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I rely on search traffic, a lot. Basically exclusively and I have to admit that I want to really begin to get in to different ways to earn online. I have a number of things in the pipeline, an e-book being one of them. Not for you lot, something totally unrelated to SEO Tips or any such thing, but I digress.

The main reason for this post is to give Lis a link about How To Self Publish A Book.

Not a particularly long post of hers but things that inspire are often short and to the point.

And it really struck a chord with me. Add to that Tracey’s comment about how to make money with Kindle books, who runs Tracey Writes Books (happy now Tracey?), and me and the Wife were really rather excited. It was thanks to Tracey a few years ago that we began using Amazon Associates and that has worked out rather well so I think Tracey may just have done it again. Let me step back a little.

My old blog was made available on the Kindle, Make Money On The Internet, and when I checked the account yesterday I found there were 9 people paying a monthly fee even though it was posted on the blog that we had moved to here. Certainly not a position to declare financial freedom but at least a sign that peeps do read blogs on the Kindle.

The Zen Duck is now also available, get SEO Tips on your Kindle, a great way to archive both sites in perpetuity if nothing else, and you get a free trial for 14 days to check it out. You can also get the Zen Duck SEO Tips in the UK too. The only drawback is that they are not available for apps for the Kindle put on to other devices.

But a Kindle e-book, now that is a whole other matter.

I added on the Amazon guide from the old site yesterday just as a sort of test and it has been accepted as a book and is publishing as we speak. Once it goes live I will have to tweak the content as I didn’t really format it ideally and the cover is still being made. I just did it to see what the set up is and to be honest it is very easy indeed.

Now, what I loved about Lis’s post and Tracey’s comment was that it is a perfect way to take advantage of a massive authority site and earn from “in-house” traffic. Get a book live with some good reviews, which I will certainly be hinting at in the future, or even get a blog with some reviews (you don’t need to buy to leave a review by the way 😉 ) and you could very quickly find yourself in the top ten lists for a category. And don’t forget that we know SEO too, you catch me?

And then I am sure the effect snowballs.

Set a low price point, write a short story, write a guide to something you know inside out and you may just have yourself a nice alternative income.

If we type until our fingers bleed for backlinks maybe a few weeks doing the typing to write a book and be a published author is the perfect way to recharge the batteries.

Being a published author where you earn between 30% and 70% of all sales is certainly inspiring to me and you can bet that me and the Wife shall be taking advantage of what is an ever expanding niche with what I see as a lot of potential. With more e-books sold than physical ones it may be time to declare yourself an author, you can now call me the author Zen Duck Dave.

To begin to self publish a book you need to start here and there is also author central where you can help to promote yourself and make KICK ASS biographies like this Zen Duck Dave one 😉 If you want to add a blog then you can do so here.


UPDATE: The Amazon guide is now available:

In the US: Make Money With Amazon Associates

In the UK: Make Money With Amazon Associates

I just downloaded a sample, and then bought the whole thing,  to my lovely iPad 2 and it looks a ton better than when I previewed it using the Amazon preview. In the preview it looked awful and like the paragraphs did not format but it seems they did.

So, it was as simple as copying to Word or OpenOffice and saving as a PDF and then uploading or using HTML. I will tweak it to look a lot better and add in a chapter index this week and a cover once it is done but for a first go as a test to see what it would look like I am pleasantly surprised.


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  1. Lissie says:

    Cool I’ve got someone else excited – that’s always neat – yeah the whole potential of this has had been so excited that I really have been too blown away to talk about it on my blog – I am now in the process of writing several more blog posts which will come out over the next few days – to fill in the gaps – and even writing the stuff that’s been in my head for a month has me excited all over again!

    Oh and there are 3 Amazons (com, uk, de) – you may want to think about that too ….

    PS but WTF can I not sign up for your blog on Amazon – are self-published blogs not allowed to be subscribed to by non-Americans ?

    • Dave says:


      I am excited too. I just updated the post as my Amazon Guide is live in the UK and for just chucking it on there I am surprised how it looks, especially in color on the iPad. With the blogs you don’t seem to get an option where to publish them to so it seems they are just available in the US, UK and Germany, which is a shame. And only for the actual Kindle, not apps.

