It’s all shit, isn’t it?

Writing nonsense about stuffΒ  just to game the system?

Pretending that you love a hair curler in order to earn a few pennies?

Talking about your quality article that you are writing.

The fact it is 1500 words long and full of bullet points and H2’s and H3’s. AND you used italics, AND your images KICK ASS too.

The fact that your copy is personal and yet informative at the same time.

The fact that you should be ranking above the EMDS’s that are crap and are 200 words of regurgitated filler.

Acting like you are contributing something to the Internet by writing a great review. Never mind that it is based upon research and reading other reviews.

Pretending that youΒ  are doing something valuable, rather than just getting in the way of a real store that has the product.


If you didn’t write your “killer” copy, and build your site, then someone else would be there in your stead wouldn’t they?

Raking in the cash for Amazon clicks. Getting those blue adsense clicks so someone else makes more from the click than you did.

E-commerce you say?

How many e-commerce sites should there be for white socks?

  • 1?
  • 793?

Still gaming the system aren’t you, by trying to “out-backlink” the competition?

What? Your store has the best copy and the best design?


Who wants to read anything apart from a 2 line product description when they type in “best price white socks” anyway?

Still, I am not going back to driving a forklift truck. Or giving up on my dream of buying a house in the country this year?

Waddya gonna do?

T’internet is pretty bonkers innit?

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  1. Andy says:

    Whilst people do that, i can focus on adding real value and creating tangible assets that dont have to worry about thin content or algorithm changes.

    Its just a matter of short vs long term thinking.

    • Dave says:

      Andy, that is what I am saying though. Even the best damn site in the world about products that is as algo-proof as can be is still……..welllllllllllllll….a site about products that is gamed to earn the cash. It’s still long term thinking to stay ahead of the game, but it ain’t making the world a better place.

      • Andy says:

        Yep, your right πŸ™‚ Everyone on here should read the Google guidelines on thin affiliate sites at least once. I have made thin affiliate sites before and have had penalties for doing it. Its a mistake i am never going to make again.

        Some people may still be getting away with it, thats fine and i hope you do continue to get away with it but i think the dye has been cast and its just a matter of time before more get wiped out.

  2. Teodor Lazar says:

    Kinda confused. Are you giving up this old way?

    • Dave says:

      Teodor, not bloody likely Dude πŸ˜‰ Just kind of spurted out really as I was writing about hair curlers for BMR πŸ˜‰ NOT! Well, not quite. This game is just a funny one is all, but I wouldn’t give it up for anything.

  3. daveh says:

    I think I know where you’re coming from, but you have really hit on something here, albeit by coming at it sideways.

    Why should the EMD with 200 words of crap content outrank your site? Maybe it actually answers the searcher’s question.

    If all the searcher wants is to know where to buy white socks, do you need anything at all except

    Hi! You’re here because you love white socks as much as I do. I’m guessing you also have the same concerns about them as I do:
    Durable white socks
    brand name white socks, like:
    Nike white socks
    Hanes white socks
    Where to buy white socks
    White socks on sale
    If so, you’re in luck. I found what I think is the best place to get white socks!

    Could be that the above is exactly what the searcher wants. In fact, it must be, at least for a reasonable percentage of them. Otherwise, why would affiliate sites make money?

    Not too long ago, I wrote a post on letting your customers decide what expensive is, and how pre-conceived notions on price could result in you passing up expensive products – and profits. I don’t see why this is so different.

    Why can’t we just relax and let the searchers decide what quality content is? Tweak for max conversions. Take what you learn and tweak some more. If it is 200 words of crap, run with it. If it is a long, painstakingly written review with a video, so be it.

    Worried about the G? If you’re reading this you have some idea of how to mix up post types to shield your best converting pages from penalties. Yep, extra work, but it is the world we are in.

    And yes, it’s much better than a real job.

    • Dave says:

      daveh, I couldn’t agree more. This whole quality content argument is bull as far as I am concerned. OK, if I type in a search for “braun 3283939 hair curler review” then it would be nice to see a pretty page with a long review about the pros and cons. And I may even click an aff link. But if I type in “braun 3283939 price” then I DON’T want 1500 words that is of not interest to me, and some bloody adsense ads spattered about the place. I want a line or two and a quick way to find out who has the best deal.

      I have to say that some of my shortest posts are the best converting for this exact reason.

      Good though innit.

    • Andy says:

      If the searcher is searching for that, they most likely just want amazon or whatever the main white socks retailer is.

