Serp Injector Review Plus Ionic Interview!


If you have been building Websites, or leveraging Web 2.0 properties, to make money for any length of time, then I can guarantee one thing.

You will have been offered, certainly seen, and probably bought, all manner of products guaranteed to boost your serps position and allow you to retire in the next few weeks.

How did that work out for ya?

Yeah, no surprise there right? The bottom line is that a truly remarkable product is a vary rare thing. From guides, to bots, link networks and “insider secrets”, the IM world is full of dismal products trying to do one thing only, take your cash.

In the few years that I have been involved in IM the only thing that has ever really lived up to expectations, and frankly allowed me to storm the front page of the SERPS for countless keywords, is Build My Rank. And that is about it. And it takes a lot of manual work to get there, even with such a great network to use.

But things are about to change for you Dudes.

Serp Injector

I want to get one thing straight before we begin. This is NOT some dodgy gig on Fiverr. This is the real deal. This is for people who are serious about their business and want to take it to the next level.

This is a service offered by a star of the Pond, my main Man, Ion.

Having had the pleasure of seeing just what the Serp Injector can do, and trust me, it delivers, it is time to bring it out of the secretive Pond, where it has built up a thread 20 pages long, and offer it to the readers of the blog. In fact today it is being released as a vastly updated service incorporating more social signals plus many other things I am sure we will hear about in the interview below.

When you click on the link at the end of this post you are not going to see offers for five bucks. This is about a return on your investment. This is about paying a real price for a real product, that delivers. And what will it deliver?

A huge rise in the position you rank in Google for the 3 keywords you choose.

Nothing more, nothing less.

If you have a set of keywords and a Web property that you want to boost, then this is the answer. Having had 1 Luminous and 1 Magnetic package doing their magic I can tell you now that this is about the best offer you are going to find in terms of return for money spent.

If you have keywords that you know are lucrative, or believe to be so, then this is going to put a lot of money in your pocket.

This is not for people “playing” at making money online. This is for people that WANT to make money online. That KNOW that if they could just get some better rankings then they would be good to go. If this is what you want then this is the answer.

A very rare thing, a product that delivers exactly what it says on the tin.

So, let’s meet the Man behind the magic, I introduce you to Ion:

Hey Ion, so, a bit of background on you if you would be so kind.

– Hey Dave, thanks for offering the chance to publish this short interview on your blog. I’m going to keep it simple, short and informative for your readers. Got involved in online marketing full time at the beginning of 2006 after lurking for a couple of months reading and studying everything I could. It took me almost a year to start earning a solid full time income online and since that moment on my revenue streams have only grown. Was (and still am) a silent follower of Grizz and Vic (but they never publish anymore), always attentively reading their posts, taking notes and working 12 hours a day to get things done, always testing and experimenting stuff, never listening to “gurus”. There were of course some ups and downs, but at the end of the day, if you stick to the “never give up” kind of attitude, all temporary failures you stumble upon provide just enough room for more kick ass opportunities and you still succeed in the long run. And here I am. While I always had and still have other projects not relying on Google and search traffic to make money, my main thing has always been SEO, content, site creation and link building. That’s basically why I decided to finally make my ranking methods public and help people who are indeed serious about taking their online business to the next level via getting more highly converting organic traffic.

OK, enough of that, tell me why you set up SERP Injector.

