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If you use the Amazon Associates program then you know the potential there is to earn an awful lot of money. The only drawback for me has been the fact that I often get people from other countries clicking on links. And that is lost potential earnings.

I have even gone as far as putting links for UK and US folks on product posts and even then people still click the wrong link! Bonkers but true.

Over the years I have looked for ways to overcome this and the only solution I have found was a plugin that would change your links to the correct country with the correct affiliate ID. Only problem is it never worked. Lots of people have tried it and a few have got it to work but most haven’t.

And the fact that it only works for some people means that for me personally it is not to be trusted.

Then I got an email from Billy Bluehat.

Want to try out my new Amazon Link Localizer?

Sure, if it works then that would be great.

So, I installed it on a site and we did a few tweaks, well Billy did, I just did as I was told πŸ˜‰

And the result is an Amazon Link Localizer that actually works.

It is a simple plugin that you install. You then put your affiliate ID’s in the boxes and you are good to go. Then, when visitors come to your site and click on your Amazon links they are re-directed to the right country. If the product is available in their country on Amazon then they are sent direct to the product.

If you link to a search term they are sent to that search term for their country. If you link to a product and it is not available in their country then the visitors are sent to a search results page for the product.

Basically it is an amazing little plugin for anyone doing Amazon.

I only have it on a few sites at the moment and it has been performing flawlessly. UK sales have been made and I can see it being worth its weight in gold as we get nearer to Christmas and the UK folks actually begin to buy. They are notoriously hard to convert in comparison to the US but it is silly to miss out on potential income.

Use the link building strategy to boost your serps positions then let Billy’s plugin ensure you get all possible sales.

Looking through my sites and the traffic sources it is a shame for me personally that a lot of them are for products not searched for in other countries so I am going to be somewhat limited in the number of sites I actually use it on. But you really should check your stats and if you get any traffic from non US countries then you need this plugin.

You then simply register with the appropriate Amazon affiliate site program and get your ID. Stick them all in the boxes available with the plugin and you are good to go.

Get the Super Amazon Link Localizer here.

You will basically earn your money back in a few days so it is a win win situation. And that is not an affiliate link, just helping out a friend and letting you know that this great plugin exists.


Other News

AMK is the winner of the Penpal quest and has been notified and hopefully she is interested in writing me a kick ass letter now and then.

The Pond is getting there and should be live for you to register by the end of the week. You can see the homepage for the forum at the Pond. You will be registering here by making a monthly subscription and then a password will be sent out to you. I have already made it private so no one can register manually so there will be zero spam accounts and only people who are really interested will be on the forum. It is also private to the search engines. Nothing written there will be indexed and show up in search.

I have already put up some content you will be interested in and a lot more will follow this week and once we go live.

Hopefully I will see you there.

Check out Billy’s plugin, it is worth its weight in gold, honestly.

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  1. ben says:

    Hi Dave,

    If Billy adds link cloaking (via JavaScript redirects / like the Go Codes plugin) I would buy this like a shot! Quick heads up (or not), the big g doesn’t like naked Amazon affiliate links – always cloak, prefferably with JavaScript redirects.


    • Dave says:


      I have never cloaked an affiliate link in my life, I honestly don’t think it makes any difference at all. Personally I look at it that any normal blogger trying to make some money using an Amazon Associates link would never have even heard of a link cloaker so it looks totally natural.

      But each to their own, maybe it is safer in the long term if they ever do penalize all sites with aff links but maybe they would penalize redirects and cloakers too? Paths can still be followed surely so the destination page would still be seen and the aff links would too wouldn’t they? From what I heard Javascript is beginning to be read by the bots now.

    • Dave says:


      Actually just read this http://www.wolf-howl.com/affiliate-marketing/cloaking-affiliate-links/ which was pretty interesting. You may be right πŸ˜‰ I ain’t going there now though, be at if for years!

    • Billy says:

      Ben –

      Thanks for the comment! This was going to be the next step for the plugin, but I would make it optional. I know many people would not be comfortable seeing their links changed from “amazon.com” to something entirely different.

      I would also be offering a tracking service built in – mainly as a transparency thing so you can see that all your links are being redirected correctly, but it will also show you how many GB/CA/FR/DE links are actually getting clicks.

      Feel free to drop me a note via the contact form on my site (linked in Dave’s post) and you can input into the cloaking process.



      • Carrie says:

        Word of warning, I read somewhere that someone got booted from the Amazon affiliate program for cloaking links – I think it was from Paula & Wanda from affiliateblogonline (dot) com but can’t find it, so maybe it was in their newsletter.

        Hopefully someone else can confirm. I think javascript was the suspect for breaking the TOS.

        • Carrie says:

          Okay, found it. It is from the newsletter so I don’t want to copy it here.

          My bad, javascript wasn’t the issue it was frames. The person was using a plugin that cloaks the link using a frame? That part I don’t follow completely, but just wanted to share.

          • Billy says:

            It is possible to embed an IFRAME on your website with a SRC of your Amazon Affiliate Link. This means that all visitors to your site – regardless of clicking – will get your cookie.

