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Okay, I said a few posts back here at the SEO Tips blog that the next post would be a guide to a successful website.ย  A complete rundown on how to build a successful Website. Well, I know I got a little sidetracked but things are back on course.

Problem is that after just completing the beginning of the post and sorting out the various parts to it it is running at a few thousand words already. I think it will end up being about 20K words or so. And, it got me to thinking about the Kindle book publishing that we have been talking about. I have sold 10 of the Amazon book so far (edit: A few weeks later and it is well over 30) which is certainly not life changing but it has allowed me to see the potential.

Anyway, I am going to publish the post as another book and my aim is to get quite a few such books online this year, in the make money niche and in others. I can see it adding up to a nice steady extra income stream and one that is disassociated from traditional SEO and relying on ranking, although you can bet that will be thrown in to the mix as well.

I don’t want you guys to have to pay for any of the books I write as they will be a part of the blog as well. The only way I can think to let you get them free and also allow me to get some link juice going (as well as extra visitors via links in the books themselves) to the books from here is to publish them and lock some of the content as password protected. So, to let you read them for free and so that we can discuss stuff as normal I am going to send out the password to anything protected via my newsletter. There are only a hundred or so peeps signed up to it so far so it is all nice and small scale and not some nightmare of mass nonsense.

I won’t be spamming you with crap or anything like that, just an odd musing as and when something interesting comes my way or when I publish another book for the Kindle and smashwords. So, if you want the next post in its entirety then can you sign up to the newsletter. By the way, if you aren’t signed up by the time something gets published then you won’t have access to it unless you buy the actual book so if you are interested in the nonsense I spout then you will just have to sign up soon. Sneaky huh?

It will be a few weeks until the content is ready as I am off for a week on me hols in a week or so and I will put it up when I get back.

But, if there is anything on your mind why don’t we make this post and its comments section a kind of free for all Q and A session. If you have a question about anything then feel free to run riot here, I now have my iPad 2 so I will be checking in even when I am away so you won’t know the difference.

If you haven’t decided to get in on the Kindle action then I advise you to do so soon. I really can see an awful lot of potential in this and I am going to be spending some time writing a number of books this year, Wifey published one the other day too and within a day had a sale, it ain’t life changing, as I said, but if you had 10, 20, 50, 100 such works of 10,000 or 20,000 words up online it could actually be a good monthly wage and it really does help to expand your portfolio of ways to make money on the Internet. It also feels good too, doing something productive and keeping the quality of the writing high, I know that personally a lot of what I write for backlinks is not going to enhance anyone’s life so getting published with some good quality content makes a very welcome change.

Oh yeah, best comment that helps everyone out gets a dedication on the second page of my next book, fame at last eh?

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  1. Seth says:

    Oh come on. Spam us with crap! You can’t be a true Guru without doing that.

    • Dave says:


      The very word makes me shudder. Anyone who purports to know the answers in this game is full of the proverbial. And if they guarantee it then they deserve a pointed stick up the proverbial proverbial.

  2. Kimarie says:

    Are there any successful bloggers already doing what you are explaining? I run a fashion site and would like to venture into this but no idea what is and isn’t allowed to be included and would like some more info. The Amazon site isn’t fantastically helpful.

    • Dave says:


      You can basically publish anything as a Kindle book that you have the rights to. You can write guides and give them away free, tips, tricks, basically anything. The length can be up to you too. Basically anything that you think people will be interested in and will find it worth paying for. You don’t want negative reviews or for them to get a refund so apart from that anything goes. Linking from your site to your author page will give you a lot of social cred so it is worth doing from that point alone.

  3. Shuck says:

    Creating a book is interesting. I’m not much of a writer myself but I can surely see the potential. Fine, I’ll sign up to the newsletter.

  4. Gayan says:


    Password protected, Newsletter signup …. tempting, tempting ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Dave says:


      Just looking at all the possibilities to earn a living Dude, and there are plenty. I don’t mean the newsletter, I mean the book thing.

      Or do I??


  5. Lando says:

    I’m a true fan ๐Ÿ˜‰

    But I’ve not noticed you tweeting!

