How To Make A Living Online

Goals have been surpassed, dreams have been fulfilled, houses will soon be bought, and sites have been lost.

Welcome to the world of being a Webmaster.

Checks have been cashed that seem unreal, only for the next month to be $1000. This sure isn’t a steady game. Sites have been worked on for years and earn good money daily only for it all to be taken away with a single change to some obscure piece of an algorithm.

Money is virtual and is just numbers. I never see it. I see numbers on a screen and I see numbers in a bank account, not so long ago, just over a year in fact, they were all scarily in the negative. But things change, a site has a success for a short period of time and things are looking up.

But tomorrow? This afternoon? 2 minutes from now?

I may have to start the whole thing over again from scratch.

What a funny way to earn a living. At the total mercy of a popular search engine that could wipe out dreams for the future in a second.

Why do it?

Why not build something that doesn’t ever rely on a search engine?


It seems kind of ridiculous. But I can’t even stand to think about going full time down the PPC route. Split testing who prefers cross-eyed women and trying to scrape a profit. Staying up half the night watching a campaign only to repeat it again the next day. I honestly cannot face it.

So, I build my sites, I build my backlinks, I watch them climb the serps until I get to number one. I watch my stats and backlink for all the terms I see, they all add up to money in the end.

I put love in to some sites and think they will let me buy my new house tomorrow rather than next year, but they never get the search engine love I know they rightly deserve.

I build ugly sites and throw up 50 pages of 300 word articles full of affiliate links and then forget about them. And then they suddenly earn me money. It is all one mass contradiction. I build beautiful sites that are fun and informative and should do well, and they squander away a year with no one to see the love.

But what can you do?

It is the path many of us have chosen.

When sites die new ones should be there to take their place. A backup for all important money earning sites should always be a part of your weeks work.

Who knows what will happen tomorrow.

Wow, 3 years next month since I turned my computer on and searched for just how to make money online. Time flies. I never knew what a blog was, I had never heard of WordPress. Backlinks? What is that? Affiliate links to earn a commission?



But it began with me sitting up until the small hours filling out online surveys for 50 pence. Thinking that if I could get enough of them every day then at least we could eat. I spent my days building sheds, tiling floors, mixing concrete and coming home to a house full of Dogs, my Wife away in the UK working so we didn’t starve for a few months when she returned.

She came back, we made blogs, we earned nothing. I did surveys, I searched for the magic that I new awaited me somewhere in this weird virtual world.

Then I found it.

And it was oh so simple.

Keywords in you post titles. Content that got visitors to perform actions you wished of them. Backlinks to get higher in the serps.

And that was it.

It clicked.

I knew I had found the answer.

The first dollar earned.

Ah, such a beautiful thing. 1 leads to 2 which means that all you have to do is to perform more work and the numbers will always go up.

Well, maybe not always. But, and this is the reality:

If you put in the work then you reap the rewards. $1000 a month, a day, a week, who knows? You can earn whatever you want, it just takes time, and a little luck, and you just pray to your God that tomorrow the algo is the same as it is today.

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  1. Mariano says:

    Hi Dave,

    I read the book, really great!

    Though I would like to know your take on TKA 2.0 if you read it.


    • Dave says:


      Thanks, it’s appreciated. I haven’t really taken more than a cursory glance at TKA 2.0 but as far as I am aware Mark is going for first person better quality content that actually delivers on its promises rather than trying to game Adsense, which is all for the good. It is still MFA in my opinion, same as affiliate sites are made for affiliate commissions whatever the content. But the new direction is certainly going to help sites stay in the serps long term a lot better.

      If I got that right then I am all for it, but I haven’t looked at it closely, I just do my thang really, same as I always have once I learned what I talked about in this post:

      Keyword rich post titles, content and backlinks, all the rest is just filler.

      • Mariano says:

        Do yoy have some sites for sale that are making more than 200 per month and are in line with what you wrote in the Ebook?

        If yes please send me an email


        • Dave says:


          I don’t have any sites for sale, I keep them all, anything I have worked on is still live. I have let domains drop I never got around to doing anything with but honestly the older a site the better it does so I just let them do their thing.

