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We rate All My Sons Moving 4.8 out of 5.0 and name it Best Overall for its competitive pricing and variety of moving services.

All My Sons Moving vs. Other Popular Moving Companies

All My Sons Moving

  • Best Overall
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Variety of Moving Services

International Van Lines

  • Best for State to State Moves
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Estimate Breakdowns

North American Van Lines

  • Best for Complicated Moves
  • Highly Customized Services
  • Live GPS Tracking

You have seen the new home and are excited about moving in. You have bought the new upholstery, the curtains and the jazz. But you just realized that you still have a mountain to climb…and that is the mountain of moving. If moving gives you the jitters and breaks you into a sweat, then there’s a chance you have considered taking help from professionals like All My Sons Moving to help you. So before you go on to make a decision about them, read our All My Sons Moving Review for a low down about their services.

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All my Sons Moving and Storage is a family run company that specializes in long and long distance companies. They are famous for their services that are included in the packaging: free furniture quilt-pad wrapping and furniture placement for your movement. They are not so known for local moves as much as they are known for their long distance moves. All My Sons are all about being that helping hand while you are moving. Right from helping you empty your drawers and closets to lending a hand with the entire furniture, unloading and loading etc., All My Sons Moving will work alongside you, taking care of all the nitty gritties.

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Services Offered by All My Sons Moving

1. Local Moves

Looking for some help for a short distance? Worry not… All My Sons Moving will help you with that. There are instances where customers have said that for a move as close as 25 minutes, All My Sons came and worked 10 hours straight and got them ready for the move. They were so professional and such sweet natured, that the homeowners did not have to worry about anything. In fact, their belongings were so well packed that hardly anything broke or got damaged. The only thing with All My Sons Moving is that they do not move within all the states, since they do not have offices or storage units in all of them.

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2. Long Distance Moves

All My Sons are famous for their long-distance moves. They have a wide network all over the US and that is a big advantage. They also move to almost 60 countries. Now that’s a wide network to operate in, wouldn’t you say? They are based in Carrollton and operate out of 80 cities, but the thing to remember is that they mostly operate out of the South and Midwest.

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3. Corporate Relocation and Commercial Moves

Ask and you shall receive, for All My Sons will help you with your corporate relocation too. Corporate relocations are not at all easy, as it all needs to come together in terms of timing, staff and inventory among many other things. All My Sons Moving will ensure that your corporate moves are all seamless and executed well without any hassle. They will organize all your inventory in such a way that it doesn’t stress your employees in any way.

They will also help the employees and their families through moves and relocations. Commercial and work related moves can be quite stressful for families. Work related moves can be time bound, budget bound and not always expected or wanted. But All My Sons will help you with at least the moving bit in such a seamless manner, that at least one bit of the entire exercise will minimize your stress. You could call the company and get an understanding regarding their estimate on how much a large-scale corporate move would cost. They do have experience in both moving businesses locally and across the country.

4. Packing, Assembly and Disassembly Services

All My Sons are a full service company and are equipped and trained to handle packing, moving, unpacking, assembling and disassembling. They have experience handling fragile things and you can take that work off your checklist and get them to do it professionally. You can definitely expect them to be adept at handling antiques, glass items, heirlooms, grandfather clocks and even pianos. The packing services are available for all kinds of moves… residential, commercial or even corporate for that matter. At an additional fee, they will pack and unpack all your items as well.

Packing Supplies: They also sell packing supplies, so you don’t have to go rushing around the town looking for things. Moving boxes, crates, pads, packing peanuts, packing foam and tape all can be got from them. The packing supplies can be provided that are customized to each individual needs. If you are someone who has a tighter purse, you can opt only for their packing supplies and do it yourself.

One thing to remember is that packing services are typically charged by the hour and the rate depends on the complexity of your move and the materials needed for packaging and packaging.

5. Request A Quote Online

You can schedule a walk-through of your house with a chosen representative to get a quote of your move. The quote and the walk through can be scheduled by submitting a form online that asks you questions such as type of move (whether it is office, home etc.), size of the move (in terms of number of bedrooms or a house or apartment), distance (whether it is local or long distance), name and number, and other essential details they would need from you

6. Storage Solutions

They have climate controlled storage for short term or long term needs. These storage facilities have 24×7 security, sprinkler systems, alarm systems and an on-site manager. They also deliver and reassemble furniture from storage. Keep in mind that you may have to check once with the local representative on whether they have storage facilities in the city and locality that you are about to move.

The storage sites are all owned by All My Sons Moving, so that certainly is a good part of this arrangement, as the responsibility lies with the organization. The storage units are all climate-controlled and have low storage prices, except that you cannot find the prices online. You would have to call them to get the estimates. The only limitation is that storage solutions are not available in all the locations.