      I really do think this has a lot of potential. Just looking at how the Amazon article looks I can see just how easy this is going to be. Basically just uploading a html file with a few tweaks. Once I edit a little for a cover and an intro etc I am going to be very pleased.

      Let the SEO begin, well, it already has 😉

      Looking forward to the next few posts of yours Lissie, it seems there is a lot to this and I am kinda kicking myself for not getting it together sooner as far as actual books goes.

      • Lissie says:

        Dave – how expensive/available are English dead tree books in Spain? I’m thinking that expats gotta love ebooks as well .. Thinking about the target market that will read on an eBook but would never read a blog …

        • Dave says:


          Here in Spain it is next to impossible, may be different on the Costas, Terry should be able to help with that. Basically everyone we know either brings books from the UK, or…………………….


          Us included.

  2. Craig says:


    Writing is my first love, and what I ultimately want to be doing with my time. The IM is just an attempt to build up a supportive income to enable me to spend more time writing. But in the meantime the IM takes up the time that I would spend writing, so I’m constantly debating myself as to whether it’s actually worth it or not.

    I made a decision the other day to just go for the IM for six months and see where I’m at. But now you make a post about combining the two! You confusing git! ;o)

    • Dave says:

      Sorry Craig,

      But hey, a week or two out of your life for a change of pace is no biggie. It may refresh you and motivate you for IM again. But let’s not forget how well Amazon pages rank so there is no reason not to combine the two and get some good rankings for a book that will lead to sales that will then lead to high placement on the category lists, which attracts Amazon browsers etc.

      And with the Kindle they give recommendations to people based on what they have just read, there is a lot of potential to this and I thank Lissie for reminding me of it and actually taking a first tentative step, it is very easy, especially if you like to write.

  3. Lissie says:

    “titles from are not available in your geographical area please go to”

  4. Lissie says:

    Oh some Indie writers spend as much time bitching about Amazon as we do about Google – I find it to be light relief!

  5. Bruno says:

    Haha, the make everything ok button is great!

    Yeah, why can’t we subscribe to your blog? I do have a Kindle don’t I? And I do not live in the us/uk/germany and I still want to subscribe 🙁

    Oh well … I didn’t even know you had that .. I actually saved all your posts from your old blog last week in my pc in PDF to upload to my Kindle so I could read it hehe … Hope you don’t mind …

    If you don’t want to make it available for us, then fine, blackhat forums here we go 😀

    BTW, I’m sure you shall be able to find something you know where, along the lines of:


    And it shall cost you only $47 😉

    • Bruno says:

      Hum … I just quickly checked there to see if there was something, and there are at least 5 of those WSO =/

      And I thought I was just messing around …

    • Dave says:


      I don’t mind at all, it is a great compliment. I don’t know why Amazon is set up that way but what can you do?

      Yeah, get ready for the dross and the stupid sales pages, sigh.

  6. Tracey says:

    You give me kudos for my idea but don’t link to me? Sigh, what’s a girl gotta do to get some link love these days?. (kidding, as if I need it – LOL).

    Also wanted to mention that you can put your stuff up on Smashwords as well – they send to nook, ibooks, kobo, sony, etc (all the other ereaders/tablets).

    They are a little more strict about formatting and content than Amazon are – and they don’t like ‘make money online’ stuff, but for all else it’s worth doing for the distribution.

    So we all going Indie are we? Bring it!

    • Dave says:


      Next time, honest. I felt that Lissie earned that one, although you did too really, so sorry.

      Thanks for the tip, Wifey already has something in the works (yep, we don’t mess about) 😉
      And bring it on, it actually makes a refreshing change to be doing something a little different.

      But, and I am serious here.

      Don’t You Australian and NZ folks sleep???

      It is like gone 2 in the afternoon here in Spain so must be the middle of the night there. What’s that all about?