– As probably most of the folks who are nowadays running Internet businesses and making money online, I got into this game simply because I didn’t want to work for “the man”. I wanted freedom and I got it (I’m not saying what I do now is a “4 hours work week” thing, but it’s still better than the daily rat race). And while for more than 5 years I never even thought about working with clients (providing eye opening advice for getting more business via search) and/or offering SEO services, I recently realized that by combining all the skills and experience I got throughout the years I could create a nice product/service that would indeed deliver quality, not just promises. SERP Injector became what it is today only recently, but the truth is I have been experimenting with this type of guerrilla link building tactics since 2010. I had a large team of hard working Filipinos (yeah, outsourcing was and still is an important part of my business) and they used to do SEO for clients all over the world by implementing my link building approach. It worked really nice and the results were outstanding, but I needed a real product with a website, not just sending invoices via email to my clients. (BTW, an important part of coming up with the service name, “SERP Injector” became your SEO forum and its awesome and friendly community, and folks who had/have access to the private area know what I’m talking about.) So, just recently I fired most of my Filipino employees (it was too time consuming to manage them all and the level of work quality needed to be improved), partnered with some friends who agreed to invest in all the necessary infrastructure needed for providing this service and hired some local SEOs who are basically the ones powering SERP Injector nowadays, doing all the time consuming and hard work. Running this business became more expensive now, but this is the only way to make sure we always deliver quality work and our clients get RESULTS.

Long story short – SERP Injector was created the way it is today after long years of testing and experimenting. It was set up not only to become another link building service, it was set up to deliver RESULTS.

And I understand that as of today this system is more powerful than ever, is that right?

– Yes, we are actually launching today the new upgraded version of our service, known as SERP Injector 2.0. We received a lot of valuable feedback from our clients throughout the last 5-6 months. This is the latest update of our link building formula. As we are a real company, with a real office and real employees, there are no limits to what SERP Injector will become down the road. KAIZEN (Japanese) stands for “never ending improvement”. This is a part of our philosophy. We all know that Google always tweaks its algorithms, thus giving a terrible headache to every SEO and online entrepreneur on this planet. What works today might not work in a week from now. That’s why we always adapt in order to deliver QUALITY work and mouth watering results for our clients. A really dedicated and enthusiastic team stands behind SERP Injector nowadays and we are always improving this system, thus making our link building formula a dynamic one. Indeed, what you will be able to see nowadays on is pretty much the most powerful version we have at the moment. Our main goal with this service is to provide the growth in popularity of a site/page/domain/URL, thus providing huge natural backlink diversity, and now, with SERP Injector 2.0, also including plenty of important social signals, link drip feed option and many new cool features that people can read about on our site.

OK, the prices, it ain’t Fiverr is it?

– No dude, this ain’t Fiverr. The prices that your readers will see on are fully backed-up by quality work, good results, awesome customer support and huge ROI. We help people save time and money, outsource the frustrating and annoying task of link building to a team of professionals and, by following the best practices for our service (we have a FREE eBook people can download on our website at SERP Injector University), get their money back in a very short period of time; the rest is just profit.

So, this is all about ROI right?

– Yep, this service is all about a solid return of investment. You can use one of our packages (SERP Injector has 2 new ones btw) on either a site that needs a boost or on an already high converting site/page that you want to take to the next level. Getting started with SERP Injector is simple. You buy a package, we do our magic, and you rank higher, get more traffic, make more money and therefore enjoy a solid ROI.

Do you guarantee results?

– We guarantee quality work and dedicated customer support. SERP Injector became what it is today because of the good RESULTS it provides. It works and this is what matters. It helps people rank higher without lifting a finger. And it shouldn’t be too hard to believe. It’s a fully outsourced link building solution. We do all the hard work. So, yes, we stand behind the delivered results and are always ready to provide an individual approach to each and every client in case it’s necessary.

Do you offer advice? How do people know what package to buy? And if their site or property is suitable for this service.

– Our new site offers a comprehensive explanation of what SERP Injector is all about. There is a dedicated FAQ page as well. Besides that, we have a FREE downloadable best practices eBook that people can get before buying, in order to familiarize themselves with the whole system, how it works, what it delivers and what is the best way to use it in order to make more money. Also, anyone can get in touch with me directly by shooting an email to support[at]ionicseo[dot]com and I’ll be more than glad to provide all the necessary assistance. We’ll take a look at your site and besides just suggesting the best link building approach; we’ll also help, absolutely free, with tweaking your on-page SEO stuff.