  2. Mr Green says:

    Haha interesting right up. You should try paid advertising some day :)…a lot more lucrative than search in my own opinion.

    • Dave says:

      Mr Green,

      I am sorely tempted, I just don’t know if my nerves could stand it. I do believe it is where the money is at though, at least for those who can even be arsed to split test πŸ˜‰

  3. Gayan says:

    Hey Dave,

    After going through all that and arriving at where you are now, I guess it feels great!. I envy you man :D.

    Could I ask this question (yikes)?

    How much Adsese (or do you use it at all?) adds up to your total earnings (no need to type numbers πŸ˜‰ ) but in percentages?. Thanks.

    • Dave says:


      I don’t really do it now, it is on some old stuff or I may stick it on a newer sites just to see but basically it is a minimal amount. Maybe 5% or so. Not sure really, I had a good adsense site that was earning OK for a few years but it has dropped like a stone this year. And I am guessing it is because the content was far from stellar and just your usual MFA crap. My style of writing really doesn’t suit it to be honest, and I really cannot be bothered with the kind of keyword research that is involved.

      And Dude, it feels great to be able to have money for food, all the rest is a bonus to be honest. As long as I can be happy with my lovely Wife and eat, and feed the Dogs I am a happy man. Material stuff such as nice cars etc has never interested me. I will be glad that we can have a house back in the UK and this one here in Spain but if it went pear shaped tomorrow then I would just grow my veggies, keep chickens for food and eggs again and still have Love, the most important thing in this world.

      Um, don’t know where that came from. Must be soppy Sunday.

      • Gayan says:

        Thanks Dave and yes!

        “…Love, the most important thing in this world…”

        something that’s worth living for :).

      • Joel says:

        ….”As long as I can be happy with my lovely Wife and eat, and feed the Dogs I am a happy man.” Love it! It seems Dave is not just into teaching us how to make money online but how to live life;). Great going man.

        • Dave says:


          πŸ˜‰ All the money in the world won’t make you happy Joel, it will just let you be miserable in more comfort. Life is about more than that, I am in no doubt.

      • jay says:

        Ain’t that the truth. If you’re miserable, a million bucks will just make you miserable in more luxurious accommodations.

        From your post, “When sites die new ones should be there to take their place. A backup for all important money earning sites should always be a part of your weeks work.”

        Define die. Like they get nuked from SERPS? Are you suggesting then you just take say… the clone backup and just set it up on another domain and start building links again?

    • Dave Starr says:


      Dave gave a great answer. Let me add a couple cnetts worth of AdSense opinion here which goes against the grain, but my have some value anyway.

      When starting a site in any niche I believe in using AdSense as a tool. But it on the site from day one. In, say, 30 days, Google will give you a wealth of great actionable information … unlike paid keyword analysis tools, even free ones, Google will even pay you to receive the information. Three benefits:

      1. Nothing gets a site indexed faster. Put AdSense code on a brand new page, reload it, and the Google AdSense crawler will be there in minutes, if not seconds.

      2. Google will ‘vote’ with cash as to what aspects of the page it ‘likes’. If you collect any clicks at all, even if the earnings are only pennies, you will know immediately which subjects are commercially viable.

      3. At the end of a few weeks, crank up the Google AdSense Keyword Tool and pop in the site’s URL or (really gangbusters analysis here) the URL of the specific page you are working on, and the Keyword Tool will show you, in black and white, exactly what words Google things that page is about … and what those words are worth to AdWords advertisers.

      Once you know this (rather than guessing), you can then decide if AdSense is worth leaving on the page or site … it may be much, much more profitable to monetize the page for a “Polka Dot White Socks” affiliate offer, but by using AdSense, you will know if Google ‘likes’ the page for that subject or not. Valuable stuff, IMO.

      • Gayan says:

        Hi Dave (number 2 :D),

        Thank you, appreciate it. You actually just gave me an excellent idea. I have few pages on my blog that gets reasonable traffic but have somewhat un-optimized adsense ads.

