 20, to help solidfy that ranking further.

    Thanks to Janis G also, for the link to that great chart of web 2.0 at black hat world! That is a real useful list


    • Dave says:


      Great stuff. It totally works like a dream doesn’t it.

      That chart is great, that was a great find of Janis’s.

      Long may we all reign supreme!!!

  20. Randall says:

    Hi Dave,
    Great post. I am thinking about getting backlink solutions. Can this strategy be used to pump up web 2.0 properties like and squidoo pages? I have a couple on page 2 but want them to get to page 1. I know I should be using my own website but I can’t use the amazon program anymore where I live so I use squidoo commissions to earn from amazon.

    • Dave says:


      You can do this to some properties but just be aware that you always run the risk of having them removed if you send automated links. From experience Squidoo don’t mind and Hubpages will ban your Hub but that is not to say that it won’t change at any given moment.

      I would certainly use a test account first if you are worried about an existing one.

      • Randall says:

        Thanks Dave,

        What if I just set up the 9 sites and just link to squidoo or hubpages from them, not directly send the links to the squidoo or hubpages? Will that work?

        Also do the spun article have to be readable? How long should I make the spun article?

        • Dave says:


          That would work I would imagine. I make my spun articles just over 250 words so they can go in to backlink solutions, I always make mine read well, they need to be spun well so the chance of them being seen as duplicate is lessened.

  21. Randall says:

    Okay Dave,
    One last question should I send the links to the homepage or the actual post on these 9 sites. Thanks.

    • Dave says:


      I would send them to the post.

      • Randall says:

        Thanks Dave,
        I subscribed backlinks solution through your link. What should I set the drip rate to?

        • Dave says:


          For web 2.0 authority sites I leave it at the max of 20, anything that is not a super authority domain I would set to lower, maybe 10. And thanks for the sign-up Dude, it is appreciated.

    • Randall says:

      Hey dave,
      I just started using backlink solutions and love it so far. I have a question though. I set up multiple projects and want to know if they limit the amount of links you can send out per day? Thanks.

  22. Bruno says:


    as I’m reading your old blog and in the light of google panda (especially considering the newsletter Lando has sent), what approach do you recommend for new sites?

    You’ve talked about 3 different types of sites in your Amalgam post under the sub-heading “What approach”, but I’m wondering if it is worth to create a website like you describe in “Site 1” in your post.

    I think that for the long term, I’m better off with a Site 2 and 3 types of site. Yes, maybe site 1 will get me quicker results, but I’m in no rush (kind of :D)

    What do you reckon?


    • Dave says:


      Had to go and check 😉


      site 1 will earn the best as long as it is not adsense and get an inspection, then it is history (probably).

      2 and 3 should be more stable long term although I have a great way to combine 1 and 2 in a way that is not spammy at all as far as I am concerned, but that is not going to be talked about here I am afraid. Message me on FB 😉 I may tell all.

      What newsletter? I didn’t know Lando had one. He holding out on me???

      Bear in mind this is just for sites you want search traffic for.

      • Bruno says:

        Oh yes, I forgot that Lando said that we should not mention this to you since he does not want you to get a hold of his plans of world domination 😉

        Sorry Lando 🙁

        Interesting … I have an idea on how to combine the 2, but always good to hear new ideas

        • Dave says:

          Bruno 😉

          Hope it helped, I answered on FB. Gonna get after Lando now, he is holding out on me!

          • Bruno says:

            It has helped indeed 🙂

            BTW, have you tried automating all those web 2.0/blogs/support sites creation?

            Maybe you could use something like SEO Link Robot or Ubot. There is a good review about SEO Link Robot on Ben’s website

            Ubot has been recommended by many and it does seems interesting. I know you are not a big fan of tools and a bit more techy stuff, but I thought of asking anyway 🙂


            • Dave says:


              I will take a look. Thanks.

              But yeah, not a fan of too many tools. And for direct links to my site I like to do them all manually just in case. Of what? Hmm, but it just feels like the right thing to do. But I will take a look, cheers.

          • Bruno says:

            Yes, I think you are right. It may take a bit longer to do it, but then I think you might get better results in the long run 🙂

            Maybe you could use Ubot to only create the accounts, it would already help. Although there is one Firefox extension called iMacros (there is a free version) that you could also use to do that. But then there are captchas …. Ahhhh, just pay someone on Fiverr to do it 🙂

  23. Dieter says:

    Just a quick comment regarding Backlink Solutions.

