Pond Now Open

The Private Forum the Pond is now open for business. For the last week there have just been the folks that got free accounts in there and already there has been a nice bit of activity.This will grow a lot over the coming weeks.

I will be adding in very long guides exclusive to the forum in the Monthly Mouthwaterers section (catchy huh?) and it should build out to be a great resource. Members are also encouraged to come up with guides themselves for which they will be paid.

I want everyone that signs up to bear a few things in mind.

You said you wanted a private forum so I have set one up. If you are not going to participate then it won’t work and I will end up closing it down as already I can see it is rather time consuming and there is no-one there yet! And this is why I have set the $10 a month price. It should make you want it to work and I get a bit of cash for my time. Although it has been great fun too already and it should be amazing once it gets going properly.

It needs active participation and active new content from members for it to stay working. If everyone unsubscribes after the first month then it will have been a waste of time so let’s make sure that doesn’t happen.

Every one of us has something to contribute. It doesn’t matter if you are totally new to making money online or a seasoned veteran. We all have tips to share and we all have a unique slant on things.

Don’t be shy

This is a place for friends and community to share with each other. I won’t stand for insults and idiotic behaviour, you will get the boot. It is a place to talk about things in private where no-one else can see what we say.

There are no daft questions, only questions you don’t know the answer to, so ask away and you will get a reply.

I will be there every day in the week for help and advice. Either publicly or via PM.

There are already some discounts on cool products in there which makes it worth signing up just for that alone. Hopefully more will follow.

We have cool stuff written by Billy, including a great free tool for gathering and producing longtail posts titles in a unique fashion.

There is an accountability section which should see you totally boost your productivity. Be bold and brazen and state what you are going to get done in a certain time-frame and then feel the backlash if you fail. Nothing like that for a motivator. Being accountable for your actions is absolutely the best way to increase productivity.

And tons more stuff.

Basically it is going to be cool. Here are a few key points:

  • It’s private. No content is indexed in search engines and it will stay that way. What happens in the Pond stays in the Pond.
  • There are no spammers. Only admins can register new members. There is no way for anyone to sign-up and enter themselves. You pay a subscription and then Wifey will set you up an account. You will be emailed your user-name and password in 24 hrs or less after you subscribe. It will NOT happen automatically so don’t worry if you don’t get your ID straight away. Don’t forget we live in Spain, never work after 5PM our time and will only register you in our normal working hours. Time off is very important.
  • This is a community. There is no doubt that there are plenty of public forums you can join to talk about SEO and other related topics. This is different. We can set up certain things to help each other out in private that we can’t do here.
  • It is based on what you guys want. If you want a new feature or category then you post what you want. If we get a few others that agree with you then it happens. This is a forum that is about what you say it is.
  • This is a forum based on helping and giving advice whenever requested. It is not about flaming and generally being an idiot.
  • As it is going to remain relatively small as far as numbers are concerned it will have a community feel rather than you getting lost amongst hundreds and thousands of other members.
  • There is no junk. There won’t be millions of threads all saying the same thing followed with “thank you’s” and other mindless comments. It is constructive and content has a point.
  • Being in a gang is cool 😉


You sign up under Wifey’s Paypal account, I am not allowed to have one as I was naughty in my younger days! Yikes!

The subscription is $10 a month and it is recurring. The subscription is under Wifey’s name and is labelled Zen Duck Pond Subscription. If you want to cancel you just do so in your recurring payments setting in Paypal. You can also simply sign up using your credit card.

Wifey has graciously said she will take care of the admin side of things, as if you haven’t already guessed I am not the most organized of people 😉

Once she gets notified of payment she will set you up wit an account and email you the user-name and password. User-name will be from the name of the payee. You can change what shows on the forum once you sign in, this is just to get you set up and registered.

That’s about it really.

No sales push or anything like that. If you want to join in the fun then great, I will be glad to have you. If not then no problem. I will still be here on the blog as always. i.e in a totally random posting style and we can still chat here same as before.

See you in the POND.

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  1. Steve says:

    See you in the pond, indeed 😉

  2. Ion says:

    Will register in a minute 😉

    • Dave says:


      Coolio 😉 Terry is writing some amazing stuff in there as we speak. He is actually allowing me to finally understand building static site, get to grips with html, but more importantly he has even explained css in an easy to understand way. Worth the entrance fee alone. I think I owe Terry a lot of favors after what he is doing for us.

  3. Billy says:

    Dave –

    Congratulations on opening! Looking forward to putting in some proper contributions that will help people make more $ for their time!



  4. Darren says:

    Rockin’ – I am paid up and ready to go!

  5. Carrie says:

    Will “Wifey” actually have a name in the forum?

    I just subscribed, see ya on the other side.

    • Dave says:


      Cool, see you in the Pond. Um, I set Wifey up with that name but she rebels in here sig and reveals all 😉 And she is being amazing doing all the admin and setting up all the new accounts today. Don’t forget to introduce yourself on there and reveal all the secrets about yourself!

  6. Seth says:

    If it doesn’t work in the end due to lack of participation, at least you have learned how to set up a forum and all the things related to that. You are miles ahead of me….I am just a simple affiliate marketer.

    • Dave says:


      I am actually writing a guide on that very topic in the forum. Basically from what I have learned from this blog and the old one. I was talking with Wifey over the weekend and we kind of consolidated a pretty sure-fire plan for setting up paid membership sites for recurring income without worrying about organic search. I would like to say that it was a plan I implemented here, it wasn’t. But I have learned it now and am sharing a simple process to members. I told you that if you give me a real email address then I can register you for a free account and I still will. To say sorry about you know what. Up to you.

