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Right from the get go I knew that with I never had a hope in hell of ranking for any of the usual MMO terms. I didn’t even try.

And the results were pretty cool. My first site that made a sizable amount a month ($1000) without relying on search traffic. I think at the most I would get 20 or so peeps a day via the search Gods and that was just a bonus.

Getting Things Straight

As usual you will find that I will contradict myself more often than not. Here I am with a stupid byline at the bottom of the page, SEO Tips, one I don’t even care to rank for, and the main focus of the site is about SEO and ranking for terms in the search engines. It is how I make my living.

I want to just explain a little about how I see this site heading, as much so I get an idea as you lot do πŸ˜‰

I guess it is an experiment of sorts in what we all come to believe we know about ranking in the search engines.

“Write keyword rich post titles and content and get backlinks. All the rest is just filler.”

I quote myself there, or something akin to what I have spouted on a gazillion occasions.

Here I am going to do no such thing. I am never going to write a post title of more than 1 word, apart from the first one, which was before I just decided that now, and this is what I mean, let things go a little and see what evolves, I have good feelings that this site could go absolutely anywhere I want,Β  or……………………..bugger, brain melt, what do you call an um…………hang on




I am never going to write more than one word as a post title, or at least what can be called one word, i.e an ACRONYM! without having a nasty gun to my head.


Dunno really.

I am just a little sick of some of this game I guess. We all get told what we should and should not do in terms of rankings and I am in no doubt that the above quote holds true.

For the most part anyway

All these H2’s and bolded pieces of content, not to mention italicized content and getting your keywords at the beginning and near the end of the content has been, frankly, done to death. Most of us know this much by now, and I shall continue in my sneaky way to layout posts in ways that show you how to optimize your content for the search engines in the way that currently gets you to the top with the least amount of additional work, i.e content and backlinks.

But where is the freedom?

The chance to explore and the chance to have a slightly more free reign over your ideas and your artistic sensibilities? I know that this is something that has surely been lacking in my life ever since I found the secret to making money online. Which is actually no secret. As far as SEO goes I just told you. And I go in to real depth on the how to build a successful website post, now also a book.

I want a MMO site that is something more. I actually feel like I got part way there with the old site. The content on there frankly kicks ass in relation to most other sites in the niche. And that is done by trying not to be a Dick and coming across like I am a super Guru and have the answers. Plus an awful lot of very high quality content from everyone that commented there.

The answer is to do the work and wait, and that takes a lot of determination, and that above all is going to be the deciding factor for many.

I am seeing more and more of these bloody tools popping up left right and center and it gets me worried. I don’t have anything against peeps making money, heck, I want some of yours next week when Lando comes to visit with his product for you all to buy, but let’s get real.

We don’t need any of them to succeed. They are icing and maybe a slight shortcut but the reality is that it is down to a lot of bloody hard work. And sometimes I feel burned out and want something different.

A Zen like site to rest my weary brain, to come out of the daze that anyone who has typed constantly for 8 hours a day for months on end about the same few topics can surely relate to. And if not then you ain’t ever going to make a sizable income from this game.

So, no SEO’ed content (or is there), no trying to rank for anything really, just like the last site, and hopefully a breathe of something slightly fresher to ruffle your delicate Swan like amongst the putrid festering God awful content that is this weird niche we all find ourselves involved in one way or another.

Getting Zenny With It

Having just come back off a break I find that I am somewhat refreshed. Although the trip ended up being better once we bought a cheap tent and slept in a field rather than in a Hotel, the fresh air is sorely lacking in such places and did not feel natural at all.Even after churning out 10 Build My Rank articles for increased SERPS positions today I felt no ill side effects! And was ready for a lot more if time had allowed. Normal day would be 30.

But the reality is that it is often much needed.

The break that is.

Many of us in this game simply do not stop for a breather. Those that work hard know that they work hard, and those that don’t know it. But for those that work at this every waking moment, those that dream it, those that crave it like nothing else need to take a rest from it now and then.

It works wonders for the soul and it really does allow you to come back with all proverbial guns ablaze and you may just find that you get inspired to do something that you have never done before.

Whether my Duck experience (yes, I know) was a good one or not remains to be seen. But realize that basically no one cares about your sites, no one will talk about them after a few months and you will be a minor blip in the vast history of whatever niche you are involved in. So why the hell not maybe try something a little different? Even just for a slight sense of self satisfaction. In a way I guess I am talking about a passion site.

But I want more and maybe we all should. Maybe it should be something different entirely. Maybe it should be focused around artistic skills? Maybe it should be focused around a whole new style of writing? No CAPS? No………… Chopped and changed in to a whole new structure that leaves room for creativity and a sense of real enjoyment for our creative side rather than just the words we write.

My fears are slightly too great for a full on frontal attack but I may just evolve this site in to something that is new and fresher than I can currently imagine, or I may not, either way, I feel refreshed and ready to do battle with what the SERPS throw at me.

Recent Changes

Not so long ago on the old site I talked of about the dreaded FB, for me anyway, but still advised that we have some sort of social proof for our main sites. I still do and think this is going to become more important.

But other things have really begun to catch my attention lately, and well past due too.


Talk about behind the times. I never was one to change quickly, especially when things were going so well. Now, I know that peeps have been talking about branding for a while and that it is becoming more and more important. I never really got it, and to be honest I am partially still in 2 minds about it all. But one thing that has suddenly clicked is this:

My conversation with myself



What do you think is more memorable to the peeps on the Internet, Zen Duck.Me or Making Money On The Internet Free.Info


You Utter Dick

Or something like that. We forget πŸ˜‰

Seriously folks. I know I ain’t no trailblazer but we all really do need to kind of wake up a little here. We can SEO the hell out of our sites and have the best angle in the world, but a name carries a lot of weight. A real lot.

I bet most of you never even knew the URL of my old site, it was just bookmarked, in a reader, or whatever. Now? SayΒ  it a few times and it is there for life.


I have you and I won’t let go. It is ridiculously obvious when you think about it. If you are going to go after traffic then you want your search traffic but there is more. I proved that on the last blog. No search traffic and after a year it had a small but thankfully loyal following.

If you haven’t heard about 1000 true fans then you should seriously Google the hell out of it.

A name is powerful and it can spread. It can seep in to peeps subconscious and haunt their dreams just as I know that you will have a weird dream about a Duck and the name Dave at some point in the next year. Mark my words, brands will be key, catchy names will be key, and if you add to that some content that kicks the proverbial ass of others in the niche you are going to be a very happy Duckie indeed.

What About EMD’s

Overrated long term but gives a bonus short term. All things being equal (they never are), content, keywords, backlinks etc then the EMD wins for search. Short term. Long term I don’t think, and know so. He who works hardest wins. It may be a little more work to call a site


and then go on to rank for every form of sock derived term there isΒ  but if you are up against an EMD then you will come out on top.


