How To Make An Image Nofollow

So, Jonas asked how to make an image nofollow if you are linking to Amazon. Now, code often goes skewey/skewy??? when you try to show it in WordPress posts but I will give it my best shot.

To the left we have a lovely rubber duckie for sale which you can buy by clicking it. I have given it a title that reflects my term “Rubber Duck”, and an alt tag to match. This means that once I backlink this page for rubber duck then I will rank in search and in image search and I also further concrete the fact that I want to rank for Rubber Duck. A H2 would also further help me rank before the backlinking begins πŸ˜‰

So, I certainly don’t want Amazon ranking higher than me for rubber duck. So, I need to nofollow my image, especially as it is keyword rich.

How To Make An Image nofollow

I go to my wordpress post and add an image, I fill in the alt tag and put my Amazon link in the link URL box and then insert the image.

Next go to the html side of your post and just after the a (leaving a space) at theΒ  beginning of the code insert yourΒ  rel=”nofollow” using quotes and then make a space before the href and the rest of the code.

You should find that it looks like the code below. Once you go back to to the visual side your work is done. It will look like below in the html side, although as is often the case when pasting html on to the visual side the quotes often get messed with so never copy quotes “” from sites, always put in your own.

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”;tag=zenduck-20&amp;linkCode=as2&amp;camp=217153&amp;creative=399349&amp;creativeASIN=B000GUZC2A”><img title=”rubber duck” src=”” alt=”rubber duck” width=”210″ height=”210″ /></a>

And don’t forget to do it for all your text links too. Obviously for maximum effect I would not use a photo that was named duckie originally but one I named rubber duck, but hey, I am not really bothered about ranking for a rubber duck, just the ZEN DUCK!

Jonas you owe me a rubber duckie.

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  1. Jonas says:


    You are awesome….thanks so much for taking the time to do that….I was still searching for the answer when I decided to check here. I really, really appreciate that.

    Got your rubber duck right here. I think you’ll find it…uh…intoxicating. πŸ˜€

    • Dave says:


      lol, SWEET, although I have no need for such things, not often a partial bottle in these parts. And no probs about the post, little bit of content on this rather sparce new blog anyway πŸ˜‰

  2. Shaun L says:

    Hey D, how’s life treating ya? Any update on Lando’s product? A couple of us London boys have been waiting for it to drop so we can start working with aged domains, at this rate we may go out do our own research and get the ball rolling :-s
    Any info (Eg release date) would be great… Though a product would be even better lol.

    • Dave says:


      We are just waiting for a few tech details to be ironed out, Lando does not want to release the product until he can guarantee the best and cheapest resources to use, and one of them is having a hiccup. Hopefully Automatic Authority will be out this week so stay tuned. Man, you are gonna love it, simples yet with amazing results. I got a single page aged domain up the other day and it is ranking well for a tough term, much to Lando’s annoyance πŸ˜‰

      • Aaron says:

        You might not take all the good ones before the product is released and leave all the duds to us!

        • Dave says:


          I have had my fill for now and spent some money, now I am working on building the sites up. There are going to be plenty of Kick Ass sites to buy, honestly you will be spoiled for choice.

        • Lando says:

          Hey Aaron,

          Aged domains are nuclear weapons for Internet Marketers…and Dave has the spending power of the U.S.A.

          Still plenty to go around. But the moral of the story is that if you find yourself in the same niche as Dave, he can be one cold hearted gangsta’ πŸ˜‰

      • Lando says:

        Hey Shaun,

        I used to stay up in Enfield!

        Automatic Authority is ready to go but the site that me, Dave, Terry and a lot of others have been using, Dropday, isn’t working fully just now. That was the best value for money site that I’ve used to date. Freshdrop is another option but apparently costs $100/month. Considering my report is about how to do things as cheap as possible, that’s not really a good fit.

        Thanks for your interest πŸ™‚ Fingers crossed.

  3. Bruno says:

    Another way to do this in WordPress is to insert your picture as you would normally do, then you click on it and click on that fancy small button where it says “Edit Image” just next to “Delete image”.