        So I’m gonna use the G’s KW tool and put those Page URLs and see what I can do to improve it (although I did do it by adding few kws here and there but I think what you said is a much better way to improve it).

        So, again thank you. :).

      • Dave says:

        Dave Starr,

        Great advice there Dave, good stuff. I get the feeling that a lot of people could make more if they simply changed out their adsense links to affiliate offers. I know a lot of people do informational sites so think that they can’t sell but you can just put your offers in the exact same place and style as adsense and often get better earnings from it. After all, if peeps keep advertising and paying for clicks then they are making money.

        • Shaun L says:

          I agree in some cases, but not with every niche. I had a site that was doing well with adsense, but when I took it off and replaced it with Amazon my earnings went down. The conversions weren’t good, and when they did convert overall I was making more with adsense.

          If i was selling the product directly I would have probably been better off with the product, but when only getting a small % with Amazon it wasn’t worth it.

          So i guess it depends on how well it converts, if people often buy related items at the same time, if you own the items or if you’re an affiliate, and what % you get with amazon.

  4. Bruno says:

    You definitely deserves it mate. … Many people would be in the same exact situation as you were, and they would just give up saying something like “I can’t do this …”

    I’ve learned from a few books (Think and Grow Rich and also “The magic of thinking big”, both good, but I don’t see what is all the fuss about Napoleon’s book, think and grow rich, didn’t think was that good …) that limits only exists on our own minds. If you truly believe you can achieve something, then there is nothing that will be able to stop you from achieving it.

    Question time, yeay! On your homepage, do you have more than one post showing or just a single post?

    I’m trying different methods but I was thinking of having some hard coded text in the index file and then 5 posts with only the excerpt showing.

    What do you reckon?


    • Terry says:

      Hey Bruno,

      How many times have you read and re-read Think and Grow Rich to decide its not much good? I’m only on my first reading and it has already shown me a few things I didn’t realize before, but I know I have read it many times to really get it.

      I’ve read Raymond Holliwell’s Working with the Law more times than I can count and the principles are really sinking in now. This is “The Secret” magnified many times. I still read a chapter or a few paragraphs every day and I never get bored with it because there’s so much in the book!

      Bob Proctor is right when he says that each time you read the book, you don’t just see something you didn’t notice before, you see something in yourself you didn’t notice before.

      There’s no doubt in my mind that book more so than several others I’ve read has changed my whole outlook on life for the better.

      • Bruno says:

        Hi Terry,

        I was considering doing just that. There are many books that I’ve re-read and you’ve hit the nail in the head when you said “you see something in yourself you didn’t notice before”. This is so true … Hell, I’m reading Dave’s old blog and even the posts that I’m reading again it seems sometimes like a complete different post and the post hasn’t changed at all! No, I have changed and I’ve learned more between the reads, therefore I’m experiencing and learning something different now while I’m reading it …

        I dunno, I’ve read some similar books and maybe I was expecting too much of this book that I got a bit disappointed. Honestly, the very first few chapters are GREAT! But then I believe it gets a bit sidetracked and I don’t really like his approach on many subjects. I think he fails to deliver – mostly on the second part of the book – on real actionable stuff that you can do and keep dwelling too much about “the sixth sense” and “the infinite intelligence that is all around us” … Maybe some people will say “you didn’t really get it, that’s why you didn’t like the book that much” which even the author warns a lot of time about this in almost every chapter …

        And maybe that is true indeed, that’s why I plan to read it again since many people – and people I trust especially – have said that this is a great book. If I have found that this book wasn’t that good at all, maybe I wasn’t ready to read it or maybe I didn’t understand it completely. Bottom line, I’m probably wrong and I’ll read it again, but that’s the impression I got from my first read …

        I’ve taken note of the books you’ve mentioned and I’ll definitely read them πŸ˜‰ Let me know if there are more books that you believe are a good read. I’m very fond of reading those kind of self-help books and similars. Have you read “How to make friends and influence people” and “how to stop worrying and start living” from Dale Carnegie? They’re a bit different than these ones that we are talking about, but they are simple yet highly effective. I’ve enjoyed them both …

        Thanks again … It’s good to get out a bit of the MMO world just for a change

        • Terry says:

          Bruno, you’re right on going back to read old MMO blog posts. I did that with Griz’s stuff a few times in the past and each time I learned something new that I didn’t really catch first or second time around!