      • Tracey says:

        10.38 pm just a last check of my email and I’m off to bed. Yeah I think I’m a little addicted to the computer .. and the ipad .. and the laptop .. and checking my email one last time .. and … oh sod it – I’ve definately logging off now.

        night night


        • Dave says:


          Sleep tight. I actually thought it was a lot later there.

          I love my iPad, even though I totally slagged them off until I got one. Books look cool on it and I am a self confessed Angry Birds addict now.

  7. Gayan says:

    Hi Dave,

    Cool dude, pretty cool…

    Although I’m not an expert on Amazon purchasing, etc… so since I’ve read your amazon affiliate guide (which is totally awesome btw :D) I tried to add a real review… then realized (which makes sense though :/) that You in fact have to make a purchase before writing a review on Amazon which I haven’t so…

    Anyway… good stuff as usual. And Good luck.

    • Dave says:


      Thanks for trying. I think that once you have purchased anything on Amazon then you can add reviews for any product, even one you haven’t bought so if you do buy something in the future then………

      • Gayan says:

        Of course Dave … I sure will do it… I’m actually a bit confused about Kindle and Amazon subscriptions, etc (totally new to me)…

        Anyway until I do that purchase… can I send you a link from my geek blog (nothing much PR-2 :/) to level with you ;-)??

  8. Seth says:

    People might pay for an old blog post they can get for free? Or to read your blog which they can get for free? This is on the Kindle? Does anyone own a Kindle?

    • Dave says:


      i am gonna password protect the article again and make it only available by using a Kindle or an app. And yep, people pay to get the blog on the Kindle, it is then stored on it to be read anytime anyplace anywhere, plus it is there for perpetuity. The apps are pretty cool even if you don’t own a Kindle, the iPad and PC ones are not too bad at all.

      It’s the future Dude. More peeps read on digital devices than ever before, more ebooks than real paper books are now sold. The times they are a changing.

      • Seth says:

        Just for fun I went to check out your article about Amazon. Yep, it’s password protected now. BUT YOU FOOLED ME! I assumed the password would be VINO but it wasn’t. It is probably some other beverage I’m sure.

      • Darrell says:

        Hiya Dave

        If you add the proper title and description – like you did – how to make money online…there is a good chance you should check that term in a couple of days…You might be surprised to find that kindle ebook ranking on page 1 believe it or not…Many people are not discovering the value and power of publishing stuff on Amazon and ranking…

        Cheers from 1 of your 11 readers…oops I mean 1 of your now 34 readers…

        • Darrell says:

          The best part, you can send a ton of back links right away to the actual Amazon link….just make sure you use the link properly..Amazon adds some weird shit onto the end..I believe you have to include dp/B005A789GU/ part after the main link as well, when doing any back linking.

          Maybe someone can just confirm…right now I can’t recall…but you don’t use the entire long ass link…

        • Dave says:


          Yeah, it should rank well pretty soon, that is why the keyword side of this is still important. But there will also be internal Amazon searches for books on topics so finding a cool niche and letting rip could bring in some nice cash.

          37 I will have you know!

  9. Carrie says:

    and when I checked the account yesterday I found there were 9 people paying a monthly fee even though it was posted on the blog that we had moved to here.

    What?? Did I just crawl out from under a rock? I had no idea that people could pay to subscribe to blogs on their Kindle.

    So how much of that fee do you get?

    • Carrie says:

      And Hubpages lost their Amazon status?? No more Amazon sales from Hubs.

      Dang, that was one big rock.

      • Dave says:


        They are still paying out though aren’t they, even if they can’t earn themselves at the moment? Or has something else happened?

      • Carrie says:

        Ok, that last one may not be official. Dang that Lissie for spreading rumors.

        ..ending conversation with myself…Carry On.

        • Lissie says:

          Moi me? I spread my own opinionated thoughts – not rumours! Yes Hubpages has lost their Amazon affiliate status AFAIK they still allow Amazon capsules – for the moment …

    • Dave says:


      You get 30%, no great shakes but it does no harm to be in the system. Good for branding a site and such like. Plus you never know how big it will get in the future if you are one of the first and a few people do a nice thing and review it if they like it 😉

  10. The IM Koala says:

    Thanks for once again helping to lead the way, Dave. Can’t tell you how much impact your original MMO Amazon post had on my bottom line. 🙂 I did want to let you know, that when I went to Amazon and did a search for “Zen Duck” it came up with nothing for me (I’m in the US). I did find your Make Money On The Internet FREE subscription, as well as your SEO Tips subscription, though, via a different search string (make money amazon dave).