It’s like well catchy innit. Word of mouth can bring an awful lot of traffic and a name that people remember means that they are more likely to return. No one needs to bookmark this site to remember it and I am an idiot for not getting my act together. Anyway, just my thoughts as I embark on this new adventure. I was going to talk about Lando’s new Automatic Authority first here but you know how it is. When I get on one I need to write. Next weekend will be the date for that and it is certainly going to change your approach to this game and there are some real surprises in store. But more on that next week.


I know that many peps are kind of stuck for an authority site. I was going to do a whole post about my idea but decided not to. Um, just about 5 seconds ago.

Here it is.

(Insert Name)’s House Reviewed Β© Zen Duck

If you are stuck for an idea about a long term project that can be as broad as you want, can allow you to comment on other blogs for backlinks, do guest posts, get blogrolls and basically go a rather social and interactive route to getting links and thus traffic then review your home.

The contents that is. Many peeps have emailed me (those that found it) with a real problem when it comes to building a passion site or a project they can sink their teeth in to.

Why not set up aΒ site that allows you to review every single item in your home. Those you have and those you will buy can all be reviewed.

Honestly. No lying. If it blows then say it blows. Create reviews in categories, in thumbs up or down categories, give stars, and with the odd aff link thrown in. Better yet, no aff links at all on any posts at all. Simply direct those that read your product reviews to a single page that is alphabeticised by category and link solely to that. Times are changing so think about things like that. Even link to a landing page on a new domain where your aff links are. Fewer sales is better than no rankings.

There is no doubt that the future lies in returning to making a blog a blog and a website to sell items just that. Bots get more clever by the day and a blog or static site that has nothing but affiliate links on every page by the half dozen is going to crash and burn sooner or later in many niches.

Take the aff links out of the content if you can and put it in the theme backend if that is an option, it helps, trust me, or get a lot more content on sites that does not have affiliate links in. Reviewing your own home honestly may just be something worth checking out. But the above applies to any site too.

But, and I know you shall all GASP at this, some of my ideas have not exactly paid off.


Feeling kind of happy with life and all the white space that surrounds his pretty new site.

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  1. Dennis says:

    Hi Dave,

    I have put you in my rss right away πŸ™‚

    You say:
    “Take the aff links out of the content if you can and put it in the theme backend if that is an option”

    It may be a stupid question, but what do you mean by this?


    • Dave says:


      I mean try to put them in the theme style sheets so they are a permanent part of the site rather than links in posts.

      • Dennis says:

        Thank you Dave πŸ™‚

        • agraiders says:

          So you don’t try to put something above the fold now to capture their attention more? I’ve built a site where I have permanent links in the sidebars for categories and price ranges. But, I also followed your advice about putting something above the fold with an image. Is that outdated now with all the Google updates going on?

          • Dave says:


            Definitely always above the fold. If you go to the index.php and single.php files and put in html before the “if have post” code then it is as above the fold as you can get without being in the header, i.e before the post title even. For sites with a few best sellers or sites with limited product options it makes the content to buy as prominent as it can be. You can make it as large or as small as you want, even to make the actual posts just a side-line. This works well for certain keywords where basically no one is interested in reading anything they just want to see the prices etc.

            Personally sites done like that seem to have fared better than sites where there are affiliate links in each post, they seem to be treated slightly differently but it may just be coincidence. Try a few different options, but I would certainly now not make sites with an aff link in every post, I would go for more of an information/product split in regards to content.

          • agraiders says:

            Have you or anyone else tried putting something above the fold, but linking to another page on the site rather than straight to Amazon, CJ, etc? Then that page is the one that has the affiliate link. Seems that may be more Google friendly because you are funneling everything to one page with the link back to amazon.. But, it seems like it would be a conversion killer because that is now two hops to make rather than just one.

  2. Bruno says:

    I can almost see you in your break, holding your cava and then all of sudden having an epiphany:

    “Ahhhh yes …. Zen Duck!”

    And Zen Duck it is.

    Here’s to a fresh new start

    • Wishal says:

      Do ducks like crackers? I know the ones in Scotland do.
      All the cool ducks love Austins.

      In a sea of IM Quacks, a lone soldier straddles along. Drunk on Cava and awesomeness. They call him Duck. Zen Duck. And he does work so bloody hard!

      TY for not quitting on us, even though some of the lot have been naughty.

      • Dave says:


        lol. Some have been very naughty indeed but thanks for looking out for me buddy, I really do appreciate it.

        And actually it is only drunk on Cava 1 night a week now, so there!

    • Dave says:


      Sadly it was coffee, no booze for me in the daytime or I would be a wreck in a week!

      But a fresh start it is, I just hope everyone comes over from the other side πŸ˜‰

  3. Ray says:

    Perhaps my ignorance is showing, Dave, but what did you mean when you referred to “the theme backend?”


    • Wishal says:


      Maybe Dave’s talking about re-writing the Amazon aff. link on-load with js.

      Here’s the manual way:

      And there’s a plugin as well which adds your amazon associate id to all Amazon links in your posts and comments once the page loads without modifying the actual link. Get it @

      • Dave says:

        Wishal, nothing that fancy to be honest. It is just that after quite a lot of experimenting sites that I have just put aff links in the stylesheets and not in the content have not jumped about like other sites have.

        I don’t know why but they seem to be treated a little different and that way you can get away with quite a few aff links on the site without a penalty. But obviously it is not suitable for all niches.

    • Dave says:


      See my reply to Dennis.

      • Terry says:


        I think my brain just blew a gasket trying to visualize this.

        I’m no CSS expert, but I do mess with it quite a bit and I’ve never heard of putting affiliate links in CSS code. Is that what you mean?

        How would that work, like add the link to a class somehow and then include the class into the on the page?

        Or have I got the wrong end of an entirely different stick here πŸ™

        • Terry says:

          Oops, adding angle brackets doesn’t work. That line should’ve read:

          How would that work, like add the link to a class somehow and then include the class into the IMG tag on the page?

          • Lando says:

            Is Dave trying to show his non-techie side?

            I fink he means putting aff links inside php files, e.g. index.php or single_post.php as opposed to css files.

            Or maybe I’ve put 2 and 2 together and got 5…

            • Dave says:


              Yeah, thanks for that. I guess I just proved quite how non technical I am. Why I didn’t just say the php files I don’t know. Sorry to all for the confusion.

          • Terry says:

            That makes more sense. Its something I used to do, like put the aff link inside an index.php created in its own folder, eg


            But I stopped when I realized that aff links from sharasale didn’t work in php files!

            Come to think of it, what on earth was I even talking about putting a link in a CSS class? Nah! I need to get more sleep…

          • Dave says:


            Nothing fancy like that. Just straight html in the theme code for the main index and single post. Kind of like a sticky WP post but without being a post. I see it on quite a few sites now and then no affiliate links in actual posts. Best for sites with a very limited number of products.

            If it involved css code then you can bet that I wouldn’t be doing it as I don’t have a clue about it.

  4. Wishal says:

    Just read the thing again!

    Dave, you might want to play a bit with HTML anchor tags if you’re going to have all your affiliate links on one page, or one page for each category.