          As for Hill’s book, I think a lot of why its hard in places is because its very dated in its approach. I think there is more to the “sixth sense” thing than we realize yet. I like the story of Thomas Edison taking his famous naps in a chair while holding a stone. If he fell asleep it would drop and he would wake and remember the last thought, which would often come with an answer to a question he was pondering on. He called it “going to the land of solutions!”

          I have a lot of respect for Bob Proctor and his approach to personal development. He says that its not about the money, but when you grow, the money comes naturally. Makes so much sense that as you get better at something, you’re naturally worth more in any field you choose. It works in IM – the more you know and understand how it works, the better you do. And all the old teachers seem to agree that perseverance is the most important trait you can have.

          You may have failures along the way, but if you never give up, you can never ultimately fail.

          Its funny, I never really had much time for self help books. I used to think they were all bullshit designed to relieve you of your money by filling your head with airy fairy notions. I remember reading “How to make friends and influence people” while I was still in the UK and it was interesting but I wasn’t in the right frame of mind to accept it. I was probably practicing as a hypnotherapist by then, but I was in a rut and couldn’t see what was probably staring right at me.

          I don’t think I really began to change until I came to Spain in 2002 and went totally broke, living up a mountain with my dog and busking in markets to scrape enough cash to eat and buy diesel for my van. It was the hardest time in my life and it caused me to really re-evaluate myself. It was then that I read some of Deepak Chopra’s books that I had but had never before bothered reading. They were interesting to me because he brings quantum physics into the mix and it made logical sense to me. Once something really makes sense to me, I guess its the snowball starting to roll in my head.

          A few years later, I read The Secret and that made even more sense. I got Wallace Wattles little book “The Science of Getting Rich” and for something that was written in 1910, it made a damn lot of sense.

          I also read Bob Proctor’s “Born Rich” and that led me to his video/audio course with Mary Morrissey that extended The Secret by introducing the 11 Lost Laws, of which the Law of Attraction upon which The Secret is based is only one. That course is based around Holliwell’s “Working With the Law” and I have stayed with it for well over a year now. I only just got Think and Grow Rich. Bob Proctor said it was the one book he read all the time. That’s a good enough recommendation for me!

          Yeah, its good to get out of the MMO box for a while!

          Sorry Dave for hijacking your thread with stuff more related to the Zen side than to the money side of life!

          • Dave says:


            No need to apologize, it is an interesting conversation by you guys and has given me some interesting books to look at. I have only read fiction for a long time and never read a single book along the lines of what you are talking about. You carry on πŸ˜‰

          • Bruno says:

            Wait a minute! I’m reading between the lines here: Dave lives in a mountain in Spain with his dogs; Terry also lives in a mountain in Spain with a dog. I already have a dog; should I also move to Spain so I can make some real money online? πŸ™‚

            Just kidding hehe, I hope you guys don’t get offended πŸ˜€ … I truly admire you guys from coming out of such a harsh situation with so much success. It really inspires me to work hard

            I never had a situation like that, money-wise, but I did had some ups and downs during my life. When I was back in University I took 2 years to travel around the world. It was a great experience, but just as I had some really great moments, I also had some moments that I thought I’ve hit the bottom … It seems that when you are travelling like that, your emotions and feeling are may more exaggerated than normal: when you are happy, you are REALLY happy; when you are down you are REALLY down …

            Funny thing is that now, all those times which I was in a bad situation are now actually fond memories that I have from this trip. I think I read in “How to stop worrying and start living” about this on how everyone “needs” to have moments like that so you can truly recognize and joy over your happy moments in the future. It’s like “I’ve been that low and I have survived. I can do it again!” We have no idea how strong we can be until we actually need to be strong …

            Cool! Lots of new books to read! Thanks!