Should they contact you before they buy?

– If there is anything else people want to find out about SERP Injector (info that might not be on our website) or maybe discuss a longer term, dedicated plan or pricing for our services, they can reach me at support[at]ionicseo[dot]com. Yep, if there is a special approach people want our team to treat a web property with, just shoot me an email and we’ll come up with a solution.

Sounds great. Do you offer any discounts?

– We currently have an exclusive 10% discount coupon for Zenduck readers (use ZENDUCK10 when checking out and click UPDATE CART) that expires at the end of March and a 25% one (the biggest one!) for the Pond members. But those who still don’t have access to the private members area will have to join the best seo forum on the planet to get access to that juicy discount. It is what it is.

And finally, spill the beans my Man. Just how do you get such consistent results? I mean, we have a 20 page thread in the Pond with not one negative result as far as I can see.

– I won’t make public our entire link building formula, but I have to say that it requires a lot of hard work, dedication, constant experimentation and a team of professionals. We have our own SEO lab and we constantly try new stuff, test things, analyze results and improve our system. And besides everything else, we really care a lot about our clients. For us, customers are more than customers, they are business partners. They help fund our SEO tests, we help them get ranked higher and make more money. And yes, we do have money sites of our own, we are also SEOs and affiliate marketers and we make use of this exact same formula to bring home the bacon.


And there we have it everyone. This service has brought posts and Web 2.0 properties that were not even in the top 1000 onto the front page. It has ranked countless sites, given a massive return for the money spent, and best of all it is totally hands off.

You can’t get better than that Dudes.

So, head on over and let the Magic begin. Thanks to Ion for such detailed replies. Not that I expected anything less πŸ˜‰

SERP Injector 2.0


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  1. Sudarshan says:

    I love SERP Injector and it give you result…I have tried many services and have seen both success and failure when it comes to ranking… But SERP Injector never failed for me…i have used it like 5 times and have seen tremendous results all 5 times… I love the service and I am a great fan of ION who is the man behind the service πŸ™‚

  2. Mirjam says:

    First time round, back in november I ordered one of his packages to promote a few web 2.0 sites of mine, which I just could not get to top SERPΒ΄s … Since than, they have all gone up, in many cases getting more than 4 times the traffic and sales on them have gone way up as a consequence!

    So I am eagerly awaiting for the improved (is that even possible?!) injector to point it at a few more of my properties!

  3. Tessah says:

    Ion rocks! He is the right guy to ask if you want to get your site on the top spot of Google. I love his kind and down to earth attitude. Bring it on Ion! Cant wait to place my third order:)

  4. Wesley Banks says:

    I’ve used a Luminous Package across 5 different sites and have litterally jumped up multiple pages in the SERPs for my keywords.

    Honestly though, the best part has been the emails I’ve traded with Ion. I was a little concerned some packages were too powerful, and he took the time to analyze my sites and let me know how to proceed. In one case he actually sent me a small rank report for some keywords on my sites with a specific recommendation on how to proceed, and this was before I even purchased anything.

    When people are willing to go above and beyond for the service they’re offering, that’s when I’m all in.

    • Dave says:

      Wesley, this is the thing with Ion, he really will put your best interests at heart. It’s a rare thing in this game, very rare indeed.

  5. Ion says:

    Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone. Your support is highly appreciated. While we plan to grow SERP Injector really big and make it available to the whole market, the sexiest discount offers and promotions you guys will ever find will be exclusive to the best SEO forum on the planet which is of course the Pond πŸ˜‰


  6. Joe says:

    I am keen to try this on one of my sites and have sent an email via the form on the SERP injector site.

    Glad to hear the good results people have got!

    • Dave says:

      Joe, you won’t be let down Dude πŸ˜‰

      • Joe says:

        Squandered quite a bit of cash in the past on services that failed to deliver. I know this one is different ( πŸ˜‰ ) but just need to be sure before paying up as am pretty skint ATM.