zenduck.me: She didnt want to lose control Source reveals why 7year couple Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall split

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NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA: Celebrity couple Sandra Bullock and Bryan Randall reportedly called it quits on their seven-year-long private relationship earlier this month. The pair started their hush-hush relationship back in 2015. While no official statement has yet been made by both sides, it is learned that the couple parted after concerns of money, parenting, and Bullock’s cold feet over tying the knot pulled them away, reportedly.

A source close to the pair stated that the 56-year-old professional photographer has started feeling inferior by the ‘The Proposal’ star’s fortune, which is estimated to be $250 million. “Bryan’s a self-employed photographer; she commands $20 million a movie,” the insider told RadarOnline. “They used to go on dates to fancy restaurants and she’d pick up the tab because he couldn’t afford to pay it. He began to resent it, and Sandra resented his resentment. Bryan assured Sandra early on he’d stick with her through thick and thin,” the source continued. “He’s done his best to keep his promise,” they added.


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The insider also tipped that money was “a big issue for them” and there were power struggles at home too. “The impression Sandra’s friends have is that the kids are hers, not hers and his,” they explained. “By her admission, she doesn’t really want to co-parent,” she added. The source also noted the two recently realized that they are not on the same page. “Sandra’s more laid-back in some areas, while Bryan is more rigid. A lot of times, Sandra has parented the kids in a way she felt was right without consulting Bryan, so his place in the household was taken down a peg or two,” they claimed.

Sandra Bullock attends a screening of ‘The Lost City’ at the Whitby Hotel on March 14, 2022 in New York City (Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images)

While Randall proposed to her and wanted to settle down, Bullock “always managed to get busy with other things like work or the kids and it would fall through,” the insider said. “For Bryan, being Sandra’s husband and the kids’ legal stepfather would have made him feel more legit — but Sandra didn’t really want that. She didn’t want to lose control,” the added. The undisclosed source also revealed that things at home started feeling rushed after Bullock retired from acting in 2022. “Sandra and Bryan were getting in each other’s way and disagreeing over the smallest things,” the source revealed.

(Screenshot from Nicki Swift/ Youtube)

However, a rep for the actress thrashed all reports and claimed that they are still together. “Their relationship has not ended. They are as much together now as they have ever been,” the rep said. Bullock dropped hints about their relationship earlier this month when she appeared on Red Table Talk and said “I have a partner who’s very Christian and there are two different ways of looking at things, I don’t always agree with him, and he doesn’t always agree with me.”