How To Make $1000 Part 2

On the old blog I gave you a pretty sure-fire way to earn $1000. Well, how about another way too?

And the great thing about this is that you can be done in a week and on to new things. But this is going to be a somewhat controversial post as it goes against all the new ways many people, including me, have been saying to go about this business.

This is not about building a thing to be proud of.

This is not about stellar content.

This is not about making the best looking site in the world.

This is not about being the most useful site in the world.

This is about earning money.

This is about whacking out content at a break-neck speed so that you earn an extra grand a month.

This has come about basically because I have just been checking my stats on Amazon. And it has pretty much been in my head in part ever since I wrote a post in the Pond about it all adding up, money that is. You know, earnings from here and there. Sites that I set up, backlinked to in a short burst then left to themselves all add up to well over a grand a month. Proper passive income, not pretend passive.

It has also come about as we have been doing some great things in the pond and we have been showing just what you can actually achieve in a day, or a few hours. Ten blog posts in an hour or two? Simple. Build a site before someone else can even be bothered to finish their lazy ass Squidoo lens? Simple.

And this is what this post is about. It is about getting you in to action and stopping you from being SLOW and getting nowhere fast. So many people need a clear and definite plan, I keep forgetting this. I just get on with my work every day. Others want something to reference.

So I am going to lay it out for you, learn exactly how to make a living online, so get off your bum and actually start to see the potential in the game we all find ourselves in, or want to be in.

A million words a year should be your MINIMAL goal.

And really you should be aiming for at least 2 MILLION!

Work it out on for each day. Surprising huh?

But first you are going to have to bear with me. This is my blog after all and I want to say a few things before we get down to business.

Before I get in to this and let you in on the exact ways to do it I want to take a moment to thank everyone who has joined the Pond.

Thanks πŸ˜‰

So far things are going great and not only have we had some amazing contributions from people that have never even commented here on the blog but we have got some great deals too. After a post I got us a discount on Article Marketing Robot exclusive to the Pond plus a good few other nice deals too. The epic guides section is great with an amazing 10,000 word article on how to use e-mail marketing effectively. Plus a contribution from yours truly too.

Wifey has outed a site she is building, we have been improving members sites so they earn more and the accountability section is producing so much more work from members that it is unbelievable. So to those that joined, hope you are enjoying yourselves. And to those that haven’t joined yet but said you would then your loss. I am closing the doors at 100 members so you can’t get in now.

Joke, although I may do that, not sure yet. We are just a couple short of 100 paid members currently. Scrap that, we just got number 100.

Anyway, enough self promotion from this evil marketer, let’s get down to business.

Make Crap Sites And Earn A GrandΒ  A Month

I know, I know.

Where is the stellar content and the pride stuff Dave?

Out the window I am afraid.

A lot of people have been saying that you need fantastic copy to rank these days. And the bottom line is that this is absolutely not true. I am not talking about Adsense sites where you may risk a manual inspection and your account disabled. I am talking about product sites, with an emphasis on Amazon. But any affiliate program really.

Crap sites may be an exaggeration but this article is going to explain.

What we are going to be doing is building sites that are quick and that are going to be put up as soon as possible. The reality is that most people have absolutely no idea about what can really be accomplished in a days work at the computer. They loaf, they pretend to work, and they really have done bugger all when they look back at the end of the day, in comparison to those that really put in REAL work. This is going to get you out of this habit.

It needs 5 days.

Here is the plan:

  • Buy 5 domain names and set up the relevant installs. WP, plugins, etc.
  • No theme decisions, leave the default.
  • 5 niches based around products.
  • Each day you will put up 15 posts.
  • In 5 days you have 5 sites.

That’s it!

Get to it!!!

Okay, let’s talk about this.

The reality is that most people do not do enough work. It is THE main reason why they do not earn.

I am all for having a passion site and having sites that are things of beauty. BUT, the content needs to be online. The more content you have the more you earn. That is the way it works. No argument there.

But people get so caught up in pondering rather than doing. What theme to use. What plugins, etc etc.

And then when it comes to content they feel that they HAVE to put out amazing content because that is what everyone is saying they have to do.

It is a fallacy.

Stellar and amazing content does one thing and one thing only.