      By making those pages you arent really adding any value, you are just filling up space.

      I am not saying it is wrong, but dont kid yourself its not like they want to see that. In theory, they just want a list of trust worthy retailers to buy what they are after, maybe for the best price.

      For a product like white socks, there isnt much if any value you can add. No one really wants a review of some socks. lol. I duno, kinda just ranting now.

      • Andy says:

        Basically all your dooing is mooching off someone else by ranking in that spot. Its not an ethical question, i see nothing wrong with it at all.

        The problem is Google sees a problem with it, and if your deemed to not be adding value and you are just there to get someone to click your affiliate link and thats it, well they will want you gone. What use are you to them?

      • Dave says:

        Andy, but daveh does e-commerce. So why should he not rank number 1 for white socks if he has better prices than anyone else? And should he have anything more than a photo, 1 line to explain what they are made of and the buy button with price?

        Oh, what a wicked Web it is!

        It’s the problem of what is thin and what is actually exactly what people want. And the way it is going is that content of a few lines is getting harder to rank. Not impossible, but not like it used to be.

        I think I may just be ranting now too.

        This is gonna be a good conversation on this post I think. It’s about time we had a good old chat here instead of just on the forum.

      • ChrisCD says:

        To be somewhat of a contrarian (spelling?), I can’t just where any old sock. I can wear 100% white socks, but I also need special socks. Those special socks I have to be careful about (Hey, sounds like a good niche! :O) ).

        So for the special socks, I do want a real testimonial and nice picture.

        And frankly, there are some sock snobs out there. So I think sock sites of all kinds serve different purposes.

        But, I don’t really want to find a site that is just drivel. And I think Google is getting better and weeding them out.

        Think about the sites you want to read and build sites like that. If you want the ‘net to be a better place and not full of drivel, don’t build sites that are, or don’t complain when you do and that is all you find. :O)

  4. lostcylist says:

    And so is answering 100 phone calls a day. The customer’s I service make our bank 10x the profit in one month over what I get paid.

    That’s the real shit.

    It makes BMR articles look holy.

  5. daveh says:

    Thin is in the eye of the beholder. In any case, if my affiliate page is properly set up, I may respond to the customer’s inquiry more accurately than him hitting the Amazon home page and then drilling down through page after page.

    Maybe I send my guy straight to the white socks page, with results sorted by ratings or price. I think you can make a valid argument that I have added value there.

  6. Bruno says:

    Ahhhh the old debate about a site’s quality content. I guess the best answer would be what Dave has said in his old post where he said:

    the best content is the one that answers the user’s query.

    … but sometimes it it not that easy is it!? πŸ˜€

    Anyhow, there is a post on Court Tuttle’s old blog that has over +500 comments on a similar topic. For anyone who is interested:



    • Dave says:

      Bruno, I thought Court had re-directed his sites years ago to TKA? Will have to check it out. I remember that though. Didn’t his site get a slap after he posted that content Was NOT King, so he changed his mind πŸ˜‰

      Or was it his Keyword sniper stuff?

      • Kerry says:

        Yeah, for a long time he had the redirects, but he seems to have ressurected the blog. He has a post dated January 9th of this year. I suppose that the Force must remain in balance: Griz, Leo, and Allyn go MIA, therefore Court and Ben start posting again. hmmmmm. . .

    • Andy says:

      Wish i saw that post back in 08. Might have changed a lot if i listened. Cool read though, hes probably even more right now than in 08 funnily πŸ™‚

      Talk to you on skype buddy.

  7. Jeremy says:

    Some products need reviews; some do not.

    Also, there is more than one way to get at a review. For example, the site theme doesn’t have to be white socks to rank for white socks. Maybe your site is about being outdoorsy and hiking. Well, anyone who has been in the infantry can write a 1000 page book ranting about socks and boots and what socks work well in rain and mud and which ones blister and which ones smell up the fastest and how to layer socks and what socks to wear in the jungle vs. desert vs. forest vs. on post vs. leisurely hike on R&R vs. in country.

    Even better, some of those high performance and hiking socks cost like $20 and up for a pair…so there should be decent commissions.

    If you’re trying to rank for generic throwaway white socks you buy 10 of for $2.69 at Walmart, then sure, there’s no money there.

    But there is money in the high end stuff. And in the high-end stuff, there is a subset of people who obsessively research and will read 1,500 words about socks.

    Here’s like, a zillion words about how to buy tactical pants.