    Writing for the Kindle has been on my mind a lot lately. Perhaps I’ll take the plunge with the rest of you. I truly enjoy writing, but I’m so sick of keyworded writing and writing fluff for backlinks my eyes are about to start bleeding. Perhaps this will be the pause that refreshes.

    • Dave says:


      The book is now live, although I need to do a cover. But weirdly it has put the wrong price up, I set it for $2.99.

      Bound to be teething troubles I suppose. I hear ya about the writing, it is going to be refreshing. I am doing a book today as well from content I already have and Wifey wrote 5000 words yesterday as a part of a book. Definitely nicer than the usual day to day.

  11. Abigail says:

    Hey Dave, Great post, thanks again. No pressure, but any plans on the release date for your, “Stay tuned for the anatomy of a successful site coming up next”
    🙂 ?

    • Dave says:


      oops, got excited by Lissie talking about Kindle books. It should be up next week although I am writing a book or two this week while the fire is stoked and I am motivated.

  12. Terry says:

    Sorry I missed this yesterday, I was busy converting a major website into a… kindle version! I’ve been thinking about doing something like this fore a while, then Lis went and wrote that post!

    It kicked my lazy arse and lit a fire under it at the same time!

    To my way of thinking, I have a lot of knowledge in a certain niche and a website with over 50k words spread over a 100 article series that would make a perfect ebook. I was just lazy at getting started, but when Lis wrote about putting up a 5k word article for 99c, it made me realize that a 50k worder would be worth a tad more!

    Ok, its back to work..

    • Dave says:


      It makes perfect sense and it seems that Lissie really did set a fire in our bellies. I am doing the same thing today. Putting together a series of articles on a blog that are very informative. I just stopped working on it as there was no money in the traffic but I think the actual information is something people will pay for.

      Great minds think alike and all that 😉

    • Lissie says:

      Haha I’m not getting too many comments you guys are working – excellent LOL. Actually I am trying to entice some hubbers away from that trainwreck as well – this is the reader’s digest version:

      Terry – I don’t know that I would do a 50k book would be worth more than a 5k article for 99c – speculation – but I think people want short reads on a Kindle – in your niche you are sitting pretty too have a bunch of shorter but related books – I think you are more likely to sell 5 books each at $2.99 than one at $9.99 – even if they contain the same info (over $9.99 you go down to 35% commission so you don’t want to do that!)

      • Terry says:

        Ok you got me, I read your post and didn’t leave a comment, which was naughty of me! But I got sidetracked by skipping over to the Amazon kindle site to find out more and got so into it I forgot to return to you!

        That’s a good idea about splitting those articles into a few books. I was actually going to put the whole thing up for $2.99 and hope for bulk sales at the lower price. But now you got me thinking… mmmn split into five… I could charge a low $1.99 each and they should sell well at that price.

        I still haven’t got all the articles off the site yet – I’m sidetracking myself by editing each article as I paste into Word – its amazing how many typos I’m finding (bloody time wasting perfectionist, me!) and I can’t help but clean them up.

        So that’s a good enough excuse to split them up and see what happens.

        • Lissie says:

          @$2.99 your commission is $2, at $1.99 its 70c – maybe the first one at 99c to get people hooked in and then the others at $2.99 ?

          • Terry says:

            YES! I’m not thinking with my marketing brain, more like my Homer brain (dammit every time something new goes in it pushes something old out…) hehehe. Good strategy, thanks!

            In the meantime, I can be writing my NLP oriented “How to Lose Weight With a Clever Title” and once I hit some decent sales with the first 5, then hit ’em with the full blown book that will simply have to be a bestseller (I’m thinking Alan Carr with his anti-smoking books) for a bigger price.