            Additionally, do you have Griz’s posts saved in your HD? I know he has that blog where he uploaded all his old articles there with comments, but I got the impression that there were more posts than those … Anyway, if you have something, let me know

            Now, from “there’s more to life than just …” back to “Buy white socks now! Get ready for Xmas with great cheap white socks!” Oh well, we gotta do what we gotta do πŸ˜‰


    • Terry says:

      Bruno… what you describe about a homepage is exactly what I’ve done with my main weight loss site. I used the hard coded text as a big intro to the site, dividing the text into two columns. On the top left I have a big 250×300 banner with a paragraph below “selling” my main affiliate product for the site. There’s no doubt it has boosted sales by doing that.

      Beneath that I used to have a single post, but found that when that post had affiliate banners for whatever product I might be “reviewing” it made the site drop a place or two in the serps. So I recently changed it to display the most recent 5 posts in excerpt format. I moved any affiliate banners down the page for those posts so they don’t show in the excerpt.

      The result is the page has been fairly stable in the top 5 on page 1 for its main KW (which is a highly competitive one).

      A by-produt of doing this has also placed the site on page 1 for the main product, which is also a very highly competitive singe work KW.

      Well worth doing, although I should point out its a big, well aged authority site now so making those quite big changes to layout didn’t affect it as they would a newer site.

      • Bruno says:

        Interesting stuff … Thanks again Terry, I got some nice ideas for my sites from this commment πŸ˜‰


    • Dave says:


      I will have to check them out. To be honest I have a real mixture of layouts for sites. Some have 1 post only, others have exerts, and others have lots of full posts. To be honest it totally depends on the niche. If it is all for related products often I have a number of full posts. If they are somewhat different then it is 1 post only or exerts.

      • Bruno says:

        Dave, I have some that are more tightly focused and others that are somewhat different, but you’re right, it will really depend on the niche. thanks for the tips!


  5. Meep says:

    Hey Dave,

    Are you still actively using BLS? If so, how much a month are you currently paying?

    • Dave says:


      $99 a month a believe. I still use it now and then and it works, but I don’t use it like I used to. Spinning is like having teeth pulled πŸ˜‰

      • Meep says:

        You’re not getting it at a discounted price? I got an email from them for a new price of $67 a month but like you said, spinning articles is like pulling teeth. I don’t know if I’ll use it enough to justify paying that much per month.

        • Dave says:

          Meep, You jammy git, I just checked and I pay $97 a month. It is effective, no doubt, although I now only use it for support sites etc. But it is certainly a quick way to improve serps positions but you do need to do the spinning which is a real bore.

  6. daveh says:

    I hear you – except that I do have some e-commerce sites that have been steady earners for over a decade.
    But my Adsense sites & affiliate sites – they move up and down all the time.

    As to the books – there is one I love so much that I actually buy it and give it away: “The richest Man in Babylon”. Written many decades ago, only takes a couple of hours to read, but the best advice I ever got.

  7. Lando says:

    A very timely post πŸ™‚ It’s no fun at all when sites don’t just get slapped…but de-indexed πŸ™

    • Dave says:


      I hear you Dude, not good at all. What a game we are playing eh?

    • Terry says:

      Oh yeah, that’s no fun at all!

      I’ve been pretty lucky in my time online and only had a few deindexed and that was because they were doing something G didn’t like (allegedly)… I’ll say no more πŸ˜‰

  8. Carrie says:

    Uh, details? Did something happen?

    I was seeing some nice advances and then hit a rocky spot, so I could benefit from some commiserating. Stop being so vague!

    • Dave says:


      I commiserate πŸ˜‰ Nothing happened here for me, it is business as usual. But a conversation with Lando brought home the fact that it can all be gone tomorrow if you rely on search only. I was just feeling a little inspired to write something so I did! I was feeling a little nostalgic that I have been online for 3 years next month and I amazed by it all still. But it seems so unreal, all these virtual numbers flying around. It is like it is all in my little laptop and that’s it. I wonder f there really is an Amazon, or is it just in my laptop and nowhere else.

      Are you real?