    I started with BMR but they didn’t let me backlink to my German domains (which I find utterly discriminating, because not all Germans are evil..;-)..). Then I switched to Linkvana but $147 is a lot of money – too much, I decided after a while. Since a couple of month I’ve been using Linkamotion. Superb customer service, great tool. But one huge problem -> you can’t really mass upload articles.

    Right after Dave published this article I went straight to work, but with Linkamotion, I had to add my links manually into each post, copy paste the title, copy paste the article, select a category for each article individually, etc. I spent many many hours doing that and it’s mind numbing. Again, it’s a great system and I can only highly recommend it, especially since it’s only $47/month. But it has its limits.

    Today I signed up with Backlink Solutions. I’m not exaggerating, but within approx. 1 hour I was able to the same amount of work that had previously taken me about 8 hours.

    I thought I’d share this here with you guys.

    • Dave says:


      Thanks for sharing 😉 Backlink Solutions is certainly a very good tool to have, it is pricy but it has paid for itself countless times over for me personally. Glad that it has cut down on the hours you were spending for that type of backlink.

  24. Shaun L says:

    Hi Dave. If you had the budget to do either this method or the whole aged domain / satellite site things, which would you recommend? For better medium / long term rankings?

    I’ve done the short term ranking thing, and it’s not nice seeing a site earning a good amount a day fade into nothingness. So I’m only after the longer term ranking methods right now. Thanks.

    • Dave says:


      For total stability and direct control then it would be aged domains and satellites every time. A combination of both would be ideal, ie. Web 2 properties linked to aged domains that are backlinked as stated and the aged domain set up to earn in its own right and send links to the main site too.

      But if I had to pick one I would buy aged sites, monetize them and backlink them how I could.

  25. Mark says:

    Dave, or anyone else, I think I missed something in your instructions. Do we make links to our money site from the free sites before or after we blast them with backlinks?

    • Dave says:


      Before. Or if you want to be extra cautious send the links from the free sites to a single other web 2 property and then link that to the money site. I don’t really feel the need for 3 tiers but some peeps feel more comfortable that way.

  26. Agraiders says:

    I know you are not a big fan of keyword research and all that, but is this the approach you take on any keyword you are trying to rank for no matter how much volume it “reportedly” gets?

    • Dave says:


      No, I do it for a few choice terms. For very tough terms I may well go down the aged domain route. I would then monetize the aged domain, rank them, and link them to the keyword post on the main site. Works so well I wish I could do it forever but the number of sites owned is getting out of control for me so I have stopped buying them for now.

      For easier terms I just do BMR or postrunner or something similar.

  27. Mark says:

    I just started using the free sites for satellites sites. I remember this lady Janet who wrote Nomads Guide To Making Money Online and she was big into the satellite site idea. She said her entire book was Griz’s notes. Here is a link to guide in case anyone wants to see it.

    I created 2 300 word sites for one of my blogs and it’s enjoyable. Thanks for making everything clear about how to use a satellite site!


    • Dave says:


      I never read the guide, I had already read Grizz, but peeps may find it of interest that is for sure. And glad you found the post helpful Mark, and if you keep building them you should see a good serps movement too.

      • Mark says:

        BTW,my link above is not an aff link. Her website bit the dust just like Griz’s. Maybe the Google honor guard showed up to her house and took her out! I heard the big G has spies in Spain.

        She promotes a lot free methods since most people are broke when they start. Broke people do silly things like move to another country with not much income and share a computer between 2 people. What is this world coming to?

        • Dave says:


          lol, it worked out OK in the end though 😉

          • Mark says:

            It worked out greatr! What would have happened if this was 1980 and the 2 of you shared an electric type writer?

            I am amazed that Wifey stayed with you. Must be that brick oven that you built in the back 40. Do you shoot the neighbors cattle for BBQ meat or do you raise your own?

            • Dave says:


              We tried the chicken raising route but I bottled doing it again after being the one that killed nigh on 30 chickens by hand, it ain’t pretty. Now we buy from a local butchers 😉

  28. Dieter says:

    Hi all,

    Attached is a link to a simple spreadheet I created. The only real value to you (if there’s any at all) might be that you can use it as a start to create your own tracking sheet AND the fact that it has hyperlinks to (almost) all the US Web 2.0 blogs that Dave and Janis had shared here.
    I hope it’s of help…cheers:

  29. Mark says:

    Has anyone here used SickSubmitter? It does profile links, web 2.0 sites, article directories, web directories, etc.

    I am going to give it a try with these 9 sites. It’s automated. Probably not as automated as Backlink Solutions. Sick Submitter is $20/month.