    • Dave says:


      I can’t handle Twitter it is so boring and full of nonsense that I shall never return there. There are enough time sinks out there as it is without compounding the problem. FB is enough for me and at least you can write what you want in reply to peeps rather than a few stupid words.

  6. Jane says:

    Dave you say you don’t like spam, but isn’t that what your’e recommending, and what all the gurus are starting to do, with Kindle? If people really don’t have much to say but it’s the latest MMO gig – it’s going down the crapper. Even at $.99 a lot of the crap that’s on there already isn’t even worth that! I LOVE Kindle, and this is the newest thing, sure to turn it into trash…

    Sorry Dave, you might have something to say,but please don’t tout it as another way to MMO. already, there are plenty of “ebooks” for sale that are just packages resold by Warrior Forum types, “Publish These PLR Ebooks On Amazon And Make a Gazillion Dollars”

    • Dave says:


      That is not what I am saying at all. I am saying to write real quality and helpful books, guides etc that deserve to be available and that you can be proud to call your own. I am not in any way advocating that PLR or any other stupid Warrior Forum get rich quick scheme be given the slightest credit.

      I am saying it is a way to make money though, I see nothing wrong with that, but I am advocating that you put your absolute best content up as a book, not anything that is crap at all. I see little point in that. You will simply get bad reviews, the price will be refunded and it would be an end to it all. If I came across as anything other than what I have just said then I certainly did not mean to and I am not advocating polluting the Kindle book store with any dross at all, helpful and high quality books all the way baby ๐Ÿ˜‰

      What do you think Jane?

      Nice to have someone else telling me off, makes a difference to the Wife doing it (joke, honest).

      • teatree says:

        I think what she means is that a lot of gurus who used to talk about ranking in the SERPs, now talk about ebooks and the like because they’ve been pandalised and don’t know what to do about it.

        Joseph Archibald is one of them – he was all about backlinking. Then his ebay sites got dinged by G and he’s shifted to selling coaching services, though not sure what value he can offer if he can’t get himself out of Panda.

        Not, I hasten to add, that this applies to yourself. But you can see where Jane’s coming from.

        Kindle is great – but am not sure the MMO niche is the one to go for. More mainstream topics are where the profit is. I’d buy a book that advised me how to spot damp when buying a property or how to maintain my car (in real simple steps with lots of pictures). But I wouldn’t buy an MMO book describing pre-Panda techniques because it would by definition be useless.

        I noticed that Lis is writing her book on travel, based on her actual experiences – now that is what I’d call a proper mainstream book, and if she does it well, she could get a paperback deal too.

        • Lissie says:

          Hi teatree – my new best friend! I actually was about to write the same thing – I don’t think MMO is the way to go with eBooks – for 2 main reasons – the first- its actually against the TOS for Smashwords and discouraged at Amazon – neither are enforcing at the moment but they will probably at some point.

          The other, and in my own mind, the more important reason is that your readers aren’t on Amazon looking for a book to read – they are already on your blog, in the forums – all the usual places.

          I had the same issue – I think some of my posts would be better off in eBook format – they need table of contents and structure – but I couldn’t see anyone on Amazon looking to buy MMO and I saw and awful lot of crap – and I saw the pain of differentiating myself from that crap

          But travel is different – people read travel books when they can’t travel – because its escapism – they read that when they are on their daily commute. And eBooks are a dream for those who ARE travelling – because they are so easy to carry.

          • jamesthejust says:

            I see the point well-made, I’ve personally gone into the MMO and SEO route because it’s been something on my to-do list, and because I need diverse income streams. Panda taught me that much at least.

            Currently my IM income has snapped back up to “OH, life’s good again,” after recovering more than fully from Panda. Hopefully the resources I release aren’t seen in the same light, because I’m sure as hell not writing a WSO.

          • jamesthejust says:

            Yeah. My adverb key isn’t working. Meant to say, “diversify” income streams.

          • jamesthejust says:

            Nope. I had it right the first time. Now I’m just spamming.

          • Dave says:


            I get your point, I guess I need to evaluate this, but if I am going to be writing the content anyway, well…………

            Me and Wifey did actually have a travel book in mind as well, but it was a little epic in its scope, may have to have a little think.

