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1. Do Your Research Ahead of Time

Some customers may be surprised when a national broker service outsources a move to a contractor, or “agent” actually located in Arizona or the surrounding region. These agents may have an unfamiliar name. While the companies on our list above are all “moving companies” as they offer a range of products and services related to moving, most are actually brokers with networks to connect your business to a more local service provider.

Customers should get all the information they can ahead of time as to who will actually carry out the responsibilities of the physical moving process.

2. Take Care of Your Valuables

If your valuables can’t stand extended hot or cold temperatures, and your selected moving service doesn’t offer climate-controlled container shipping, do not send items that can’t withstand the outside temperature for too long.

With valuables like jewelry, important documents or personal electronics, err on the side of caution and carry whatever’s possible yourself. Even without any foul play involved, moving companies end up losing or damaging items and the reimbursement process can be complicated and annoying.

Companies don’t usually distinguish between valuables and non-valuables unless the customer pays for extra coverage for either the entire load or particular items. Companies may otherwise offer reimbursement based on a cents-per-pound calculation applied to the whole load. Without the extra coverage arranged in advance, companies are under no obligation to reimburse customers for damage to items like expensive furniture, large electronics or heirlooms.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask Questions

Especially when it comes to money. With a range of practices across the industry, it’s important to fully understand the timing and conditions of all payments with your broker and your mover. Before you make any decisions (and especially before you make any payments), compile information on a potential deposit, when the main payment(s) needs to be received and what happens financially in the event of delivery delays or mishaps.

Also ask for details about the division of responsibility between a van line or broker and the actual mover. Companies should be able to specify the type of vehicle and the team that will meet you, as well as be able to describe how your items will be processed if not arriving at your destination in the same vehicle or container that they left in.

4. Keep Records of Your Move

No matter how careful a mover claims to be, accidental damage is common and logistical mix-ups often lead to poor service or missed arrival dates. The moving industry in 2022 is particularly susceptible to delays and driver shortages due to global supply chain issues and labor shortages.

Keep a detailed inventory of everything—and we mean everything—the movers take, including photos of items most likely to sustain damage and require repair. Keep your own copies of all documentation exchanged with your broker and/or mover so if conditions of the contract aren’t met, you’ll be able to prove it. Always get everything in writing, and ensure there’s a date: if items show up late or damaged, you’ll at least have proof.