The Best SEO Tip EVER

This is the shortest post ever here at the SEO Tips Zen Duck blog, but also the most important.

I was talking to the Wife last night about the questions I get asked on a regular basis and also we were talking about my total lack (and hers) of technical knowledge when it comes to the game of making money from affiliate marketing and ranking sites.

To be honest I am happy in my ignorance.  I don’t know coding, Website design, blah blah.  I do not use complicated tactics to rank, I don’t buy shiny new toys, I don’t buy much at all as far as tools or guides go.  The tools I own are Magic Article Rewriter if we are talking about what I actually use.  That is it.

So how come in the past year I have amassed what to me is a bloody fortune?

I write post titles with the keywords I want to rank and then I write content that persuades people to buy something.

That is it.

In the famous words of one blogger (moi):

“Keyword rich post titles, content and backlinks. All the rest is just filler”.

Just thought that was worth a reminder.  If you want to earn money via SEO then keep it simples Dudes.

Don’t get bogged down in all these complicated tactics for SEO and using tools and the like.  Bottom line is do the work and you can earn more money than you ever imagined.  If you do the work. All the rest is just filler.

p.s  For the first time in my life I have done a double spacing at the end of a sentence as Wifey said that I do it wrong normally.  Jeez.  Any of you lot do a double?  First I heard about it.

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  1. Craig says:


    • Dave says:



    • Craig says:

      Yay, first! Woot and stuff!

      I have quite honestly never written “first” (in that context) before in my life. You bring out the worst in me, Dave.

      Also, I used to double space but then I learned that the reason behind it was to clearly delineate the end of a sentence on typewriters, with their monospaced fonts. Word-processors made double-spacing unnecessary, and single-spacing is now the norm in print.

      • Dave says:


        I bring out the worst in you? Yeah right. I ain’t the one with a dead rat stuck to my head on my FB profile buddy so put that in your pipe and smoke it!

        Thanks for clearing up the double spacing thing, I am sure Wifey will be more than pleased to be proven wrong 😉

        • Lissie says:

          Wife’s first every mistake I think – I’ve just recently trained myself to drop the double space – that was what my typing manual said when I taught myself on a manual typwriter!

      • Craig says:

        (See Wikipedia’s Transition to single spacing for more details on why your wife was wrong today (although I’m sure she’s usually right, so you should celebrate today’s victory with all your heart))

  2. Seth says:

    I’ve always assumed double spacing after a period is wrong and I have never done it intentionally myself.

  3. Terry says:

    …so why didn’t you double space after commas? Sorta the same thing, I’d imagine.

    I used to actually use a manual typewriter when I was a young fella (two fingers only, sometimes the first and second in a V sign when I made too many typos). Now that’s showing my age…

    Anyway, was THAT your super SEO tip (baffle the G-bots with doublespace bullshite)? Or the bit about working hard? I kinda got lost somewhere…

    • Dave says:


      Aw Man, c’mon. It was the bit about working hard and keeping it simple. Too many peeps look for the golden egg when it is staring right at them. Not to get side-tracked and do some work. Damn Wifey and her righteous double spacing.

      Hey, got my book covers today so uploaded them and submitted to smashwords too. So, peeps could even be affiliates for the Amazon book too. I offer a generous 50% split if anyone is interested.

      Which, by the way, offers 6 dofollow links from a site with a home page PR of 6. Worth sticking a little quick bookie up there just for some backlinks alone. Curse my one track mind 😉

  4. Carrie says:

    I can’t read this post with all that spacing.

    • Dave says:


      Stop it, the Wife is having a melt down. She just came in all concerned:

      “But I am never wrong!”

  5. Bruno says:

    Double space? I have also never used.

    Have a nice weekend everyone

  6. Bruno says:

    Èven bart learned how to make money online …

    (dunno if the img html code works here)

  7. Bruno says:

    Actually, before the weekend, in the past you have mentioned that you don`t even use Excel to keep track of your stuff … but now with outsoucers, how do you manage them?

    Do you send them each week which pages they should build backlinks to and with which keywords or do you have a different system?

    And when you are buying your post titles, say the product is this one here “Confidence Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer” … that`s its title at the top of the page on amazon, but down below it says “Item model number: WIN100Z” … do you use that model number in your title or maybe in your content?

