How Many Internet Marketers Does It Take To Depress Everyone?

Not many it seems.

C’mon peeps, it isn’t the end of the world!

What am I referring to? The mass de-indexing of blog networks like BMR and the like, of course. Trawling various MMO blogs, reactions in the Pond, and the general feeling in the air, seems to suggest a lot of people are somewhat lost after this latest twist in the many turns of an Internet Marketers life-cycle.

What Did You Expect

BMR was golden. I for one wrote many thousands, and paid for even more than that. Now they are gone, no more easy links Dudes. But look at it this way, maybe it is a good thing. What kind of sites were you pointing those links to? How great were they? And what are you going to do now?

Oh, the doom and gloom.

Hey, I just got banned from Amazon and they are withholding many thousands of dollars because of it, but you don’t see me moaning. It is what it is and all it should do is to spur you on to better things. There are always work-arounds, and now I am earning more money since I switched some sites away from them and found better things. So, thanks Amazon 😉

BMR Alternatives

Firstly, I have found a great alternative that seems to be working for me. More details in the Tools section. And for those that emailed me asking, please note that the network I recommended that began with “Link”, I got some data back from. Awful, please accept my apologies, do not use them. Spam central of an unbelievable kind. Seriously, I checked a post and it was on a page full of spun content so bad it made no sense at all. I apologise for saying they may be of interest, they are not. The Japanese sounding one is the one I recommend, simple yet effective.

The other recommendation? It’s coming up to 2 months and so far so very good. Pond members know what I am talking about. No mention of it here please.

But this is not the gist of this article really. Want I want to talk about is using the current state of affairs as a wake-up call.

Not only are networks for links being de-indexed, many people who have sites in Webmaster Tools (why would you put a load of sites in THERE!) are getting, or have had, notifications that there link profiles are dodgy. And many are speculating that this is partly how link networks are being discovered. Peeps panic and spill the beans on what they were using.

With algo changes going on, networks showing that they are never ever going to be infallible, and all manner of bans, loss of accounts, sites plummeting, and the usual goings on in the IM world, many people seem ready to throw in the towel.

And if not they are lost in a sea of indecision, not knowing what to do and where to go.

How can I make my quota of backlinks a day now?

Time To Move On

Maybe this is the golden opportunity you have been waiting for?

Personally I made a fortune because of BMR. Backlinking the buggery out of less than stellar content that could have been taken by any number of other Websites. But some simple on site SEO, and links, took plenty of sites to the top. I can tell you now, it gets very boring very quickly.

Not long before the demise of BMR me and Wifey had been talking about the future, and the direction we were taking.

And guess what? There are no surprises, and no shortcuts.

It’s that old cliche that will stand always, over the long term, if not the short term.

Build Quality Sites

Yeah, yeah, heard it all before.

We had decided that this is going to be our future. Not all our sites are bad, don’t get me wrong. Some are good, great even, but not mind-blowingly f******g fantastic.

Take a look at what you have achieved. Like me you may have earned some great money by using networks to rank, and I don’t apologise for it. We made a lot of money. But I didn’t go into it with my eyes closed. I knew it would not last forever. How could it? If you use artificial things like this then they will all see their demise at some point.

No, after talking with Wifey just before all this happened, even before my damn Amazon ban, we had decided to take a new approach.

I am not saying you should follow what I am about to write. It is certainly not going to make you a load of money in the short term.

But long term? It will win out.

If you want to get to a monthly wage with IM, then I still stick to my guns. Build out a good number of niche sites, backlink them and see what shines through. Then play on the winning niche. Build out a few big main sites, build smaller satellites in the same niche for links and to earn in their own right, and take the money.

But this is not going to be sustainable long term unless you build a main money site that is never based upon links gamed from backlink networks. One day they house of cards will inevitably fall, and so will your site. It may get a penalty, it may just drop in rankings, or it may be sent to oblivion.

Either way, the time would have been spent better long term if you forgot the crazy, daily mind numbing grind, of writing snippets for link juice, and put that effort into your masterpiece.

My Plan Going Forward

I will keep sites I have, and my outsourcer will continue to backlink them using various, less easy to uncover networks. The best being Postrunner. Which, by the way, is about as good as it gets. Soon it will be updating and taking a new direction, so if you want to use it for the current price then join the Keyword Academy now before the price hike. Details on the Tools page.

But for me personally and my golden fingers?

I am going to make the best Website on the Internet in my niche.

Money is being invested in graphics. Money is being invested in social share plugins to make the site look as user friendly as possible. Catalyst will be used to make a site so damn beautiful it will make you want to cry.

Layout and design will be considered carefully and tweaked to perfection. It won’t just be thrown together and left in anything but a perfect state.

It will be funny, amusing, clever, give an amazingly direct call to action in terms of making me money. But it will be so damn good that visitors will want to share it socially, they will link to it naturally, and the content is going to be tweaked and written so damn well that I will want to show it to the world. But obviously I won’t!

Copy is going to be written differently.

It is going to be written so that if I had to pay for traffic it would not lose me money. It is going to be, quite frankly, amazing.

If it takes a day, or a week, to write a single post then so be it.