        • Dave says:


          All good points and duly noted. We shall see, I already have a book up that is not in the MMO niche, I just want to test the waters with a few different things. Don’t forget that a lot of people are now in this game so cheap guides to certain aspects of it can earn well, I know that for sure.

    • Tracey says:

      You can’t even do that anymore anyway. Amazon has just started cracking down on PLR books (as of a few weeks ago) so trying to publish one aint gonna work (unless you are the very first person I guess). If there already is the same book on Amazon somewhere you won’t be able to upload another one.

      Which is good!

      Dave is publishing REAL books, with REAL ORIGINAL content.

      Go Indie ๐Ÿ˜‰ (Don’t you think it sounds like I’m trying to start a cult?) (oooh maybe I am – I wonder if there will be drugs?)


  7. Kat says:

    Signed up for your muse broadcast. The Kindle publishing thing is a real breath of fresh air – a chance to actually write again rather than endlessly blather on about some tedious yet annoyingly lucrative keyword.

    • Dave says:


      That was what I was trying to get across to Jane, it is lovely to actually write content that you can be proud off, I write enough dross as it is so getting some quality published feels good.

  8. Craig says:

    Can you put affiliate links in Kindle books? I’m not sure how it would work on the actual Kindle – I’ve only got the Kindle PC program – but there could be potential there.

  9. Bea says:

    I signed up for your newsletter as soon as I learned it was available. The only one I’ve received was July 1 (which was really great!). Is that the total you’ve sent out as of this date? If so, you really don’t believe in spamming, do you?

    Re Kindle: My true love in writing is fiction, but I especially love to write short stories. It’s a funny way to relax, but I seem to hit a kind of a flow when I’m doing it.

    Do you think it would be worth a try? I mean, getting some of my short stories onto Kindle?

    • Kat says:

      Well I am so I don’t see why not.

      Check out Kindle Store โ€บ Kindle eBooks โ€บ Fiction โ€บ Romance (this is Amazon UK BTW) and there are 46,000 entries for just that one category.

      Kindle Store โ€บ Kindle eBooks โ€บ Fiction โ€บ Short Stories has 12,000.

      No publishers to turn you down without ever reading your work – you are the publisher – but it is a competitive field.

      • Bea says:

        Thanks. As to competitive, so is Internet Marketing…but at least I could spend a small part of my time doing something I genuinely enjoy.

    • Dave says:


      That is it so far, I don’t want to send anything unless it is worth it or just something I think can help. As Kat says, go for it. I would also think about giving away a book to entice people to buy others.

    • Tracey says:

      Absolutely you should get your short stories onto Kindle. Go read Dean Wesley Smith’s blog – he is writing hundreds of short stories and publishing them.

      His blog: http://www.deanwesleysmith.com/

  10. jamesthejust says:

    I’m there with you, can’t let Tracey, Lis and yourself get all the rewards. One thing I’ll say is that the book publishing venture is far more rewarding, at least in terms of potential value-add, than most of what you’d accomplish in a blog.

    The potential, anyway, is there for the audience and traffic to Amazon is immense. The “trick” of it is the same, though: getting the right people to your book.

    If it’s on Amazon, it won’t sell without some notoriety, some push and actual marketing. Could be done the traditional means, but also through a use of “Pay With A Tweet” or Glen Allsop’s (sp?) plugin, CloudFlood.

    It may not be a plugin, but he’s incredibly ahead of the game with going viral (the whole point of his blog, ViperChill.com).


    The way both work (Pay with a Tweet and Cloudflood) is that you give something away, I’d suggest a chapter of content, and then your peeps will need to Tweet or FB share it first to gain access.

    I better be in your damn book.

    • Dave says:


      Good idea Dude, I kind of forget the power of the social stuff, even though I do get quite a bit of Facebook traffic. As to the book, we will have to see if anyone comes up with anything better, now won’t we ๐Ÿ˜‰

  11. mike says:

    Hi dave
    Totally unrelated to the topic, but you did say have a q&a. Im a member at KWA and have been wanting to ask – do you know anyone who perhaps has a wifey with an additional adsense account. my wifey would like to start – can she get her own account – same address but different bank accounts from hubby – me!Any knowledge or experience of this.
    hope im not too cheeky asking -btw loving your work!

