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SubjectRepliesViewsLast Reply TWTD 23/24 Premier League Fantasy League by Metal_Hacker 3 Jul 9:51

After a couple of good years and some superb scoring we’re all set for

24500311 Aug 7:40
by Metal_HackerHow did the pitch look last night? by bobbyramsey 10 Aug 20:30

For those who went…..

10107911 Aug 7:39
by tractor_ladyBristol City sell Scott for £25m by ElderGrizzly 10 Aug 14:00

Is that Ashton’s fault/credit too? 🙂 Fees for average players ar

18240211 Aug 7:35
by NthQldITFC We’re a bit like Luton apparently. by _81 10 Aug 20:11


22222311 Aug 7:24
by jontysnutHappy dane scarlett day;) (n/t) by FrimleyBlue 11 Aug 6:06

658711 Aug 6:53
by Kieran_Knows Club announces annual TownTV sub for International supporters. by WicklowBlue 10 Aug 16:14

1083911 Aug 6:31
by franz_tysonBasic ticketing question by Illinoisblue 10 Aug 16:12

Will be back in England for Xmas, so am eyeing up the Leicester and QP

1477211 Aug 0:58
by The_Romford_BlueTownTV International Fans | Full Match Replay spoilers by varnz 9 Aug 4:06

Are there any other International Town fans massively frustrated by th

16109911 Aug 0:16
by IPS_wich Is Kane going to ? by cressi 10 Aug 19:42

Run his contract down like Sol Campbell and go to Arsenal next seaso

761610 Aug 23:54
by Ryorry Baggott, Indonesia and pots of cash for the club!?! by Lion 10 Aug 9:36

I had a look at the highlights from last night’s game on youtube this

13185710 Aug 23:48
by the_toffA great Saturday in the Championship ahead, key games – some thoughts by unstableblue 10 Aug 9:16

All teams play on Saturday with only the one early kick-off, so we’l

578310 Aug 23:43
by the_toffTWTD Server Maintenance… Tonight by MarkTWTD 10 Aug 21:56

Evening everyone… TWTD will be offline from 11pm for routine mainten

418510 Aug 23:35
by chicoazulAdam Armstrong to Ipswich for £8million [ 2 3 ] by ChampionsofInnsbruck 10 Aug 12:33

I have seen this doing the rounds, is there anything in this? I know h

64801610 Aug 23:34
by chenners17 Ground improvements video [ 2 ] by AlexMathie 10 Aug 11:55


28234510 Aug 23:16
by Nomore4Leeds tickets by Jeff_winger 10 Aug 22:49

Does anyone know when Leeds tickets will go on sale for members, keep

124110 Aug 23:02
by SitfcBWhat general footy podcasts are you into? by GavTWTD 10 Aug 13:36

I think we know the Town ones but what championship and wider do you l

2387910 Aug 22:54
by Jeff_winger itfc.co.uk Main Header Image by Mookamoo 10 Aug 14:26

This is a thing of beauty. It’s a Caravaggio scene. https://images

588310 Aug 22:04
by ArnieMFantasy Premier League 23/24 – Cash Mini League by Brads 1 Jul 2:04

473510 Aug 21:15
by BradsLife’s a Pitch TV – Episode Four – George Burley by NewsTWTD 10 Aug 21:10


0112 Loving the new bus lane by GeoffSentence 10 Aug 8:08

Made my cycle ride home from the footie last night an absolute breeze.

18112610 Aug 21:09
by ronnydQPR tickets… by witchdoctor 10 Aug 16:52

not to many left and a lot of those that are are restricted view..😬

156810 Aug 21:03
by MeadowlarkHelp! Town TV by CarpyBlue 10 Aug 17:38

My son lives in the UK but near the Lake District so he only gets to a

1067010 Aug 21:03
by MulletPortman C car park post match closure by pennblue 10 Aug 19:10

Does this present an issue for any others? I use this to make a sha

641210 Aug 20:24
by ITFC_ForeverFour clubs leading chase for Flynniesta by le2blue 10 Aug 13:17

As Joe said, Saints would seem most likely given Russell Martin and th

10219010 Aug 20:20
by ITFC_Forever town tv again by slade1 10 Aug 17:53

sorry but another question about Town tv matchday pass. I am currentl

431210 Aug 20:05
by slade1Lionesses Qtr Final – Saturday by OakingtonBlue 7 Aug 21:48

Do you think the Lionesses quarter final will be on in the FanZone bef

677410 Aug 20:05
by OakingtonBlueSaturday: Blue Action / Section 6 what to expect? by Matt_Netherlands 10 Aug 10:28

Really intrigued to see how the new position for BA works out with a p

17159510 Aug 19:59
by pennblueParking very near the ground by azuremerlangus 10 Aug 15:23

I’m taking my Dad to the game on Saturday, and as he is the wrong si

1199010 Aug 19:44
by azuremerlangusLast week’s ‘booking points’ bets… by Zx1988 10 Aug 18:57

Someone definitely got an absolute roasting at SkyBet last Saturday ev

350110 Aug 19:28
by J2BLUE So incredibly tired of the media’s fascination with Wrexham [ 2 ] by Illinoisblue 9 Aug 22:58

The Sun website headline just now: “Chelsea and Wrexham learn cup op

30215010 Aug 19:03
by jayessessAd boards Magnus stand by Ipswich_Crazy 10 Aug 16:08

No Adboards along the pitch on the Magnus stand?

14107010 Aug 19:02
by greyhound Funny coincidence: 2 games, 2 wins by The_Flashing_Smile 10 Aug 15:31

And nothing from TalkingSh@te in 2 days.

2077210 Aug 18:33
by Herbivore Elkan Baggott by Bury_St_Edmundson 9 Aug 21:21

Has looked VERY assured tonight Easy to forget he’s got 16 full ca

19231810 Aug 18:31
by ElephantintheRoomBristol Rovers mate states Rovers started with 7 or 8 first teamers [ 2 ] by unstableblue 10 Aug 11:43

… last night, he also says that we brought on our big guns to see it

26180310 Aug 18:09
by DubtractorDid the Blue Action move into the Cobbold by bluelagos 10 Aug 18:08

go ahead as planned?

0192 I am now the very proud owner of a orange away shirt!! by Keno 8 Aug 11:19

but I wont be wearing it as its been signed by all the players bes

13110010 Aug 17:11
by hoppy Lauren James [ 2 ] by BiGDonnie 7 Aug 10:17

What a fookin idiot.

36287510 Aug 16:49
by redrickstuhaartClub Introduce International TownTV Subscription by NewsTWTD 10 Aug 16:45


0228Ipswich v Bristol Rovers highlights by pointofblue 10 Aug 16:43

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xtNqkBQp8k Other than the nice int

0249Did hutchinson play the burns role tonight? (n/t) by FrimleyBlue 10 Aug 2:16

I’m away for 3 weeks so not watching or listening to any games.

1096010 Aug 16:13
by Keno