New Beginnings

I won’t go in to why I decided to do it, move from the old site to here. You can read about it on the why page.

Suffice to say I wanted to get away from the mess, the norm, and what was becoming something I could see having a relatively long history.

Plus, why the hell not?

Anyway, here we go, SEO Tips and a whole lot more. It either becomes something more than which I am proud of, or not. Either way, I won’t be going back so let’s get to it.

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  1. Mark says:

    Dave, I literally hang on every word that you write. I am not a blog junkie per say. However, I have spent more time on your blog than any other blog. It’s not that you are a great writer. (But you are). Great writers are many (At least they claim to be). It’s not even what you say (you tend to be long winded). It’s how you say things. You just makes sense.

    I look forward to sharing a bottle of vino some day as we travel the world in real space and cyberspace.

  2. Mark says:

    Dave, Griz is the one that said that you are long winded. This was because of your super amazon posting in your old blog. I just tend to agree with people smarter than me.

  3. GeorgeS says:

    I have read most of your posts on the old website and I will have to go back and re-read most of them again.
    I wanted to ask your recommendation on what to use for Amazon affiliate websites – WP with plug ins or something else?

    • Dave says:


      I don’t recommend any plugins for Amazon, even though I could have made a bloody fortune on my Amazon guide if I did! I would use WordPress or static sites if you know how to do them. Then just get your links from Amazon and put them in the copy, using text or buttons. I don’t recommend plugins as they leave a footprint and at some point or another they will probably be seen as used by spammers and it may well get your sites hit hard.

  4. GeorgeS says:

    Thank you for your quick answer, Dave!
    I am a web programmer (PHP,ASP,.NET), so producing a static site would be super easy but if I will end up with 25-50 static websites wouldn’t it be very hard & time consuming to manage/update them?
    I probably will go with WordPress and will insert affiliate links manually into articles as you have suggested.

    Do you think that it would make sense to design a database-driven management system to generate static pages for multiple website on the same host?

    • Dave says:


      I know nothing about static sites so really can’t help you. But anything to speed up the process has got to be a good thing. Go for it.

    • Craig says:

      “if I will end up with 25-50 static websites wouldn’t it be very hard & time consuming to manage/update them?”

      That depends on the kind of site. If they’re micro-niche sites with, say, ten pages of content all focused around one product then it’s essentially a build-and-forget process (site-side, that is: you still need to backlink of course). If it’s a more general site that you want to keep adding new pages to, then WordPress is obviously more useful for that.

      I only have a few sites, so I’m certainly no expert, but managing WordPress sites is much more work than managing static ones. You need to update all the plugins, and WordPress itself, on a regular basis. My static sites just sit there collecting money.

      I think designing a database-driven management system is probably putting the cart before the horse. Build a few sites, get them ranking and earning. That’s what it’s all about. If you want to build that management system at a later stage to make your life easier then great, but if you spend loads of time building it now then you’re just putting off what really needs to be done.

      All just my tuppence-worth, of course!