Keyword Researcher Review

If you want top rankings then there is one simple approach that I have been preaching for years.

Get your keywords in your post title and then write a comprehensive piece of copy that fully covers your topic. And fill that piece of content with related longtail keywords that target similar terms that visitors would be interested in. For years now this has been my single best approach for ranking keywords.

But more importantly than that it is the single best way to bring in traffic for hundreds of related longtails, and all because of a single post.

How To Find Longtails

Right, so that is out of the way. This is the best way possible to target a lot of terms from a single piece of copy, and it works. And very well too. But you have to know what longtails to put into your article. You want relevant terms that will allow you to write about  a topic in a very comprehensive way. And this is where Keyword Researcher comes in.

Ton, the developer, was kind enough to give me a free valuation copy (sneaky bugger that he is, I would never have paid for it if I am honest), and I can tell you now that this is the only keyword research tool that I recommend. I have NEVER told anyone to pay for a keyword research tool in the past. My approach has always been to use common sense and to use some simple free tools.

I have always, in the past, written my copy using a simple set of rules. I type my terms into Google and see what comes up in the auto-complete. And then I would look at the related terms option too. Amazon also has a similar set-up. You can begin to type in a few variations on your terms and see what the auto-complete suggests there too. That and simply using my commonsense for related terms has always been my approach, until now.

This has always been a little bit limited but the the birth of Uber Suggest made this all a lot easier. And, of course, it was free too. It gives you a list of Google’s auto-suggests based on the letters of the alphabet.

But Ton’s tool, the Keyword Researcher takes this to a whole different level.

How Does Keyword Researcher Work

To be honest I haven’t even scratched the surface of this application yet. But one thing I can tell you is that it is going to pay for itself very quickly. The longtails that it gives you should result in you writing a piece of copy that is going to hit the serps like the Squirrel from Ice Age determined not to lose its acorn.

The ideas, inspiration, and content longtails you will get for your niche topic are going to result in you producing a page of content that is more than going to pay for this tool. And I am not kidding you.

There is no doubt at all in my mind that of you can write a long piece of content full of longtail header 2’s as sub-headings, with relevant terms, then you can rank amazingly easy. You are giving the bots exactly what they want. A piece of copy that covers a topic in detail. It’s link instant authority recognition.

This is how to rank with the least amount of work.

And Keyword Researcher makes this as easy as pushing a button.

It scrapes Googles auto-complete database for related terms for your target terms and gives you a massive list of them in about a minute. But it goes a lot further than that. You use a * as a wildcard that you can put anywhere in your search term. The * is the target for the search and it will go through the whole alphabet and give you any related terms that Google deems worthy of being associated with your target term.

And as they are Google’s database then we KNOW that these terms are being searched by a decent volume of peeps every month. It’s a goldmine dudes.

You could use Uber Suggest but it is nowhere near as comprehensive and will never give you the same results. Plus it doesn’t have this wild card factor.

Guys, I have never recommended that you pay for a keyword research tool in the past. My opinion has always been that common sense and simple free options are more than enough. And to be honst they are. But this takes things to a whole other level. Try it for free and give your terms a run-through.

Pretty good eh?

Watch the vids and see what this thing is capable of. There is nothing like this on the market and it is one of those simple applications that is right up my street. No steep learning curve, simply put in your terms with a * in various positions and see what it brings up for you. Even the free limited version will be a real eye-opener to you.

Use it with how, why, best etc and your terms and the * in a number of different combinations and you are going to have a list of related longtails so long that you will be able to work on your niche for a lifetime.

It really is that good.

OK, first post of the new year and it is a sales post. Sorry about this guys. But I wanted everyone to see just how good this is and how much it is going to help your business grow.

And Ton has give the blog readers a nice little discount to make it even sexier. Not as much as for Pond members, perks of the Pond don’t you know. But a nice discount nonetheless, and, to be honest, even at full price, and still under $30, it is a total steal of an application to own. Plus, it is stand-alone. No-one gets to see how you use it, it is all totally private to you and you alone. Something that is very important to me personally.

Download it and try it FREE and if it doesn’t result in a load of longtails that you never even considered then I will give you a banana for being a very clever monkey indeed.

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  1. Rob Thomas says:

    Hey Dave

    Finally a post from you lol. I have been waiting for ages.

    I actually stumbled across this research tool a few weeks ago and had a little play around with it, looks very promising.

    When it comes to headings do you put best price, for sale, on sale, cheap, discount etc all in different titles or try and fit as many as you can in one or two?

    Also when would you not bother with a keyword because the competition looked to tough. I have found a keyword that has around 5k searches per month, 4 phrases long, however there are 90 million competing pages and there all actual stores. Would you just go for it and see what happens or move on?

    Thanks for the help Dave.

    Rob Thomas

    • Dave says:

      Hey Rob,

      Yeah, things have been mad in the forum so I haven’t been very busy here. That will change from now on though, I plan to get back into things here. Things have moved on a bit from when you could get away with a ton of post titles like that on a site. Now I would recommend you get maybe one in a post title and a smattering of the others in your copy naturally, and not too many as H2’s.

      Go for other related terms that won’t make the copy look spammy at all, just comprehensively covering the topic at hand. Make it look clean and relevant and not dodgy in the slightest. At least, if you want long term stability that is, and not quick cash.

      I don’t worry about competing pages, who cares? The main thing is the niche itself. As long as it is not for a stupidly competitive niche like weightloss, finance, tech etc then anything is do-able, and pretty quickly too if you have the right approach.