    • Dieter says:

      Mark, the name alone would scare the hell out of me ;-). Nah, just kidding – no, I haven’t heard of them but please let us know once you had a chance to gain some experience.

      • Mark says:

        Dieter, for what it is worth, SickSubmitter seems like a do it yourself SEONuke. You have to use scrape box to get profiles and article site. Or you can buy packets. After you buy packets, the seller tells you that you should pay for private proxies. Well, for $20 a month for the service and another $25 for packets and another $20 something for this and that…I am already tired and broke. I think Backlink Solutions has got to be bargain. I have been struggling with this damn sicksubmitter for months. The free packets of article directories and profile directories seems okay.

        • Darren says:

          Hi Mark,

          I have used sick submitter for about 4 months or so now, on and off. I like the fact that you can submit spun (or not) articles to a bunch of the directories out there on the net, submit forum profiles, submit link directory links and do RSS feeds. You can also do blog commenting spam, which I never do because I have an aversion to it.

          What I don’t like is that it is a bit of a time suck, in that you have to open new email accounts and tie them in for different projects, plus the other aspects of setting up new projects. I also don’t like that even though the free packets are fairly good, to get maximum benefits you do need to buy the new packets that keep coming out, to keep up with the fact that some forums/article directories/link directories come and go and new ones keep coming out.

          The other factor is that link directory links and profile links have a very poor indexing rate, so I was getting anywhere near the amount of links that I though I was getting, so I had to sign up for a backlink indexing service to make the most out of these links. Also, you cannot automatically grab the URL’s in automated way for the accepted articles that you send to article dierctory packets – who is going to go through them manually and check them for indexing and then work on getting the ones that are not indexed to be indexed!!!

          Of course, to get a real good use out of it, you need to get a proxy service as you already mentioned. If you are doing a bunch of backlinking for different sites, then you will need to have a service that rotates proxies or gives you at least a few different proxies to work with, just getting one proxy isn’t going to cut it.

          The learning curve is a bit steep too, as I am sure you are finding out Mark!

          All in all, I do like sick submitter, it is great for the price, it is just too much maintenance for my liking, but you do get links out of it. I find that I am using it very really now, I prefer to just use a forum profile service and get higher PR links for much less work on my behalf, and they send you the URL of the links, so that I can send them off to backlinksindexer. I also use 1waylinks (.net) for mass spun article submissions, and am really linking it, very easy to use and has over 7000 articles in the network.

          Of course all of this is supplemental to using PR and BMR, and especially for 3rd tier link building.

          Ok, I waffled on enough!!!


        • Dave says:


          The problem with the free packets is that they will be hammered by others. Same with packets that you buy. Peeps that use these kinds of things successfully build their own packets and use them without selling on. Otherwise you will just find that most of your links won’t stick. They will be marked as spam and taken down by site owners. Then you have a never ending battle of always having to make more to replace the ones you lost.

    • Dave says:


      I was too impatient to spend the time learning it, same with most tools really 😉

  30. Mark says:

    When I backlink my backlinks, do I go with a money keyword or am I just looking for natural words to backlink to my site?

    When real people backlink, the words are usually not SEO’d. If I had a doggy website and found a cool website to stop my pooch from scratching the wood floor, I would send a link with “stop dog from scratching”. I would not get up-tight if the link looked good or not because I am linking to a cool site that solves the problem of my dog from scratching up new hardwood floor.

  31. sam says:

    I recently signed up for backlink solutions and noted that it takes me about three minutes to generate a 300 word snippet, enter the keywords and the urls. If I spin an article 100 times and submit those 100 articles through BLS, there’s no way I could do this in an hour or two like Dave; let alone doing this to 9 different web 2.0’s. Am I missing something and is there a shortcut?


    • Dave says:


      You are going to kick yourself dude. You spin an article first then get that article with all the spin syntax and paste it in to the spin tool on BS. Tell it how many spins you want and put in your keywords and urls and titles (also spun). Then click generate snippets and copy the result. Then paste that in to the post your content section, preview to check then submit it.

      So, after spinning you can then make your 100 links in a few minutes not a single article.

      Good job you asked Dude, or you would have been missing out big styley 😉

      • sam says:

        Well I’m glad I asked. I was also wondering if you use a service or software to do blog commenting if you do any at all. Lastly, is there a difference in anchor text when using capitalized letters as opposed to lower cased?

        Example, would these be considered the same anchor text or two completely different anchor text?

        San Diego Police Officer
        san diego police officer

        Thanks again Dave, see you in the pond pretty soon!