It converts better. OR it is needed if you are chasing social factors rather than serps positions because of backlinks. A bot does simply not know if what is written is the best thing in the world or just a rather coherent string of words or sentences. They are not capable of making a decision as to how great your copy is. Your visitors are.

But without any content you will get no visitors. So I want you to change that.

I want you to dedicate a day to a single site. If you cannot get 15 posts up on a site in 8 hours then you need to have a serious think about things. These are not going to be the best in the world. But they will be up there and waiting for you. Speed is of the essence. This is so you actually ACT. Once we have the initial tasks done then we make our content amazing if it is slightly sub-par.

I want you to do this for 5 days.

Each site then needs to earn $200 a month for you to make a grand a month extra. $6.66 a day. Doesn’t sound so bad now does it?

Once you have done this task then we will get on to the rest.

But here is the absolute best way to accomplish this task and really begin to get some improved earnings.

  1. Use the theme default with WordPress.
  2. Install xml sitemap.
  3. Write your 15 posts straight and publish them. No aff links or anything, including pictures.
  4. Once the 15 are up go back in to each and add your images.
  5. Once that is done go back in and add your affiliate links. To no more than 8 of the 15 posts. 2 aff links max per post.
  6. Once that is done go back in and interlink each article. 2 links from every article to other posts.
  7. Once that is done you are free to mess about with the site layout and theme, not before.

It is about being as productive as possible in the shortest period of time possible. By segmenting your work you get in to the groove and work faster. I showed a real life example in the Pond of me doing this. 10 blog posts were done in a few hours.

Segment each job and you find the groove and you whizz through the work like there is no tomorrow. A day will see you at least having the basic content up. If you can’t do the remaining tasks in the day then tough. It will have to wait until you have finished the 5 new sites.

Why Bother?

Many of you will be thinking that these sites will never rank.

They will.

Many of you may think that unless the copy is amazing and over 1000 words you won’t rank.

You will.

The reality is that 300 words can rank just fine. So can 150. Don’t just believe what some Dude on the Internet said. You know, that you HAVE to write long posts and have amazing copy.

It is simply not true.

Trust me on this. If you do this kind of productive work you will be amazed at yourself. You will feel absolutely awful after doing this for 5 days straight. If you work then do it in the evenings or the weekend. But be aware of the time. 8 hours per site max before you move on to the next one.

15 posts minimum.

Once you have done these sites then you get to go back over them all.

If what you wrote is not stellar and you want it to be then change it. Add to it, edit it. Format properly with H2’s, bolds, bullet pints and lists. Just like this post. Add in all your privacy and contact pages and make it lurvely. But do the basic groundwork first and then make it stellar. It will get you out of a rut and in to productivity. So really what I am saying is, yes, write stellar content that is the best there is. But do some basics first. Once it is up you will then feel a compulsion to go back and change it. This is good and you will then have 5 amazing sites.

Do you see where I am coming from now?

Not such a contradiction to the new WAY after all is it?

Look at your stats and if you have any traffic add in the longtails.

Now What

We wait.

Sorry, but that is what we do.

3 months.


Let them age. You have interlinked each site internally for maximum on-site SEO. Let them settle and find their natural place.

If you can wait 6 months then all the better.

Then we backlink.

We backlink each one for a day.

60 Build My Ranks or 30 Postrunners, in a day. A day for each one over 5 days. 10 links to go live a day maximum, preferably less. Or whatever other backlinking option you prefer.

Then we wait, and see what happens.

You will be surprised.

If you do nothing else apart from that they will earn.

If any are lagging a month or two after the initial backlinking they can be linked to again. And the ones that earn the most can be thoroughly worked over, added to and backlinked more.

If that does not earn you a grand a month after 6 months or a year then you need to go do something different.

What? You wanted to earn the grand this month?

Get real Dude, it ain’t that easy.

But what you will find is that after a year some of these sites will be earning a good few hundred a month. And THEN you can take one from that to a grand in a month. You just focus all your attention on it and it will jump in earnings like you would not believe. And all the while you will have been dedicating a years worth of REAL work to your other projects too.


Let me know how far you got in 5 days.

I wish I had a BOO! button like I do in the Pond for those that start but fail to finish!

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  1. Chris Hunter says:


    What stat software are you using to see what you’re ranking for and where your traffic is coming from? Google Analytics or something else?

    Just signed up for The Pond, by the way. Look for the email from pro hunter 1 at g mail dot com.


