I made this site as a follow on to http://www.makingmoneyontheinternetfree.info/, not because I hated it, rather it was because I grew to actually enjoy it. But, and it is a problem for many in this weird game of making cash by getting search engine traffic, it all gets really rather repetitive. I want to offer SEO Tips and more besides.

Really I wanted to at least have something that could be a little different.

A different style of writing a blog, a different kind of blog altogether. Maybe play around with how content is written?

Stupid beginnings to content that seem more natural and like a conversation than from some Dick who acts like he knows it all. I don’t, I never pretended that I did, I just wanted a place to chat with others who make money online, with those that aren’t, themselves, Dicks.

Why Zen Duck?

I saw a chilled looking Duck outside Chew Magna and I liked it.

Nuff said really.

The aim of this site is to mostly talk about what we do online but I don’t want it to be restricted to that. Life is more than trying to get your head around this game and maybe it is time for something a little different. I don’t really know. We shall see what happens. The old http://www.makingmoneyontheinternetfree.info/ is now defunct. I loved it but after just over a year I suddenly realized that if it is to be my passion site then it was time for a change of direction. No more banners to make money from readers, I wanted a different feel, clean, simple, minimal to the extreme and about all of us chatting.

That is the hope anyway.

If it doesn’t work out then I shall disappear back to whence I came, it was a fun year with the old site, I hope you like the new approach.

Moving On

The game of making money with SEO, blogs, search traffic in general and certainly blogs using WordPress and static sites is ever evolving. I am trying my best to keep up, it ain’t easy. So much changes and in the last year since my earnings have risen a lot of things have changed.

We can see it is sites getting dropped, the big boys coming to take over the front page, as is probably right, thin affiliate sites taking a nose-dive and brands being more the way to go. Experimenting should always be at the fore of your approach, you may just hit on something amazing.

Well, here I am trying to keep up. I never got search traffic from the previous site, a few trickles and not a lot else. That was cool, it never was my aim. But one thing is for sure, a brand name, a snappy title and maybe just a new and slightly more novel approach to the whole MMO blog thing could be good. We can but try.

See you in the comments section.

p.s As with the old blog, don’t expect many actual posts, one a month if I can but the comments will be regular if there is anything to respond to.

Dave May 19 2011