        • Dave says:


          No probs. I don’t do blog commenting at all apart from for this site as the only blogs I read are in this niche really. I don’t think they are of value for backlinks at all any more really. So I don’t use any automated stuff for them. The only reason to do it is to interact because you want to or to make yourself a player in a social niche by outshining everyone else with your comment and gaining trust and visitors. It will give a varied profile though so if you are only getting links from one or two sources it won’t hurt to mix things up a tad.

          No difference in capital or not as far as I have found, it will not make a difference when ranking for the term.

  32. Bruno says:


    sorry if this has been answered but I couldn’t find it.

    Let’s say you have your main money site, a couple of satellite sites plus a squidoo and a hubs targeting one particular keyword.

    When you create all those posts in those blogs, do you only link to one of your properties? Like the one in wordpress would only link to your money site; the one at terapad would only link to your squidoo, etc.

    I believe this is a bit safer since you aren’t spamming links away, but it would be certainly more effective (maybe only for the short term) to have from your Thoughts post for example, one link to your money site and one link to a satellite site.

    Then both your money site and your satellite site would benefit from this strategy. But this might leave a footprint if you overdo it and it might hurt you in the long run.

    What do you reckon? Any recommendations?


    • Dave says:

      Bruno, I would link to just one property only. Ideally the money site but it could be another web 2 if you want it to rank. It is just a bit more of a footprint if you link to your own site and another place that you have a link. Not that I have not done it plenty in the past, I just advise being more cautious these days.

  33. Shaun L says:

    I’ve used (A slight variation of) this and it works well! One page from #10 up to #4 and earning money. One site which has been in the sandbox for months out now and getting a good amount of visits a day. I’m running this on a few more pages / sites to see if it has similar effects.

    I knew about this strategy before, but never used it due to not realising how powerful it really is. Thanks a lot Dave, don’t think I would’ve got on this strategy if I hadn’t read this!

    • Dave says:


      Way to go. It is one of the best strategies we can use to really improve positions, but more importantly to stay there too.

  34. Bruce says:

    I’m coming a little late to the party here…

    I see no mention of the value of Guest Posting.

    What’s your take on that strategy for back linking purposes?


    • Dave says:


      A great strategy. You get much better links that way if you can guest post on authority sites. It takes time but it is worth it, no doubt.

  35. Jason says:

    Do you create different emails for EVERY web 2.0 property? Or different emails for every “set” of web 2.0 properties? I always get scared I’m leaving a footprint by creating 9 different tumblr sites with the same email linking to different money sites. Thoughts?

    • Dave says:


      I would only worry about it if the email can be seen by others, otherwise I wouldn’t worry about it. You could spend your day getting paranoid about this stuff otherwise. Just use different ones if there is a public profile.

  36. Sami says:

    Thanks for this post Dave. I have been lazy lately but after reading this post I made like five web2.0 properties and already ranked on of my posts to #1 in buying term in Google. It only took few links from different platforms and few links to the web2.0 properties to get them indexed properly.

    Now I’m waiting for the affiliate commissions to start rolling and do some conversion optimization on the sales page.

    • Dave says:


      You are welcome. And that is some fast action there Dude. It is amazing how quickly a bit of work can pay off, congratulations. Way to go.

      Hope the sale come think and fast my friend.

  37. Steve says:

    Just reading through some off the comments on here, do they still work or with the latest Panda, Penguin updates are a lot of the methods mentioned outdated????


    • Dave says:

      Hi Steve, yes a lot of it is now outdated I am afraid. We now place a lot more emphasis on on-site SEO and a lot less on high numbers of links. A few GOOD links from authority sites in your niche is going to get you a lot further. Whether that is from sites you build yourself on aged domains or through relationships you make, the results can still be very good.

      And much fewer links with actual keywords is now what is working…………..damn, I miss the old ways! Things were so much simpler.

  38. kindit77 says:

    Are you still promoting amazon, what else is happening to you nowadays, I miss you here so much am reading over your old post and they are good and they are still relevant in todays world of internet marketing only that a few tweak is needed in terms of backlink style to keep site moving in google. Majorly people need to change their anchor text to links and less of exact anchor. Will you ever come back to post something here. Here is so cold. Well i would have joined your forum but my country is not included on paypal. Regards

    • Dave says:

      Hey Kindit, still alive and kicking. Doing lots of things as usual and am just starting a guide to affiliate marketing today for the Pond members. It may also be a kindle book. Check your email dude, I have a surprise for you 😉