zenduck.me: What is the button on the seat belt for

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She has become the most valuable safety equipment on our cars: the seatbelt. Although it has been part of the landscape for a long time, it has only been rendered compulsory in France only from 1979. Before this date it already existed of course, but it was at the discretion of the passengers to attach it or not. Maybe some of you have family vacation memories (in Ami 6 or in Renault 12?) with the only seat belt being the Daddy’s arm across the seat. At the time, the number of seats also did not mean the maximum number of people allowed on board. 3 front, 4 rear, that was it! Still, this invention has since revolutionized car safetyand all manufacturers had to comply.

A creation from Sweden

But where does it come from and who invented it? Generally speaking, it is Swedish manufacturer Volvo that we owe most of current safety equipment the most widespread. The special one Swedish manufacturer series (SAAB died out in 2011) has always stood out during its almost 100 years of existence for his many innovations that have contributed to making its models safer and more reliable. We owe him as early as 1944 the invention of the laminated windshield and the central safety cell. Will come later the headrest (1968) and the booster seat for children (1978). And the belt? Volvo democratized it from 1959 on its PV 544 model. It was the first three-point seat belt. The brand went further in innovation by patenting ten years later the winder, allowing it to retract automatically. He has since distinguished himself with several other passive safety initiatives.

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Innovation driven by Mercedes

Mercedes, the great rival (it’s for a good cause) of Volvo in safety equipment, had further strengthened this invention. By focusing in 1980 the first seat belt pre-tensioning system in the event of an impact. It was on the W126 S-Class, which that year also featured the first driver’s airbag as standard. He who had democratized l’ABS (1972), l’ESP (1995) and the airbag therefore, had pushed innovation to the point of patenting a belt airbag ! But the seat belt is far from having revealed all its secrets to us. Of Volvo or Mercedes, we do not know who invented this ingenious button located at the end of the belt. Do you know what it is for? It’s not decoration, but a device that allows the buckle to always remain at the end of the belt, preventing the pliers from wandering on either side of the tape. We had to think about it, this one will have probably avoided us a lot of time looking for and adjusting our belt