    • Dave says:


      No problem. As far as I am aware you can have accounts from the same address and even the same bank account as long as you have different names, Ours are different banks as one was set up for the UK and one for Spain but I think that as long as it really is 2 different peeps then you are not breaking any rules, same as with Amazon, we have 2 accounts for the same address.

  12. Carrie says:

    Thanks for giving us access to all your super-secret stuffy-stuff sans spam!

  13. ChrisCD says:

    So with Amazon booting out California affiliates, that would also mean California’s couldn’t publish and be paid for Kindle books, correct?

  14. Tracey says:

    I have to sign up to a newsletter? urrgh.

    10 sales already is actually pretty great. Remember that this is a long term thing and the first few months are usually pretty slow.

    As far as my research has uncovered, it’s absolutely normal to sell 10 or so copies the first month, perhaps 20 the next month, maybe 30 the third month and so on. It actually takes 6 to 12 months for anything spectacular to happen. And once you get onto a top 20 for your category things start to explode.

    As for your awesome content that you want to give us for free (bless ya) you could always set up a 100% coupon over at Smashwords and just give the code to your nearest and dearest. That’s how many people send out review copies.

    Say congrats to Wifey for getting her book up. Awesome stuff.

    t xx

    • Dave says:


      That is great to hear and I actually sold another 3 yesterday so although a few peeps here have said not to go for the MMO niche I think I will stick to my plans and release a number of good books. Thanks for the idea about Smashwords Tracey, I will look in to it. I just also want some of the content live on here, so a password may be best for some and a coupon for shorter stuff not really aimed at you guys.

      Sorry about the newsletter Tracey, but hey, overnight I got 50% more peeps to sign up than had already done so. Quite interesting to see what peeps do with the promise of something free. Something to think about for everyone really. List building is new to me and the Wife but from other sites we set up a few weeks ago we have a combined list number, excluding this site, of over 500 so there is certainly promise in it.

      Wifey says ta very much XXX

      • Cat says:

        I didn’t even realise you had a newsletter until reading this post! I never sign up for them any more, but made an exception in your case – can’t resist a good freebie ๐Ÿ˜€

        • Dave says:


          I am only subscribed to one other, Leo’s, all the rest are utter nonsense, apart from mine of course ๐Ÿ˜‰

  15. Carlo says:

    Hey Dave,

    What’s your latest approach on link building velocity (following latest G developments)?

    I mean for the KV you really want to rank for. Do you start a bit slower, but then still reach a point where you just build as many as you can?

    Thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Dave says:


      I now go a lot slower than I ever have. I do more internal linking than ever and I concentrate on linking to some aged domains that I buy. I was actually just talking to Lando on Facebook about one site I bought. I re-purposed it, it was a PR5. Now the content I put on it is PR4, a tag is PR4 and even my legal page on it, and the page 2 of the site is PR4 as well. This is all from internal linking and from links from 5 or so other domains I bought.

      They then send out links to each other and to a mains site and as they get backlinks they will improve even more. So I would say this, blast the satellites as much as you want, if you do it manually, and link just 5 or 10 times a day to a main site you could not risk losing. But never do it daily, have weeks off at a time and add content etc. And do as much internal linking as you possibly can, it really works a treat ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. Ruth says:

    I think I had already signed up before – looking forward to getting some more emails from you ๐Ÿ˜‰ The comments here are interesting, but as long as you’re releasing useful Kindle books – which it seems as though you are – I don’t see any harm in it being in the MMO niche. It would be a good way for beginners to come across it.

    • Dave says:


      That is what I am hoping. Getting some rankings from good book titles and all adding up to a nice bit of extra income. So far so good.

  17. Donald says:

    Hey Dave, have you noticed you BMR post not being indexed in the last week? That little blue line on the front page has taken a nose dive to the bottom!

    • Craig says:

      In my experience the little blue line means nothing. If you check the posts themselves then you’ll find them indexed. I don’t know how the blue line works but it flits between 0% and 100% with no bearing on the actual percentage of articles indexed.

    • Dave says:


      As the others say, I wouldn’t worry about it, they will all get there soon enough.

