zenduck.me: Best International Moving Companies 2023

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Every moving situation is unique. Where you’re headed, your timeline and what you need to bring with you are different from everybody else. A reliable international moving company knows that fact and can be flexible enough to handle your specific needs. Identify the best one for you after determining how they qualify compared to your needs based on the following criteria.

Understand Your Needs

The primary reason to hire an international moving company is to take some of the burdens off of you. Of course, getting your possessions from here to there is the task, but making the process as easy as possible for their clients is the real work.

Beyond knowing what your physical needs are, such as safely moving precious items, packing and unpacking and getting your stuff to its destination, understand what your well-being and stress level concerns are as well. Is the timeline critical? Is constant contact important to you? Are you worried about any unknowns? Do you need high-level moving insurance that your belongings are safe?

The more potential stressors you can identify, the easier your choice of moving company will be.


In the current information age, there’s no lack of online opinions and stories about individual moving companies. However, every person who moves faces a situation that’s unique to them. Comparing star ratings on various platforms is only somewhat effective in determining which company can pull off your move while catering to your needs.

Beyond the ratings, read several reviews and stories, both good and bad, associated with the companies you’re considering. You’ll likely see patterns related to each company. Those patterns often reflect issues surrounding punctuality, customer service or complaint handling. Determine which companies are better at handling your particular set of needs and concerns by dissecting the comments under the company listing.

Get Quotes

Hiring a mover requires signing a contract between you and the company. Anytime you hire a contractor, obtain at least three quotes from different providers and know what kind of quote they’re offering. You may receive a binding quote that is unlikely to change and includes the total price you’ll pay for services or an estimated quote that reflects an educated guess price that is subject to increase depending on how the move plays out.

Pricing estimates typically show a lower price than binding quotes. Before committing to an estimate, ensure you understand what will trigger a price increase and how much the cost will go up under various circumstances.

Ask Questions

A reputable company that genuinely cares about your well-being won’t be afraid to answer even the most trivial questions. They should understand that your move is a tremendous undertaking and you have questions that may only be important to you. Their job is primarily one of customer service, after all.

If you sense that your questions are going unanswered, or feel uneasy about their responses, move on to your next candidate company.