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OK, here is the bottom line. This page used to be full of all the usual spiel about how great the Pond is and all that jazz. You know, the usual page we are all accustomed to seeing. Boring!

I decided to get rid of it all and let the members tell you what you can expect. If it sounds good then come on in for a paddle and get your feet wet.

Pond Headline

What I can tell you is that we not only cover all aspects of SEO, but numerous other ways to make the online monies. We have people making thousands a month with Kindle publishing, masters of Web 2.0 manipulation, a ton of discounts on services and massive guides to many important aspects of this game.

Actually, it’s downright amazing.

You can also read my latest book for free inside the Pond. Talk about value for money 😉

See you on the inside……………..


p.s. It’s a tenner a month and you can quit any time you like (not that you will want to).

We also have an affiliate program exclusively for members only. Once registered you will be given the option to join if you wish. 50% recurring commissions are offered for each new referral. Non-members are absolutely NOT allowed to participate in this opportunity.


I love The Pond! :) I’ve been here almost from the beginning and the first thing I did when I joined was to read everything. Couldn’t stop myself…

I believe the quality of the information and of the people you find here is simply amazing. Dave has shared times and times again lots of extremely useful info. And if you have any problem and/or question, either Dave or another Ponder will certainly be here to help.

With all these algo changes, I considered quitting IM a number of times. However, Dave is one of the most inspirational people and his posts made me keep going. Moreover, I found within The Pond the directions that can be pursued successfully within the current context…

I would definitely recommend The Pond with all my heard to anybody who is or who plans to become active in the internet marketing space. We are a great family here! :)


The Internet is the Wild West of scams and bullshittery – where the desperate sell the shovels to the new, wannabe gold miners who wouldn’t recognise a gold mine if they stumbled into one. The Pond, in contrast, is the map of the mining claims, complete with detailed information on how, where, and why you might want to dig in a certain spot…

Okay I’m pushing the analogy a bit – but basically if you are interested in actually making money online rather than making someone else money online, get to the Pond ASAP. Highly recommended.

Lissie (

My Story

I’ve been working online for quite a few years. I started off completely lost and having zero knowledge of how the internet worked. I got involved with some deal that proved to be – well a nightmare for me. I lost thousands of dollars over the course of 2 to 3 years because I thought this person knew their stuff. They made all kinds of promises that never ever materialized. I felt stupid because I was taken advantage of for my lack of internet knowledge. More importantly and something that I can’t get back – I lost a tremendous amount of time.

Does any of that sound familiar?

I knew I needed a new direction and started to look elsewhere for some answers. I wanted to find people online that were actually making a living and could share their insights and perspectives to help give me some direction and guidance. One day I came across this guy by the name of Dave chatting it up on a blog, but he was different. He seemed to genuinely want to help people and the amount of people interacting was impressive because the questions and answers were actually helpful for a change. Plus the massive long posts that Dave would add to his original blog was mind blowing. We are talking in the range of 5 to 10k.

Then on one occasion, Dave announced that he was going to open an Internet Forum called The Pond to discuss more of his tactics privately. At first, I passed on it because I thought, “here we go again with another Internet Marketing Forum”. However, a couple of months had passed and I decided to test it out. For $10/month, it was NO big deal. You can tell at that price, Dave and Alexis are not out to earn retirement money from this venture.

After getting involved for a couple of weeks in The Pond, I came to the realization that the Pond was truly unique and different. People were there to really help one another and most importantly not take advantage of people because we are a small community of friends that look out for each other. My only regret, I waited 2 months to join the Pond.

Look, if you’ve been lost, confused and not sure where to start your Internet business, then test out the pond and join. I promise you, the $10/month is easily worth 10 times more per month.

Make it a great day.


I’ve been a member of the Pond since close to the beginning. When I first joined, I was making barely any money online, enough to cover my membership, but not a whole lot more.

I was stuck on methods, and was in the habit of never thinking outside of the box. Combine this with the fact that I wasn’t thinking nearly big enough, and I was in a big rut.

Dave and several other members of the Pond helped me to change my mindset and start thinking really big. In December 2011, I wrote a post in the Goals forum. I wrote that no matter what, I was going to be making 5K by the end of 2012. I received a lot of encouragement and offers of help from fellow Ponders and got to work.

After working really hard in January and February, I finally started carving out a few hundred dollars, and I was so excited. Then, the algorithm changes caught up with me. Instead of throwing in the towel, I changed directions. I started freelancing, but with a unique spin that I capitalized on, big time. I have since shifted into a much more passive business model, I’ve made big industry connections along the way.