  18. Donald says:

    Craig, the Blue line indicates the percentage of the blog post that have been indexed. I also check them manually even though my dashboard said that most have not been indexed and they haven’t. In the last week, maybe 5 out of 70 have been indexed. Really unusual for BMR as they’re very good, or were, at getting their blog post indexed. Just wondering if anyone else was actually seeing this.

    • Terry says:

      I always get a percentage of submissions fail to index inside a few days, but leave them for a while and they get there.

      The BMR network took a really heavy PR loss in the last update. Not surprisingly as they are so easy to spot for Google now. All general blogs chock full of 150 word articles all with a link in.

      But its still be best thing out there for backlinking satellites bar none.

    • Craig says:

      Sorry, I should have been clearer. I know what the line is ‘supposed’ to do, it’s just never really worked in my experience. It’s either at 0% or 100%, no matter how many of my articles are actually indexed when I check manually.

  19. Dave says:

    Anyone changed their Hubpages account to subdomains? Wifey has seen a massive improvement in rankings and traffic since she changed over.

    Certainly worth doing. Hubpages may just be back in the game. Seems my post on subdomains was spot on, same for the site I talked about in the newsletter, ranking like a dream with no backlinking. Big G seems to have a soft spot for large sites with subdomains at the moment.

    • Terry says:

      I don’t get it.

      As soon as you change the urls of your hubs that were on folders, that you may have spent a lot of time backlinking the crap out of, you lose all those links and start fresh with an unlinked subdomains.

      So why are they ranking at all?

      No backlinks and just relying purely on the domain authority to rank. On a domain that Google shat on. Doesn’t add up.

      • Dave says:


        The old urls are all 301ยกed so the links should still be counting, maybe not quite as well but close enough for now. But it seems to really improve the rankings by getting a subdomain, I guess as the account is a little more exclusive so you get a good bonus if all your Hubs were linked etc and are good quality. My guess is Hubpages are happier bunnies at the moment.

      • Terry says:

        Ok, makes sense. I just went over to one of my accounts to check this all out. Haven’t given it any thought up until now.

        It seems all hubs are going to move to subdomains whether the owners like it or not. Fair dues. Might as well get them done now, sooner rather than later.

        Thanks for reminding me Dave!

        • Mian says:

          Sorry Dave. I’ve got a question for Terry not related to this post:

          @Terry, I remember you’ve mentioned somewhere on this site or the old blog before, that you only use html static pages for your websites? Is that true?

          If you don’t mind sharing, what tools are you using to build these pages? DW? or just Notepad+? Do you change your title tag for each page? I want to build a couple of html sites, but to manually add title tags to hundreds of pages is a real pain!

        • Terry says:

          Mian, yes I do build html sites but I don’t use any software, I have a few home made templates that I tinker with in PsPad (its a good editor but crashes now and then).

          I do create a separate unique set of header meta tags for each article along with its own title tag to match the H1 title of the article for the best KW SEO. It really doesn’t take long to do this as each article starts with a basic set of description meta tags *in the template) then a few new ones added related to the topic of the article. Since my sites are all niche based, that’s easy to do.

          I can imagine it’d be a pain to do with general sites, but I don’t build those!

          The really hard work is backwards engineering blogs with anything more than 20 or so pages. Then its slow tedious work to build each page with the same url as the old blog and all the other gubbins.

          But for new html sites that I build from the ground up, I only add one article at a time, so its pretty easy. I don’t build too many pages into them cause they’re not meant to be authority sites, at least not until much later as they evolve slowly over time.

          Hope that all makes sense ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Mian says:

            Thanks mate. Building one at a time gives me a good excuse to slack, haha…

            I see your point that sites need to evolve slowly over time. But what I’m worried about is that with plain html sites, once you have accumulated 100s of pages it is gonna be a real pain if you ever wanted to modify anything site wide. May be I should make my support sites with html and still use CMS for the big boys…

          • Terry says:

            You’re welcome. I do use php includes in each new article on a static site to pull in files for stuff that can change. Give each file a .php extension (not .html) and then it only means updating a single file, like for navigation, footer, header, adblocks and the like each time you make a sitewide update.

            As an example, a footer area will have a copyright date that changes year to year. Its easier to update a single footer file than go into every article and update it!

            Or a navigation bar maybe in the sidebar of each page. That’ll change each time you add a new page, so it goes in a single file.