    I tend to use it since I believe that some people would be searching for the exact model number. And if they`ve found it on amazon in the first place, well, then probably they do not need my website to tell them where to get the best price 🙂

    Of course, “price comparison” posts is something they might look out for even after they`ve checked on Amazon to find out if amazon really does have the best price

    • Dave says:


      I just send an email with the keywords and the urls and then the work gets done. I do sometimes use model numbers but I have found that more people are searching for then name of the item with variations of buying terms.

  8. Carlo says:

    Hey Dave,

    Some competitors have some strong PR5 links from their own pumper sites….Have you managed to overtake such competition via building a lot of links? Or should these KVs be avoided, as too competitive?

    I remember you mentioned somewhere you don’t even look at competition. However, my point is if building a lot of links can possibly help overtake guys with very high (page) PR links….


    • mian says:

      I’d do what your competitors do, and more, if you want to nail it.

    • Dave says:


      You can overtake anyone with enough time and links. But a site with strong PR links like that is going to need more than just continual link building to beat. You are going to have to build up satellite sites yourself or at the very least have a lot of links that you backlink to make them stronger, and preferably links from good PR pages too.

      Tough but can be done. If it is too tough then you can make just as much if nto more by going for lots of longtails, often tough keywords don’t actually deliver with earnings anyway and a lot of time could have been wasted. It is why I say go for lots of keywords and never focus in too much on one or two.

  9. Russell says:

    I was always taught to double space after a period and grew up doing it that way. Now, they say it’s antiquated, but it’s a hard habit to break. Consider your self lucky for never learning that rule in the first place.

    • Dave says:


      I do, but Wifey is still saying that she is right. She won’t change here ways now she says. Glad I never did it.

  10. Darren says:

    All this double spacing stuff brings this youtube vid to mind, cracks me up every time

    @ Craig – when I worked in a supermarket in teens part time, there would be like 3 people waiting outside the store on Saturday morning for it to open, then they would rip through the store like a nascar to be the first person at the checkout. It was both entertaining and disturbing!

  11. Mark says:

    Dave, a couple of key points about double spacing:

    When I type articles in text on my mac and post into WordPress, it always deletes 1 space after a period. Who gives a f$$k!

    your ebook:

    Is your ebook the same as super post on your old site? I think the price is kinda of steep for us poor bloggers. I can send you a pay pal for like $1.99 and split the difference.

    • Dave says:


      Steep? Huh, it is $2.99, cheaper at smashwords as well for July, that ain’t bad is it? It is the same as the the super post yeah.

  12. Mark says:

    Dave, Can you comment on Mark’s new approach in TKA about shitty 300 word posts? I think he has some valid points. But at the end of the day, if we can money with 300 word posts that most people never read, what’s the point?

    I think Mark is really looking long term when you take a look at where SEO and user experience is going. If we have crappy sites that have a high bounce even if we are making money, we may end up loosing favor in the search engines.

    Future Of American Amazon Affiliates

    I lost all my Amazon sales because of the fucken commies in California and their Nexus law. Amazon dumped all of their affiliates (I would have too if I was them) and now will not have to collect a dime in sales tax because there is no nexus. What were these assholes thinking? Now a bunch of people are without any income. Amazon will not even blink an eye on lost sales because it will not amount to much.

    Do you use Amazon UK? I have an account and have made something like $3 from one TV that I sold. Maybe I should pursue Amazon in the UK. You have to be able to make some coin over their.

    • Lando says:

      I do A LOT better with than

      I love Amazon! But, personally, I’d focus on Adsense before thinking about

    • teatree says:

      You can always become an affiliate of They are based in California, so paying the tax anyway, and I heard that they are keen to hoover up all Californian ex-amazon affiliates

      Amazon UK not generous – they cap the commission at £7, which is about $11, for everything, not just exlectronics. If you sell a £1000 item and get just £7 for it, it makes you want to cry.

    • Dave says:


      I haven’t read what Mark has said, I just do my own thang. I write as many words as I feel is needed. Heck, a new site has a lot of content of 150 words and it is doing just fine. Then I add in other content that may be 500 or whatever, sometimes for products very short converts best.