I’m really excited about updating my goals thread that I started a year ago. Not only have I met my goal, but I actually tripled it. It all started here in the Pond. Dave and other amazing members gave me the principles and foundations for making money online, along with the confidence to really go for it.


I’m pretty confident in saying The Pond is one of the best internet marketing communities around. A little proof from the pudding…the knowledge I’ve gained here has allowed me to create a residual side income that is now paying for a 2 week ski trip to Switzerland with my wife and part of a down payment on our first home, and that’s just in my first year online.

I’ve experimented with a lot of internet marketing services and participated in multiple communities, but by far the most valuable information I’ve obtained has come from The Pond. It’s not just Dave, but the other people here that really put a lot of time and effort in to make this place exceptional. Your membership to The Pond is not just to a community of like-minded individuals, but also to a family of friends that support you.

Thanks for everything Dave, and everyone else!

Wesley (

The pond membership is kind of like the Marines. Discerning. Hard-working. And we always have our eyes open looking for one, two, or a few very special new members.

Would you fit in at the pond? Let’s see. If you’re more of a taker than a giver, then this may not be the place for you. Forum members here work on a collaborative philosophy. Yes, our business ventures are our own individually, but we move forward together. The famous Grizly once pointed out that a person needs friends on the interwebs, and that is as true today as it was when he said it. The pond is a special community where you can be in contact with people like you, people doing what you’re doing, even though they may live miles and miles away.

Ponders are smart, motivated, and ready to put in the hours necessary. The pond is for action-takers, for entrepreneurs, not for babbling want-trepreneurs.

The pond is a sounding board for those instances when you need a 2nd (or 3rd or 4th… LOL!) opinion. Or for when you need a helping hand to clear the foggy confusion about some issue.

The pond is a safe place to rant if you’ve had a bad day, and need to get re-inspired.

The pond is where you can compare notes, observations and thoughts about working online.

The pond is a supportive peer group that wants to see you succeed at your dreams.

The pond is a place where solopreneurs can chat and laugh with friends.

The pond is a vibrant environment for IMers who are growing and learning every day.

Sign up and dive into the pond (the water’s fine!) if you want to hold yourself accountable for your goals. Write them down. Claim them as your own. Tell folks, if you wish, what you intend to achieve. And then get to work to make them happen. We will cheer you on every step of the way. 🙂

Trying to go it alone is the hard way- the hardest way! Alone we are only as smart as one person (ourself). Alone we are vulnerable. In community, though, we have the opportunity to be stronger, to be wiser, and to succeed far faster and more dramatically than we could alone.

Mrs. J

The Pond is the only forum about making money that has honest answers. You wouldn’t make money by joining it but if you need a place to get non bulls*it answers to your online business, this is the forum to be. It is also a great place to get that motivational boast when you aren’t doing so well and need that emotional support.

I have been here since the beginning and I haven’t regretted it.


If you’re not in the Pond, you may think that we worship at the feet of Dave but that’s not true. There are many in the Pond that share their wisdom and experience about internet marketing. For newbie IM-ers like me, this forum is a necessity in helping me sort the wheat from the chaff in the IM world. Love it!


The Pond is a place for everyone no matter what path you want to go down. If you have a desire to do business online then there are people here to support you and help you for your entire journey. Because everyone brings so much unique expertise to the table and because everyone that is involved in The Pond is here to help others and be be helped in return you will find that it is the one place where you can come with your own talents and grow in ways you never knew possible.

I joined the Pond just after it’s inception. At the time I was a lurker but I lurked everywhere on the forum and I read just about everything. I came with many IM successes under my belt but the people here have expanded my mind and shown me things I’d never have come up with on my own. I’ve ventured into areas of IM that I never dreamed I’d be involved in and I’ve had successes (some bigger than others) all along the way.

If you have a desire to learn the craft of IM and experience the ride with like-minded people then this is a place you will thrive in. It’s hard to fail when so many people are rooting for you and helping you out along the way – you can’t help but give back and return the favor. That’s what makes this such a great community.

chezfat (

I had been in the business of making money online for about 2 years before I stumbled across Dave’s internet marketing blog. Since I was already making enough money online at that point that I no longer needed a day job, and through that process I had learned to discern scammers from good natured folk, I could see Dave was a genuinely good guy sharing great information about how to make money online.

So, when I read on his blog that he was opening an internet marketing forum, I knew it was going to be great and I have been a member from the beginning. The Pond is a great community of people, helpful, friendly, sharing their different methods for making money online – and this is really what sets it apart from other internet marketing forums. It really is helpful and friendly!