    They are a retailer, but I guarantee a review site that was as comprehensive about tactical pants would get Google love and real, actual, living, breathing ORGANIC BACKLINKS (the horror!….non-gamed links LOL). Add in video of guy wearing the pants, maybe showing how they conceal a pistol, running around in the pants, and so on. You could be the king of tactical pants reviewers!!!

    5.11 and Propper would send you free pants whenever they came out with a new model. You’d never have to buy pants again! Get paid to wear pants!

    You seeing this crazy stuff?

    Rock on, gents.

    • Dave says:

      Jeremy, you saved the day Dude. All is forgiven and the Interent is a wonderful place after all!

      Seriously though Dude, that is content I can only aspire to, good stuff.

      But, and this is the bottom line people don’t like to admit, if you just wrote that up on a new site you would rank nowhere. Until you got yourself some links to get the ball rolling. Content on its own is never enough. It still needs some form of gaming to get the ball rolling. Not that I am saying I disagree with this, it is what it is, but content alone is never going to be enough, at least in the short term. Trust me, I have tried.

      Unless we are talking super longtail, or content on a site with real authority, or no competition as such.

  8. Tracey says:

    You swore. I’m tellin’

    t xx

    P.S. This post ranks #12 for best price white socks in my rank tracker.

  9. White Socks Alicia says:

    Let’s see if we can write a bit more about how much we love white socks and get it ranking higher. Dave, you might want to add a “click here for best price white socks” link πŸ˜‰

    • Dave says:

      White socks, I might just do that. Wonder how many I will sell πŸ˜‰

      • Bruno says:

        Do you reckon if people are willing to buy white socks online or maybe they just want to purchase white socks, would they be able to buy socks through here!?

        Oh well, if not, at least we have now some more longtails for discounted white socks for sale, but who on earth would search for bargain socks!?

        It blows my mind …


  10. Rob Thomas says:

    I came here for best price white socks! Where are these cheap white socks google promised me? πŸ™‚

  11. Jim says:

    First line of your original post Dave. It really is.

    And you know what’s really funny is that even those “review” sites that on the surface look like quality sites (seemingly well written, nice pictures, well designed layout), when you really examine them more carefully, you’ll see that all of the reviews and articles on the site are just fluff.

    The fact is that with most products, there is very little differentiation between the different brands and models. So what you get is the same features being talked about in every review, rewritten a gazillion different ways. No new real insight given at all. It’s just pure fluff, written solely for purpose of increasing the amount of “content” on their site.

    But like you said, Dave. If we don’t do it, somebody else will. Might as well be us.


    • Dave says:

      Jim, you are so right. Hopwever nice these type of sites look it is a rare thing indeed to actually find one with any substance. We just give the bots what they want for the msot part.

      But yeah, if we don’t do it then someone else will. Gotta pay the bills!

  12. Youssef says:

    I like it when someone bank or still banking on it and turn around to roast it..Just Saying Huh

  13. Kerry says:

    Has anyone gotten hit bad with a BM R penalty from Google? Seems to be going around

    • Dave says:

      Kerry, why do you say a BMR penalty? A lot of peeps have lost rankings lately, but it seems that it may well be down to having too many perfectly anchored links, amongst other factors.

      • Kerry says:

        I suppose the question was based on the phrasing of a few forum postings. Seems several people are blaming BMR and other networks for their loss in rankings. Goggle has mentioned that they have changed the way they evaluate links and people are reading between the lines. Several high PR networks (mostly homepage links) have been deindexed, so people are on high alert. Probably all overreactions. Combine that with BMR and other networks no longer accepting new members, and people are screaming “BMR Penalty”. Sorry for adding to the problem. Fact is,there are probably a ton of factors at work. I am not yet a BMR member, so I have no empirical eveidence (one way or the other) to relate.

        • Kerry says:

          also, shame on me for reading forums that are not the Pond (not yet a member).

          • Dave says:

            Kerry, what!!! Shame on you! πŸ˜‰

            It does seem like the problem may be peeps getting too gung ho with networks, or any other link building really. Too many perfect anchors and the hammer finally hits.

  14. Rob Thomas says:

    Hey Dave

    Sorry for the random question and I know it has been talked about somewhere but I cant find it – where do you add the no-follow tag on the Amazon link.

    That is the link I have been using and cannot find where to add the tag?

    Sorry for the bother

    Rob thomas

  15. Zeke says:

    Beautiful poetry