    I did it for a site eons ago. That site couldn’t have aff. links going out of every page due to branding issues, so I clumped them all on one single page. You could use prefetching and CSS sprites to make the thing load in the background so there is no need for folks to wait around.

    It waiting the waiting around and not the extra click that caused abandonment for us at that time.

    How I miss the aff. product game…

  5. Bern says:


    Here is my view on a couple of points you bring up.

    EMDs v Memorable / Brandable names.

    For quick wins and getting a site ranked fast EMDs still work extremely well – I have heard the end is nigh for 12 months or more but they still work for us every time.

    How we use them….

    If we are building support sites, we go after EMDs or ensure they have the KW in the url – It’s there to support the main site – get ranked, earn some support sales and pass the juice. We don’t want to spend all our time ‘branding’ support sites.

    Embarrassing niches – If we are in an embarrasing niche and we want to build a big site, if we can grab a high traffic EMD, we’re all over it as people want quick answers and are searching for answers to that KW problem – yes you can still brand these sites…

    Brandable / Memorable names

    For sites we care about and are passionate about, this is a route we are exploting more and more – however if a .com, .net or .org EMD is available for a very highly searched kw, we will still grab it – even if it’s for a support site.

    But if you’re in an overcrowded niche or a niche you are truly passionate about or trying to build something huge – why be part of the norm? Dare to be different.

    Rock on Disco…

    • Dave says:


      I agree. EMD’s do work, and def give you a boost. I guess it is often hard for me to get across exactly what I mean as I just take it for granted that people go for very broad niches like I do where an EMD is of minor importance.

      But I do still wonder for how long EMD’s will give the boost they do? I am sure they will still carry a little more weight in the future but maybe not as much as they once have, pure speculation though.

      But you are right, for this type of site where it is pretty much pointless going for an EMD then you may as well get all Duckie with it πŸ˜‰

  6. Bern says:

    Totally agree Dave with broad niches.

    By the way – may be just me not seeing it, but where is the RSS feed?

    My bad – it’s your little gravatar, top right.


  7. Steve says:

    Hey! Wait a second!

    Isn’t “New Beginnings” 2 words? ;D

    • Dave says:


      Geez! Don’t you read, I said starting from this post!

      So there.

      For your punishment you must go back and read the whole article again πŸ˜‰

  8. Dave Starr says:

    The Review Your House idea has much more merit than just floundering around writing about things that bore you, that’s for sure. Instead of “thinking outside the box”, many of us might gain traction by thinking further and further “inside” our “box”. Great idea.

    • Dave says:


      I just thought it would be good for those stuck for ideas for long term projects as I get quite a few emails about it. It can also be a place to be honest about products, which for many will be a welcome relief and they are actually reviewing things they actually have. I know I have “reviewed” more than my fair share of items that I don’t know the first thing about πŸ˜‰

      • Lando says:

        Now that I’ve been doing this for a little while, the thought of being “stuck for ideas” seems kind of strange.

        Creating a “passion site” is a bit of a buzz word but it’s so true. What do you love?

        Photography? – cameras, lenses => website.
        Music? CD players, headphones => website.
        DIY? Powertools => website.
        Fashion? – clothing, fashion tips => website.

        If anyone’s stuck for ideas, throw up your hobbies on this whitespace for some mutual brainstorming. Dave’s provided the canvas…let’s use it!

  9. Bruno says:

    Hey Dave,

    I was planning my broad authority website and I’m wondering about website silo structure and the like:

    1) Do you use silo structures in your websites? I’m guessing you don’t, but anyway …

    2) Do you use many categories and tags to organize your content? Any advice here for a big broad website?

    3) Do you have a plan or schema that you follow for your internal links so that the posts that you have created say, 2 years ago, are still getting found by the search engines?
    One example would be linking each post to the posts before and after it.

    I’m trying to figure out how to create a system of some sort in such a way that I know that Google is still finding a post that I have wrote 1 year ago – and one that I no longer get backlinks to – is still found, read and displayed in the SERPS.

    cheers … have a good week πŸ˜‰

    • Dave says:


      For a large site I do make use of categories and I do still use tags on some sites, more on smaller sites. The best approach, if you can stomach it, is to simply write all your content for each category in one go and then move on to the next. That way it is all clear in your head and you can link all the post together back and forth so that it will always be crawled regularly. It is also then easier to compare product to product and use the most relevant internal linking structure.

      I would also say that you can try writing a single larger piece of content for every 5 posts or so and use that as the main source to link to the other posts. Then use the other posts about the topic to link to the bigger article. That way you can funnel traffic and you have a thorough piece of work to help with your rankings too. But don’t simply overlook your choice of theme. If you pick one that displays the next and previous post links at the end of the content then the whole site is going to get crawled very easily without you doing anything at all. But in post links will be better from an SEO point of view.

  10. Bruno says:

    Thanks again for your tips. They have definitely helped me. That’s definitely a good idea having a larger post to link to smaller articles and get everything crawled.

  11. DuckExcrement says:

    This shit is crap. Old site was much better and more useful.

    • Dave says:


      Why thank you for your kind words. I always appreciate constructive criticism, especially when I have all of 2 posts up, much appreciated, come back soon. Maybe New Jersey is doing something to your brain?

    • Terry says:

      Well, that’s that then. The turd expert hath spoken. We all might as well give up and flip burgers for McD. A-hole…

      • Jack says:

        Are you from Joisey?? I’m from Joisey!
        What exit?

        Thank you Joe Piscopo.

        New Jersey is that highway that connects New York City to Philadelphia.

    • Wishal says:

      What in the ducking name is wrong with you?

      Just read up on all of Dave’s posts in chronological order and you’ll see how Dave’s work has a hockey stick upswing towards the sustainable. Especially with the direction this site is going in.

      You want to keep making your ducking $1/month AdSense sites, then go ducking ahead. Dave is only too ducking kind to let your comment through.

      So what kind of brainpower did it require to come up with “Shit = Crap”? I guess you’re hoping for a ducking Nobel or summat?

      / No Dave doesn’t need anybody trying to defend his ducking honor, but this guy just takes the cake when it comes to being a duckhole.

      / I love how I can now swear willy-nilly. Duck yeah!

  12. agraiders says:

    I asked a question on your last blog right when you closed down the doors so I’ll try to ask a condensed version here. Basically, I was wondering how you organize your day. I know you said that you are not a big fan of keyword tools so I was wondering how you decide to attack a keyphrase. So, when you start your day working on your socks site, how do you know how many posts to do for each keyphrase? Obviously, “socks” is going to need loads of posts and blasts for a long time, but “pink flannel sicks” may need 5 BMR posts or 50 BMR and some other things..

    My main downfall is that I think, “this keyword needs 5 posts today, and that keyword needs 5 posts, and that keyword, etc, etc, etc” and I get overloaded and don’t know where to begin.

    Hopefully, that makes sense what I’m asking. Thanks in advance for the help.