            Then each year, write another book that’s guaranteed to be even better than the last… and the next… and the next…

            Hey, this really IS the next big thing and one Google can’t screw with 🙂

        • Dave says:


          I hear that. I published another book yesterday from content already written. I was amazed at all the typos even though I thought I had been careful at the time.

  13. Bruno says:

    Hey, I can buy your blog now!

    Kindle Price: $4.99 includes free international wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet

    And you are already ranking:

    #33 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Business & Investing > Small Business & Entrepreneurship > Home Based
    #46 in Kindle Store > Kindle eBooks > Nonfiction > Computers & Internet > Web Marketing
    #86 in Books > Business & Investing > Small Business & Entrepreneurship > Home Based

    • Dave says:


      You sure that is not the book about Amazon and not the blog? But that looks like a good start, thanks for the info Bruno. Once I tidy it up and format it properly and pit the cover on I hope it will do OK:

  14. Jonas says:


    I wondered if you would share the amount of writing/backlinking that you do every day, or how many days of the week you do it. Basically, how you divide your time, and what “working like a demon” really means 🙂 (excluding outsourcing of course)

    • Dave says:


      I am slowing down of late as we hand over nearly all backlinking to the outsourcers. But basically we start around 8 and finish at 5, we never work weekends, which is important. You need time away. If I am just doing a full writing day then it will be many thousands of words. Maybe 5000 for backlink articles and then a few blog posts, tweaks on sites, etc etc.

      The main thing is to stay inspired. Take the post that Lissie wrote for example. You can see by mine and Terry’s replies that we are men of action. I don’t mean that to sound crass but the honest truth is that this is where the money is. Not thinking, ah that was good advice, I will follow that up at some point.

      It is rather, yeah, I am gonna do that. And you do. So, 2 days later and I have 2 books published, the Wife has written one and we are thinking about more stuff. So, Wifey wrote 5000 words for a part of a book in a day amongst doing other stuff and that is how you need to be. Get on with it and work as much as you can. No checking mail, FB etc will improve your productivity no end.

      If you really concentrate then you can set up a site, get a theme, install aff links and right about 15 posts on a blog in a day and have a ready made site. Most peeps simply would take weeks to do it and pretend they are working. That is the key, being honest with your time and being productive.

      • Craig says:

        Great comment, Dave. Some people probably don’t want to hear that the main secret to your success is simple focused effort, they prefer to look for the magic tips which will “make them money on autopilot”.

        Steve Pavlina has an interesting post where he kept a detailed time log and realised that out of sixty hours spent in his office, only fifteen of them were actually productive. It’s all too easy to essentially waste your day while thinking your working. He says, commenting on your blog when he should be working…

        • Craig says:

          “thinking *you’re* working”


        • Dave says:


          Hah, yeah get to work you loafer!

          It really is too easy to just mess about online and pretend that you are working. My thing is that unless I come away dazed and confused and a bit blurry around the edges then I know that I have not really been focused, just pretending to work and dicking about. All too easy unfortunately. Formatted by amazon book properly today though too so I will change the content for it soon so the book looks more professional and did the usual BMR and blog posts etc so may treat meself to a little vino 😉

          • Craig says:

            Dazed, confused, and blurry round the edges? You mean you’re not always like that? ;o)

            Vino sounds good. Unfortunately I start the ‘day job’ in twenty minutes, so no such luck. I had a reasonably productive afternoon, though: I wrote plenty of backlink posts, plus a couple of blog entries. And I plan on doing more work after I finish work at midnight. So I’m happy-ish, even if I know I could have done more.

            I might pick up one of those programs which blocks certain websites. Blocking out FB, blogs, email, etc. for an hour or two should make it easier to sustain the focus.

      • Lissie says:

        Its interesting I used to have these moments of ethusasim but my follow through was abysmal – but now I find I can focus longer & longer cause I now know that somehow it will all work out.

        If you’d told me a few years ago that I would spend a month writing something and setting up the infrastructure for something i’d never heard of any one making real money from – because I believed in myself – I’d have laughed at him.

