OK, let’s sum up, my name is Dave, for just over a year I ran http://www.makingmoneyontheinternetfree.info/ and it turned out to be a little more fun and a little more successful than I anticipated.

But it had one drawback, a stupid long-ass name! Things in this game change so see the Why for more info on why this site even bothers to exist.

Anyway, I decided to start a new site that will hopefully carry on from where the previous site left off, but with more scope. I am an affiliate marketer who first began my search for online riches in the September of 2008. Poverty was knocking at the door and Wifey had to go back to the UK to work for 3 months. So, up my Spanish mountain in my stone cottage I set about trying to uncover that Holy Grail; how to make money online.

It didn’t go well.

My first foray into online earnings was doing surveys online. I made a few dollars but not enough to earn a living. I did a Squidoo lens and tried to make money with Clickbank. I set up a blogger blog and a website. I didn’t know what WordPress was so set up the ugliest looking site you could imagine using Dreamweaver and extremely limited (i.e no) skills.

It didn’t go well.

I didn’t really grasp the concept of keywords for backlinks to prove the relevancy of your site to the search engines. I plastered Ezinearticles and the like with hundreds of articles and did it often.

By the April of 2009 I was chasing social traffic on Twitter and writing what I thought would entertain rather than getting serious about what would earn. I found the infamous Grizz Grizzly and things clicked in my head. By this time Wifey was on board and as I learned this game Wifey was updated. By late 2009 things were looking up, we wouldn’t starve but were not making much money.

It was then that we decided to update the antiquated laptop and buy 2 new ones, up until then we had been taking shifts through the day to get work done. Still naive and still sending articles to article directories like a madman I at least knew what a keyword was.

Things began to go well.

2010 saw our online business ventures take off. We began to earn better money and weather the ups and down of this game. By 2011 we had got a little more secure in what we were doing and have a system of sorts. I concentrate mainly on product sales for a commission and have long since left adsense behind. Life is good, money is in the bank and that is about it as far as my tale is concerned.

If anyone tells you this game is easy then don’t believe them. It takes an enormous amount of work and a lot of faith. Desperation may actually be the best motivation, but either way if you don’t put in the hours then you can kiss giving up working for “The Man” goodbye.

Find me on Google+ here. Zen Duck Dave + I am also on the Facebook thing too.

Dave May 19 2011

UPDATE for October 2013: Still at it and still making the monies. Lots of changes over the past year. We earned enough from Affiliate Marketing to buy a nice house and new car in the UK so moved back here. Yes, it’s wet, but there are less mosquitoes than in Spain and the UK is our real home (and feels like it).

This game certainly hasn’t got any easier, but if you play it right and get the work time in then there are still plenty of monies to be made.