6 hours later, including a break for lunch, and over 11,000 words written for the post that will be free to the newsletter subscribers or a book to buy for those that are not signed up.

What did you do today?

Amazing what a week off can do to motivate you.

Need a little sleepie now though. Yawn.


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  1. Matt says:

    I’ll take some newsletter action.

  2. Carrie says:

    It’s about time. I signed up at least 2 weeks ago and yet my inbox is empty.

    • Dave says:


      I was on holiday, all recharged now and raring to go. Time to get ready for the Christmas rush now then relax at the end of the year again before the Spring rush 😉 Should have the post done by the end of the week or beginning of next week.

  3. ScottRoj says:

    What did I do today? Well, I woke up about 5 minutes ago and brewed some coffee… but I’m about to go backlinkn’ like a madman (and wait in anticipation of receiving your newsletter) 😉

    By the way, have you ever watched HBO’s “Game of Thrones”? They have this perfect phrase that meshes with internet marketers…

    “Winter is Coming”

    Of course, winter for the guys on tv involve flesh-eating monsters or something… anyway, thanks for the time you put into that newsletter, looking forward to reading it.

    • Dave says:


      Haven’t seen it but will check it out, HBO have given us some amazing stuff. Hope you had a good day backlinking.

      • ScottRoj says:

        It’s definitely worth the watch. I dunno if it’s sad that I think about internet marketing while watching.. but that’s life. Anyway, the phrase is definitely a motivator for the coming Christmas time. I’m already gearing up my sites to be ready.

  4. Shaun L says:

    I found out vino means wine in Italy & other European countries. There’s me thinking it was some kind of brand or something 🙂 *It’s amazing what you can find out with Google & a bit of spare time on your hands*

    • Terry says:

      Wait til you find out what football really means in Italy & other European countries (oh, and the rest of the world) 🙂

      Don’t mind me, I just always love to throw that little bit of English humour in wherever I get the chance!

      Oh yeah, Hi Dave. Good time in Blighty, then?

      • Dave says:


        It was cool. Nice and sunny, bloody expensive though. What’s with all these bloody coffee shops selling cakes then? There are loads of them everywhere, all new to me.

        • Terry says:

          Coffee and cakes eh? Can’t blame ’em jumping on the supply and demand bandwagon of the rising number of overweight people. They gotta get fat somehow, might as well make a coffee shop owner rich while they’re at it LMAO!

          I was in Liverpool over Christmas and the thing that really hit home was the cost of eating in restaurants. Even with the really good exchange rate, I’ve gotten so used to the prices here that I forget the English love to rip everyone off on the price of food and wine!

          • Dave says:


            It’s like a fatty fat fat competition over there. Who can eat the most cakes while wearing the tightest top so you look like a muffin above your jeans. And what the hell is a cafeccuinochocalattewithsprinles anyway? I just want a coffee please. Cortado preferably.

          • Terry says:

            Oh yeah! We have the best coffee here in Spain!

            I like a solo doble for those times I need to get over one of my many 4 hour sleep nights! I walk out of the cafe feeling like I just put my fingers in a light socket hahaha!

            Mind you, in the fattie fat stakes, we’re not much better with chocolate y churros por desayuno…

    • Dave says:



  5. Lissie says:

    What will I do? Finish unpacking from the last trip – pack for the next holiday oops I mean tax deductible research trip

  6. Ryan T says:

    where’s my newsletter! lol

  7. Ian says:

    Hey Dave
    From one who lives on a Spanish mountainside (Canary Islands) to another – been following you on RSS for some time now, but am a bit of a lurker rather than a commenter! Methinks it’s about time I signed up for your newsletter. So much great stuff on here and I gotta admit I want your next mammoth post without paying – yeah I’m defo tight!!!
    All the best…

    • Dave says:


      You tight git, it’s only gonna be a few bucks. You want me to starve or what?

      Hope you comment more often Ian, and hopefully you will let me know what you think of the next post once it is up. Pretty hot here, must be boiling for you.