      Sorry, been to the beach for the second day running and the Sun has got to my head πŸ˜‰

  9. Bruno says:

    Guys, besides Statcounter, what else do you recommend for stats?

    I’ve been using Statcounter on most sites, but the free account limits the log to 500 page loads. For sites that only get 20-50 visits a day that is ok, but a big site of mine that gets +500 and with a limited log like that, I’m only getting stats from the last 16 hours =/

    What do you guys recommend? Upgrading the statcounter account? Using something else (Clicky and the like)?

    This website would actually be ok to put G. Analytics on it since I’ve already added it on Google webmasters so it already has a google footprint on it

    Has anyone tried changing from Statcounter to G Analytics or vice-versa? Did you experience any difference in traffic even if just for a few days?

    I guess not, but anyway, who knows, maybe when you put it on G Analytics it starts to get more data from your website and then you may experience a dance with the ol’ G. πŸ˜€


    • Shaun L says:

      I’ve switched from one to another before, didn’t have any affect on rankings. If you’ve already got webmaster tools on it (Which I think is essential for any site you really want to build on) then you may as well use analytics. It’s better then stat counter, so if you don’t mind leaving a footprint / have got a legit site then I say go for it.

    • Dave says:


      As Shaun says, if it is in webmasters then you may as use their analytics. The main thing is just not to put all your sites on it, especially if you are using some for links.

      • Bruno says:

        Yeah, I believe this site should be ok with analytics since it is a biggie … but all others I’ll definitely keep them on Statcounter

        It’s a shame that all that data is now lost, but what can we do? I didn’t expect that this site would grow so big πŸ™‚

        (Non-)Shit happens …

    • JanisG says:

      You can also create multiple Google accounts (each with Analytics, GWT and stuff) and put couple of sites on each account to avoid the obvious footprint.

      • Bruno says:

        Hey Janis,

        yeah, I do have some different g. accounts with different websites, but the thing is, sometimes I would log in in both accounts at the same time, or I have even heard people saying that I should not use Google Chrome at all πŸ˜€

        I think it definitely helps keep things separated, but I think to really leave no footprint then you should avoid Google products entirely.

        What do you think?


        • Shaun L says:

          I know some people may disagree, but i don’t see any harm in using Google’s products for a few sites. If you have them all interlinked and don’t want G to know they’re all your sites, fair enough, don’t use analytics etc on them. But if you’ve only got a few sites and they’re not interlinks / not doing anything wrong, unless you make a lot of money with adsense most likely it’s not going to come back and bite you.

          * Disclaimer: What do I know πŸ˜€

        • JanisG says:


          Sure, if you want to keep things neat, you should be very organized πŸ™‚ Dont use Chrome, use proxies when accessing your different Google accounts, clean cookies and temp files (CCleaner does a good job).

          Shaun L

          I recently read that one of tasks that only Google Analytics can do is measuring time on site. If you dont have GA installed on site, G. has limited options to measure how long people are staying on your site. G. will see if searcher goes back to search page, but they will not see how fast they click out to your aff links.

          Of course if you are sure people spend much time on your site, you can benefit from GA stats.

          * Disclaimer: what do I know as well πŸ™‚

          • Shaun L says:

            Yer, I heard something like that before. Not sure if it’s true, but if it is it could be a good reason to stay away from Analytics if you have a low time on site…

          • Bruno says:

            Hum, interesting reads … I do use google products on most sites and I concur with you guys .. I’ll try to keep Statcounter to only smaller, satellite websites … For bigger sites you either have to pay for the upgrade or you may end up losing quite a bit of data =/

            Thanks Janis and Shaun, much appreciated

            Disclaimer: what do I know too πŸ˜€

  10. Shaun says:

    Hey Dave,

    Do you ever notice a dip in amazon conversion rates in the middle of the month?

    I always notice that the start and end of the month is when I get most high priced sales and volume too, then in the middle of the month (like now) it starts to drop quite a bit.

    • Dave says:


      It is the same for me to some extent. Quite a lot of other affiliate programs are the same way too. It’s just peeps not wanting to stretch themselves until they know how much money they have. It’s why I love Amazon at Chrimbo time though, then peeps spend like crazy for months. From September on earnings go through the roof πŸ˜‰

  11. An says:

    Hey, Dave!