        Belief in yourself is key to this crap – and those of us who escaped the corporate life had often had that beaten out of us

        • Dave says:


          I know what you mean. So many people try to put you down and make you lose confidence in yourself. I know I have said it before but I still remember the WIfe feeling embarrassed when she went back to the UK to work for 3 months and “friends” laughed when she said I was trying to find out how to make money online.

          Guess who is laughing now.

          I think that you have a brilliant idea with this Lis, and your niche too, and I think it is going to be a good earner long term, maybe not right away, but as time goes on and the momentum picks up it is going to be a viable wage that is nothing to do with constant updating of sites, more and more backlinks etc. What a relief that would be.

  15. Lissie says:

    Dave this is an interesting approach to recycling content – oh and the entire blog is good too

    • Dave says:


      Interesting reading and something to think about. Hmmm.

      I think your advice to Terry is spot on. I would definitely split the books up in to 5 or so. I would take it a step further though and offer the 1st one free. I downloaded a load of books yesterday that were free in the fiction section and then stayed up until 2 am reading one of them. It was good and as it is part of a 3 part series then the unknown author has pretty much guaranteed 2 sales from me for giving away a book for nothing.

      A common marketing ploy on the Kindle but looking through a lot of the sections on Amazon there are only a few free books available, so if you were one of them then it could be a great way to get future sales.

      • Terry says:

        Yes it is spot on! I’m just about ready to get the first book on its way, just messing around with some graphics for a cover. Probably will finish it tomorrow.

        I looked in the section for my niche and there’s only a couple of free books in there and one or two 99c. I like what David Graughran is doing and might put up a free PDF version on my site too.

        But for Amazon, I think I’ll pitch the first one at 99c and the rest at $2.99 (nearly everyone else is $3.44 for some odd reason). The amount of PLR stuff in there is unbelievable.

        Out of interest, is anyone publishing under a pen name or actually using real names?

        • Dave says:


          I was amazed how few free books there are in a lot of niches. It is definitely a way to get peeps interested. I am going to write 2 next week and give 1 away. I used a made up name for my other publication and I guess Zen Duck Dave is not exactly my real name either 😉

          Oh yeah, don’t forget the social affirmation value. Put a link in the book to your website and a link from your site to the books you have published. Think how much social validation you will get from visitors when they see you have published books. It is worth doing them and giving them away just for that kind of improved profile. I bet it increases conversions on sites as you will seem more like a real respected author, well, you will be!

        • Lissie says:

          I’ve never hidden my travel niche – mainly cause its never made me any money LMFAO – but of course is not exactly about travel… I thought about it decided that Elisabeth Sowerbutts would be the travel author – though that was too long for the series title – so its Lis’s Travel Tips.

          You guys are beating me on the publishing stakes – but my book is with the editor as I write this – yup a real live editor – can’t believe how much difference she made to the first 2 pages – still sounded like me – but now its like literate or something!

          Its really important to me that the first book gets some real genuine reviews and readers HATE typos!

        • Terry says:

          Dave, I decided to go with my real name for the weight loss books. Only problem is my site is supposed to be removed from my marketing exploits and is privacy protected. But to hell with it all, if a combo of published author and successful website can produce the goods in terms of lots of extra reddies, then I’m going for it.

          My name has been my brand for the last 5 years. It has just taken a lot of work to extract myself away from the bad boy label I seemed to pick up because of my association with Griz and THAT forum of mine. Can’t think why anyone would think that LMAO!

          Lis, if you haven’t got your book back from the editor, then I guess I beat you too. I uploaded the first book to Amazon today and the second is only a day or so away. I thought about getting it professionally proofread, cause its true what you said the author is always too close to their own work. In the end, I was impatient to get it uploaded, so I got my partner to proofread and give me her verdict. She found a small handful of typos and she liked it… that’s good enough for me!

          Ok, back to working on book II…

          • Dave says:


            I see you Dude, nice one. Will have to take a peek later on at the book. Feels good to have a published book doesn’t it. 2 sales for me so far which is not earth shattering but I think once they populate properly that number should go way up.

          • Terry says:

            Yeah it feels really good. Can’t wait for it to go live in a day or two to see if it sells.