            THIS IS VERY BAD, will get you banned, and is possibly illegal (‘cookie stuffing’) in many countries.

            There is no issue with localizing links, however, as you are just changing the link that people click on; if they don’t click, nothing’s different.

            • Dieter says:

              This is an interesting point. I use the WP-zon plugin on most of my sites. And I use I-Frames for the the customer reviews. How can I check whether or not my I-Frames use this SRC?

              • Billy says:

                Dieter –

                View the source of one of your public facing posts/reviews/pages (it doesn’t matter if it’s only in the admin section) and search for “iframe” – check the “src” property does not have a ?tag=XXX in the URL.

                I doubt it does, though! Something to be discussed in the forum perhaps, if you join : )


                • Dieter says:

                  Billy, thank you for the info. I checked and couldn’t find that tag in any of the i-frame/SRC properties.

                  I will absolutely join the forum as soon as Dave opens the gates.

                  And I will certainly buy your plugin as soon as Google shows me some mercy and lets me back in its rankings. I target the German market with my amazon sites but I do get some traffic from the US and UK – so it will be interesting to see if I can get any of that to convert.

                  Thanks again!


            • Carrie says:

              I wasn’t commenting on your localizer, just the potential issues with cloaking should you go that route. The person who lost their Amaz acct was using a cloaking plugin, I doubt they were trying to stuff cookies.

              Anyway, it’s a second hand story and only worth mentioning b/c the penalty was so high (losing your account), but the details and validity of the story I can’t speak to. I just mentioned it as something to be aware of.

        • Dave says:


          That is definitely worth looking in to, Billy could get a lot of angry peeps otherwise. But if it would be an option only then I guess it is down to the individual to decide. Good point Carrie and thanks for bringing it up.

          • Jamie says:

            Hey Dave,

            I’m confused. You mentioned before the importance of not putting too many Amazon links or writing post without them or putting them ion the code. I thought you’d be bang into cloaking them.

            Just read a thread on KWA saying there are quite a few plugins that do the job. Anyone else had good experienec with one?

            • Dave says:


              It is because I do not trust any plugins. And it is also definitely the case that what may be true today concerning scripts and cloakers may not be true tomorrow. The fact is that as far as I am concerned everything leaves a footprint and sooner or later they may cause issues. I am fine with things like Billy’s plugin but I don’t want to try and hide the fact that I am an affiliate marketer. Actually I want to build sites that look like they are not done by an IM’er but are sites that happen to have a few affiliate links in them.

              Right or wrong all I can talk about is how I do things and how I see things going.

              If cloaking could risk my earnings then I would rather stick with the way I work. I am not saying I am right though, we all have to make up our own minds.

              I is just a blogger innit πŸ˜‰

            • Isobel says:

              I’ve had a BAD experience with one. No doubt my own fault, but I activated the plugin and didn’t bother putting my affiliate ID in any of the boxes while I got the site set up (I was only targeting US traffic). Happened to mouseover one of my links a few weeks later and saw someone else’s tag in the link! Apparently with this plugin, if you don’t put your ID in the boxes, including the Amazon US one, the developer’s ID goes in by default. “All” my US clicks were being credited to this guy, but I couldn’t find anything in the plugin documentation that made that clear. Luckily it was a new site, so “all” my traffic was actually very little.

  2. lissie says:

    Nice – I have this issues at the moment – but for Ben – this plugin won’t quite work. I’m selling kindle books – there are only 3 kindle stores: com, uk, de – all others get redirected to the com eg. someone from ca can and should buy from the com – any chance of adding this functionality?

    • Dave says:


      If you don’t put in a Canada ID in the plugin settings then they will go to the default link that you made initially, i.e .com.

      At least that is my understanding.

    • Billy says:

      Lissie –

      I am still tweaking the “fall back” procedures for if you don’t enter a specific affiliate tag, as it can be quite complicated.

      I.e. You don’t want to send a FR visitor to the US Amazon store; you want to do either DE or UK, so it’s not so much a case of falling back to the default link, but falling back to the next most sensible link…if that makes sense!



  3. Terry says:

    I use a simple php cloaker on some sites, while on others a bare aff link. So far as I can tell, it hasn’t made the slightest difference to serp ranking whether links are cloaked or not.

    There is some point in hiding links from mischief makers who might try and hijack your links, but I haven’t seen any evidence of this. Maybe it happens with clickbank products more. That’s where most of the fierce competition is and where I tend to stay well away from!

  4. As someone who has never tried to link to anything but Amazon.com, I have a bit of a newbie question: don’t you need an account on each of the other Amazons to collect things sold through them? That is, if I send someone to Amazon.com, and they get redirected to Amazon.co.uk, don’t I need an affiliate account on the .co.uk site in order to earn on that sale? I was always under the impression you needed an UK bank account (or an IBAN, which is similarly unavailable in the US) to get one of those, so I never bothered.