    • Dave says:


      By posts are you referring to backlinks? I think I know what you mean, and my day is simply one of doing what the hell I feel like doing. What I have picked up on lately is that it is probably better not to have too far reaching a day to day plan for a single site. If you concentrate too much of your efforts in to daily backlinking of a site then unless it has a good few years under its belt and a heavy backlink profile then it is asking for the proverbial slap.

      Now that my stable of niches and sites has grown I simply attack whatever seems to be currently doing well or build up newer stuff. For niches that are doing well and I would really hate to lose I do an absolute minimum. I backlinks very sporadically and slowly and am concentrating more on Lando’s guide so that I just give myself a few higher PR links from sites I build that are Uber relevant to my niche.

      Just don’t over think it, just get on with doing something, anything. If you work better a certain way then do that. i.e spend a week simply writing BMR backlinks to a single site for any keyword that shows up in your stats that you are not number 1 for. Set them to drip out over the next month or so, depending on how much work you do a day, and then move on to the next site. Too many people think to much and don’t do enough work. There really isn’t much to think about, content and links, job done.

      • agraiders says:

        Yes I did mean links. I was in “BMR mode” so it came out posts. That pretty much answers my question. I was asking from the perspective of a new site rather than an established site. I do have some established ones that I have been hitting with links since I find people visiting them based on certain words. But, for a newer site I’m just kind of lost where to start with these large content sites. My site has 5 to 10 words alone it could rank for just from the home page. Then all the product pages, category pages, etc, it has a massive amount of potential that I just think I bit off too much. I know some long tail product pages can rank with a few BMR posts so I don’t want to throw the entire arsenal at them, but the root phrases obviously need a ton of work for backlinks. So I guess it is just a learning thing. I guess it boils down to the fact that I am worried about doing more than necessary to rank some of the long-tail low competition words when that time could be spent on the more competitive phrases.

        Also, do you still think that Squidoo and Hubpages are viable resources for 1. Making money and funneling people to you main site and 2. Providing links to the main site (and throwing links at them to make them more powerful)

        • Dave says:


          I hear you, we don’t want to do more than is necessary. And to be honest part of that is simply a waiting game, the older the content and the links to it then the better it ranks with less work, not a lot to do about that apart from get on with other things. For your main terms I would seriously think about building up a few satellite sites. It was something I neglected to begin with and I now regret it.

          My oldest satellite sites are now about a year, year and a half old and many earn in their own right. The beauty of it was that I bought the domains and set them up with maybe 5 or 10 posts and then frankly forgot about half of them for almost a year. And then, Voila, them babies begin to earn, you can add in some KICK ASS backlinks and give yourself some serious juice. I now do it for most of my main terms to some degree or other.

          At the very least get some links for your main terms where you can backlink the hell out of them using stuff like Backlink Solutions or BMR and also maybe earn, which kind of answers your question about Squids and Hubs. Although Hubs are pretty much dead in the water it may change in the future, but don’t use automated linking systems on them or they will get pulled. Squids still do well, they jump about, but long term they stabilize and can add to the sweets money when you are let out to play (I never am)!

          • agraiders says:

            Thanks Dave,

            The dimmer on the light is getting a little brighter. Regarding “waiting game” for say a new site. Do you build a handful of links on a term then “wait” and see what happens, or do you consistently build until you see results.

            Regarding the satellite sites you built over a year ago and forgot about.. Did you build links for them before you “forgot” about them, or did you just do content? Can you use .info extensions for these? And, are they built around long tails or your main phrase for your authority post?

            • Dave says:


              I built about half for a main term and half for slightly more longtails. And when I find keywords that make decent money I often build a new site as well. Any extension will do but the .coms are always best if you can get them. If you can put up the content on the satellite sites and build some links straight away then just leave them for a while to get their own rankings naturally wherever that may be then you know how much work you actually have to do.

          • Bruno says:

            When you mention that you build half for a main term and half for slightly more longtails, are you talking about posts in the satellite websites or the websites themselves?

            How many satellite websites do you usually build for your main term for example? I know this is not an easy question to answer since it will depend on the niche, profitability, etc, but any rough guide will do …

            • Dave says:


              I meant sites. I build 5-10 depending on what I can stomach, sometimes more. And in that I would have a few web 2.0 properties that can be backlinked a lot to funnel juice and earn too.

      • Isobel says:

        I finally made it over here, in spite of the U and I being next to each other on the keyboard πŸ˜›

        Glad you enjoyed your break and hope you at least had a curry for me. The one food I REALLY miss – there isn’t a single Indian restaurant anywhere near where I live. We have everything else, just no curries πŸ™

        “Too many people think to much and don’t do enough work.” Totally love that comment! I think I need to paste it up somewhere where I see it all the time.

        Haven’t read through all gazillion comments yet so maybe someone’s already posted this link that I came across today, a commentary on Google’s “quality guidelines”:

        The part that stood out for me: “Does the site have duplicate, overlapping, or redundant articles on the same or similar topics with slightly different keyword variations?”

        I’m sure you’ve moved away from this by now, but I think at one point you were saying to write posts on “buy white socks” “buy cheap white socks” “buy cheap blue socks” etc. Or did I dream that?

        Wow, I think this comment counts as Content Curation, which makes me uber-cool according to Ed Dale πŸ˜€

        • Dave says:


          Glad you made it over, even if you are a naughty girl πŸ˜‰ The break was great but no curries I am afraid, they always disappoint me.

          I hear you about the quality guidelines. A part of the problem is that they are just that, and you still can get away with building sites like I have talked about. But they are more spammy no doubt about it. But for a while now I have been telling peeps more to go for those longtails by using them as H2’s in content and even just putting in the words and making fewer posts but much longer.

          The honest truth is that at the moment the easiest way to rank is still to have your keywords in the post title but a site full of 50 very similar keywords may suffer. It is why I recommend broad sites, your slightly spammy post titles then get lost amongst all the other content on the site. But I have also realized that now once a site gets authority and age, i.e a shed load of backlinks plus age, then you can rank for all the buying terms for your items anyway, it just takes longer.

  13. Bruno says:

    Dave and Lando, I was wondering if Lando’s ebook will deal with domain flipping or something similar? I’m guessing it won’t, but anyway, I was thinking of taking a look into that …

    I have some websites that I’m no longer interested in and I’d much prefer to flip them for a quick buck to reinvest in the sites that I do have interest in.

    Any tip/recommendations/resources/cheap $499,00 ebook that you know about?


    • Dave says:


      Never done it and I am afraid it is not what Lando’s guide is about. Hopefully someone will be along with some advice, although we are not quite a full house here yet, peeps are a little slow moving over from the old site so it may be a week or so before we get all the gang back. Well, hopefully anyway πŸ˜‰ But as far as I know Flippa has enough info on its site to get you through the process, but I could be wrong.

    • Wishal says:

      If you’ve got the StomperNet membership you can check out their extensive seminars on dressing up your website for the sale. The design and signals tips alone could bring in an extra 35% – 50%.

      Also, everyone loves a going concern so you will get more $ if you queue up posts for the next 3 months, document all relationships that your blog has, talk about RSS subscribers/your list, FB friends and the like.