            Lis has an interesting point. Once the book’s sales page is up there, to link it from everywhere to grab a top spot for its keyword.

            It’ll be an interesting thing for me to hit it with links from my huge weight loss satellite network – I wonder if I can rank it for my KW? There is no Amazon page in the top 100. Yet.

            • Dave says:


              I would send it all the links that you can, it will certainly be interesting to see just what kind of keywords can be ranked.

          • Terry says:

            Oh yeah, this could be very interesting.

            The book went live today and the weirdest thing happened. I set the list price at 99c to get some fast sales – with 35% royalty selected because I couldn’t sell it so cheap with 70%.

            I looked at my sales page and have set the retail price at $3.44! WTF??? Its 86p on!

            Its below the minimum 3mb limit, so I can set the lowest list price.

            So now I’m thinking I can’t change the retail price so I might as well set the 70% royalty. It’ll put the UK price up, but who cares? Hardly anyone will buy from the UK anyway as its edited in US English.

            So much for the well laid out marketing plan!

            • Dave says:


              I went through that the other day and a few peeps from here checked the price in the US and it will be at what you set it to. They just hike the price for non US based folks as it costs so much more to send a digital product outside of the US (insert sarcastic face here).

          • Terry says:

            Oh smeg!

            Little impatient old me went and changed the price and now I can’t edit it back until after it goes live again tomorrow. Smeg!

            I just checked it via and you’re right, it shows the 99c price. Smeg!

            Why didn’t I do that first? Smeeeeg heeead!

            (Insert Homer Simpson saying D’oh!)

          • Lissie says:

            Terry – re the pricing in Spain – I think you are victim to this little Amazon scam – apparently buying from Smashwords avoids the issue you might want to direct international readers to there – oddly NZ is not affected so I had no idea

          • Terry says:

            Well, that’s a tad unfair and sneaky. But its nothing new. let’s not forget how Microsoft makes its money.

            But yeah, I’ll get the book up on smashwords and price it to 99c – I’ll put the price back to 99c on Amazon today once it goes live again.

            Nearly all my weight loss traffic comes from the US, so its there that I want to make the real push to promote the book at a price that’ll sell so I can release the rest of the series one at a time at $2.99 – they’re ready to go!

            Now I’m going to focus on putting together some fiction!

            • Dave says:


              I really think this could be big. 5 sales on Amazon and 5 on smashwords for me and 1 for Wifey for her book that went live yesterday. I need to add another book to smashwords and I am going to be doing a lot more.

              Seems to take a while to populate but once some nice links get the listings high then I can see some serious potential in this.

  16. Shaun says:

    Hey Dave,

    I am sure I was reading that there could be formatting issues when putting a pdf on kindle?

    If you have made a pdf with images included on it is it just as simple as uploading on amazon and putting it on sale?

    • Dave says:


      Yeah I just uploaded it properly. I just chucked it on initially to get a feel for it. Now I have formatted it correctly, got a cover made and made it in to a book using the Mobipocket creator. It don’t look half bad at all. A day or 2 and the new version will have populated. It did work as a pdf or html file but there seem to be some issues doing it like that. But basically you just put content in word or openoffice, save as html then in 2 clicks you make your ebook in the Mobi program. Good stuff and very quick.

  17. Kat says:

    Late to the party yet again! This has really opened my eyes to new possibilities. I have shed loads of old stuff that is worth naff all conventionally but could easily be recycled for this. Question for ya – what happens to all the links embedded in regular web pages? Can a Kindle link out or are they effectively useless in this environment (I don’t own one so I don’t know)?

    Seriously good post – thanks!!


    • Dave says:


      Get with the program Girl 😉

      It is a seriously good idea for old content that doesn’t earn, I have just done it with a site that had good content but was done back when I thought adsense was a good idea (it wasn’t for me). If you do it in word or open office and put links in then they will work on the Kindle. But having just gone through the pain of putting a book on smashwords and having it rejected in the epub format for the iBook store I would suggest that you copy and paste your content in to notepad to get rid of any links and formatting and then paste that in to word and then format and put links in where you want them.