      • Terry says:

        Hi Ian, I’m another Brit ex-pat with a place up a mountain in Spain, although I live most of the time on the costa del sol these days.

        Canaries are usually cooler than the mainland in summer, unless your getting 35+C like we are right now! Lovely beach weather, but maybe not on the mountain!

  8. Dieter says:

    Dave, looking forward to another motivating post. Should get me through until the next downer hits.

    Pessimistic? Negative? Nah, life is good – wifey and and I had ultrasounds done yesterday and all came back clear, no evidence of spread.

    And, I got my aged domain site back after successfully filing a re-inclusion request with big G.

    I wish I could sing…;-)

    • Dave says:


      I shall inspire you in triplicate, I guarantee it or your money back. Glad all is good Dude and congrats, feel free to sing if you want to, I’m listening.

  9. ChrisCD says:

    Have been waiting for the famous newsletter for sometime. :O) Glad you had a good “holiday”. We ended up with about 100 tadpoles and a fish of some sort after our vacation. And the tadpoles are fast becoming frogs. Trip to the local creek soon, I think. :O)

    • Dave says:


      Comin’ at ya soon buddy. It was a good break, if tiring from driving around so many places but I am back to being motivated again.

      Why not just go french and get the barbie out? Bit of butter and garlic and you have some good eating!

      • ChrisCD says:

        The kids might rebel at that prospect. :O)

        BTW, I did successfully win 3 aged domains. So putting up some content and I’ll report back in a few months. This month I’m tapped out for anymore so will focus on what I’ve got.

  10. JohnM says:

    Newsletter tease! I am a-waiting 🙂

  11. Dave wow! 11,000 words…but does anyone want to read them?

    Dan Kennedy hammered me into believing that if someone is passionate about a subject, or desperate for a solution, or hungry for a hug, they will read any length of writing as long as it has a promise of pleasure or relief from pain at the end. I predict your 6 hours of effort will be well loved by many.

    I used to read your old blog…I guess I’ll be reading this one from now on. I put my twitter handle in my name, I added you on Goog+. Have a great summer!

    • Dave says:

      David B,

      I am afraid I can’t offer any relief from pain at the end of my little guide, but I can show peeps the basics so that they don’t start of, or continue on the wrong course or make bad use of their time. But I will let you guys be the judge of that anyway. You have a great Summer too Dude.

  12. Tracey says:

    Oh cool. I’m actually looking forward to reading it. (I know a newsletter I WANT to read!)

    As for me, what have I done? Um, wrote some blog posts, started a new book, uploaded an erotic short story, you know – the usual.

    Tracey 🙂

    • Dave says:


      All sounds good to me. Congrats on the sales too, although I am sure your dirty work may hit the spot with more people 😉

  13. Shaun L says:

    Hi D, I had a question about the time visitors stay on your site. I’ve typically done well with the ebook / aff product type info sites, but i’ve only recently got a Amazon site that’s makin consistent sales. With my other sites the average time visitors stay on the site it’s quite long, but with my amazon site i’m averagin like 10 seconds or something silly.

    I know this is because my aff link is quite high up and they open in the same window. This is great for conversions, but i’m wonderin if it’ll effect my rankings? If google see people going onto my site then going onto another site straight after, do you think they’ll start ranking me lower?

    Your experience on the matter would be appriciated.

    • Dave says:


      I actually talk a fair bit about that in the next post. And you are right, it can have an effect. In fact one of my straight out aff sites that worked exactly as you describe died a total death. Basically the times have changed and time on site does seem to be more of a factor now than ever before.

      Best solution, and one I go in to in a lot of detail about, is to totally change the way aff sites are made. At least an even split of kick ass content that keeps peeps on site for a good while and then your straight out aff posts where they are gone in a flash and earning you the Amazon bucks. All just part of keeping up with the algo’s, or hopefully getting a few steps ahead.