    When the new screen opens, you click “Advanced Settings” and down there, there is a blank where it says “Link rel”.

    Then you just need to type in “nofollow”. Just nofollow without quotes or anything. It will fill automatically for you with rel=” ”

    So: Image > Edit Image > Advanced Settings > Link Rel

    Hope that helps.

    • Dave says:


      Good stuff, I never knew that was an option, guess I need to open my eyes a little πŸ˜‰

    • wifey says:

      He’s busy muttering at an iPad at present – but I’m so glad someone else does things the easy – html avoidance way!

      • Dave says:


        Just because you didn’t get one there is no need to be bitter. Both ways are good and take about the same time, but for those doing html apart from on WordPress then mine wins, so there!

      • Mike says:

        Couch him for talking back at you!

        • Dave says:


          Right, Mike is the first one banned form the new site, in the corner with you Mike, and put your hat on πŸ˜‰

  4. Blackthorne says:

    So we’re doing requests now eh?

    I have one!

    Scrapebox’ effectiveness was mentioned in the previous post’s comment thread.

    A quote from a case study was listed, showing that spamming the s### out of your site can still get it traffic.

    So how exactly does one go about putting Scrapebox to good use?

    Do you set it to auto spam comments, or do you use it to find high PR do follow comment blogs?

    If so, how ?

    • Dave says:


      An odd request if I feel inspired. But as for Scrabebox you will have to ask someone else. I don’t use it and I never will. I am not about to go out comment spamming on auto, same for profiles, it would annoy the hell out of me, and it does, with comment spam and the links are too temp anyway, not my kind of tool at all.

      • Blackthorne says:

        It ain’t mine either. But you’ve commented on high PR do follow blogs in the past.

        And if you can find those with Scrapebox, then the tool has its use.

        Feel free to comment, everybody!

        • Chris says:

          There’s always ActuallyRank (which is closed now but is supposed to be opening up again soon) and it promises to give you a list of so many 1000 high-pr do-follow pages that you can comment on only to you and a few select others. From what I gather they don’t always approve and you have to leave a decent comment, but that could be the middle ground between spamming and whatever totally white-hat people do.

          I just saw scrapebox mentioned on a forum in the SEO section of a forum mostly on PPV advertising (which I’ve gotten in to more recently). It’s not something I would do on my main site with 100s of pages, but I might try it out in the future on a new site to see how it does.

        • Dave says:


          Yeah, I have, but I don’t do it anymore, it simply is not worth the effort for links unless you automate it, which I don’t personally like.

          • Blackthorne says:

            It’s worth the effort if you use it to expose your site to like minded people.

            It’s what the owner of a quality site would do.

            And aren’t we all about quality sites these days?

            • Dave says:


              Totally. For exposure then I am all for it, for links and rankings there are better ways. But hey, just my way, no the only way. Some peeps do well with commenting for links.

  5. Sudarshan says:

    Great post Dave…By the way,do you think we should no follow all the outbound links or spread some link love to authority websites ?

    • Dave says:


      Definitely spread the love, I am in no doubt that linking out to authority sites in your niche helps you in the serps, no doubt at all.

  6. agraiders says:

    Success!! Well sort of.. I’ve had my site up for about two weeks and made $.40 yesterday. Not sure if I should be encouraged or not though because the item that was bought was a book which is not what I am selling… wasn’t even a book related to my site. But, I guess it is encouraging.

    • Lando says:

      They all count πŸ™‚

    • Dave says:


      This is the beauty of Amazon. Simply get enough clicks from enough content and you make a certain amount of money, even if not for items in your niche. And at Christmas it goes absolutely mental. MENTAL!

  7. teatree says:

    I like the site’s new name – I googled Zen Duck, and there you were!