      Also, if you aren’t selling immediately, you will get higher bids for a blog that has a lot of comments on it.

      TKA also had a bunch of awesome forum posts on flipping sites eons back. A search through their forum might help.

    • Lando says:

      Bruno, I seem to remember Lissie wrote something about this in the past. My guide focuses on buying aged, high PR domains at auction rather than domain flipping.

      • Bruno says:

        thanks everyone for the answers

        and now just to quote something that NO ONE here that has been reading and listening to Dave’s advice knows:

        “Be clear that links are the most important ranking factor

        Since 1998 links have been the foundation of the Google ranking algorithm. However, many people still don’t realize that 90% of what they need to do is to get other sites to link to them.”


        good article btw

  14. Lando says:


    Another WordPress update!

    • Dave says:


      I really need to start building static sites. This drives me nuts.

      • Ryan T says:

        yea static site is easier to manage frankly. But i have very little technical knowledge so the sites look like shit (or not the way i want)

      • Lando says:

        Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp()


      • Terry says:

        Haha yep, 3.13 now for f’s sake. Why…why…why???

        What kind of crap piece of software is it that keeps needing to be fixed, a little at a time, all the time? Its worse than a road that keeps needing to be dug up over and over again. Aw man…

        Static sites don’t suffer from them. No plugins to faff around with and you can wag a finger at most hackers.

        I’m backward engineering what smaller blogs I have left back to static sites. It is soooo worth it in time saved later on not having to keep up with more updates!

        • Bruno says:

          hahaha .. please don’t say that … I’ve just recently moved a couple of websites from static to a wordpress platform … but I believe 85% of my websites are still static websites πŸ˜‰

          statics also have the advantage of transferring them easily in case you sell them …

          they are all made on XSitePro tough … which I do not recommend … although it is quite fast, it is very limited and if you ever wants to expand, you might have a hard time

          other advantage that made me change these particular websites from a static to a wordpress platform, is that in a wordpress platform there are some stuff that I needed and also I can always have editors and the like to add content directly into it … with static websites you can definitely do it as well, but you might have a bit more trouble to do it (please correct me if I’m wrong. I do hope that I am wrong cause then I could go for static websites that I believe shall give less headache in the long run)

          • Terry says:

            Yeah, I only have a few WP blogs left now. I build my own static sites but use a few basic templates I created and just tweak them so each site looks different. It means I can expand as much as I need to easily.

            Adding content is a little more work. But I still think its worth the small hassle to save all the major hassle of running a WP blog.

            One more advantage: If your hosting company starts messing you around and locks you out, you can move the sites to a new host without having to pull them off the bad one. Value: Priceless!

          • Bruno says:

            yep … I had once a problem where my company just ‘lost’ one of my websites and they did not have a backup … fortunately it was a xsitepro website so all I had to do was to upload again all my files .. 5 mins and I was back in the game

            I’m about to start a new broad website that I intend to “brand” it … For a larger website, would you recommend starting out as a static website or going with wordpres?

            Additionally, which software do you use or recommend for static websites? Dreamweaver?

          • Terry says:

            My thinking now is to stay away from CMS (WP, Joomla, Drupal etc) altogether because of the vulnerabilities. I’m building all sites big and small as static now.

            I don’t use software to build ’em, just a half decent editor (I use PsPad – freeware, some peeps like notepad+) and my trusty brain (it works some of the time)!

  15. Dave says:

    I am collecting an iPad 2 later today but have no clue about them at all. If anyone has any tips, advice, what apps are good etc then can you let me know?

    What are the best features etc???

    I now enter the world of the slidey slidey shiny things πŸ˜‰

    • Ryan T says:

      astrid tasks….


      • Dave says:


        I think I am gonna have a battle on my hands πŸ˜‰

        • Bruno says:

          forget all about that … all you need is this one:

          Angry birds

          that’s it

          • Dave says:


            In typical Spanish fashion it failed to turn up yesterday but I shall be getting angry birds as a priority, although it looks like if I do then Wifey will be on it all the time!

    • Suzanne says:

      Would have to agree with Angry Birds, then you have to progress onto Pocket God. Then you will be able to sit there going “winning” and “i’m a total freakin rockstar from mars”. Work will become a thing of the past, but you really will be one of the cool kids!!

      • Dave says:


        Cool, getting excited now, just need to wait for the phone to ring to go and pick it up.


  16. Bea says:

    Hi Dave,

    I have a couple of sites that are quite new, and I’m new to internet marketing. I’d like to get BMR, but am I supposed to just use them, or also article directories, Squidoo, etc.

    I don’t want to get my sites slapped down.

    Also, can you tell me if BMR explains things really clearly? I suffer from ‘scared to make mistakes’ syndrome.

    • Dave says:


      The best course is always to use as many sources as possible. For the first month I would definitely also use Postrunner as part of TKA, it is free for the first month and then you can see if you prefer that or BMR. An ideal world would be using both, and signing up from my tools page πŸ˜‰ I would also throw in the odd Squidoo, a few blogspot blogs and anything else you find as well.

      Basically the more links you get from the more places the less risk of losing your rankings if one source goes under for whatever reason. BMR is simple to use in the extreme and Postrunner is just like using WordPress. Any probs just ask here, everything seems complicated until you know the answer.

  17. Dee says:

    Hi Dave. I sent an email to u the other day. Are u still chechecking your old email?

    • Dave says:


      Sorry for the delay Dee, I replied to you this morning, and Man, congrats are definitely in order. Enough said here but I am happy for you.

  18. Mike says:

    Hey Dave, you going to keep your permalinks like this? I read something on TKA about it screwing up when you get thousands of pages.

    • Dave says:


      I have never heard of anyone having any problems with the structure I use, and I can’t imagine the site ever being the size of Fraser’s!

    • Terry says:

      It has to do with the way WP differentiates “posts” and “pages”. I read somewhere that if you have the permalink structure of posts the same as pages, it causes a bigger overhead to the server as WP makes more database requests as it tries to figure out which is which. The more posts you have, the bigger the additional server load, although it only really becomes a problem when you have lots of posts.

      Some hosts won’t allow you to set up permalinks like this to limit the load on their servers.

      The way around it, and the best from an SEO viewpoint, is to include the category in the post permalink. It adds another keyword level in the post url.

      Just sayin…

      • Mike says:

        Terry, adding %category% infront of %title% doesn’t help, it’s the same thing. The solution is to add %year% or %postid%. Otto has the long geeky explanation for it on his blog.

        Cool thing is you don’t even need to 301 anything, wordpress does it automatic, I never knew that πŸ˜€

        • Terry says:

          Fair enough. That must have changed when WP allowed page nesting about a guzillion updates ago.

          Who is Otto?

          • Mike says:


            That guy. There’s another 30+ page discussion that I read but that post sums it up with all the geeky wordpress goodness.

          • Terry says:

            Interesting post and I see his point.

            Didn’t think much of his “Johnny Big Potatoes know-it-all SEO” attitude. There IS an advantage to having the category in the post url where that category is a relevant keyword. End of.