      It keeps it clean with no errors.

      • Terry says:

        You can do a “paste special” into word with the option of plain text. That strips out any links and other no-nos in a single click.

        I uploaded my first book same way as Dave, saving in word as html, two clicks thru mobipocket and then uploaded as .prc to kindle. Simple! I made the cover myself in Fireworks (I’m too cheap to buy photoshop) saved it as jpg and uploaded that too. I checked it in the preview and it looks pretty good!

        • Dave says:


          Gimp is a good free alternative to Photoshop but I just got a Dude on FIverrr to do mine, not worth the hassle for me as I take ages trying to do design with tech stuff. Thanks for the paste tip.

        • Terry says:


          I actually like Fireworks. Its part of the Macromedia 8 suite along with Dreamweaver and Flash, I had a “borrowed” copy since 2006. Don’t use the other two, but Fireworks is actually a really powerful graphics editor, just like photoshop.

          Your right it takes some time, but its nice to play with for something worthwhile.

          • Lissie says:

            How about smashwords though -that was the bummer for me! I have just about recovered enough to write a post about it!

  18. Terry says:

    This isn’t really Terry, but I’ve found that by swiping emails of those who have already posted, your post doesn’t need to be moderated. 😛

    If you’re looking for the free “how to make money on amazon” download, it’s here:

    • Dave says:


      You have a stalker spammer, at least they are polite though 😉

      • Terry says:

        Fkkkin WordPress, no way to edit/reset commenters emails or fix this kind of crap.

        Dave, if this gets any worse, you might have to consider making us register and sign-in before we can comment.

        Bloody cheeky bugger using my email addy!

        • Dave says:


          Think of it as a compliment, at least they picked you as the most believable one to be the pirate 😉 I look at it as payback for me and all the um films I have borrowed from a bay full of pirates. I love Utorrent 😉

        • Terry says:

          It could also get awkward. What if this dude decides to pretend to be me then go on a character defamation spree of people. Some may not realize and take offence.

          You know a person’s reputation can be damaged like that – look at all the cases of wrongful accusations that happen in the UK, like kids who want to “get” teacher and make up stuff that gets them suspended. They might get acquitted later but their personal lives are wrecked forever.

          Ah, I remember the days when you had to go to the cinema to watch a new movie… or wait 5 years for it to appear on TV.

          • Dave says:


            OK, this is the real Terry. I know what you mean Tel and hopefully “Terry” will be a good boy, even if he did try to give a link to my paid stuff. Anything nasty going on here and I will simply moderate all comments and ban ip’s beginning with 143……………..

  19. Terry says:

    No worries, Terry. I would never do that to you. You seem like a kind and gentle soul… and I’m like Robin Hood. I simply give to the poor.

  20. Terry says:

    And by the way, if you like the pirate bay, you willl love this site: (edited by Dave)

    A bunch of the latest WSOs and everything. Great stuff!

  21. Terry (not) says:

    Alright.. sorry guys. Much love.

  22. Richard says:

    Hey Dave,

    Saw your ebook when I was putting up my own! Glad to see you reaping benefits of the awsome content you produce.

    • Dave says:


      I think it was a good move. Sold about 30 or so now and am hoping to add to the collection a fair bit this year. Hope you do well with yours too.

  23. Richard says:


    It looks like I did the first review on Amazon! Do I get a prize?!!!! lol, looking for a rubber duckie with a “Z” on it. It looks like your marketing is taking off. Congrats!

  24. jay says:

    This is great stuff. Thanks for everyone and you’re comments.

    So many good ideas in here. Initially the idea was to sell a 30K word eBook for $19-29 but in the end the reach and connecting with people is what’s important. All these different suggestions in here are really good. For example I currently give away an eBook for opt-in’s on a site and why not create a Kindle version of that and give it away for free with a link back to my site? Duh, never thought about that!

    I’ve been working with someone from CreateSpace for editing and design for the POD version of my book but may use the same edited version to simply upload as Kindle.

    So basically you just need a cover design, and .html from OO or MS Word? Then use the Mobipocket eBook creator?