  2. atma says:

    You know how to inspire people, Dave:)

  3. Darrell says:

    Hiya Dave

    Wow, since you went dark on this site and underground to your paid forum πŸ™‚ ….its like a ghost town here…geez…I’m eventually going to have to go over to the dark side and pay the bloody $10 bucks I see. hehe couldn’t resist…

    OK, I had some fiverr people do some amazon review stuff to help me out. Plus, I have some time off from the job for the next week. My goal for a site that I have had live for over 6 months online, is 75 – 100 product reviews done. I have about 28 done so far. This site of mine, is something I am doing long term, so I will be adding quality content. If I really get going, I should have maybe even 125 to 150 product reviews on the site.

    Yes, I know, some will just be average, while others will have some great content. I gotta mix that up abit. I am going the route of picking mostly lower long tail keyword terms, that I know I can rank for within about 4 to 6 weeks on page 1 or sooner. Then once the site is stable and has some good rankings for dozens of terms, it thus will have more authority and then I can really go for some interesting hard keyword terms. Long term goal, 500 plus pages of content by next summer period.

    OK, does it really make a difference to have only 2 affiliate links per page and limit it to say 60% of your site with affiliate links???


    • Dave says:


      Yep, a lot of the talk and comments have moved to the dark side, it’s good in there though, you should pop in. Hefty goal there Dude, but that is what it is all about. Sounds like it would be a killer site. Once the site has authority yo should find that when you target the harder terms internal linking will get you a long way too.

      The 2 aff links was just a guide for small sites so they don’t come across as spam aff sites, although it may not make a difference to ranking, the chances are it will in the short term.

  4. Reveal says:

    Hey Dave – Just joined the pond. I love these step by step plans that you do. Even if I know this stuff I really like being steered by the nose a bit to get the job done. (BTW wouldn’t sending a couple of links to get the sites indexed before the 6 months wait be a good idea?)

    • Dave says:


      Will see you in there πŸ˜‰

      Glad you enjoy them, peeps like plans. Don’t worry about indexing, all sites will be indexed in a few days time naturally.

  5. Chris says:

    Nice post Dave.

    The condensed version of this post is:

    Always build content (like a mad man) and link to it.

  6. JohnM says:

    Great plan Dave, but this is where is get stuck and over think.

    Of the 15 posts for a product niche and 8 of those the products themselves, what are the other 7 about? I know I must seem thick, but this is why I’m only earning $1K now with my sites πŸ™‚

    Am I comparing 1 product to another on the 7 pages? The history of said niche?


    • Bruno says:

      One thing that you could do for ideas is to go to http://ubersuggest.org/ and insert your product there.

      There will be lots of ideas on posts to write about.

      Or just think off the top of your head what would someone type in google about your product. Like

      is X better than Y
      does X comes with
      what is the voltage of X

      etc etc

      In fact, I will PM you with a link for a topic in the Pond which Dave talks a bit more in detail πŸ˜‰


    • Tracey says:

      Not all of your posts need to be focused on selling.

      Make some posts about how to use the product, or what age groups it’s appropriate for. In fact see if you can find some discussions about the product on forums or yahoo answers to find out what people want to know about it and make a quick post on that.

      Then use these posts as backlinks and funnels to your money posts.

      A good balance of info type posts and review/selling type posts works best.

      And don’t be scared to link out to another site as well, outbound links to authority type sites can help boost your own site too (just put them toward the bottom of the post so no one really clicks on them).

    • Dave says:

      JohnM, 1 could be a comparison of the other 7. ! could be the history, benefits etc. Heck, the others posts can still be about the products, you can say how bad one is to the other so it doesn’t need an aff link. Just don’t over think it, just type and let it all flow.

      • Kelly says:

        And the links that don’t have affiliate links, make sure you link them to your money posts! In other words, if you write about “Is X better than Y?” you should link out to your post on X and your post on Y.

  7. Tracey says:

    Awesome post again Dave and everything here is 100% correct. Except for the part about being able to spend 8 hours a day to set up a website.

    If only I had the time …

    Never mind. Whether it takes a day or a week, it can still be done. Time is on your side while your websites age.

    But don’t feel sad for me. I still do ok πŸ˜‰ LOL

    • Dave says:


      I don’t feel sad, I know you do OK πŸ˜‰ The 8 hours could be split over any period of time, yeah. The main thing is not to spend more than that for each site.