      UK peeps are not as prone to buying, as Lando points out. If you find the right product then you can do good. But you want a UK domain and UK hosting if you can, and finding a product that converts is a lot harder.

  13. Mark says:

    Can you comment about Magic Article Rewriter?

    I have the best spinner and to be honest, the spun content is shitty. I would never post the crap on my own site.

    I do TBS when it comes to rewriting articles. I can rewrite it 3 times and spin content that is readable with my own words. Is this how Magic Article Rewriter Works?

    I am looking for a submission tool because TBS does not have one.

    • Dave says:


      MAR is great for spinning, but I spin each word manually so the end result is very high quality. I also have the submitter but don’t use it anymore, I don’t see a lot of point now with article submissions.

      • Sue says:

        And so where are you sending the spun content? I sometime use on my satellite sites, but other than article dirs who wants it? Thanks Dave

        • Dave says:


          I use it mostly to send a 100 spun articles at a go to Backlinks Solutions, but in the past I have used spun content for Infobarrel, ezine articles etc. You can use it for any web 2 property that lets you set up an account though.

  14. ChrisCD says:

    I can understand the part about keeping it simple. I have actually been trying to put some of Lando’s methods to work. I was on the right track with a couple of sites, but they have since been upbid to over $500.

    Buying aged domains seems to take a lot of time. I’m trying to go for 3 – 5 as a start. Thoughts?

    • Dave says:


      Just stick with it and you should get some good ones. Try age as a main focus you may get some better deals than just going for PR. But it does take time, but is more than worth it in the long term.

      • ChrisCD says:

        So I do want to make sure the site has incoming links though, right? Otherwise, it can’t pass on much “juice”, correct?

        • Dave says:


          Incoming links are best, yeah, but if you find a cheap aged site then you don’t have much to lose. You will be backlinking the site yourself anyway to make it as relevant as possible for your terms.

    • Mark says:

      Chris, I got real lucky with Lando’s method and picked up a 7 year old domain with no baggage…ie no bad neighborhoods. It’s a PR2 art gallery site out of Canada. I paid $5! After private registration and all, my total cost was around $20.

      This was my first attempt and I got frustrated and told Lando that he was long winded in his videos, etc. I followed most of his rules. I like what he said about buying your first one. It made me feel real confident like I was a hunter with a big rifle!

  15. Shuck says:


    My question is about about Magic Article Rewriter too, like Mark. I have been using it for probably a year now but where do you post your spun articles? I use and that’s it because it’s free and dripfed links.

    Postrunner won’t allow spun articles, and I don’t use Unique Article Wizard anymore except when I get an order for it on the warrior forum.

    • Dave says:


      Mine go to Backlinks Solutions, see my tools page for the link. They are still very effective if you can get in to the program. I also need to start posting them to other places too. Infobarrel and all the Web 2 sites for example.

    • Mark says:

      Shuck, If you use Magic Article Rewriter, you can post it to directories and places like PR as long as it’s 100% unique. I take my first 3 rewrites and place them on PR and they are unique. I am like Dave and I rewrite every word. A 300 word article has thousands of permutations. I then post on other sites like BMR as long as they are rewritten. I treat the rewritten content like a PLR article.

  16. jamesthejust says:

    Screw Wikipedia. Wifey (and I) are right. I always double-space after periods (yeah, typing class).

    Hm. I think this is why EzineArticles always says they “detected excess whitespace” in my articles and auto-edit that out.

    Huh. They’re wrong, too!

  17. Blackthorne says:

    You’re right, Dave. But at one point I think you revisted this remark because you were starting to doubt it after Google’s Panda antics.

    But in the end, a guy’s gotta have content to attract traffic, so…

    Keyword content backlinks FTW!!!

    • Dave says:


      The algos do keep changing but one thing is for sure, the content still needs to be optimized if you want to get anywhere any time soon.

  18. Tracey says:

    Shortest post ever and still 51 comments discussing how many spaces after a period is ‘correct’.