    Been reading your blog (and bought the Lando’s Automatic Authority, too)!

    I’ve been skimming through your old website where you said that you would write a new article on every KW that you see in your Google Analytics (to have your own private KW research tool, as you metaphorically written)…

    This concerns me as it kind of violates

    “Does the site have duplicate, overlapping, or redundant articles on the same or similar topics with slightly different keyword variations?”

    What do you think? Should I create new articles if I see a lot of similar KW variations like “prices for treatment”, “treatment prices”, “price treatment”, “treatment cost”, “low cost treatment”, “how much does treatment cost”, etc. in my Analytics ?

    • Dave says:


      Hope you enjoy Lando’s guide, it has helped me no end.

      I think everything most people who use seo do violate G’s guidelines, if you make a single backlink to game rankings then you have already done it. But, I get your point. I do not recommend being as heavy handed with it as I once did, although it still works like a dream. Hopefully the posts on this site will give you inspiration on how to attack all those variations. Basically use the terms in conjunction with other words as H’2’s in content so that it does not look spammy and reads well.

      Or just play the waiting game. As a site gets authority it can rank easily even for terms that are not optimized with a few links to it.

    • Bruno says:

      I was wondering about that the other day … One solution that I’ve found that could be good (not as good as to have in the same website for double listings and stuff) is to use those keywords that you’ve discovered and then use on the satellite websites and free web 2.0 properties …

      I think Dave does this with his satellite websites, but the only difference is that by not adding to your main website, it will definitely look less spammy since you won’t have a myriad of “cheap white socks online” “get a cheap white sock” “best white socks for sale” all for the same product in the same web site.

      What do you think An?

      I also (*don’t*) like the idea of the waiting game πŸ™‚ … I’m trying to think more long termly as possible

      • Bruno says:

        * please correct “One solution that I’ve found” to “One solution that I’ve found that Dave has mentioned many many times” πŸ™‚ … the only difference is that I’m not adding that same keyword to my main website πŸ™‚

  12. Bruno says:

    Hey folks,

    dunno if has been already commented here, but I’m sure someone has spotted this already. Look at they that some SERP show up now (I believe it is now, but maybe this has been going on for more time and I’ve missed it :D). Definitely going even more for ‘brands’.

    Ok this is Cuisinart, but I’ve seen it with smaller websites as well ..


    • JamestheJust says:

      Interesting, Wix…I’ve seen that with blogs. So if you look up The Average Genius, for example, there’s some site links like that…didn’t realize they were doing that for brands, too.

      If you get your links from trafficked places, though, you can still pull traffic to your pages – it just depends on your linking methods.

      Ranking is one thing, traffic generation is endless in opportunities.

    • Dave says:


      Wish I could get that for one of my sites, it wipes the floor with the competition. It has been out for a week or two now, not sure if it is permanent or not.

    • Shaun L says:

      Yer, a friend pointed out to me that one of my sites is like that the other day. I’ve only got 8 results under the main brand name however, and most of them aren’t the pages i’m trying to direct people to :-s

  13. Darrell says:

    Hey Dave

    Another interesting article that hits the spot. So, this week, I have been starting to test out some new software called dragon naturally speaking – aka speech recognition software. I am very impressed so far. Just created 5 articles in about 15 minutes. Each article easily over 300 words plus. It saves on those fingers typing like a mad man. I can see when get in my zone for a couple of hours, how easily it could be, to create 30 or 40 articles in like 90 minutes or less.


    • Dave says:


      It is an excellent program. I got it for my Mum and was amazed how well it worked after just a few minutes to test it out. I wish I could use it but Wifey says Divorce if I blather on about white socks for 8 hours a day πŸ˜‰

  14. JanisG says:

    Saw this article today – “Amazon sites received visits from over 282 million visitors in June, according to the report. That’s 20.4% of the world’s Internet population.”

    I am wondering what’s the % in Xmas season πŸ™‚