I learned things that helped double my income online, and even though the google algo updates affected that income, I have been able to pick up other useful methods and tips for making money online that is now helping me to re-establish that income. In fact, I am really excited about 2013 in the Pond, the past 15 months of this forum have been great, and it continues to be great.

For $10 a month, you will learn enough to save you sooo much time and money that you would otherwise waste, the cost is a no-brainer. In short – THE POND ROCKS!!!

Darren (

From the man who ran the infamous Bike Shed a few years back, I can tell you that if you want to succeed online and make money, you need a strong community of like minded people. The Pond is that community.

The Pond succeeded where the Bike Shed failed. Why?

The Bike Shed was all about following the wisdom of that mythical beast, the illusive Grizzly Brears while hiding behind a secret door. Everyone took but few gave back.

The members were given the blueprint to make money but few adopted and worked it. Most just read it and waited for more and more and more. When Griz stopped posting, people left to look for another Holy Grail.

But there’s no Holy Grail of Internet Marketing. There’s only win or lose; do or die.

You win by learning how to do things then DOING them.

You win by giving back what you learned and succeeded with by helping others to do the same. That way everyone wins who dares to try.

That’s a community. It’s totally different from a following.

The Pond is a community of people at all different levels of success and knowledge. Those with more experience that can help others do so without trying to sell anyone anything. That’s what sets the Pond apart from places like Warriors or Digital Point etc.

In The Pond you’ll learn how to succeed from some of the best and most honest marketers currently in the business. People who are making money online for real. People who are happy to share their experiences, testing methods and success.

If that’s what you’re truly looking for, you’ve found it.

Terry (

I’ve been a member of The Pond since inception. It has been the best money I have spent. These are real people doing real internet marketing and making money. They share the reality of the daily grind of putting out content, dealing with GOOGLE and trying to figure out what the next step is. There are newbies and seasoned veterans, writers and promoters, men and women, and people from all parts of the globe. The diversity and honesty in The Pond is its strength.

(Don’t tell anyone, but the content in the ebook section alone is worth several year’s membership.)

Highly recommended!


This is for anyone just like me who has bought endless e books about making money online,
starting their own business but somehow you find yourself moving from idea to idea with nothing income to show for it.
Or for anyone thinking about using the internet to get an income

I was very sceptical about paying to join a forum because in my mind this would be more money down the drain.The free information and advice that I have got has made it the single best investment that I have made in the past one year.

When I joined the pond my experience online was basic.I didnot know what hosting or even a domain name was.I was intimidated by all the technical stuff but I loved the fact that if I had a question setting things up I could get an answer from another member and there is such a variety of topics that makes it a goldmine of good information.

I am so happy I decided to take the plunge and join the pond.It is not just a making money online Forum I have learnt so much that will apply to any type of business both on or offline… Diversity your income sources,change with the times, learn from others,do the work and do not give up.


The Pond is a unique resource. At only $10.00 per month, I can’t think of another place on the internet where people can learn so much at such a low cost. The forum is a repository for knowledge on everything from Kindle book formatting, to ecommerce, to advanced SEO. It is largely self-policed, and female friendly.

Best of all, there is plenty of “in the trenches” info available, including case studies, and more than a few people who are crushing it online are available to answer questions.

DaveH (

We are a small group of like minded people that are honestly trying to help each other by sharing our collective knowledge. The owner’s are Dave and his wife – Alexis. The best part, trolls are not welcomed ever. If that applies to you – don’t bother signing up because you will find out quickly, that sort of behavior will not be tolerated by Dave or Alexis or any other member of the forum. We look out for each other.

At only $10/month, I honestly can’t think of a better place to start your internet marketing journey. If you are a veteran and been in the IM game for a few years and looking for a new home to hang your hat, then consider the pond.

Darrell (

I joined the Pond near the very beginning and I have been there ever since (that alone says a lot about the place). From someone who has been in this game a very long time and been a member of several free and paid forums I can honestly say that the Pond is the most friendliest and caring IM forum I have found. It’s small enough to feel like a freinds and family community but just large enough to have a great mix of abilities – ranging from people who are just starting out to members who earn 5 figures or more per month.

Also whats so refreshing about the place and one of my favourite aspects is that unlike other forums, members make the majority of their money outside of the IM niche. They are not making money, showing people how to make money!

New members are made to feel instantly welcome and comments are made with courtesy and respect. There are some straight talkers, but without the confrontation and pack behaviour of other forums. Topics covered are wide and varied so whatever area on IM you’re into, there should be something for you to learn, apply and give back.