I will not take anything but the best as my published copy.


Maybe it is time for you to invest some money in this business. And I don’t mean outsourcing backlink making. I mean on-site design, and other factors that can influence how people react to your site. I mean making it so damn good that people will be unable to leave without showing some love in the form of using some social buttons.

Invest to make a site that stands head and shoulders above anything else in your niche.

Something unique. Something wild, funny, something that makes you weep.

Do you have sites like this?

Most peeps don’t.

This is a business and you have to think long term.

But, and I will say it again. It is NOT going to earn you big bucks quickly. The bottom line is that niche sites and backlinks, and more backlinks, are going to do that. Get a stable of OK’ish niche sites that are just of a certain size and you can make good money.

But over the long term, 2-5 years, your site of beauty will shine though.

Guest Posting

Ask yourself this.

Could you approach others in your niche and get a guest posting gig? Even outside your niche? Many site owners accept guest posts from people if they write in the right style, and allow then to link out to unrelated sites.

Would anyone want to link to your site?

If not then you know that you don’t have a great site long term. All your links wil be manufactured using networks etc.

Already I have resurrected one site from the ashes I began years ago, and have done 2 guest post gigs. On REAL sites, sites that get comments, sites that have real content. On blogs that have some lurve put into them. These links are worth more than a big handful of BMR’s.

Maybe all this talk of link networks, notifications and bans all over the place is a good thing?

For me I am not getting sad about it.

It is what it is and it has allowed me to focus even more on a real long term strategy. Don’t get me wrong, I have a good stable of steady sites that deliver exactly what people want, and will be around for many years.

But what I don’t have is a site that is simply damn beautiful and amazingly crafted. Time to build one.

Of course, an aged domain with some kick ass PR, and age, and a killer backlink profile will be employed, not point wasting about a year while a new site builds up some Kudos 😉

Anyway, just thought I would throw in my take on all the fidgety feelings going on of late.

Look at it as a great opportunity to do something slightly more artistic and creative.

Long term it is where the money is at, and that is why we are all here, innit?

One more thing, if all this talk of building great sites and guest posting etc sounds cliched, then ask yourself this, why?

It’s what the Internet should be like, that’s why.

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  1. Carrie says:

    You are correct. Time to adapt.

    Love the site redesign, btw. Not sure when you did but I am just noticing it now.

    • Dave says:

      Thanks Carrie, Wifey did it a few weeks ago. And I installed the OptinSkin today for the social stuff, and I likes it 😉

      • Shaun L says:

        I thought that was Optinskin, I was about to ask. I bought it to put on a couple of my sites, but haven’t got round to using it properly yet. Will do though.

        • Dave says:

          Shaun, it is more than worth the money. You can totally customize it with ease and there are plenty of styles options. A great buy.

  2. Darren says:

    All well said Dave.

    I have to say the whole new changes thing hasn’t bothered me, but that is because my income hasn’t been affected at all, so easy for me to say. I make my money from just 3 sites, and have put a lot of time into them. One of them (so far), has never been hit by any of the google updates, in fact they only do my site better. The reason being that I put a lot of time and effort to write good posts, got a lot of good comments going on, and as a result got a lot of natural links, in addition to my own backlinking efforts. So far it has been a killer strategy. It normally takes me a whole day to write 1 or 2 articles for onsite content, maybe 3 at best.

    The upside to all this, is that if we put the effort in to build lots of satellites and web 2.0 properties to promote out sites, then we are looking good. Why? Because most of the people who are ranking as a result of BMR and the similar, are not likely to go to that effort, I think it makes the competition easier in that respect. Of course, that is not to say that I didn’t use BMR like crazy, but I did a lot of other stuff too. It makes all the difference


    • Dave says:

      Darren, I couldn’t agree with you more. And to be honest I have never lost many sites over the years. The extra effort is definitely what is needed, both on-site and off. Making good Web 2.0 that will stand the test of time is the way to go, and actually, since the BMR issues, a lot of mine seem to be ranking a lot better 😉

      Sounds like your sites are doing great Dude, long may it continue!

  3. Kasi says:

    Well said as always, Dave. Isn’t persevering through stuff like this what separates the boys from the men? 🙂 I have to admit, I was pretty depressed over the weekend but that is all the time I would allow myself to be down in the dumps. I made some mistakes, learned from them, and now I’m getting back on the horse.

    • Dave says:

      Kasi, yep, totally. This game is ever changing so there is no point crying over some little blip. Just have to keep on making amazing sites and ranking them with some killer tactics. Ride ’em cowboy 😉

  4. Mike says:

    You know what’s depressing? This has more views than all my money sites put together.

  5. ChrisCD says:

    Sure it is easy to get depressed and give up. That just makes it all the more exciting for those that don’t. From day one, Google has said they want quality. SO quit taking short-cuts and give it to them.

    cd :O)

  6. Jeremy says:

    This is music to my EARS:

    “I am going to make the best Website on the Internet in my niche.”

    You have seen the light and tasted the sweet nectar of white hat seo + authority sites. The internet will be FABULOUS because you contributed to it. Not the sewer that blackhatting content-farmers turned this into.