  2. Rob Thomas says:

    Okay thanks for that Dave.

    Forget to say in the last post hope you and your Wife had a good Christmas?

    Ye I so wish I was in the forums. Damn Paypal banning me when I was 16. Should be in there soon anyway.

    So is the approach right a good piece of content with relevant longtails throughout, then get links from various sources such as BMR, PR, BP etc?

    Can’t wait for your next few posts – Are you going to do a goals post?

    Rob Thomas

    • Dave says:

      It was good Rob, hope yours was too. And that’s it, links for all the terms you want to rank the content for, keep it varied. The more variations you backlink for the more longtails will then show in your stats, and on it goes forever 😉

  3. Norm says:

    Hey Dave,

    Happy New Year 😉 OMG a sales letter from Dave 😉

    I vouch for Longtails as well. To be honest I never really wrote rich keyword longtail content, but I am beginning to do that in my content as well, which makes lot of sense.

    However don’t forget about tagging for both internal seo reasons and it does work for longtail keywords.

    I definitely look into the keyword tool! This year for me is all about BUYING tools, no more free stuff. Time to get serious. Tools will save me time and effort…I think I felled into the Grizzy Brears (even though he was a genius in his time) trap of make money online for free.

    In saying this, you don’t need tools to make money online but it can shorten the process to make even more money ;).

    The key is finding tools that will SAVE TIME.

    PS. I need to join the POND! I really miss the convos on here!


    • Dave says:

      Hey Norm,

      Happy New Year. Yeah, tools are worth having, within reason. Mine are limited in the extreme. A few network memberships and a spinner etc and not a lot else. The main thing is to just make sure you only buy what you really need.

      And, um, it is a bit like a ghost town on the blog since the Pond opened. People definitely prefer to talk in private, there is no doubt about that. Hopefully it will get busier here though as I post more this year, which I intend to do.

  4. Faigie says:

    Hi Dave,
    I bought your amazon book in kindle (my first kindle purchase for my pc and a bit of a pain as I like to print things out to read)anyway I wanted to start adding lots of amazon product pages to my info site and was wondering where the long tails come in here. If I am selling stuff for kids for example….is it better to put up a post with a specific product or do something like “best dolls” and then use the long tails for all the dolls. One product or a category of products
    and do you think it is wise or unwise to add separate product pages to a mostly info site?

    • Dave says:


      Thanks for buying. Product specific posts are always going to convert better, people know exactly what they are looking for. The longtails come in for your copy. The more buying type of terms you can rank for the more sales you make. You can add them to an info site, no problem, the main thing is that it makes sense to the overall site structure.

  5. Elmoz says:

    This is a very nice tool to hunt down those long tails of keywords. I’ve been trying to figure out for ages on how to find them and finally here comes just the perfect tool for me. Thanks for sharing Grizz…I mean Dave.

  6. Jamie says:

    I’m sure it’s excellent but I’d like a banana anyway!

    Happy New Year

  7. Cat says:

    They’ve got a cute kitty logo, so it must be good 😀

    • Dave says:


      It’s the business, honestly. My favorite tool ever. So quick to get a ton of longtails.

      • Tony says:

        would you look at that… the Cat and the Duck working harmoniously.. But Honestly without any referral of some sort or maybe if you weren’t friends with the owner of keywordresearcher do you think you would still recommend it? Would you still have bought it?

        • Dave says:


          If I hadn’t been given a freebie then I wouldn’t have bought it. I never buy keyword tools. In this case it would have been my loss as I am now using it every day. So, in my honest opinion it is a worthy buy. It has given me so many ideas for content I am finding it totally invaluable.

  8. Newbie Blogger says:

    Hello Dave,

    I’m glad that I found an interesting blog about MMO. Since the topic is all about keywords, can I ask a question about making use of my keywords several times on my posts. Example, I made a blog post with a title Meat Packing Street 1 then my second post is entitled as Meat Packing Street 2 and so on ’till at Meat Packing Street 20. Would google allow this kind of titles? If it isn’t then what could be the possible solution? Thanks.

    • Dave says:

      Hey there Newbie,

      Glad you are enjoying the blog.

      It’s a touch question to answer. Sometimes you can get away with things like that but long term it isn’t a good idea. Turn it into 1 uber post with H2’s for the terms or with them just mentioned in the copy.

      Basically just be honest with yourself about if it is spammy or not. I would go for getting the terms in one long article and backlinking for them all, you will be able to rank just fine.

  9. Dieter says:

    The tool is brilliant and for that price a no-brainer.

    Of course, as Dave described, the best way to use it is putting the longtails in the H2 headers and weaving them into the article. However, I also found it very handy in coming up with ideas/titles for BMRs. You just add the keyword you’re targeting and put an * before or after it – voila, dozens of phrases you can use and write about.

    • Dave says:


      Great ideas, helps when you just can’t think of what else to say. It’s definitely more than worth the money, that is for sure.

  10. Shawn says:

    Dave, I see that you are experimenting with this theme. Every time I come back, I see something different.

  11. BH says:

    Dave, it look like does the same for free, but without the need of downloading

    • Dave says:

      BH, just checked it. Nice free find but nothing like as good as Ton’s tool. Very slow too. But better than nowt!

  12. joko123 says:

    what I do with keyword researcher is I get my seed kw.
    clean list and then import to either
    secockpit and filter for adsense gems.. create web 2.0 properties galore..