So if you want to be part of an IM forum and community where learning and sharing go hand in hand, where many members walk the walk and share freely rather than regurgitate, teach and sell theory – The Pond could be just what you need.


I have been a member of The Pond since close to the beginning. I know of no other source of information on making money online with the sheer diversity of methods and strategies as one finds at The Pond.
It’s an extraordinary resource for a very small price when you consider what you’re getting. It’s a one-of-a-kind site and as a bonus, it’s full of really nice people who want to help others find success.


I’ve been a Pond member for over a year and the main reason is because this business of making money online is constantly changing and it’s impossible to keep up to date with everything on my own as well as to know what information to disregard and what information is useful. The sharing of ideas, the encouragement, and support from like minded people who understand this business makes the Pond indispensable especially when I’m surrounded by people who think what I’m doing is no more than a hobby. Without this community, I’d feel utterly lost.

Noob Saibot

I’ve been doing IM for a few years now, and during this time I’ve paid for many different pieces of software as well as various forum fees etc. My Pond monthly payment is the only expense that I don’t mind paying every month.

I’ve been with the Pond for about a year now and it is without a doubt one of the best investments I’ve made. The wealth of knowledge the pond provides – from SEO to Kindle to Squidoo (and more!) – has been instrumental in my ability to continue making money even with the recent algorithm debacle.

But that’s not what really makes the Pond the place to be in this business. What makes this a special place is the community of people who have mutal respect for one another – people with different experiences and business backgrounds who regularly go out of their way to help each other out.


I stumbled on the Pond about a year ago and was immediately impressed with the willingness to share knowledge from such a wide variety of folk, who ran the full gamut of skills & experience.

I’m very much a part timer at this, and to be honest have seriously considered finding a new “hobby”, especially since Google began it’s rampage, but I actually enjoy farting around trying to chase the elusive online riches, and integral to that enjoyment is without a doubt my Pond membership.

The Pond (& Dave) introduced/convinced me to just let it hang out & write stuff in my own words when the community site (Big Granite) was launched ~ which incidentally generates sufficient Amazon commissions to pay my Pond membership each month ~ then sparked the desire to have a go at developing ebooks, the first of which literally blew me away with it’s success. When I think back on it, the ghost writer came from the Pond, the cover creator was a Ponder, my formatting & proofing were done by Pond members, and the ONLY promotion done was through the Pond!

Whether you’re a seasoned “expert” or a 60 year old wannabe author like me, the Pond is a mighty fine place to drop $10 each month!

BruceS (

I have always considered myself a newbie when it comes to internet marketing. When I was just starting, I was so overwhelmed by the information available about how to earn money online. There are tons of ebooks to read, lots of MMO blogs to visit, and lots of gurus preaching about this business. I did my best to learn as fast as I could but the earnings were really slow. Just when I was ready to give up IM, I found Dave`s blog and his straight to the point blog posts and honesty inspired me to give it a go again. And when he announced that he is opening a forum, I was so excited to join! Joining Pond was one of the smartest actions I did for my internet marketing business growth. I have been a member of some IM forums but I quit all of them and stayed here in Pond. Coming to a person who easily loses interest and easily gets bored, staying here in Pond is a milestone for me.

What are my reasons to stay are the important stuff that matter and why you are reading this in the first place. ;)

In Pond, you can find honest and hard working people. They are real people who are like me, have tried harder how to make this internet money business work for them in order to bring food on the table. You can meet different types of people with varied levels of skills. You can be a beginner and yet be at home talking with the big guys. These big guys earn a lot enough to live luxurious lives yet they talk to me and explain things easily! They talk very differently from the common IM gurus you find online. They talk from experience and they back it up with facts and tests. They let you peek and learn from their live case studies and experiments, allowing you to duplicate their success. And that for me is a MASSIVE LOAD of not just INFO but INSPIRATION!

Because of the Pond, I have been seeing growth on my earnings again, Im talking about serious amount of cash,not big enough to quit my day job but JUST enough to trust myself again and believe that if Dave, IonB and other kick ass Ponders can do it, I can certainly do it!

Seriously, $10 for all of these great happenings?! Gotta be a Ponder for life!

Thank you Pond! Love yah all!


the Pond is an integral part of my life, it has given me so much that I don’t have words to describe it’s usefulness. I love it and it stands out from any other IM forum because people here are Honest, Hard working and treat each other with Humanity. People like IONV, Judy, Lissie makes this forum a valuable place and I will definitely recommend it to all my IM friends. Once again thanks a lot Dave, you have made a great community.


I am a member since the Pond opened its doors. I still feel privileged being part of something special, something that you won’t find anywhere else out there. If it wasn’t for this community, I would still have absolutely no direction with my attempt in eventually making a sustainable, meaningful income with a website business.