            Not so sure I trust WP to 301 a load of heavily linked inner posts if I went and changed the permalink structure on my authority sites. If it went pear shaped, the consequences would be a loss of serious income. I wonder what dear Otto’s take on that would be?

          • Mike says:


            I tested it on a site with 400 pages, no problems with the 301 for me. I added the postid after domain name.

            I tested it on a smaller site with domain/postid/cat/title. Worked fine too.

            Both sites have posts like All properly redirected, rankings weren’t affected.

            Decided to play it safe and just do it before I get to thousands of pages, since fraser said he noticed a huge difference in memory usage.

            On the other hand, Joost said it was all BS, and a good caching plugin will fix it. He didn’t give any technical explanation, just said it was BS. And when I said some well respected SEOs have said it’s not BS, he told me “I haven’t heard of him, he must not be that good” LOL. Funny guy.

          • Terry says:

            Haha technical explanations are not always to be relied on… if you can’t blind ’em with science, baffle ’em with bullshit!

            The web has more than its fair share of bullshit artists unfortunately.

            I see where you’re coming from and fair dues for doing the testing. But there’s one thing that I still don’t trust and that’s the most important factor in all this – Google.

            You might be able to test and see inbound links picking up the new urls through the redirect, but how can you be sure that Google is counting them?

            If your site is ranking #1 on your main term because of all the inbound links to deep pages, what do you think will happen if Google suddenly doesn’t see the urls for the pages those links are pointing to anymore? It could be goodbye #1 and goodbye money. That’s a hell of a risk to take for the sake of pleasing some “experts” or even your own curiosity.

            I’m interested in this only because my main money earning site is doing exactly this terrible thing. 250+ posts and dozens of pages with 1k+ page loads a day – its a server’s nightmare. Its running on its own VPS and I can monitor the system load and sure its hogging its fair share of resources. But I have plenty of resources for it to hog without impacting anyone else. The site loads fast on all browsers, so no problems there.

            My main beef is the vulnerabilities of WP and all the constant maintenance/updates.

            My plans for the site is to reverse engineer it back to static because I really have had it up to my eyeballs with WP. It will be a long process because that’s a lot of pages to code into html/php for my own static templates. But once its done, I’ll sleep better.

  19. Terry says:

    Oh dear, looks like those clever peeps that run have thrown a spanner in the works for anyone wanting to use their 10 day free trial to search for juicy high PR pre-owned domains.

    In their infinite wisdon, they’ve starred out the domain names in their list so you can’t see what your looking at. And they rendered the clickthrough link to the auction house only available to paid members.

    That makes their free trial is about as useful as a plastic toilet roll… and about as user friendly lmao πŸ˜€

    Well, here’s my answer to them

    If anyone is prepared to pay for that kind of service, then use FRESHDROP.NET cause its tons better! Add one middle finger raised vertically and thrust skywards…

    • Dave says:


      I think Lando is going to be rather annoyed about that. What with his guide coming out asap. I get the feeling he is busy editing in some dank corner somewhere!

      • Terry says:

        Yeah, I wasn’t best pleased when I saw it either.

        I guess the dropday owners are aware more people are using their free service since freshdrop got greedy and made its service subscription only. Now they want to cash in too and force users to subscribe.

        Its a crap shoot for them. They must make commission on people clicking through to buy or bid on domains. that commission must be pretty decent especially the high price auction wars that can happen. They obviously realize they’ll make more from charging people for the service than they make just from commissions.

        But it does piss me off when things like that happen.

        Makes me want to learn how they do it and set up my own site to offer the service. I’d be more generous to users by letting them use it free and just collect the not inconsiderable commissions that must be there for the taking.

        In fact, that would be a seriously lucrative business idea.

        With enough exposure, a person with a rival, totally free expiring domain finding service would decimate the business that freshdrop and dropday are scrabbling for between them. All it would take is a database driven API to Godaddy – just need to write it (or know how, more like it). The possibilities make my head spin.

        Damn I wish I’d paid more attention in those bloody programming classes…

        • Lando says:

          On a personal level, I pay for the Dropday service so haven’t noticed any change. The issue that I’m coming up against is that they are currently not returning any Godaddy results.

          My understanding is that Freshdrop costs $100/month which is certainly not a budget option.

          Automatic Authority is ready but since it relies upon a fully functioning Dropday service, it is currently on hold until Dropday sort themselves out…

        • Dave says:


          Damn fine idea my friend. Get in touch with Billy or even Blackthorne (where is he?) both do programming and I know Billy is on the ball as I have seen a few of his Kick Ass progs. On that note, I bought and wanted to set it up so that you could add a post/page/site to ask for a Facebook like, social proof and all that. Problem is that I want to do it so that you have to like someone else’s offering before you can add your own in, absolutely no bloody idea how to go about it though, any suggestions from anyone would be cool.

          If we could get say just a 100 or so of us involved, and it stays anonymous in so far as who puts the offering on the site then it could be a nice little way to get that coveted social proof easily for posts, sites etc. I have been scratching my head and have come up with not a lot of ideas so far. I will get there but may need a few suggestions.

          • Mark says:

            When do we get to see more of Lando’s product/service?

          • Blackthorne says:

            I’m here.

            Friend of mine tipped me off that you mentioned me by name.

            My reputation precedes me.

            Will look into this.

            If I am needed for some community work, then ask Dave for my email address and contact me directly.

            • Dave says:


              Something like that. I would like it if there could just be a homepage where people write a short snippet and a link to what they want liked. When you go to the site you simply like what you want to then add your name to the bottom. After a period of time the top listing gets knocked off and you move up a touch. Or something like that, I need to sit down and think it through properly.

    • JanisG says:

      Last weekend I discovered a Scrapebox add-on TDNAM Scraper that allows you to harvest soon to expire domains from GoDaddy closeouts. This tool gives you domain name and age, and you have to find out PR and backlinks.

      I am still figuring out the most efficient workflow, but I already managed to buy 2 nice 4 year olds – .com with 2 PR3 links and 3 .edu links and .org with 15 .edu links including 9 PR7 edu links from MIT and MIT-related institutions. Paid $9.00 for com and $23 for org after coupons discounts including 1yr registration.

      • Dave says:


        Nice going. I have had a few goodies myself, there are some great deals to be had there. Age is such an important factor it is hard to really believe how well some of these older backlinked sites perform once you put a bit of content on them.

      • Chris says:

        Does scrapebox still work well for blog commenting as well? I thought about getting it recently, but it seems like a lot of the oomph has gone out of that type of linkbuilding.

        • JanisG says:

          You might want to check out this Case Study.


          Here is quote from the author of this case study:
          I started out on May 17th with an website with Amazon reviews.
          The reviews are 300-400 words long and contain a few affiliate links.
          On may 17th only the rootdomain was indexed and I started the first 150k blast to non auto approve domains. 24hrs later, all my review articles where indexed by Google but nothing ranked yet.
          The following days I did a 150k blast on each day.
          On May 20th the backlinks were starting to get indexed. Once I started RSS fedding and pinging my backlinks about 100 of them were indexed daily.
          On may 22th the site started to rank for its main keyword at #39
          On may 23th the site ranked #26 and on May 24th the site ranked at #15
          In the next couple of days it danced between #13 and #16 and as of today (May 30th) the Google dance begun and the site dropped to #41.

