The Baby in the Basket campaign update press and backer thanks

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A first update on Flickering Myth’s adventures in indie filmmaking…

Well, April has certainly got off to an interesting start here at FMHQ as we make our first foray into the world of independent feature filmmaking alongside Shepka Productions on the Gothic horror The Baby in the Basket.

If you’ve been on our site and/or socials the past week, you’ve no doubt already seen our pitch, but we just wanted to give you an update on the film and the crowdfunding campaign as it reaches the end of its first week, and to say a sincere thank you to everyone who’s backed the project so far, or even just taken the time to check out the campaign page, teaser trailer, or any of the videos and posts we’ve flooded socials with this week.

From a personal perspective here at FM, it’s been incredible to see many of our regular readers backing the project, and we’re incredibly excited to have you join us on this new adventure!

Special thanks at this early stage also go to Andrew Hawkes MVO who has joined our project as Executive Producer, along with our new Associate Producers Harrison Abbott, W. Doug Mitchell, Garrett Sandoval, Sully Walker and Gary Loader, as well as Corrie Hinschen and Lauren Shaw, whose slasher film Bliss of Evil has just been picked up for distribution by Bayview Entertainment [watch the trailer here].

As a little heads up to all of you FMers, we have also quietly launched a brand new perk Digital Thanks Be to God! where for just £40 you’ll receive your very own digital copy of the movie, as well as an on screen thank you in the end credits and on the film’s IMDb listing if and when we hit our target. And of course, once Basket hits streaming, you’ll be able to tell all your friends to check out the credits on that nun horror film and see if they recognise anyone familiar.

Best of all, even if you pledge now, you won’t be charged a penny until  May 31st, and only then if we hit our target!

Back to the thanks at hand, we’ve also had a bunch of press for The Baby in the Basket and its crowdfunder, so please take a moment to check out the following websites who’ve supported us so far…

You can also check out our director Nathan Shepka and writer Tom Jolliffe on the Direct-to-Video Connoisseur Podcast talking about The Baby in the Basket, as well as Tom’s video interview on CineDump

As said, it’s been fantastic to see the level of support we’ve had in this first week of the campaign, which has pushed us to within a third of our total. We’re well aware that our target was a very ambitious one – especially given the current economic climate – and while we’d considered using alternate platforms to Kickstarter with flexible goals to complete our financing, the truth is that we simply couldn’t make The Baby in the Basket to the standard that we want for any less.

We are hoping to produce something we can all be proud of with The Baby in the Basket, and that extends to every single of one you who help make this a reality. We can only succeed with your help, so if you haven’t already please take a look at our campaign page on Kickstarter. We’ve got Executive/Associate Producer credits available, on-screen thanks and a whole host of other perks, while everyone who backs the campaign at £10 and above will receive a copy of the final movie! Less than the price of a cinema ticket, and you can keep it forever! 

Until the next update…

– Gary Collinson, Executive Producer

“The nuns of a remote island convent in Scotland ready for an impending storm, but when a baby is left on their doorstep, Sister Agnes (Amber Doig-Thorne) becomes convinced he is the Devil and wants to kill the child. After Agnes is locked away a grim series of events ensue as the storm rages and as her Sisters begin to question faith and reality, Sister Eleanor (Michaela Longden) must try to repent and survive the dark events at St Augustine’s.”

Reuniting director Nathan Shepka (Holiday Monday) and screenwriter Tom Jolliffe (Renegades), who worked together on last year’s thriller When Darkness Falls (available now on DVD and streaming in the US on Prime Video, Tubi, Redbox, Vudu, Roku and Peacock), The Baby in the Basket is a Gothic horror tale set in the 1940s and will star up and coming British scream queens Amber Doig-Thorne (Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey, Return of KrampusOverride), Michaela Longden (Jack in the Box: Awakening, The Ghost Within, Eating Miss Campbell), Elle O’Hara (When Darkness FallsMemories of AnotherTommy’s Honour) and Chrissie Wunna (Dirty GamesBambi: The ReckoningDinosaur Hotel).

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