I started my Internet Marketing journey in late 2009 with absolute zero knowledge. I had never heard of “WordPress” before, I didn’t know what the concept of “keyword research” meant and I honestly thought by creating a website with a couple of advertisements, the money would be rolling in pretty much automatically. I met people online who reportedly made a 5 figure income per month. So I created my first couple of websites, telling people about my life, my health struggles and since I’m such an honest and transparent person, the general expectation was that people will love what I have to say, click on my ads and hence make me enough money to pay off our cancer debt in no time. I however had to realize and acknowledge fairly quickly that this is not how it works – or does it?
Anyway, fast forward through a couple of years of me creating many more super unsuccessful websites, with even more unsuccessful ads, basically trying to follow ‘methods’ that seemed to be promising at first glance, resulting in nothing but utter disappointment and frustration. I am know for my patience and notorious refusal to give up, but I had reached my personal breaking point.

And then I found Dave’s blog which evolved to become ‘The Pond’.

Pretty much immediately I knew that I found something special. No bullshit, no promises, instead, solid advice and continuous support. I must have asked hundreds of different questions since, and all of them have been answered by the Pond members unselfishly with an honest intent to help each other all the time. And this is a very important point for you to understand: the Pond is a COMMUNITY, it’s not just another Internet Marketing forum. You will meet seasoned experts who made a lot of money online, as well as folks who are brand new, looking for help. I am active in the Pond every single day and I have never seen a situation where somebody asked for help or advice and didn’t get it.

I took my own Internet Marketing journey in a complete new direction by focusing on one website online, starting my own small business and doing something that I feel passionate about. This required me to learn new things from scratch such as taping, editing and producing high quality video tutorials. I went from not even owning a camera to having a fully equipped taping room. I created my own digital product which I now sell through my website. All this came with a lot of hard work. But there is no doubt in my mind that without this community, I would have never gotten to this point. The Pond gave made me more knowledgeable, but even more importantly, the community gave me CONFIDENCE. This group cheered for me all along when I whined, cursed and trying to talk myself out of it. And I will remain tremendously grateful for that.


The Pond is basically the friendliest, most helpful and supporting IM community. I’ve been playing this online money making game since 2005 and never ever though about starting to contribute on a forum or become an active member of a similar project until I stumbled upon the Pond. This one is totally unique folks. And you know why? Because it’s based on mutual sharing. Be nice, ask questions, work hard and you will achieve your financial goals in no time. We have some really skilled marketers and serious money makers here…

IonV (

Anyone who is not sure about joining the Pond should take a moment to consider how much value there is in belonging. The other members are kind and generous with their advice, but in addition, many of them are currently using their knowledge to make BIG bucks over a variety of platforms. The experience they offer is invaluable. Before you spend your money on a WSO slapped together by someone looking for a quick buck, give the Pond a try. It will be one of the best online investments you’ll ever make.


A friendly community of goodhearted, level-headed money makers. Plenty of excellent info and well worth the small monthly fee.


I was following Dave’s blog for a while and used a lot of his tips to optimise my affiliate sites. I think I got into the Pond within the first few weeks and I’ve been here ever since.

Not only is there a huge amount of real information in some epic posts, which would easily be worth the monthly subscription alone, there’s an amazing, supportive and uplifting community of people here. What’s so impressive is that no question goes unanswered – ever!

Kudos to Dave and Alexis for setting the standard here and to all the Ponders for making it the first place I check every day.

Isobel (

I bought 2 of Dave’s books and decided to try the Pond. When I first joined, I must say lots of stuff in here was like rocket sciences to me. I was clueless then but I am a bit better now after reading and lurking around posts after posts in the Pond.

I like that there is no “working 1 hour and making 10k a month BS in the Pond. Everything is real and the information shared is beyond amazing and resourceful!


There are many IM forums on the web, but there are none quite like the Zen Duck Pond.

Every IM forum tends to develop its very own, unique personality. The Pond has an especially friendly, casual and helpful personality.

Many people are posting under their real names and photos. Knowledge is openly shared. Case studies are openly created and followed.

The Pond may be of modest size, but its Zen Ducks always keep each other well informed about the latest developments in the IM world.

No Panda, Penguin, Parakeet, or any other animal starting with ‘P’ will ever be able to permanently pull the plug on you again. Because in the Pond, we share what *currently works*.

Joining the Pond might very well be the best investment you’ll have ever made. At $10 a month, it’s kind of a no brainer if you ask me.

Jay (

So What are You Waiting For?