  20. Mark says:

    Dave, I am getting a serious head ache when I was reading about putting the aff link in a php file.

    So do you mean that I have want to sell a pack of razor blades, then I need to edit some damn php file and then when I want to sell shaving cream, band aids for all the cuts that I get I need to do that too?

    What if I am a super stud that has 1001 autoblogs selling pink razor blades, blue razor blades, razor scooters and all kinds of cool ass crap? Do I have to edit the fricken code for each color of razor blade? Holy crap! Gimme a plugin please or I may roll over and pee in my pants.

    So are the old day gone like your Super Hero Amazon post where you put in an AFF LINK and nice picture and we all live happily ever after? Holy shit Batman!

    • Dave says:


      lol, don’t worry, it was just a suggestion for small sites, and just my observations. It is not practical for a site with a lot of products, the old days are still good, i.e a piccie, some cool keywords and a buy link or button. Only difference nowadays is it seems that you are also better off putting a lot of content on the site that does not contain said aff links.

      • Mark says:

        So if we don’t have AFF links, how do we sell? Link to another super site that sells the stuff?

        • Dave says:


          Just be a little more cautious. i.e just think about what a site should really be like that has affiliate links. It simply would not be genuine for the whole site to have the exact same number of aff links on each article. So as well as sales articles write some good content to draw in traffic/links etc and then just link to your money pages from the content. I have been very guilty of making 100 plus page sites with every article an aff page and long term they get a lot of bouncing and then they are gone. More of a mix of the two should keep a site more steady.

          • Craig says:

            I had a site which had lots of information articles and a few articles promoting affiliate products. Everything was doing fairly well, I was on 300-400 visitors a week and growing, rankings were improving, etc. Then I decided to stick a little affiliate banner ad on all of the information articles. A couple of days later Google had dropped all of my rankings, now I’m lucky if I get 10 visitors in a week.

            Could just be a coincidence, but it seems unlikely…

            • Dave says:


              Bummer, these things are sent to try us. It may just be a temp thing, fingers crossed for you Dude.

    • Terry says:

      I started doing that a few years back when there was a big scare about marketers hijacking your affiliate link, mostly for crapbank MMO products that us cool noobs were trying to sell to noobier noobs (LMAO). But yeah, what a royal pain in the a-hole, creating a separate one liner php file for each affiliate link!

      The only upside to doing it that way was that you could leave the link followed and G would count it as an internal link and a live site page, to add to the number of indexed pages on your site. Plus when a visitor clicks on it, it looks like they’re clicking an internal link on your site and not some jumbled mass of letters and numbers that screams: “get me the F*** outta here!”

      Oh the crap we used to put up with in the name of progressing on to become a knowledgeable, seasoned marketer

      …yeah, right πŸ˜‰

      • Mark says:


        I bought so much of that MMO on sh!t until I started reading ZenDuck. The only MMO product that I I have purchased since is The Keyword acadmey and build my Rank.

        I think I am coming out with a new MMO product…UYA

        Up Your A$$ for you MFers that want to sell worthless crap!

        Ever hear of Alex Goad and Brian Johnson? They are kings of the AutoCrap Blogs. Yep, I bought it too. Got my money back because every month they came out with yet a new way of tricking Google.

        “bout the only thing they tricked were fools like me! Whoa!

        • Terry says:

          I got lucky in my early days and met some honest people on whydowork forum – kept me from wasting money on all that worthless crap that was being hocked. In those days (2006) Griz hadn’t really got going and there was no help from anyone on how to really make the cash online.

          The only instruction came from list builders and clickbank salespeople, which I ignored cause I was sure there was a way to do it for free. And there was, of course. It was very slow going in those days to eek out the info and I made some bad mistakes that cost me dear in terms of lost potential revenue.

          I got sucked into MPAM which was a monthly subscription thing and all it taught was to get traffic from traffic exchanges. Total crap, but it put me in touch with a guy called Steven Wagenheim (he’s well known on WF to this day) who gave me a review copy of his new ebook that explained just about everything. It taught me a lot about all sides of marketing as well as how to write copy and more importantly, how to structure articles and bang them out fast.

          I put up thehonestway in early 2007 as a vehicle to sell what I believed were the few half decent ebooks that I knew about. I think I might have sold about half a dozen in total because I knew nothing about search traffic and how to get it.

          Soon after that, the Yaro/Chow/Problogger phenomenon caught on and everyone was making blogs to sell links. It was a bubble, but I made some decent coin from it until it burst and G started slapping blogs left right and centre.

          It wasn’t until I met Vic through Griz at teh end of 2007 that things started to make sense to me. You could say I wasted 2 years, then another year re-learning and applying it to marketing.

          So don’t judge us ex-noobs too harshly because back then we really had no clue how to do it while the so-called gurus were cleaning up. Its different today cause there are a lot of knowledgeable people around who are doing what they say they are doing and you can learn a lot from them, like Dave here and of course Griz and others.

          No one needs to sell crap ebooks when there are so many great affiliate programs out there for selling real stuff to people who actually want to buy it. Nope, I don’t know who Alex Goad and Brian Johnson are and to be honest, I don’t think I want to know them. Probably WF regulars with several thousand posts between them to show what good forum experts they are. When we really know that if people are writing that many posts on forums, they’re not spending that time doing what they should be doing to really earn money!

          Ok, its late, I’m knackered and this is turning into a ramble… time to sign off.

          • Bruno says:

            Where is the “Like” button when we need one?

            It is good to know that people that I think that know what they are doing (you, Dave, Griz, etc.) have being in this game for that long and had also your ups and downs. I’ve once heard someone saying on a forum:

            “… if people only stuck with it long enough, they would likely see results … but they give up far too quickly”

            That has stuck in my mind for quite a while now.

            I’ve learned to ignore a bit forums and similar stuff and also to be really suspicious about people that sell products on how to make money on something because before this, I had spent quite some time dealing with stocks and stuff like that. MMO and the stock market are very similar in this: they both are full of people that the only money they make is by selling people telling them the things that they ought to do, which in turn they are not doing themselves.

            thanks for the ramble πŸ˜‰

  21. Teodor Lazar says:


    For the affiliate links in the index and single post. How do you specify which links correspond to which post? I can see this working for something like belts, but let’s say you have a site that reviews TVs.

    Lets say each of your posts is a review of a certain TV. So you review TV ABC and provide an Amazon affiliate link for TV ABC in the post. Then review TV XYZ and again link to Amazon.

    I don’t understand how you would code that to correspond to each post. Can it be done?

    I can see it if you are just writing about belts though.

    Can it be done for specific products like my TV example?