      • Shaun L says:

        Yer, this site has 50% of pages with amazon links, the other half relating social topics. Only problem is it’s one of those topics where it takes a while for G to trust you, so search traffic I’m getting to those pages is minimal.

        Thanks for the view though, I’ll sort something out.

  14. Gerald says:

    I just bought a new computer and your site was deleted on my bookmark list. Thus, I typed and it’s a different site but then I realized that it’s a dot me and not com. Anyway,just like the others I’m also waiting for my free newsletter.

    • Dave says:


      It is being proof read by Wifey as we speak. I then need to format it for Amazon Kindle and publish it. Then I will put it live here password protected and then send the password via the newsletter. Hopefully done by the weekend. Wifey said it is good so I hope you guys think so too. The Amazon guide on the Kindle has sold 24 so far plus a good few on smashwords so I have high hopes for the next one. Not great money but $40 odd bucks is still money.

  15. Bruno says:

    So, a bit dizzy after all the writing today … I’m looking forward for that post Dave 😉

    Dave, with regards to orbs, squidoo and the like, do you backlink them immediatelly after you publish it or do you wait for a while before you do it?

    It’s just that I find easier to write the article itself and related posts for backlinks in a row since the content is fresh on my mind … And I’m not a big fan of saving the files to post on a later date or even scheduling them … But maybe I should do this …


    • Dave says:


      I may do a few straight after, but the reality is that if you want them to rank then you need to let them find their place in the serps over at least a few weeks then send the appropriate backlinks. You may do work that you didn’t need to do if you do your backlinks straight off.

  16. Dave D. says:

    Not sure if I’m already signed up for the newsletter so I’m signing up “again”. I can’t seem to keep things straight. Please forgive me Dave!

  17. Joel says:

    All exited and eagerly waiting …waiting… waiting…for the newsletter. 11,000 words, Geez!

  18. Terry says:

    Anyone noticed a slight change happening with Google?

    Lately I lost a ton of traffic with sites sitting at #1 in the organic listings because they started putting those three ads in the pale yellow box above said listings for many KWs. They look too much like organic listings – obviously designed that way and are taking a big chunk of the organic traffic.

    Well, just now I noticed with some KWs there is now only one ad above the organic listings. But a bunch of ads in the pale yellow box BELOW the 10 organic listings!

    If this isn’t a fluke, it could spell the return of a lot of traffic…

    • Dave says:


      Still showing the same 3 top ads for me for popular terms. But it is pink for me, not yellow.

      • Terry says:

        Yeah, it was short lived. Back to normal today. Did anyone else see the ad block beneath the 10 listings?

        I’m probably getting yellow cause I check G thru to get a US index listing to see where my sites are really ranking where it counts. Its different to here.

        • Bruno says:


          you probably already now, but you can always use Scroogle to check it out 🙂

          Additionally, to help even further checking out results from the us, you can use Google as follows:

          So, hl=en for English results, gl=us for US results and pws=0 to turn off personalized results =)

          If you use Chrome, you can right-click, go to “edit search engine” and set this url as your default search engine. Just replace “widget” for “%s”

          It’s quite useful. I have the same problem as you, so I constantly need to do that.

          I have many different custom search engines, so for example if I type “amz” followed by a space, it will search whatever I type after that, directly on Amazon. Here’s the code for it:

          I even have another one that if I’m in a product page of Amazon (one that has an ASIN code) and I type “al” followed by enter, it immediately creates my aff link for amazon 🙂 If anyone wants to try this out, here’s the code:

          javascript:(function(){var aff = ‘REPLACEWITHYOURID-20’; if (!document.getElementById(‘ASIN’)) {alert(‘Can\’t find the product ID’); return;} prompt(‘here is the link:’,’’ + document.getElementById(‘ASIN’).value + ‘/?tag=’ + aff);})()

          Now you just need to insert your aff id there, then right click in the address bar, edit search engines, and add a new one with that code and whicever shortcut you feel like it.