  8. agraiders says:

    I have a question using your buying keywords approach to things. If you have a site selling socks I would assume you would build posts for all the @50 buying keywords with the word “sock”. Then maybe do the same for your categories like “white socks”, “red socks”,etc. So then you could be up to a potential 150 or so posts. But, do you also do buying keywords for each individual product?
    I have been implementing this and I have started doing it with the root phrase first “buy socks”,”best price for socks”, etc. And, I did a few category posts “buy white socks”, etc. But, I am wondering if you would do it for individual products too or do you start hitting a diminishing returns plateau at that point?

    • Dave says:


      It really depends on your approach. If it is for a ton of items then it is just not feasible. But what is feasible is to rank for the terms anyway. A lot of buying terms are longtails so simply get the words, at elast some of them in H2’s in a post, simply use the others in your copy and most importantly send a few backlinks for all the buying terms you can think of. And mine your stats and send links for those terms too. In time as you get authority you will find your whole site pretty much ranks at the top for any term you can think of related to your products.

      It will take a year or two though, prob closer to 2.

      • agraiders says:

        Two more questions:
        And, on these buying term posts, what on earth do you talk about? Let me clarify.. If you are trying to rank “buy xyz 123 white sock” then I get that. but for “buy socks”, “cheap socks”, “best price for socks” posts are you just rambling? Seems like that is more spider food and not much help to the reader should they actually decide to read.

        2. I have incorporated a header in like you mentioned so it is pretty much the same across all posts.. Something like “Our Top Selling Socks” Image Calls to action. So even if they go to the page for the XYZ Impact Super Jumper sock they still see the generic call to action. Is that ok?

        By the way, I did want you to know that I have been writing about 2500 words a day between onsite posts and link posts so I am taking action and not just pumping you for information and twidling my thumbs.. So I’m not trying to know it all before I start. I’m sure I have made some errors.

        • Dave says:


          You need to realize that people typing in such buying keywords are not looking to read anything. They simply want good prices. It is unlikely that whatever you write will be of any interest, if they type in review then that is totally different. It does not need to be helpful as they are not looking for help. But it does mean that the content is spammy, no doubt about it.

          To be honest it really depends on the niche. I would test it with the header call to action and without. But normally if people come for a specific item then you want it to be in their face asap. So unless you can easily put the specific image above the fold while still having the header stuff then it is best without. But test for a while and see, different niches can be very different.

          And good for you for doing the work, get it up to 4500 and you will be near to what I do every day πŸ˜‰

          • agraiders says:

            OK.. I’m doing 2500 with no help.. πŸ™‚ Yet! Thanks for the motivation though

            • Dave says:


              Me either. Me and Wifey also have workers that do the same amount again themselves. Outsourcing is great if you can possibly afford it, a good investment long term if you find someone who is good at it.

  9. Lando says:

    If I can persuade Dave to put his iPad down (iPad 2?) then Automatic Authority will be available VERY soon.

    • Dave says:


      I mailed you, I am good to go buddy, just waiting on your lazy bones.

    • Craig says:

      Looking forward to this Lando! After my best performing website recently died, I like the idea of a shortcut to authority!

      • Lando says:

        Hi Craig,

        Keep working your site and hopefully it will come back stronger. Although, now that Dropday is fully functioning again there is another option.

  10. Jonas says:


    I need to go through the amazon affiliate program you laid out on your other site again. Is it still up, because I can’t seem to find my bookmark, nor can I find it by typing in variations of the URL, proving your point that yes, Zenduck is much easier to remember lol.

    Could you point me to that info?

    • Dave says:


      Here you go hxxp://

      just take out the xx and replace with tt

      And yeah, I think the change was worth it in the long wrong, a bit more memorable to say the least πŸ˜‰

  11. Mk Akan says:

    Dave , would it not be better to use a word press plugin like pretty link to create a beautiful link with a nice url.You can easily no follow the redirected url and add it on the image instead.That is what i use..Any issue with that method?

    I hate all these simple codes and stuff…can be mind wrecking lol.

    • Dave says:


      No issue at all. I just don’t really see the need to mask affiliate links but I know a lot of people prefer to do it that way. Just giving more options to you guys πŸ˜‰

      And yeah, code is a nightmare, I am useless at it !