    • Dave says:


      I am sure someone could tell you how to do that for specific posts, but not me! I am talking about taking this approach for sites that have a limited amount of products only. i.e just a handful. Then you don’t need to put aff links in each article, just above the fold in the php files so peeps see the options asap. It then means you don’t have to keep adding them in manually.

  22. Ryan T says:

    Hi Lando, do you have a date when you will release your guide?

    unfortunately i am in a rush. One of my aged (and most successful domain) is currently being in the process of being taken over. (not yet, but i don’t know if i can win this case)

    Its something called UDRP and i am planning to do a 301 permanent redirect to a new (old and high PR) domain before all is lost.

    • Lando says:

      Copyright/Trademark infringement?

      My Automatic Authority report is ready to go. Dave was going to release it last weekend but a big part of the report is to do with getting value (low cost, high quality domains) from auctions and using cheap/free services. I have been using Dropday to find expiring domains. However, their service is not running 100% at the moment. Godaddy auction results are not being returned. This has thrown a spanner in the works.

      Dropday do have lots of info on domains coming up for auction at Dynadot, Snapnames and Namejet. But until they sort themselves out re: Godaddy, my report, which recommends them, is on hold. Hopefully not for too long…

      • Ryan T says:

        Yes, I believe its trademark infringement (they didn’t say and its under wipo so it must be trademark) I didn’t even notice that keyword is under some company’s trademark actually.

        I don’t mind using other paid services like freshdrop as i am in a hurry. Just scared of being scammed or choosing a less than wonderful domain. I have less than 20 days now.

        Is it possible to buy AA report first?

  23. agraiders says:


    When you are building links for your sites, do you concentrate on a few keywords at a time until you start ranking on them before you move onto another batch. That seems like the most sane way to do it, but may appear unnatural. On the other hand I would think you may start watering down your link building efforts by trying to concentrate on so many at once.

    • Dave says:


      What I have learned since beginning all this is that the annoying thing is that the newer the site the more you need to go for a variety of anchored backlinks. The less they are varied the harder it seems to get initial rankings and traffic. So, as soon as you start backlinking go for as many as you can, and once the site stabilizes then begin to focus in more on your main terms.

      If you look at it long term then you are NOT watering down your linking efforts by going after lots of terms, there is often more money to be made in ranking for 50 very easy longtails then 1 main term that may take years AND then may really disappoint at them end as it simply does not convert.

      I have said it a lot of times but the reality is that if you rank for 50 buying keywords if you have a product site. i.e cheap, best price, discount, for sale, etc then you can do fine without ever ranking for the main term, although I would always go for the main term too as it may be a killer earner.

  24. Jonas says:

    Hey Dave, (or anyone who can help)

    I remember you saying that we should make our links to Amazon nofollow so Amazon doesn’t end up outranking us for our keywords.

    However, I am going crazy trying to figure out how to add a nofollow tag to an image I have inserted into my site that links to an amazon product, or more accurately WHERE to insert the nofollow tag in the code. I can find plenty of examples of where to place the nofollow tag on anchored links, but none for image links…can someone tell me where in my code to put the nofollow tag, or repaste the code with the nofollow tag inserted? I’m such an HTML retard lol.

    *****CODE STARTS HERE*****

    *****CODE ENDS HERE*****

    Thanks very very much in advance. Sorry to ask such a stupid question here, but I went to several HTML chatrooms and no one even knew how to insert a nofollow tag or what it was for…so I came here.

  25. Carlo says:

    Hey Dave,

    In the product niches I play, you have of course the main buyer KVs – product name, product name reviews, cheap product name and a few others. However, most of the others from the top 50 you shared are not even mentioned in the KV tools or have very low traffic (eg. below 100 exact match)

    What do you advise? Should I backlink for all of them anyway, even if I don’t see them in the tools or have very low trafffic? Have you had positive experiences even in such cases?
    Or you just backlink the buyer keywords that appear to have at least some traffic?

    Thanks πŸ˜‰

    • Dave says:


      I don’t even look to see if they are in a keyword tool. Basically they are never going to give you all the terms or be totally accurate. Even if they are below a hundred searches a month who cares? If you get one person a day who comes to the site who types in a good buying keyword then they are in the mood to buy so………you make money!

      The beauty of backlinking for all the buying terms you can think of is that then you naturally get more longtail search as you are seen as the authority, which leads to more longtails you find to backlink, which leads to more longtails you find…………… all adds up to a lot of peeps every day-

  26. Carlo says:

    Thanks for the tip!

    By the way, I bought Lando’s stuff via your link and also paid the 10$ when you were messing with the Amazon post….I think you gonna be rich :))

    I quit my job to go full time IM exactly when G did all this Panda mess….Check-out this SEOMoz interview – seems even more mess could come, as G is learning from Russia “machine learning” approach, in which links play a less proeminent part…(

    Separately, when I was ranking for a main term I got a lot of long tail traffic, but since Panda the long tail traffic vanished for some sites. I just get the traffic for what I’m ranking for….

    Anyway, I will work hard on the top sites that seem to be favored…

    I do a lot of on-page (especially internal linking) and moderately link (up to 10 links/day/site) for the top sites….They are over 1 year old with some aged content on them / some have some traffic, some not….

    Thanks, man! You have the coolest duck site around :p

    • Dave says:


      Thanks Dude, it all adds up πŸ˜‰ Shame about the sites, it happens. I have a few in the same boat too, this is a fickle business to say the least. But keep plugging away and try to think of workarounds to get more traffic too.

      Maybe time to hang around in so,me forums and get some traffic that way?

  27. Carlo says:

    And a one more short Q pls – how many links you send for each such buying term to see some effect – around 5 per term is fine? :p

    • Dave says:


      Totally niche dependent. But 5 or 10 links for longtails terms is usually enough. Better to do less and see what happens after a few weeks than do too many when it is just a waste of time.

  28. Stefan says:

    Another quick query about removing the affiliate links from the posts and putting them somewhere ‘safer’.

    I wondered whether including them in the sidebar/s would have a similar positive effect?

    Nice new site by the way. You’ll be glad to hear I just remembered the url and typed it in – no need to go to my favorites anymore!

    • Dave says:


      Sidebars are cool as well and I have had some great success doing just that. The main thing as far as I can tell is that you really want as few aff links on the site overall as you can possibly get. It seems that just like real backlinks, links in the sidebars, footer and out of the main text content are not given as much notice. Good if they are aff links.

      And yay, no more wondering what the bloody hell Dave’s blog is called πŸ˜‰

      • Stefan says:

        Thanks, Dave.

        Was also thinking of setting up an Amazon affiliate Shopperpress site but that’s going to be utterly stuffed full of affiliate links. Perhaps (crossing fingers here!) Google can recongize more of an ecommerce site like that and not penalize it so much. Have my doubts though.

        Do you ever go for ecommerce/shopperpress type sites that look more like an actual store?

        • Dave says:


          I haven’t no, but hey, give it a go and see, only one way to find out what works. Let me know.

  29. JAMES says:

    Dave do you install google sitemap unto your blogs or do you ignore it like you do to other google product like google analytic. thanks