      I think you are not giving yourself enough credit, I have my suspicions about you Dude!

      • Seth says:

        Thanks. I have sort of gotten lazy in the last 2 years and haven’t learned much of anything new. As mentioned previously, I have focused solely on creating unique content for my established sites. It was a good decision and has definitely paid off…I can’t complain for sure.

        But in the meantime you and others have learned how to write your own ebooks for Amazon, how to put up a forum, and other stuff which I can’t do.

        It is always a tough decision: spend time on what is working or use some of that valuable time to spread out and learn something new that might not have much of a return.

        I’ll think about your offer for the Pond but I’m taking a trip so it may be awhile. Thanks again.

        • Dave says:


          No problem, be glad to have you if you decide it is for you. I totally understand where you are coming from. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, right?

          I guess it is just the more I am in this game the more I think I need different ways to earn, just as back-up. And who knows, maybe one day they will take over from organic search traffic.

      • teatree says:

        If you are going to go into the paid membership business (as it seems you are!), you might be interested in this interview Pat Flynn did with a guy who runs a food membership site

        Very interesting – but I think a lot more work than just getting your traffic from Google

        • Dave says:


          I read it a while ago. It was very interesting. I loved the fact that even though he put up free videos of cooking and gave out the recipes in them people would still pay to actually get them in written form. Ah, the Internet is an amazing place!

          Thanks for the link though, others will find it interesting I am sure. It is well worth reading or listening too.

  7. The IM Koala says:

    All signed up now, just eagerly awaiting my username/pw! See you on the inside. 🙂

  8. Ray Woltman says:

    All signed up too. I’m kinda thinkin’ this is gonna be like TKA but wayyyyy better. Smaller too I hope. Like TKA but with better information.


    • Dave says:


      It will be more advanced than TKA, with things that may be a little bit more on the dark side now and then. But also for helping those new to the game as well. We can help everyone I think.

  9. daveh says:

    I subscribed. Looking forward to digging in deep like a tick. You’ll need metal tweezers and a lighter to get me out.

  10. Shaun L says:

    Nice, I haven’t fully read all of this post yet, in the middle of writing up a sale letter for a product launch I’m doing. Am focusing a bit on that for now (Just got the sweetest logo designed for $10 and the same designer is creating me another mock up, real professional looking) so as soon as don’t have to focus on that as much I’m going to sign up. Probably tomorrow but latest the day after. See you in there in a bit!

    P.S. Maybe you should let people on your list know that the pond is now open? I never got a message from you and know not everyone uses rss / checks websites every day…

    • Shaun L says:

      Just signed up, brain’s fried for the day.

      How come you made it so account are made manually instead of automatically once payments went through? Maybe that should be mentioned earlier in the post? I didn’t read the post (Was already pre sold from before lol) so was confused once I made the payment then was only faced with my PayPal account balance… I figured to read the post for answers, but wasn’t till a fair way in I found the info I was looking for.

      And it’s a good thing I could understand the basic Spanish on the PayPal sign in page 😉

      • Dave says:

        Shaun L,

        Can’t help where I live Dude 😉

        I set it like that as there was no way for it to be set up to do it automatically without it meaning that anyone could register even without subscribing. They wouldn’t be able to see the forum, I could change the setting for that, but it would results in a billion spam accounts for forum profiles.

        Plus, if I got 70,000 members you lot would think I was earning rather more than I was. Trust me, allow people to register for a forum whenever they like and it gets spammed to death. I set one up on a site a year ago, it had that many members in a year but none that were active apart from to spam. I had totally forgotten about it so just deleted the whole thing.

        • Shaun L says:

          Don’t know if it’s too late for you now, but there’s the option to use membership software alongside paypal (Or your chosen payment processor) and forum software. I’m using that method for this membership site I’m launching, as it’s going to have a support forum inside it.

          People can’t sign up or see the forum unless they pay, and they’re automatically given access once they do. If they stop paying access is automatically taken away.

          I’ll save the exact details of the software etc used for inside your forum 😉 or you can email me and I’ll let you know what I’ll be using.

    • Dave says:

      Shaun L,

      Be good to see you in there but business comes first, I understand that. Great price Dude, nice one. I will see how it goes, hopefully over a week or so most peeps will have visited here. I don’t want to annoy anyone with emails all the time.

      Plus it means Wifey won’t have to register too many peeps in a day so she can get her work done 😉

  11. Neil says:

    Hell Yeah ! Just signed up.

  12. Ruth says:

    Just had a quick peek around – am loving the guide you’re putting together about the whole membership experience! That in itself is well worth $10. There are so many great people there, it’ll be an excellent place to hang out and share ideas.

    • Dave says:


      Thanks for signing up and thanks for the kind words. I think the guide will be invaluable. Basically what I have learned by accident in a proper guide to really ensure it works. Wifey is going to follow it from beginning to end and she is also going to show the site and how she goes about it. Unless she changes her mind and gets scared of course 😉

  13. Randall says:

    I signed up but am pretty new to Internet marketing. Hope I can contribute.

  14. mian says:

    hi dave, I’ve just signed up, twice, thanks to my rubbish phone, can you cancel one of them please? see you all in the pond.

  15. Lisa says:

    Hi Dave

    Just signed up so eagerly awaiting login details:)


  16. J says:

    Hey Dave,

    Sent you an email about membership.