  8. JohnM says:

    Thank you Bruno and Tracey.

    I guess conceptually I want to write everything about the product on one post. But I can see the advantage of breaking it down into different bits of info that link to the money page.

    I’ll get the hang of this yet πŸ™‚

  9. Saldivar says:

    Hi Dave,

    What do you mean by “10 links to go live a day maximum, preferably less. Or whatever other backlinking option you prefer.”

    If I do this plan purchaising expiering domains is it possible to skip the 3 month wait for starting to buil links?


    • Dave says:


      If you get an aged domain then you can skip the wait, definitely. You can just build links from the get go and earn that much quicker.

      • Saldivar says:

        Ok, IΒ΄ll do it this way and IΒ΄ll be reporting at the pond!

      • Saldivar says:

        Hi Dave,

        How should I choose the Keywords for each site?

        a)I should do a site about socks and the keywords for each post must be white socks, cheap socks, winter socks, red socks and so on.


        B)I should do broader sites with 15 related keywords like winter socks, summer t-shirts, blue jeans, water proof jackets, board shorts for men and so on?

        • Dave says:


          It needs to be a site that is about a range of products in one niche. The example I gave in the Pond was beard trimmers.

          Your posts with affiliate links should be for specific beard trimmer models and the rest should be more general buying keywords like cheap, best price, etc with some top 5 and user guides thrown in.

          Be specific to a range of products.

          • Saldivar says:

            So a site about socks should have the affiliate posts with posts targetting “Nike tennis black socks”, “Reebok golf socks model xyz” etc

            And the non affiliate posts about socks for sale, cheap socks, used socks etc

            Is this right?

            • Dave says:


              That kind of thing yeah. It is not carved in stone though, the world is your mollusc so get creative πŸ˜‰

  10. Kelly says:

    Congrats on getting 100 to the Pond! I’m happy about it anyway, because it means it won’t get shut down. πŸ˜‰

    This is a perfect plan for me to take up after Christmas, I’ve already got a 3-6 month plan for what happens after Xmas, so if I build 5 new sites first, they’ll be well seasoned by the time I get done with the other stuff, and ready for backlinking.

    • Dave says:


      Thanks. It is actually now up to 110 paid members, we got 12 today which was pretty amazing.

      That sounds perfect. Build the new sites in a week or so and then get on with other things while they season. If you have the luxury of time then it really is the best plan of action. The reality is that if you backlink from the get go a lot of the work is wasted. It is better to see where content ends up naturally first so no efforts are wasted.

  11. Bea says:

    Hi Dave,

    I’ve looked everywhere I can think of in the Pond (which already has a ton of great info), but I can’t find this from your post:

    I showed a real life example in the Pond of me doing this. 10 blog posts were done in a few hours.

    Could you please give me the heading where I could find it?


  12. Bea says:

    Thanks. Well, I’ll just waddle over to the Pond and find it, won’t I.

  13. Jay says:

    Hey Dave, I bought your book and now am going through your site. Great stuff! I’m still a newbie at this…one stupid question.

    You say “60 Build My Ranks or 30 Postrunners, in a day. A day for each one over 5 days. 10 links to go live a day maximum, preferably less.” If I do 30 postrunners per day – how do I only build 10 links? I guess I don’t understand that part. If I put one link per article, do I leave the remaining 20 articles without any links?

    • lostcylist says:

      I’ll chime in since I spend so much of my time in PostRunner. πŸ˜€

      Postrunner lets you schedule when each article will post. So you can write 30 PostRunner articles in one day, but have them scheduled to actually post over a month’s (or whatever you want) time.

      It keeps the new little sites from getting hammered with too many backlinks all at once…

      • Jay says:

        I see, thanks πŸ™‚
        So that’s why is my site at the last page in the serps, I think it’s sandboxed now…I’ve been backlinking like crazy in one day.

    • Dave says:


      With Postrunner just publish them all as you write them. The speed people seem to be taking to then publish on their own sites you will be lucky if they all go live in a week.

  14. Allie says:

    Just wanna check the gravatar works πŸ˜‰

  15. Cinz says:

    Great post Dave! The power of hard work and tons of patience..

  16. Gerald says:

    How about doing more than 15 post Dave? will doing more will make me more money?

