zenduck.me: Why is Sandra Bullock taking a break from acting

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SANDRA Bullock is an American actress and producer known for her work in the entertainment industry.

In March 2022, it was announced that Sandra was taking a break from acting and now fans want to know why.

Sandra Bullock is an American actressCredit: Getty

On March 14, 2022, Bullock, 57, opened up about her career to Entertainment Tonight and explained why she decided to take a step back.

“I take my job very seriously when I’m at work,” Bullock told the media outlet.

“I just want to be 24/7 with my babies and my family,” she continued. “That’s where I’m gonna be for a while.”

Her time will reportedly be spent with her adopted children Louis, 12, and Laila, 10, whom she raised following her divorce from Jesse James in 2010.

In an interview with CBS News, when asked how long she would be taking a pause from acting, Bullock said, “I don’t know. I don’t know. Until I don’t feel like I feel now when I’m in front of a camera.”

“I want to be at home. I’m not doing anyone any favors who’s investing in a project if I’m saying, ‘I just want to be at home.’ Cause I was always running, I was always running to the next thing. I just want to be present, and responsible for one thing.”

She even joked about how she’s been wanting to clean out her basement for a while and will now have the time to do so.

Is Sandra Bullock in a relationship?

Following her messy divorce from James, Bullock started a new relationship in 2015 with Bryan Randall, whom she has been with ever since.

Randall is known as a photographer and the two had met after she hired him to take photos for her son’s 5th birthday party.

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In December 2021, Bullock talked about her relationship during an episode of the Facebook Watch series Red Table Talk, where she called him the “love of my life.”

“I found the love of my life. We share two beautiful children — three children, his older daughter. It’s the best thing ever,” she said.

Bullock went on to call him a “saint” as well as a good role model.

“I don’t always agree with him and he doesn’t always agree with me,” she continued. “But if they can take away from that and that is where they feel drawn to, he’s the exact right parent to be in this position.”

Randall’s older daughter Skylar is from a previous relationship.

Sandra is taking a break from acting to spend time with her familyCredit: Getty

What movies has Sandra Bullock been in?

Bullock began acting in 1987 after starring in the film, Hangmen, and has since been seen in a number of films over the years.

Her resume includes:

  • Speed (1994)
  • The Proposal (2009)
  • The Blind Side (2009)
  • Gravity (2013)
  • Ocean’s Eight (2018)

From 2002 to 2007 she also famously produced 120 episodes of the Nickelodeon show, George Lopez.

Bullock is scheduled to star in the 2022 films, The Lost City and Bullet Train.

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