zenduck.me: 8 Best International Moving Companies of 2023

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Final Verdict

There are several international moving companies that offer strong services to keep your transition on track. United Van Lines has exceptional options for moving vehicles of all kinds, while Mayflower provides a ton of flexible, customizable solutions, and Armstrong has an industry-best commitment to sustainability. Ultimately, though, the top choice overall is International Van Lines, which serves well over 140 countries and provides extensive services geared to the unique needs of cross-border moves.

Compare the Best International Moving Companies

Company Packing & Loading Options Storage Options? Type of Quote Vehicle Relocation?
International Van Lines Best Overall Full-, partial-, and self-service Yes Nonbinding Yes
Mayflower Best for Customizing Services Full- and partial-service Yes Binding Yes
North American Van Lines Best for Tracking Full-, partial-, and self-service Yes Binding and nonbinding Yes
United Van Lines Best for Vehicle Relocation Full-, partial-, and self-service Yes Binding Yes
JK Moving Services Best for Customer Service Full-, partial-, and self-service Yes Nonbinding Yes
Atlas Van Lines Best for Convenience Full-, partial-, and self-service Yes Binding and nonbinding Yes
Allied Van Lines Best for Small Moves Full-, partial-, and self-service Yes Binding Yes
Armstrong Best for Sustainability Full- and partial-service Yes Binding and nonbinding Yes

How to Choose the Best International Moving Company

Choosing the best company for an international move is a complex decision. Here are five important factors to consider when making your pick.


Cost is usually one of the top concerns for most people when it comes to choosing an international mover. Look for a company that offers a transparent quote and a clear explanation of what services are included. If you’re on a tight budget, seek out a company that provides DIY options. No matter which company you ultimately choose, don’t forget to ask if there are any promotions or discounts available. It never hurts to check!

Services Offered

International moves often require a wider range of services than domestic moves, so it’s critical to choose a company that can help out as much as it can. In many cases, the best international movers are the ones that provide a move coordinator or manager, a relocation expert specifically assigned to assist with all the logistics of your move.

You’ll also want to make sure your movers have experience dealing with customs, import and export, and international air and sea ports, which your items will have to pass through. Of course, this is all in addition to the usual services that make a moving company stand out: flexible packing and loading options, solutions for any specialty items you need to move, and tracking.

Certifications and Accreditations

Because international moves are complex and require navigating the bureaucracies of multiple countries, it’s especially important to check that your moving company has all the necessary accreditations to legally and safely carry out your move. The most common industry accreditation is the FIDI Accredited International Mover certification, which requires audits on over 200 aspects of the moving process. International movers also need to be licensed and bonded with the Federal Maritime Commission. You can call the FMC to confirm the license information your movers give you.


Not all international moving companies provide worldwide service, so you can narrow down your list of prospective movers by eliminating any that don’t serve the country you’re moving to, or the state you’re moving from. Booking earlier is also a great way to increase the odds of getting the schedule you want.

Liability Insurance

No one likes to think about a move going wrong, but it does happen, especially during international moves where there are a lot of moving parts. Don’t forget to check with your moving company to find out what kind of insurance or valuation coverage it offers, whether full, partial, or minimal. Although your personal homeowners insurance may cover some aspects of the move, particularly while you’re still in your U.S. residence, you’ll need separate coverage to protect against losses or damage during the cross-border move.

How to Calculate the Cost of an International Move

The cost of an international move depends on several factors ranging from the size of your move to the costs incurred at your current location, in transit, and upon arrival. A non-exhaustive list of factors includes:

  • The amount and weight of items being moved
  • Whether you pack and load yourself or have movers do it
  • The distance traveled
  • The shipping methods used
  • Add-on services (unloading, vehicle moving, storage, etc.)
  • Customs and other costs incurred traveling across borders

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Far in Advance Should You Book International Movers?

    Because international moves are more involved than local or domestic long-distance moves, it’s important to book a service further in advance. Try to book three to four months before your moving date, or even five or six months if possible. This will give you—and the movers—ample time to take care of decluttering, packing, getting customs paperwork together, etc. While some movers may be able to handle shorter turnarounds, it will usually cost significantly more, and it may be harder to schedule the dates you need.

  • What Does an International Move Coordinator Do?

    Hiring an international move coordinator might be one of the best choices you make when moving to a new country. These experts will help you figure out your to-do list, coordinate logistics and scheduling, ensure that you have all the documentation you (and your movers) need, and more. Many of the best international moving companies assign a move coordinator—also known as a move manager—to each client to ensure one-on-one support.

  • How Are Items Packed for an International Move?

    Your moving team may advise you on how best to pack items for your international move, or, if you choose, do the packing for you. As with domestic moves, different items require different packing strategies and materials. The most fragile items will be wrapped in soft, shock-absorbing materials and then packed into sturdy boxes or crates. Once packing is completed, your movers will transport the boxes to a pick-up location and eventually onto a freight plane or ship for the journey to your new destination.

  • How Long Do International Moves Take?

    The time frame for an international move can differ based on a number of factors. Naturally, larger moves usually take longer than smaller ones, and if you’re moving during a busy season (generally May through September), you can expect a longer wait due to the higher volume of moves taking place. Ultimately, your move could take anywhere from a few weeks to three months. Try to book movers as early as possible to secure your preferred dates.

  • How Much Is International Moving Insurance?

    The cost of international moving insurance varies depending on how much you’re shipping and the value of your items. In most cases, you can expect to pay 1 to 4 percent of the total valuation of your items. Different companies may offer different levels of coverage, so be sure to talk to your movers about what types of insurance are offered.

  • Do International Moving Companies Ship Items Via Surface or Air?

    Whether international moving companies ship items via surface or air depending on the individual circumstances of each move. Air freight tends to be faster and offers more flexibility, but are more expensive. Surface freight typically takes longer but is usually cheaper. Your moving company should be prepared to use either method and will work with you to determine the best route for your items, time frame, and budget.

  • Are There Any Items Not Worth Shipping Internationally?

    Your budget will be the determining factor as to what’s worth shipping when you move abroad. If you’re looking to cut costs, consider selling large, bulky pieces that aren’t immediately necessary in your new home and don’t have sentimental value. It’ll often make more sense to sell large furniture like tables, chairs, sofas, and cabinets than to ship them overseas. Then go through your home and see if there are any other items you can toss instead of pack.

  • What Is the Cheapest Way to Move Overseas?

    To save cash on international moves, start by downsizing as much as possible before the move to minimize the amount and weight of items you need to ship. It’s a good idea to start doing this early so you have plenty of time to get rid of junk. Some cheap moving companies also offer DIY service options that will let you save a little money by packing and/or loading your boxes yourself. If you’re on a tight budget, talk to your moving team to see how it can help, and don’t be afraid to shop around for the best quote!

  • Does U-Pack Ship Internationally?

    Yes, U-Pack can ship internationally, but there’s a catch. The only international moves that the company performs are between the U.S. and Canada. It can also move personal belongings (but not vehicles) to the U.S. territory of Puerto Rico. For any other cross-border moves, you’ll need to use a different company.


To find the best international moving companies, our research team reviewed 19 services, collecting a total of 589 data points. Ratings were created by assigning weights to each of the 31 moving criteria we considered.

Our top picks received high scores in heavily weighted areas such as customer experience (23 percent), moving services (20 percent), and pricing structure (20 percent).

The information presented here was verified by at least two data collectors through customer service calls. If we were unable to find information due to multiple failed attempts to contact a company, pieces of criteria that couldn’t be confirmed via the website were assigned a zero. For more details on our research process and scoring system, head to our complete moving methodology page.