All My Sons Moving Prices

All My Sons Moving is a full service moving company. When you are trying to book them, they will need you to put down a deposit. You could have to pay anywhere from $200 to $250, for smaller moves, as per the company. If you have to cancel your move, because of any unforeseen reason, then try to do that at least 48 hours before the moving date to get a refund of your deposit.

No company will probably be able to give you a very transparent idea on how much it will cost you for the move, unless it involves some basic to-dos. And for that, you must first sort, purge and clear out anything that you do not need to take with you in your new house. Get an in-house estimation done, so that they can have a look at exactly the volume and size of your move, the area and how complicated is your move, the distance to cover, the seasonality and whether or not you need them to pack and unpack, etc. Once all these factors have been decided and finalized, you can expect to get a near to accurate cost estimate

All My Sons will include the following in your move, whether long distance or local:

● Loading and unloading
● Basic liability protection
● Same day and next day service for moves under 500 miles
● Full dresser hauling
● Furniture wrapping

A local move with All My Sons Moving could cost you anywhere between $1,000 to $1,200 on an average. But interstate moves could vary vastly as no two moves are alike. For a small move All My Sons Moving prices can be anywhere up to $1,500, whereas a longer move for a three bedroom could cost up to $8,000 upwards for a 650 miles move. Then if you opt for a full service packing, you could pay much higher as you would have to pay extra for the services.


1. You can book both Same Day and Next day moves

Sometimes, you may have to move on very short notice or maybe you decided last minute to hire a moving service provider. In cases such as these, All My Sons will help you move the same day or next day, as is required by you. Not every moving company offers you this benefit. It will be good if you can pack your belongings beforehand, else you may have to pay extra for packing.

2. Padded Wrapping Available

So you did not get the time to empty your closets and dressers, did you? Worry not. All My Sons Moving will help you with padded furniture in which they will pack the filled furniture with padding and quilting. Best part is that this is done without any additional charge.

3. All My Sons Moving Prices are Competitive

They are competitively priced. According to All My Sons Moving reviews online, customers have given feedback that a lot of time after having hired one or two different movers for their services, over different moves, they have realized that All My Sons Moving prices are very economical.

4. White Glove Moving Service

They are known for professional full service residential moving. Not just that, All My Sons Moving is also known for their white glove moving services. What it means is that this includes all-inclusive packing where they do not compromise on the quality of packing materials. They are known to disassemble heavier items, and even reassemble them and arrange them wherever they need to be done in your new home.


Why Should You Choose All My Sons Moving?

  1. All My Sons is an interstate carrier that has been in the business for more than 20 years and are experienced professionals.
  2. They assign a local move consultant for your moves who will be your one point contact. So your communication will be streamlined and convenient throughout.
  3. All My Sons Moving are experts at literally all kinds of moves: Corporate Relocation, Business Relocation, Commercial Movements, Residential Movements.
  4. They have customized moving strategies wherein they accommodate work schedules, budgets and time.
  5. They have good, state of the art storage facilities in some places, where customers can avail temporary short or long term periods storage.
  6. No matter the kind of packing and equipment required for your move, considering they are full service professionals, they can handle it all with ease. If you are someone who prefers going the DIY way, and prefer to do all your packing, then you can also just order for your professional high-grade packing supplies from them.
  7. You can also get complimentary quilt padding to protect items before moving, so that your furniture is protected and get delivered in good shape.
  8. All My Sons offers basic insurance in all their packaging.
  9. They may not handle shipments themselves, but they do have partners who can handle vehicle shipments for cars, motorcycles and other vehicles.
  10. They have a piano moving license… so you can keep that gorgeous piano to them and they will ensure that it reaches in the best shape
  11. They offer same and next day moves, which is not something that everyone offers and that’s a big benefit
  12. They will help you in loading and unloading of all your belongings
  13. Think you could use an expert with staging your rooms for selling, hanging drapes in your new home or office, and placing rugs wherever you want? Basically if you want someone to do more than just pack and move, they can help with it all.
  14. They are known for their customer service and friendly staff, and All My Son Moving reviews adequately support these facts.

Basically, once you have booked All My Sons for your move, you can rest assured that your move will be taken care of end to end.

THE SMART WAY TO BUDGETHow much will my move cost?

Get instant free moving quotes for your upcoming relocation with our moving cost calculator!

Frequently Asked Questions about All My Sons Moving

Who is the owner of All My Sons Moving and Storage?

Robert Peterson is the owner of All My Sons Moving and Storage. They are a cross-country moving company that has been in business since 1995.

How many locations do All My Sons Moving have?

All My Sons Moving and Storage is located in more than 80 locations across the United States.

How big are All My Sons Moving trucks?

All My Sons Moving trucks are 20 to 26 feet long.

How long have All my sons been in business?

All My Sons Moving trucks are 20 to 26 feet long.

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