          • Terry says:

            If you don’t know this, add this code in the place you want to add all the code in an external file:

            <php include ‘footer.php’?>

          • Terry says:

            Oops missed off the leading “?”, should read:

            <?php include ‘footer.php’?>

          • Bruno says:


            additionally you could try using XSitePro if you’d like to create some static websites without so much trouble. It has does have some limitations, but to create some static websites is a good option.

            Worth taking a look at ๐Ÿ˜‰

          • Mian says:


            I’ve figured out how to use a .html file extension and execute php code in them…like you said, I will php code headers and footers etc…

            @Bruno, thanks mate, I’m going to check it out and report back.

    • Bruno says:

      I was about to ask a question about subdomains: on that site that you’ve mentioned and similars like orbs, etc., how is your approach on link building velocity?

      Do you treat them just as brand new domains or can you backlink a bit faster like a Squidoo lense or something similar?

      I’ll change some of my hubs and we’ll see what happens


      • Dave says:


        I got one banned that I mentioned in the newsletter, I sent forum profiles to it, so don’t do that ๐Ÿ˜‰ But all the subdomain sites can be treated like old sites and linked to quickly. On the newsletter suggestion site add a blog in. I got a blog on there to numero uno for a tough term with no backlinks, just internal linking and 2 blog posts and a homepage post. Good stuff.

        • Bruno says:

          Is that so? That’s quite good. I’ll definitely pay more attention to them.


          • Bruno says:

            Forgot to ask, do you monetize Orbs and the-one-that-we-shall-not-speak-the-name-of-unless-you-join-zenduck’s-newsletter or do you use them only for backlinks? ๐Ÿ˜‰

            • Dave says:


              I have done both, purely down to how lazy I feel. But really any web 2.0 property that you are gonna build and backlink a little may as well be a potential earner as well.

    • JanisG says:

      I switched 2 accounts on Friday, 2 more accounts on Saturday. I don’t see massive improvements, except ONE hub. I believe it is still too early to tell.


    • Tracey says:

      oh cool. Didn’t even know they had done this. Just switched over so will see how this changes things. fingers crossed because I always liked hubpages better. Hopefully they are back baby.


      • Dave says:


        Definitely worth doing now as it will happen anyway. It seems that any accounts that have had some link love are doing well, while, of course, others are moaning about no improvement.

  20. Carlo says:

    I have just switched and will report results, thanks for the tip!

    They pissed me off a lot with all the stupid changes they made following Panda, so it is high time they do something cool ๐Ÿ˜‰

  21. Lynn says:

    I remember you saying to look at stats to come up with ideas for the best stuff to tackle to strengthen a site for certain keywords. I have a basic stats package on most of my sites that comes with hosting, but it tells me only 10 or so keywords and I need more. However, I don’t want to use G’s analytics or webmaster tools. So, I’m wondering what you would suggest I use. Any suggestions?
    Thank you!

    • Dave says:


      Try statcounter, I use it for all my sites and it gives a ton of recent terms and shows you how many people came to your site for the terms.

      • Gerald says:

        I’ve been using StatCounter before but I noticed that it makes the loading of my site very slow so I removed it.

  22. Abigail says:

    Hi, RE KINDLE , I got this from one of my subscribed lists today, not sure if this is of interest to anyone….. It has nothing to do with me personally, so can’t vouch for any level of quality, but sounds like a good overview for us newbies.

    **** Publish an Ebook Today Using Amazon’s Kindle ****
    Complete Step-By-Step Instructions

    Join us TONIGHT at 8pm Eastern to learn everything you
    need to know to tap into this money making venture.

    Reserve your Webinar seat now at:


    To maximize profits your content should be
    published in as many different formats as
    possible including on Amazon’s Kindle.

    In this webinar event we will show you EVERYTHING
    you need to get international distribution for
    your content as an ebook on Amazon’s Kindle.
    If you want more more info, just go to the link, I can post more of the details, but don’t really want to spam a whole huge post…

    • Terry says:

      Why would anyone here take a blind bit of notice of what happens on Warriors? Its 99% scam designed to get you to join another bloody spam email list (sorry Dave, present company excluded), so yet another amateur list builder can bombard you with crap in your inbox day in, day out.