    Me thinks you popular bro


  19. Abigail says:

    Ok, I have to say I am with Wifey and James, I have always used double spaces, though it does sound like they could be heading for the hills (the double spaces, not Wifey or James).
    Ok, so now I am changing the subject completely. I want to create a website and pull in a whole heap of amazon products, like hundreds, and really don’t want to do this manually. A big requirement is to be able to pull them to different pages, though am not sure I am going to be able to get this right. I have looked at some of the options, easyAzon, phpzon, wpzonbuilder, I am prepared to pay (those ones all cost), but of course it is so difficult to find REAL reviews out there, as everyone is selling everything… urg.. at the moment I am leaning towards phpzon, because I think from what I understand in the documentation, I can populate different pages, not just blog posts…? Any feedback from all you soooper IM peeps wot follow here would be HUGELY appreciated!
    P.S. Love the Kindle idea so much after rereading your (and linked) post/s, have been busy working on something for that to get out there as soon as!

    • Terry says:


      I’m sure Dave will agree that using Amazon scripts don’t convert very well. They are an easy, but lazy way out.

      Its a lot of work, but putting up a separate page and writing your own review of each product you want to sell will bring you more sales. Plus the massive addition of original content will help boost your site in the serps for all the long tails that generate those sales.

      Automation is fast becoming the dinosaur or IM and real reviews are what Google prefers to see.

    • Dave says:


      Wifey will be pleased she has a few more supporters.

      I don’t recommend any plugin for aff links Abigail as at one point or another they are going to get classed as spam tools and then you risk a site. Reviewazon is very good for inserting Amazon images and links anywhere but I used it on 2 sites and they bombed in to oblivion and I never used it again. Others have had success with it though so it may be just me.

      Good luck with the Kindle book, I think it is a great idea.

  20. Nick says:


    Your wife is wrong I’m afraid – especially if you’re talking about writing online, for newspapers or anything else that’s in this century. Yes, most journals and books are doubled-spaced but it’s antiquated. (From experience in editing industry.)

    • Dave says:


      Don’t make her feel any worse. Don’t you know that this is the first thing she has been wrong about in her life? A hard pill for a Lady to swallow 😉

      • Terry says:

        Hehe it reminds me of the joke about the guy who thought he had found “Miss Right” …until he found out her first name was “Always” 🙂

    • Mark says:

      Nick, I am with Wifey. We should settle this like men and just beat on each other. Last man standing is right.

      • Nick says:

        lol, Mark.

        Tbh, I was always a believer of two spaces after a fullstop (period), and I was taught that way, but you have to change with the time. Plus, just imagine how much time you’re wasting?!

        @Dave – she’ll have done plenty wrong in her life (she’s just not able, as a woman, to admit it out loud).

  21. Tara says:

    Timely post! I was just going to ask you what you used to cloak your affiliate links; do you use anything? Do you use anything to make the links easy to read instead of the gibberish that Amazon gives you?

    This post was a great reminder of not getting bogged down with the nitty gritty and often technical things that can hold one back and just getting on with getting the work done: content and backlinks and all else is filler.

    I used to do the 2 spaces after a comma up until a year ago when I discovered the same thing that Terry mentioned above I think, the 2 spaces were for typewriters…anyway, getting on with my content and backlinks !

    • Dave says:


      I don’t use any cloakers etc, if it is an aff link then it looks like one. Some say that you should cloak and others say not to, I do OK so will leave it as it is unless something occurs to make me change my mind 😉

      Personally I think it is very good advice to keep it simple, so many books, tools and plugins etc are simply there to make someone else money and to complicate our lives. The content is the main thing, make it be exactly what the searcher was looking for, then it is just a matter of ensuring that they find your page.

  22. Jonas says:

    OMG I think I’m a genius Dave. I just thought of a way that I could write four articles today, and they turn into huge, major moneymakers down the road with not much effort on my part.

    First, let me ask a question Dave to make sure my plan will work. If I write an article that targets a series of keywords that right now has no results in the search engines whatsoever, but I know will get tens of thousands of searches per day for each keyword about a year from now, if I backlink it a little will I be able to rank on the first page for these keywords?

    • Dave says:


      My Man. Absolutely, a little work and you will be numero uno. Actually if no results are there for the terms then you should have it nailed with no backlinking at all. At least for a while. But to keep it there once others begin to go for it then you will need to backlink to secure your spot. There is a lot of money is such practices so go for it. Get in first to have the oldest content and backlink it and you should stay there.

      Thinking ahead like that is very lucrative.