    • Dave says:


      You just get a check sent to you. i.e I am in Spain, I have a UK bank account for UK earnings to go in to but I could have a check sent if I wanted. And all my US earnings are just sent to Spain as a check and I pay it in here. You just need to go to each Amazon site and register as an affiliate, it only takes a few minutes and you are good to go πŸ˜‰

      • lissie says:

        Yup they will send you a check – and not charge you same way as us non-americans get paid from amazon.com. The only downer is that you will have to get to the payout limits seperately from your US account

        • Awesome, thanks Dave & Lissie! I know some of my conversions come from from out-of-country (because I can see when they hit my eBay links & buy on other countries’ eBay sites). Now that I know I’ve been leaving easy money on the table. I’m kicking myself for not looking into this sooner.

  5. Joel says:

    Has anyone tried Pete William’s Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer ( http://petewilliams.info/blog/2009/09/amazon-affiliate-link-localizer-wordpress-plugin/ )? It is free and seems to work fine with some people. But with this plugin you can’t track individual Amazon tracking ID. Is this also the case with Billy’s plugin?

    • Dave says:


      Never worked for me. With Billy’s you put in a specific ID for each site if you want so you can track the stats on Amazon for that ID. Simple but it totally works without a hitch.

      • Joel says:

        Opps! I thought it was just me. I tried the plugin for 2-3 days and there were no sales. Maybe coincidence but May be not. Normally, I make at least a sale in a day with Amazon. 2-3 days without any sales is scary. I am not blaming the plugin (Sorry Pete) but unfortunately I don’t have the luxury for trials and errors with my earning pertaining to any discrepancy arising from a tool or plugin.

        Thanks Dave, for sharing the plugin. I’ll try the plugin by November. πŸ™‚

    • Isobel says:

      That’s the one I had the problem with (see above). You have to complete the box for *every* Amazon site you have an affiliate account with – including Amazon US – or Peter’s link is used instead.

  6. mian says:

    if it’s a one off payment, I’ll prob buy it, I hate monthly subs

  7. Mark says:

    If some of you peeps are concerned with the monthly fees because you are not making enough money, you may want to look into Viglink. I have to use it because I live in the Communist Republic of California and we are banned from making money on Amazon. They will affiliate Amazon links from the UK. I bet the same is true for Japan, China, Canada, etc.

    They take a 25% cut in your commissions but you are paid at the higher commission levels. It’s a free plugin for WP.

    Viglink has thousands of merchants. It saves a lot of time from having to keep track of multiple affiliate programs and countries. Just consider it a business expense.

    • Dave says:


      Thanks for that, I can never remember the name and we get an awful lot of people that can’t use Amazon but would like to. That cut is not too bad if they pay at the high commission rate.

    • Actually, I remember reading on Viglink’s site that it’s not a legal workaround for folks in affiliate-taxed states, since Viglink is an US company and subject to the same laws. Skimlinks, on the other hand, because it’s UK-based, *is* a valid workaround. I don’t know if Viglink actually polices that, though. As long as they’re paying you, might as well stick with ’em.

  8. Abigail says:

    Am going to put it on my Christmas Wish List, just as soon as I start actually making some bucks πŸ™‚ , it’s just around the corner, I can smell it :-))

  9. Jamie says:

    Here’s a completely unrealated question for you…how do you do your keyword research?


    • Dave says:


      Auto-complete in google, same in Amazon. Wordtracker, I love the new Ubersuggest, that is amazing. Especially with the free tool to build blog posts that Billy built for forum users. Adwords, but mainly my own stats for longtails which is invaluable.

      • Jamie says:

        Nice. And do you consider competition very much or do you just go for it? btw I don’t think I’ve read a post of yours about this. I think it would make a great topic, imo.

        • Dave says:


          I may have talked about it on the old site. It gets confusing as so much ends up being in the comments!

          Honestly? I don’t care about the competition. You can rank for some amazing things if you just go for it. Stuff that research would totally tell you to stay away from. I will take a quick look about and then just get down to business. Obviously if page 1 of the serps was full of PR10 sites I would forget it, but I don’t chase just a few keywords for a site, I chase thousands so it doesn’t really make competition a problem. I go for terms for a site and the ones that begin to rank I put more effort in to. Mine my stats for longtails and chase them and then more come up in the stats so I chase them, and then…………..

  10. Joe says:

    Hi Dave

    Great post! I’ve been looking for one of these that works for ages. One question I do have is how the link replacement process works – could I install it on a site where I already have a host of links only pointing to eg. the US store and will it automatically detect and redirect these for visitors from other countries?

    Or is it a little more involved than that? I have a feeling the way I am envisioning it may be too good to be true πŸ˜€


    • Dave says:


      It does exactly that, I was in the same position as you when Billy said he had made one. Basically all the links you have already made to Amazon.com will be automatically redirected to the right country for the visitor if you put in an ID for that country in the plugin settings. It works like a dream Dude.

  11. Joe says:

    Awesome !! I’m sold, off to go get it now.

    Big ups to both of you ! This ones gonna be a game changer . Just in time for Christmas πŸ˜€

  12. Gerald says:

    Hello Dave,

    I have a question about amazon. Can I use images of the products from the amazon? I’ve been seeing most images on the book section had copyrights watermarks on them.

    • Dave says:


      Yes, you can take them. If they have watermarks then I guess not but most products give an image that you can take direct from Amazon.