      …ang about. Dave, I think someone is spamming your comments using our names.

      • Lissie says:

        ROFL there is a thread on the kindleboards – some clowns “confused” because their PLR “books” have been deleted – about fucking time I say – and promptly reported a bunch of PLR which is cluttering up a book title I want!

        • Dave says:


          A Gals gotta do what a Gals gotta do ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • Terry says:

          Cool! That is such good news. It made me smile when I thought about all the dickheads who must have walked into *that* recent WSO scam… $x7 lighter!

          Its a pity the guy who is using the pen name I wanted has published two real books… grrrr!

  23. Terry says:

    statcounter is great.

    • Terry says:

      I didn’t just post that… (looks suspiciously at can of beer on desk…) nah, I’ve been busy editing and getting my next book uploaded! No time for idle comments.

      • Dave says:


        lol. That is actually an exceedingly simple workaround. Thank you kind mystery sir, you must be dong very well at IM ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Sam says:

    Hey Dave, if I build links to a website for a year and want to change the IP address, will this mess with any of the seo I’ve done on that website over that year?

    • Kat says:

      I think you are confused as to the difference between an IP address and a URL/domain address.

      You can keep the same URL http://whatever.com and move it to a different server so that the IP changes from say to and that will make no difference whatsoever.

      Change the URL to http://whatevernext.com and you will lose all your links (unless you’re au fait with Apache mod rewrite/301 redirects) which I suspect from the question you’re not.


    • Dave says:


      Hopefully Kat answered that as long as we are understanding you correctly?

  25. Mian says:

    Anyone notice PR update again?

    Some BMR domains seem to have regained their PRs…

    • Terry says:

      Yeah, I just got a nice surprise. Those of my sites that lost PR in the last update got it back, while those that got a rise, kept it!

      Good to hear BMR got theirs back too.

      • Seth says:

        Where are you getting links from these days Dave? Anywhere besides BMR and PR?

        I feel like I should be getting higher quality links or at least a different kind of links other than these.

        • Dave says:


          I spent a good bit of time buying aged domains and setting them up and then adding a link or two from them and that is what I have been up to lately, with some good results. Also a lot more interlinking internally than ever before. Then the usual suspects, BMR, Postrunner, also returned to Backlinks Solutions which is still going strong.

          But, and I hear the “gasp”, I haven’t been doing as much linking as before. I have been backlinking the aged domains and always will but am sending less to the main sites and making a real effort to make them kick ass sites with great content. Weird huh?

          I agree about the quality and as it is NOT easy to get quality links then building up some sites yourself is the next best thing. Build a mini site on Orbs, they are good and hopefully some peeps can step up with ideas. Try http://myblogguest.com/ and stuff like that for some real links from real sites. Slow to wade through but worth it in some niches.

  26. Darrell says:

    Hey Gang

    Let me tell you about an interesting story on aged domains. I have one that is almost 8 years old and live on the internet. About 2 years ago, I stopped doing much with it as I had other priorities. Duh…..is all I can say about that move.

    Next thing I know, fricken Google de-indexed the site, yet had about 150 articles. I asked for a re-inclusion and thankfully, they did place it back.

    I revamped the site with a new theme and changed my home page and focused on a tough keyword. That was about 2 months ago. I threw a few bmr links at it each week, just to get it going again.

    WELL – holly shit…the site rebounded in about 5 to 6 weeks in the top 10 pages..I thought cool…Then it disappeared again for the past 7 to 10 days.

    I went to check it this morning and is now in the top 4 pages…moral of the story…aged domains simply rock


    • Dave says:


      Good stuff, bit of a rocky ride that is for sure but sounds like the site is moving on up now.

      • rahul says:

        Just keep working on backlinks. You will rise in serp on the top in next5-6 months (highly competitive keywords).

  27. Bruno says:


    regarding satellite websites, say you have a broad websites where you have found that “socks” convert really well and especially the keyword “cheap white socks” is easy to rank and convert well also.

    Then you go out and create a small satellite websites to target socks and especially “cheap white socks” with a post with that kw in that article. Then you have a link back to your main money site.