    Google will never de-index the best page on tactical pants on the internet. And, you’ll get free pants for life from manufacturers when you are the #1 site reviewing tactical pants.

    How can you beat that?

    You have to buy pants anyway, why not buy one pair of every brand of tactical pants on the market and do a real, honest, thorough, pics and vids, review? Even better if you have a nice caboose (male or female, the internet doesn’t discriminate!). though I’d probably use an alias to keep the weirdos away. You know the weirdos I’m talking about, such as blog commentors who write multiple 100+ word comments about pants 😉

    I’ve still got some working out to do before I parade around the interwebs showing off the fully articulated and gusseted crotch of my favorite tactical pants. LOL! No more Steak n’ Shake and Cracker Barrel and Golden Corral for me (living in the suburbs in the Midwest of the USA is killer on your diet….but damn all the meat and grease and carbs are goooooooood).

    • Dave says:

      Jeremy, yeah, I know that kind of weirdo 😉

      Seriously though, I am very excited about what I am going to do. It is a breath of fresh air and something that will absolutely rock the niche!

    • Cat says:

      I didn’t even know what tactical pants are – I had to google them. They’re not as interesting as Jeremy makes them sound (in my mind ‘pants’ means ‘underwear’… lol)

      Sounds like you’ll have fun with the new site Dave. I briefly thought about joining BMR last year, but I’d already tried to do the link network thing with Postrunner, and just wasn’t disciplined enough to write those brain-destroying articles day in day out. I guess it’s just as well now!

      • Dave says:

        Cat, Jeremy was referring to a site he cited in an earlier comment.
        It will be an eye-opener for some. You can’t get better than that really.

        And good for you, you saved a lot of lost work that is for sure. But hey, money was banked, it all comes good in the end. On to new things and don’t look back, that is the best approach for peeps that are feeling a little down.

        • Cat says:

          Well, there’s a niche I’d never have thought of! I see they sell their own products. Are you planning to do that with your new site? TBH, dealing with customers directly is not a route I want to go down, even though I see the benefits of e-commerce for establishing authority & credibility in a niche. I did eBay years ago, and that was quite enough for me!

          Yes, if you got a good return on the time you spent using BMR, that’s the important thing. I’m finding it’s helpful to draw a mental line between the things I do for short term cash, and the work I’m doing on my passion site. I don’t want to be emotionally invested in the short term stuff if it goes belly up.

          • Dave says:

            Cat, no, like you I did the ebay thing years ago. Selling DVD’s. While it is great to set your own prices the headaches come with it. Mentals sending you threats, Muppets being, well Muppets! I don’t think I could face all that again.

  7. Sad Hippo says:

    I used to follow you a long time ago, back when you had just shifted to ZenDuck from your old site. It’s sad that you’re giving-up and going the whole “let’s create an awesome authority site instead”. After every Google-related fiasco, especially this one, what I don’t understand though is why doesn’t anyone focus on gaming Bing and Yahoo exclusively? Why is everyone so fixated on Google? Bing hardly makes any changes to its algos. And it’s not like Bing doesn’t get any traffic at all…

    And as for Amazon banning you, you could have just opened a LLC and opened a new account w/ that. Given how slow and bearucratic public corporations are, I doubt anyone would have noticed…

    By the way, since you’re giving up on the whole greyhat SEO think, is joining your forum still worth it? Yeah it’s just $10 a month ‘n all but still.

    • Dave says:

      Sad hippo,

      Who said I was giving up. I have a nice stable of niche sites so I just want a change for a while.

      And as it happens we just had a thread started all about Bing in the Pond, talk about its algo, what kind of link anchors and on-site stuff you need etc. As to Amazon, why bother? We have other accounts we have acccess to, so it is no big problem in the scheme of things.

      My hat will always be grey, I can assure you of that.

      Don’t be sad little Hippo, I am grey to the core 😉

  8. Mark Butler says:

    I’ve had the pleasure of being around some smart folks in this business, Dave (you, Court, Grizz, and about a dozen TKA members who are easily smarter than I am).

    The reason you’ll always be successful is not what you do, it’s how you think. And that’s not the general “you.” That’s you, Dave (and the other smarties I know).

    Here’s what I’ve been saying for the last 18 months at The Keyword Academy, and the BMR mess has given me the opportunity to say it again:

    Taking a full week to write one really phenomenal post is LESS work in the long run than taking that same week to write/spin/rewrite 100 junk submissions for the link farm du jour.

    If we’ll all take the long term perspective and realize just how powerful it will be to focus on one (or very few) great sites, those sites are invincible for years and years and years.

    Good on you Dave!

    • Dave says:


      Couldn’t agree more Dude. Top quality content wins out in the long term. And it makes you feel proud too, and there is nothing wrong with that. I don’t know how many sites I have seen that are pretty much pointless, and I have my fair share of them as well.

      But making something to be really proud of is a great achievement, and long term the work will pay off. Stability is certainly not an easy thing when you rely on the search Gods, but top quality content makes our job a lot easier.

      Thanks for the kind words Mark, it’s appreciated.