          Just as a test, I’ve run the same search query with that personalized search without HMA and then a regular one (no special search query) through HMA. They both give the pretty much the same results :), even with Google Shopping and all.

          There is some more even advanced stuff here

          if you want to check it out.

          I believe you might be able to do exactly the same with Firefox.

          Hope that helps!

  19. Terry says:

    Hub Pages. Who’s noticed their hubs coming back to their pre-Panda serp rankings since converting to subdomains?

    Some of mine have come right back to where they were and traffic is way up on last month. I have re-taken some of the #1 spots I had for long tails before Panda slapped them down several pages. Could be that hubs are back in favour…

    • Gerald says:

      I also did, I guess google uplifted the penalty for the hubpages but better yet. We need more further observation since maybe it’s just a minor fluctuation of something.

    • Dave says:


      Yep, all climbing back up and ranking well again. The subdomain move was definitely a good one on their part. Anyone nabbed keywords as an author name yet? Personally I can’t be bothered with Hubs any more but they are certainly back in favor big styley.

    • Cat says:

      Mine are recovering well since switching to subdomains too. I won’t be making any new ones, but it’s nice to see their income going back up again. I have a lot of seasonal hubs, so hopefully the improvement will hold out over the rest of the year.

  20. Andy says:

    11k words thats just insane! The most i ever wrote in a day was around 4000 and my brain was frazzled. Dave you are a machine!

    • Dave says:


      A LURVE Machine 😉 It was actually surprisingly easy. I just sat and did it and just had a few breaks of a few minutes every hour. Stayed in the zone and let the words just flow.

  21. Shaun L says:

    Seems there’s been a recent PR update. A few weeks back I found a section on one of my websites that had a few PR2 pages. I linked a few of them to some of my more recent posts (The PR pages were actual pages not posts, which is probably why the PR hadn’t spread around the site before) and left it to see what happens. Had a look today and all of my blog posts now have PR. About 95% of the pages on my site have PR2, I’ve even found a category page with PR3 and a page with PR4 (Which I only wrote a few weeks ago but is getting a decent amount of traffic). There may be more but I haven’t checked all the pages yet.

    Any ideas how I can take advantage of these PR pages? As if they’re not making me any extra money I’m not sure of the point to be honest lol. Hopefully they’ll equate to higher rankings as time goes on…

    • Dave says:


      The authority of those inner PR pages should send authority to the posts you link out to. It should equate to higher rankings over time but it won’t be instant. PR can be confusing, no doubt about it, it won’t always equate to good serps positions, and that is the most important part. But good internal linking is key to good positions so the more you do the better the juice flows and the better the rankings, PR or not.

  22. Ray says:

    I’m getting all tingly waiting for the ginormous new post. I really need to figure out a new workspace for myself since my beloved became addicted to farmville and took over the old office space. I love this new place as much as I loved the old one. You’re just phenomenal, Dave. BTW, personally, I’d love to see some helpful info written by Wifey. Since, in the past you’ve mentioned she targets different niches from yours. Perhaps something on how she chooses what she chooses.

    • Dave says:


      Should be with you by the end of the weekend hopefully. I would just tell the beloved that she has to let you earn the moolah 😉

      Glad you like the new space, I am loving the simplicity of it and feel it works a lot better, less distractions. Wifey likes to keep fairly quiet about things and just do the work, she has her very own special technique for picking niches that works very well.

      “Ooh, I like that. I will rank for it and beat Dave at Amazon earnings. Next.”

      Something like that.

      Usually followed by a

      “Guess how many things I sold today?”.

      Keeps me on my toes 😉

  23. Ray says:

    Yeah, I was all excited about Amazon…but I chose the wrong state to live in. California, Oh well. I guess I’ll become like and adjust my new targets to Commission Junction. Sigh…all that work…Bastard politicians.

    • Dave says:


      There are brokers that you can go through, not sure of the names but they basically let you use their aff links for a small cut.

  24. Ray Woltman says:

    I didn’t know that. Thanks, Dave