    So if you start ranking for “cheap white socks” on the first page with both your page on your original money site and also with a page from your new satellite website, wouldn’t that look strange over time? Like 2 (or maybe even more if you create more satellite/orbs/etc with that keyword) all ranking page 1 and pointing links at your money site?

    I know that you may create a ‘duplicate’ website for safety reasons and to get one more spot in the SERPS that do not link to your original website, but if you’re creating satellite websites with the intent to backlink and earn with your gold nuggets, how would you proceed?


    • Dave says:


      Sorry for the delay, I am in the UK on me Hols. OK, look at it this way, if you rank high then what should happen is that other sites link to you, the authority. If it happens to be you that owns them then all the better.

      For many of our terms we have nearly every spot on page UNO, some link direct and some link to other satellites. I don’t think it looks weird as apart from the fact they are mine they are simply linking to the top authority site. But as you say, geta backup site that has nothing to do with the main one and it’s satellites, just in case.

      • Bruno says:

        “nearly every spot” hummmm that does look interesting

        Why don’t you take ALL spots INCLUDING ppc just for fun? ๐Ÿ˜€ Share the picture on Google+ after you have done it ๐Ÿ˜‰

        thanks again mate

  28. Bruno says:

    Just to clarify, the satellite link itself does not net to come directly from the post on the satellite post of “cheap white socks”, but from the index for example since you would have many other posts trying to rank for many other top keywords that you have discovered in your original website

    • mian says:

      Dave will give better answer. But my experience is that you won’t have your “cheap white socks” and your “socks” together in the SERPs all the time. Why is that odd? It happens all the time. And if everyone of the “cheap white socks” are legit, I don’t see there is a problem. Also these small sites can be your test beds for linking experiments. ๐Ÿ™‚ awaiting pro reply, quack quack..

      • Bruno says:

        yeah … you’re right … maybe I am being over cautious ๐Ÿ˜€

        ohhhh test sites … me like that ๐Ÿ™‚


  29. mian says:

    DMOZ folks are really quick, promptly removed 3 listings for the domains I bought, even before I took ownership of them. Damn!

    • Dave says:


      It is not worth chasing those type of sites. They are always over priced and the links hardly ever stay.

      • mian says:

        I don’t go after them, but it’ll be nice if they keep the links. Y! directory links tend to be more stable.

  30. Bruno says:


    for a broad website with lots of different products on different markets (say fitness related or any other broad market), how do you go about header and sidebar links?

    It’s a bit harder to do it since someone might arrive on your site through “cheap dumbbell weights” for instance, but at the top you have exercise bikes, treadmills, dumbbell, etc. But is not as focused if that site was only dumbbell related …

    then you could have dumbbell by price, brand, size, weight, etc.

    What do you reckon?

    How are your holidays? Hope you are having a nice time with a good cava over UK ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Dave says:


      Had an interesting time, lots of driving though but saw some amazing countryside. For a site like you describe I would go for sidebars for maybe the bestseller in each range and then a link to the ful range. I would only have product headers for the main categories on the home page. Individual pages should do best if what people see is the product they have come for and then links to the whole range, or prices etc.

  31. Bruno says:

    I see … Yeah, I believe in the sidebar is a bit easier to do it so … I was trying to find a way to add products to the header like you mention in your Amazon guide, but for a very broad website is not as good as far as user experience goes since he might arrive for one term that is not included in the top header, then he has to scroll down to find something related …

    With a more focused, narrow market website, this is easier since he will probably arrive with a query that is very focused and you can then easily fit something in the header of your page …

    Have you ever tried anything with dynamics sidebars? I was considering doing that so I could create more focused sidebars to different sections on the site … It seems that there are some plugins that let you easily do that

    I dunno how well would that go as far as SEO is concerned … but thinking from a user perspective, this is good since the user would arrive from a query and he will be presented with a sidebar that is closely related and focused on what he is interested instead of having a generic sidebar … well, amazon itself is like that …

    Have you ever tried something similar?

    • Dave says:


      I haven’t gone further than just having sites with a homepage sidebar and no sidebar for individual pages. To be honest I am leaning more to having sites with no sidebars at all to cut down on distractions, seems to work reasonable well and you can really focus what internal or external links you are then using. It is not right for all niches but it suits some perfectly.