    • Dave says:


      The more content you have online the more you will make.

      Aim to fill up the whole Internet and you will be killing it πŸ˜‰

  17. Tony says:

    Oh my! This post… if someone is just reading the words in this post for me as I listen without looking in the monitor, I would think that its Grizz with an all new blog post….

    I do see shades of Griz in here Dave! Ya know!! some little bit of inspiration, little bit of motivation and of course a lot of perspiration!!

    dang it… spoonfeeding the lazies. I don’t know about you but if this still doesn’t motivate you to put something in the hours I don’t know what will…

  18. Robert Storm says:

    Hey Everyone,
    I asked Dave a ton of questions about this very post in the pond. So, if you are not a member yet then signup and come on in. The water is warm and there is a ton of information that can help make you some cash.

    Once you guys signup for the pond membership and you have your user name and password you need to first sign in to your account and then go to this url:


    This is the exact location where I started asking Dave questions about the above post you just read about “How To Make $1000 Part 2”.

    Of course the above link will only work for people who are members of the pond forum and already signed in.

    I hope to see you all there…

    By the way, Dave if you are reading this I think you should make the first XX number of members of the forum “Founding Members” and that could be a little status symbol for those members that have already signed up. πŸ˜‰

    Here I will sign off as…

    Robert Storm
    Founding Member of the Pond @ Zen Duck Forum

    • Dave says:


      Thanks for the promotion!

      If I knew how to do what you asked then I would, alas it is beyond the capabilities if this little Duck πŸ˜‰

  19. Jay says:

    One problem I see with the Amazon sites though is that there are so many online courses, there are virtually no more product niches left. I did some product research and it seems that everyone and their dog is doing the same thing now. Ever since I started my site in June, there are 15 other affiliate sites that came up since then and more appearing it seems every week – all with the same strategy in mind, competing for the exact same keywords.

    • Dave says:


      Find a different way to earn then. There are a ton of different ways apart from Amazon.

      But make your sites and then go back in and make them the best and beat the competition, the older they are the more chance you have over the competition.

      But you are right, it gets harder every day. Only those who will put in a tremendous amount of work will succeed long term. The rest will give up son enough, most do.

    • James Hussey says:

      This is why personally I laugh at competition – it’s easy to out-do someone once you see what they’re doing. Improve on it if you want to stick with Amazon – make them leave your niche.

  20. James Hussey says:

    This is why I keep coming back. You’re so the opposite of me.

    I used to work like that on Elance, then on my own sites my production rates slowed. Might I ask what sort of prices your typical products sell for on a site like this?

    I had Elance clients that would have me do 100 reviews a week, no more than 300 words for this one particular customer I kept the whole time.

    It would be on things like toaster ovens, tea kettles (the electric kind), alarm clocks…and I’d get him done quick.

    He was always happy but I was always thinking, “This is crazy – what’s he doing?” I’ve never entered those types of markets, though (on most sites I’m selling $500 and up – at least the sites I stick with). So my content is addressing a tough audience I’m asking to part with some significant money…in which case I tend to write slowly.

    Your thoughts on that would be appreciated. And hell if I can’t figure out where my RSS feeder went – for some reason I didn’t get this post in my email.

    • Dave says:


      I do cheap and up to a few hundred dollars. Stuff people really just want a good price on. It is all about the actual copy though as I am finding more and more that copy written from a more personal point of view is the way to go. You can churn them out if you want though. This post was just an example of how to get sites up quickly.

      They can be tweaked afterwards to become stellar. It is just about breaking the info overload some suffer from which stops then doing anything.

      • James Hussey says:

        That makes a lot of sense then, and your post was inspiring.

        But I do go for big wins and take some time on content, including talking to the manufacturer and whatnot when I can (when they respond – which they do once you sell for them in most cases).

  21. 3bagsfull says:

    Wow! I am inspired!! I am working on my first site now and have another in the wings. I just need to go get 3 more urls. I also need to go out and find some patience.

  22. James Hussey says:

    I just wanted to be redundant and say your post is inspiring.

    Really is, though – magnum opus fire-in-the-belly stuff. Why do I smell algae?

    …ah. The Pond.

  23. Will this strategy work with product sites that I created almost a year ago that haven’t done much with Amazon sales, or must it be applied to only new sites?

    BTW, I just joined The Pond!!!