This site is here to cut through the nonsense in IM.

You see, as far as I am concerned all these “Make Money Online” blogs are sooooooooooo boring.

Here, I finally want to do something a little different (again). Something to satisfy me, as all the best blogs should be run, and something to allow the readers to interact and be a part of something. And, of course, provide plenty of SEO Tips too.

So, what do I mean by getting “Zen Ducked”?

Everything and nothing

Basically those in the Internet Marketing and the whole online world of making money online get subjected to so much crap and so much bull that it is hard to know what is genuine (most isn’t) and what is simply a scheme out to get you. Plus it is a lonely business.

You can rant, you can rave, you can ask advice, whatever. But mostly it is to ask to be calmed down and to put your online, offline, and life in general in to perspective.


Certainly, but basically this site is a place to try to integrate our online goals with a sense of perspective, and to feel like we belong somewhere. And the Pond takes this point of view even further.

If that is a little unclear than I guess that is life. We can basically look at this site as a place to talk about IM, talk about life and ask for a little help and hopefully be a part of a very small community. Come join the Pond, or simply comment on the latest blog post.


Updated 2014